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27 y/o female- invisalign, composite bonding and zoom whitening

I am expecting that by the end of my invisalign...

I am expecting that by the end of my invisalign treatment (expected to be 17 months plus refinements) I will have a Hollywood smile. I will also be getting veneers at the end on my two front top teeth as these were chipped quite bad when I was younger and the caps need to be replaced. Please also note I have never had braces before. This is something I have decided to do to improve my appearance and my oral health. As I am an adult I have chosen to go for invisalign as they are a lot less noticeable than traditional braces. At this point I have had my trays on (no attachments) for a week and so far I have found that my teeth are still a bit sensitive when biting harder foods, and my gums are a bit sore from constantly brushing and flossing, but nothing too unbearable. The only thing that is really annoying is trying to stick to only having them out 2 hours a day which includes eating and brushing/ flossing and im also missing snacking and green tea. But all in all i think it will be worth it in the end and You really can't notice these ones at the moment, but end of January I will be getting 17 attachments and bands which I am dreading. I am going to ask about acceledent which is meant to reduce your treatment time by 30-50%. Which would possibly mean that I could be done with my initial invisalign in like 9 months, which would be amazing! If anyone has used it in Australia could you please let me know how much it cost and how you found it? Pretty please. Well that's it for this first review, if anyone has any questions please comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


Congratulations on starting this for you!  As an adult, you have a much better chance at actually complying, and wearing your retainer afterward to maintain your results for the rest of your life!  I've seen a couple of other people in Australia talk about Acceledent.  Here are links to their reviews:

Sounds Promising! - Australia

and this one:

Long Process About to Start - Cairns, Australia

In one of them there were a bunch of people trying to buy the used Acceledent, so there are a lot of deleted comments, but there is still some stuff left to read. :)

As for the 2 hours/day to fit in everything--yeah, that takes some getting used to and scheduling.  My doctor gave us 4 hours/day, but my treatment time was shorter.  I wonder what their criteria are for those sorts of things.

I look forward to following your journey!  Thank you for starting to share it with us :)
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1st trays update

I just thought I would update on what I've found so far.. I am clenching my teeth at night and this makes me back teeth sore in the morning, does anyone else do this since getting their trays? I have been really lucky, my speech is fine (so far). Definately going to speak to my ortho about exceledent, I'm too impatient! I've now had my trays in for nearly two weeks and biting toast is still a bit sore. It's really important to clean the trays, I do this at least twice a day with vinegar and water. Biggest con- I can't wear lipstick as it gets in my trays, and I love my bright colours! All in all though I am happy with my decision and actually am looking forward to getting my attachments and bands as this means stuff will happen quicker.


I also started clenching once I started my Invisalign treatment.  I did not do it prior.  I did/do it so much that it pushes my back teeth into my jaws, and when I take the trays out, I have a posterior open bite.  This means I can't chew food with my molars.  And it's worsened my TMJ.  It's a big deal.  But I was kind of okay after my aligner series.  I think I only had 18 or so.  Now I've just been in retainers for over a year on top of that, so it's been worsening.  I am going in to hopefully be fitted for a Hawley retainer so I'll stop clenching, but if you can get out of the habit, that would definitely be to your advantage.  Maybe use chewies to put the trays in snugly, then try to only bite with those and not clench the rest of the time.  It's a terrible habit.  

I can say that for me, at least, the teeth come back out over the course of the day.  That was not the case in aligners because 20 minutes is not long enough--so chewing was really difficult throughout the entire treatment.
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Hi NadineIliana, weird to see other people from Australia on this site let alone people from the same dental clinic as you ha ha , i am also undergoing treatment from Dr Duncan and i completely agree with you , i didn't meet him until my 4th appointment which i was very annoyed about, i also chose him as he was an elite provider but now after only meeting him once after about 6 appoinments i began to realize that he is only an elite provider because the clinic sees so many patients , i now wish i had just chosen a ortho that does invisalign so they can focus more on the single patients and not get handed around to a whole bunch of different people. I have been in treatment for 6 months now and also have 17 attachments you will hardly notice them , i cant tell you about acceledent as i have not used it but hopefully it works out for you.
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Yes adelaide is a small place! haha! I spoke to a few people that had gone through them and they were really happy. it was more expensive through there though. Can I ask did you get your clincheck video emailed to you? I had to ask to see mine at my appointment where I got my first two trays and asked for it and still haven't received it..grrr!

2nd trays first day

Last night I put in my 2nd trays which weren't too painful except for the sharp edges which i filed down,but still I popped a couple of nurofen and went to bed.

I also compared the discoloration of my last trays to the new ones and although they didn't seem too bad, when side by side I could see the difference. I think I'm going to try retainer brite (off amazon) and maybe get a cheap sonic cleaner as I want to keep them as sparkly and hygenic as I can.

Still really struggling with wearing them 22/24 hours a day. I am a big eater who enjoys food and a good chat over meals and am a very thorough brusher and flosser (this alone can take me bout 20 mins!) and even though I go fast as I can, I always end up leaving them out for too long which makes me worry that I'm going to take even longer with my treatment time. Also find at times I try not to have any snacks as I can't be bothered doing the whole routine for a quick cup of tea.

I also emailed my orthodontic surgery to ask about the cost of acceledent (which I have yet to hear back from) and finally received my clincheck video, however like snowyT it is only a short, quick view which makes it difficult to tell which teeth are going to start shifting first.


Hi, I'm on tray one and also love eating and talking and I feel I'm going to loose so much weight, as I'm not eating much at all.. Oh boy the first tray are so sore on my lower teeth and gums.. I'm also trying to find out more about the acceledent machine.. If it really works ? How do you buy the mouth pieces as I might buy a 2nd hand one. I have been using bonjela to help with some of the slight pain I have with my gums and lower lips rubbing on the plate. I'm keen to see if my dentist can send me the videos and pictures as I would like to post up here.. Thanks for the post keen to talk more as we are just around the same time I'm on tray two very soon..
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Hi and congrats on your invisalign journey. How many trays is your treatment? Will you need attachments etc. exciting to find someone else who is just starting out. As for the eating.. I hear you! I am quite slim naturally (which I hate) and I too am worried about losing weight. I get bands and attachments in 3 weeks and I am a massive talker and I'm feeling like I won't even want to open my mouth! As for the pain.. Use the chewies A LOT the first few days I found it helped with the pain, and make sure to file down any sharp bits, this won't change the shape of the tray but will make them a lot more comfortable and they wont cut up your mouth, i filed mine last night and again today coz i could fewl that my top lip was going to get cut if i didnt. Also change your next tray at night before bed and take a couple of pain killers. I did this last night and I've had hardly any pain today. Acceledent- I've read that because it it a class 2 orthodontic equipment device it is not allowed to be resold, trays are molded to the individual again needs to be done by an ortho. I've heard that it does work for most people, it depends on the condition but expected to shorten treatment by 30-50% which is good enough for me. I will update any new information I hear about it but for now I'm just waiting to find out how much it will be through my ortho. I look forward to following your journey and feel free to ask me any questions (no matter how silly you think they may be) I'm new at this too but will help if I can.
Thanks for your reply.. I have 37 trays in total and have attachments from day 1 =:) I hear you re talking and food.. I talk so much and I'm so sore it's getting less and less.. I'm sure my friends will say something soon. I will look into chewies thank you.. Where did you buy them from ? Thanks for the tip on the tray I will do this the night before now.. Pain killers are a must for the first 2 days I think well for tray one it was for me.. Acceledent very interesting it can not be resold... as they are so expensive I thought i might be able to get a 2nd hand one and just get a tray made. Thanks for helping and good to find a friend on here starting out as well. I hope to get some pics next time I do go the dentist in a few weeks for now it's all an experience and will be once I'm back at work on monday as well to see how I go.. great to meet you and keep in touch...

Invisalign-not so invisible anymore

So yesterday i got tray 3 put on and I got my 18 attachments and bands (with buttons). First impression- I wanted to cry! I feel like they are so noticeable and I can't even smile with my mouth shut because the buttons and attachments on my canines poke through! If that wasn't bad enough, my teeth are so sore and it is so difficult to get the aligners off and hurts to even just brush my teeth. To further add to my joy I also received more IPR yesterday as well as polishing between my teeth with a small grinder device which was not pleasant at all.
The attachments themselves scrape along the inside of my mouth and even the rubber bands are cutting into my cheeks.
I discussed acceledent at my appointment and although pricey ($1500 in one upfront payment) i am going to hopefully get it soon as i will be done with my initial treatment in 8 months instead of 16! at this point it also looks as though my refinements will mainly end up being done on my bottom teeth because it looks like i will have small gaps between a couple (the dreaded black triangles) and i am not a fan of that at all.
I will finish this post by saying
Although its uncomfortable I still think in the end it will all be worth it, beauty is pain after all.
Also I haven't included any pics but I will put some up over the next few days.


The attachments really help keep the trays in longer--not only do they make the trays difficult to remove, but they also cause sores on the inside of your mouth when the trays aren't in.  Fun!!!  But you do toughen up--you get used to it, somehow.  Reading your update just reminds me of those awful times.  8 months would be far preferable than 16, of that.  Does your doctor say the halving of the time is guaranteed?  I've read some doctors saying that the device isn't proven.
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My orthodontist has the latest model and said that a lot of patients don't get it because of the cost but the ones that do love it! They said as long as I do everything right (wear time, using chewies, wearing bands and using acceledent Device etc) initial treatment for me with my case should cut of 50% of my time, of course then I will still need refinements. I guess it depends on how the teeth do move for each individual person for if it works or not, but apparently my teeth are already doing what they're supposed to so acceledent should hurry them along nicely

Pics! Tray 3

Not the most glamorous! But you get the idea!!


Awesome!  I look forward to seeing the Acceledent in action.  I know a lot of Invisaligners and potential Invisaligners are extremely interested in seeing how it works for you!  Thanks again for reviewing :
woow! Small city indeed!! I havent seen Dr Duncan at all. But have been told at first Appt that he is only supervising cases now . Im still on my first tray and Ill get my 8 attachment in Week 4 . Vedio sent trough via email the day after i got my first tray etc . Ive got so annoyed while they filing my teeth in between, worried about gaps between my teeth, brrr... Apart from that, so far so good. I use mouth washer to brush my aligners everynight .

Tray 5

Put in tray 5 last night and what is feeling really weird to me is that my bands seem to be really pushing up against my cheeks. I know its too soon for any major movement but it also looks as though my midline has changed noticeably. I'm not due to see my ortho till April so I'm hoping everything is progressing as it should.
I should be getting my acceledent by about may which means hopefully I will be done with my initial treatment by beginning of December which will be amazing! Also does anyone know if you can postpone refinements for a little while (maybe a month) maybe just wear trays with no attachments and then start refinements?


BTW--don't forget to vote up reviews you find helpful--it's right above the comments section and looks like this: Was this review helpful? 3 others found this helpful
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I went a month between regular Invisalign and refinements.  The only big difference was that the first refinement tray hurt more because my teeth had settled into their new spot. :)

Midlines are one of those things you notice even if it's just a tiny bit off, so it's entirely possible you are seeing a change there.
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So when you finished your regular invisalign did you take off attachments then and then put them back on for refinements? I know I sound really dumb on here but I'm just curious because I just got engaged and we are planning to get married end of this year and I really don't want any attachments or bands in my mouth at all!


I've been reading reviews on water and air flossers and I was curious if anyone on here uses them? If so which one? And do you think its sufficient to replace string floss? I really struggle to floss the teeth at the back of my mouth and it also takes me forever, which means my brushing/flossing routine takes about 30 mins which is waaaay too long! Also do you brush first or floss first?
Thanks everyone!!


How are you doing?  We haven't heard anything in a while :).  I hope everything is okay!
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Hi there, I'm new here and just started my invisalign treatment five days ago. My ortho also recommended me acceledent and I've been using it everyday since. I was only give two sets of trays for my first month. After which I will be going back for review n at the same time have the attachments put in. After reading some of the reviews here I'm a little worry about having them cuz from the looks of my aligners (they already got moulded space for where the attachments are going) I will be getting a lot of them! I do think the acceledent help in speeding up the process as I can already feel the change in my bite when I'm eating without the aligners.
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Hi, You should of been told how many attachments you would be getting after your clincheck came back from invisalign. But no need to worry I have 18 attachments and bands. The most noticeable thing is the bands, the attachments initially feel like they stick out a mile and the first few weeks your mouth/ bite does feel weird, but that goes away quite quickly. Just keep thinking of the final outcome and how great your teeth will look in the end. And lucky you have acceledent, hopefully I will get it soon. I will try put up some clear pics of my teeth with and without trays so that you can see

Tray 6

Just finished week one of tray 6 and I think my teeth are moving but its still hard to tell. My teeth are a bit sore but nothing unbearable. The only thing that concerns me is that my front four top teeth seem to not be sitting in my tray as snug as the rest of my teeth (they also looked like this with my last tray) as in I have that clear gap between my teeth and the tray. I have used my chewies to push it tighter but it doesnt seem to make any difference. My concern with that is that those teeth are not shifting as they are supposed to and as I am not due back to my orthodontist till next month I'm not sure if its a sign that I should be wearing the trays for three weeks each instead? Other than that all is well. I am going to go to the dentist for a clean soon to make sure that I am brushing properly and haven't developed any cavities.


Thanks for updating!  I think that it may be worthwhile for you to contact your orthodontist and ask for advice.  Did the last aligner ever end up fitting perfectly before you switched it out?  Because if not, you should definitely let the orthodontist know that now.  You may be right, about not switching.
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I thought it was kinda long to go before an appointment. I got my attachments with trays 3 and am not due to go back till I've finished tray 8. In the last tray no they never really fit as snug even when I'd finished the tray. Thanks for your advice, I'll call Monday and I think push for a checkup. Don't want something to go wrong or be delayed waiting till next month to have it looked at. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thank you!.  And yes, I've seen a couple of cases on here, not many but a couple, where things started regressing because a couple of teeth weren't following.  In one case, attachments were supposed to have been added but they weren't!

Pic with tray 6 in


We have a pretty similar treatment plan (I have twenty attachments, 39 trays, and will be having the same elastics placed as you) I will be starting acceledent as well. Thanks for posting the photos as I don't see too many other invisaligners with elastics.
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I learn so much on here. So I think I will definately go see my ortho. Better safe than sorry!
Let us know how it went! :D

Orthodontic summary

After reading other people's reviews on here I realized that I never really properly mentioned what the issues were with my teeth and what my orthodontists goals are for my teeth.

If anyone is interested here it is:

Summary of facial features:
facial profile is balanced
The nose-lip angle is less than normal (if anyone knows what this means, please let me know)
Decreased facial height
Lower jaw is deviated to the facial left

Summary of dental findings:
Overbite- vertical overlap of the upper and lower front teeth is increased
Overjet- upper front teeth protrude approx 6mm ahead of the lower front teeth
Moderate crowding in the upper arch and mild crowding in the lower arch
Lower front teeth are 1mm right of the centre

Jaw joint history suggests normal function

Objectives of treatment:
Expand the upper arch and broaden the smile
Correct crowding
And it's not written but I'm guessing attempt to correct my overbite/ overjet

I should also mention that I have all my teeth including my 4 wisdom teeth.

So I hope for anyone interested or that has similar problems this has been helpful in some kind of way.

I have attached pics that the orthodontist has taken- please note my teeth look really yellow in these! This is not how they look at all in real life! (Sorry just had to let you all know!)

I will try get my fiancé to take some pics of my teeth now to see if there has been any noticeable change- if so I will attach them as well


Thank you so much for adding all of that additional information!!

The nose-lip angle is the angle formed from the bottom of the nose and from that to the lip.  Erm…Here's a picture:   So in your case, the 'less than normal' just means your nose bridge is a little longer, but your face isn't longer, so the tiny angle in the picture is tinier for you.  Here's a different way to measure it--it's from a rhinoplasty site, so you can see the different angles based on different nose lengths.  Obviously having protruding teeth int he upper jaw will also decrease this angle, and having them pushed back will increase the angle.

I hope this is helpful to you :) 
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Awesome! Thanks for that! By any chance do you know what the decreased facial height means? I tried to google it, but couldn't find a clear explanation. It's weird reading all the notes from the ortho its like "I'm not a normal person" lol. It's interesting because I think a lot of people don't really think about how their facial profile changes as well. I am hoping mine will improve as after the ortho pointing it out, mine is kinda weird. By the way you are really helpful and do a great job at community manager and your teeth look fab!
Okay, you made my day. :D.  I love my dental community people, and I'm working so hard to learn things so I can help.  But as I've said so much, dental is difficult!  There is a LOT to know.  There are a lot of parts involved and they all have crazy names *LOL*.  

Anyway, making an educated guess, I think the decreased facial height is referring not to that you have a small face or something general like that, but specifically to the fact that you have a significant overbite and an overjet, which means that the height of the lower half of your face will be ever-so-slightly decreased.  Fixing the overbite and overjet should add a mm or two of height to the lower half of your face.  But with that one, you may want to ask your doctor cause I could be wrong :).  If the doctor fixes all of the dental issues in your report, both should influence the nasolabial angle and the lower face length.

Very interested to hear what the doctor says after your next appointment! :D

And yeah, I totally know what you mean--when you read a list of flaws like that, that can be hard.  Even if it's stuff you know.  When I had my consultations for my Mommy Makeover, the doctors hearing about all the stuff that was wrong with me was brutal!  And I already knew most of that stuff!

But just remember that you don't look worse just because somebody names some stuff.  There's nothing wrong with your face.  You're beautiful now, and getting your teeth fixed will only enhance that, not fix it.

Ortho visit tray 6

Just got back from a quick checkup with my ortho in regards to my top 3 front teeth and thought I'd update while its fresh in my mind!

Ok first things first, my two top incisors are not moving as they should be! I suspected this, but its sad to know its true! But on a good note the rest of my teeth are on track!

They said to keep wearing my trays as normal (2 weeks each) use the chewies as much as possible and see how they go. If they get worse with the next tray I will need to contact them again!

I also asked where my teeth would be at by the end of this year (when I'm getting married) and they said with acceledent (as long as i get it asap) I should be done with the initial treatment by then and then I can get my attachments off, veneers on my two top front teeth and whiten my teeth all in time for my big day. I would just have to wear retainers all the time to ensure my teeth dont shift!
and then a few weeks later do refinements and possibly put attachments back on.

Initial treatment for my bottom teeth should be complete at tray 25 and my top at tray 30 (apparently I have 30 trays not 33, the three extra are just in case I need them) is it weird that this excites me?

If I don't get acceledent in time though, my teeth will look terrible (much worse than before I started invisalign!) with gaps everywhere!! This terrifies me so I'm hoping I can get my acceledent in time!

Well that's all for now! I'm off to chew my chewies and hopefully bully my incisors into line.


Weird coincidence or Dr Duncan writes the exact same thing hahah "Summary of dental findings: Overbite- vertical overlap of the upper and lower front teeth is increased Overjet- upper front teeth protrude approx 4mm ahead of the lower front teeth Moderate crowding in the upper arch and mild crowding in the lower arch Lower front teeth are 1mm right of the centre" that was my dental findings from him.
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Hmm?? I hope they really are my findings as well lol. Do you have the elastics as well then?
no elastics just 17 attachments.

Acceledent is getting closer!

So this Friday I will be getting my acceledent!!! And if I have calculated right my initial treatment should be done in about six months!!

The gaps though in my tray for those three top teeth are not getting better at all, no matter how much I use the chewies!! I fear they may need to put attachments on those teeth as well, as I can't see any way they are gonna budge without the added pressure!

I will post an update on Friday after I have seen the orthodontist again!!!


Excited to hear you are getting Acceledent! I find it definitely helps seat the trays tighter, so hopefully it will help with the problem teeth? Looking forward to your update!
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Good luck Friday!
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Thank you! :)

Acceledent FINALLY!!! And general teeth update

Today I picked up my acceledent aura! It cost me $1500 and I got it direct from my orthodontist and they registered my warranty for me online right there.

They explained usage and cleaning instructions to me. I take out my elastics when using the device and I will need to use it for 20mins a day! They told me that it doesn't need to be at the same time everyday but at least 12 hours between uses. I have been directed to wear my next trays (number 8 which I change tomorrow night) for two weeks and then wear trays 9 for 10 days and then after that each set of trays can be changed weekly. These are the directions they give all their patients so that your teeth can adjust to the quicker movement gradually. The mouthpeice i was fitted with was a small flat and a small deep, but even though I have a deep bite the flat felt better so that's the one we went with.

I also had them look at my teeth that aren't sitting in my top trays properly, and they said they are moving about 98% so they aren't too concerned at the moment, but would monitor it at my next appointment (two weeks time). they also mentioned that the acceledent could possibly assist those teeth in moving along and they did more IPR between those teeth and told me to continue to use the chewies a lot.

So in conjunction with the acceledent I worked out that my initial treatment from now should be approx 24 weeks, complete by the end of September. The hygienist worked it out that I wouldn't even be finished by end of November, she said I'd be at tray 25, but if everything tracks as it should i don't see how that works out, so I'm saying (hopefully by my wedding end of November) my initial treatment should definately be complete! :D

I'll update again once I've used the acceledent for the first time!


You mentioned that you've noticed a gap between your tray and the top of your teeth at the front , I had exactly the same ! I had it on my 4th set . I saw my ortho with this set in and he told me to push them on as tight as possible , but seriously there is only so far they will go lol ! I'm now on my 5th tray and these fit perfect !! So weird ?? I just don't know how they can work to their full potential if they don't fit properly . I'm hoping none of my other trays are the same.
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I have had this since tray 4 and im now on tray 9 and i am still having this problem and my ortho doesn't seem that concerned but I think there is definately something wrong..
Does this not at all improve during the course of the week?

Trays 21

Hi everyone!
Sorry I have been AWOL for a while. I have been super busy planning my wedding and working!
So up until now everything was moving along fine (except those two top incisors!) I have been changing my trays every week (I love acceledent) and wasn't really experiencing anything above the normal.
But...that all changed after my ortho appointment two days ago.
Firstly if you have read my previous updates you would know since pretty much the beginning of my treatment I have had trouble with my top two incisors not moving down vertically. I mentioned this at every one of my checkups and was always told the same thing, we will wait and see how they go, its not a concern. Even though I told them numerous times that I am getting married end of November!!!
Well now because they waited so long to do anything I found out that I will need to have lingual braces applied to my top teeth so that we can "speed to the finish line" annoyed does not even begin to explain how I feel as this could of been avoided if a mid course correction was done months ago like I asked! But no use complaining I guess as it is what it is.
So in six weeks I will have lingual braces which I hope will be done in time for my veneers and whitening to be done as well (I will find this out next week when i see my dentist. Watch this space) I also have to wear my bands on both sides again and have been given stronger ones (foxes) and am in sooo much pain atm.
So my questions are, do I have to pay extra for the lingual braces? Are lingual braces the ones BEHIND your teeth? And has anyone else had to switch to different braces during their treatment?
On a positive note my bottom teeth are nearly completely finished yay!!
See pics attached of progress so far...


Welcome back!!!!!  And thank you for updating us!

Hopefully you will get answers from others on your questions, but here are the things that I can answer for you.

YES!  The lingual braces are the ones that go behind the teeth.  So they wouldn't mess up your photos even if you had them in.  Also, you may get great results with pure whitening and not need the veneers.  Technically, most doctors will agree the less intervention, the better!

Whether you have to pay extra for the lingual braces depends entirely upon whether your doctor feels he owes you something.  I'd ask him whether that's expected.  I would have assumed that they weren't going to make me pay, if they'd thrown it into the conversation that way, but definitely find that out.  They tend to be expensive otherwise, like Invisalign.  We do have some lingual braces reviews here on RealSelf, if you'd like to take a look around :).
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Thanks so much. The veneers are not for purely cosmetic reasons. I chipped my two front top teeth quite badly (exposed the nerve) when I was quite young and need to have the "caps" replaced and my dentist suggested veneers as you can't tell the difference between the cap and tooth that way. Phew! I was worried they would be the visible train track type lol. I'm pretty sure I am just wearing them up until my wedding and then taking everything off and doing refinements with invisalign when I get back from my honeymoon. (Well that's what I assume he meant). The lingual braces are just to hurry the teeth up for the wedding so that they don't look weird. I don't think I will be charged because he said ok we will put them on in six weeks then and didn't mention cost or anything just asked if I would be willing to have them but I will definately scuse my language, crack the shits if they try to make me pay!!!
LOL!  I've never heard that turn of phrase before :D.  

I assume when you say the teeth were capped that you're talking about some kind of bonding?  When we say capped here, I automatically think crowns, but that's even more invasive than veneers, so I'm assuming that's not what you're talking about.  If you can do veneers instead of crowns, that's less invasive so that's nice.  And they look really beautiful when they're well-done!

Dentist visit

Two days ago I went to the dentist for a clean and a checkup and to talk about my treatment involving the veneers.
Before my dentist appointment I called my ortho surgery to find out a bit more about my lingual braces so that I knew that I could provide my dentist with the correct information. In my plan it has been decided that I will have lingual braces on my top arch for a short amount of time to try and get as much movement from my incisors as possible before my wedding. The lingual braces will come off before my wedding as well as all attachments on my teeth and refinements will be happening once I return from my honeymoon. And (thank God) the lingual braces are no extra charge to me! Phew! Basically it is something they are doing to help me achieve the desired effect I want before the wedding.
On to the dentist.. Porcelain veneers will not be applied probably until full invisalign treatment is over. My dentist wants to wait and see exactly how all my teeth look before doing something expensive and pretty much permanent. He explained that he will most likely use a bonding material to smooth out and shape the teeth without shaving my natural teeth at all. He assures me this will look natural and really good (here's crossing my fingers) and says it will last a long time and can remain until we decide to do the porcelain veneers. He also wants to hold off on the porcelain veneers because he said it can sometimes take a few visits to get them right and he doesn't know if the timing will work. I said I am happy as long as something is done so that when my teeth are all whitened they all match perfectly, which he assures me they will. Also I am happy to say I have no cavities and no dental concerns as a result of wearing the invisalign. He was happy with my maintenance of my teeth and said that nerve sensitivity and sore gums are common when everything is moving around and that I have nothing to worry about. He is going to write a letter to my ortho to ensure that they are on the same page with everything and the timing is right for everything to go ahead smoothly. Overall i feel a bit more settled after my dentist appointment.
So the plan now is that the lingual braces will be put on on the 8th September.
I will update then, unless something major happens in the meantime.
Thanks for reading and wish me luck!


Wow!  That is amazing customer service!  I'm so happy to hear that they are working hard for you, to make everything fit timingwise.  I think it's a fantastic idea that he's doing interim bonding.  You may even find that you are happy with that, instead of doing the veneers (which are permanent).  They don't last as long, but they're less invasive and a good doctor can make them beautiful.  

Good luck!  Excited to see the next step!
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What is Acceldent?
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Acceledent is a orthodontic hand held device which you use 20 mins each day which helps your teeth shift quicker. It basically just vibrates and the vibrations or micro pulses help to gently manipulate movement. It cuts orthodontic treatment time by 30-50%. By using it with my invisalign I have been able to change my trays every 7 days rather than every two weeks.

Braces for top arch

I found out more disappointing news last week and that is that instead of lingual braces on my top arch my orthodontist has decided that we need to put proper braces on the front of my top arch. Not happy!!!
This is so that there is as much movement as possible before my wedding to allow the composite bonding and whitening to be completed in time by my dentist. So all in all I will be wearing clear braces on my top arch for 8 weeks, then use whitening trays for a week at home, have zoom whitening done by my dentist, then whiten at home for another week and then have my composite bonding done a week before my wedding.
I have noticed though that the last few trays have really not been working on my top four front teeth so I guess braces will be the quickest way to move them but I am still annoyed that I have to wear them at all! Again the braces are no extra charge to me. Just something that my ortho is doing to help hurry my teeth along so at least they will be pretty good for my wedding. Refinements will start once I return from my honeymoon, but after wearing invisalign for quite a while I am determined to make my teeth the best they can be and will wear invisalign for as long as it takes to get them there.
I also forgot to mention that apparently one of my lip muscles is stronger than the other. I discovered this when I asked my dentist why when I smile a bit more gum is visible on one side compared to the other as I thought my gum was crooked. He assured me gum line is straight but due to one muscle being stronger than the other it appears that way to me. The only way to fix this is apparently with a small amount of Botox. Even though I feel self conscious of it I have decided that I am imperfectly perfect lol and so will not be having anything injected into my lips! My question though is, is there anything I can do to strengthen the muscle myself?
Thanks for reading!
I will update on Monday once my braces are attached.
P.s. I am now on trays 26!


I'm sorry for that disappointing news, but I think you'll be happy that he did this for you.  The doctor just has so much more control with braces than Invisalign or Lingual braces.  I'm so happy for you, that your doctor is so incredibly accommodating.  That is really above-and-beyond.  

About the lip, I have exactly the same issue.  I have never bothered trying to fix it, though (I definitely will not be doing botox either :D) so if you figure out something, post it here!  

That is a lot of whitening!  A lot of people have a great deal of pain from Zoom!, so I hope that it goes well for you!  You can review that here too, LOL!  After your wedding, when you have a little time again!

Thank you for updating!
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Thank god! I thought I was the only one with a weird lip lol..(no offense, but you know what I mean). Yes I know its a lot of whitening but my dentist said it gives a better result to bleach before and after and is included in the price. Yep, I'll have more reviews coming which is why I changed the name of my review lol.
LOL!  I didn't even notice the title!  Are you gonna put all the reviews here or in the different categories?  Our clear braces category is, confusingly enough, not for ceramic braces but invisalign-type aligners.  The kind you're getting are in the regular braces category, unless they're Damon.  And then we have both Zoom and teethwhitening  separately!  I think I'd only put the whitening elsewhere if it were me, since your braces treatment will be so short.

Invisalign on pause and bonding

Hi everyone!
So after all the back and forth decisions from my ortho, when I went in for my last appointment where I was bracing myself for braces (teehee!) I got the surprise of my life when I was told that everything would be coming off (attachments, bands etc) that day and Instead i would be having some bonding done by my dentist in time for my wedding and they would be pausing my invisalign treatment until after my honeymoon!
This was decided because they think that if my four top front teeth move vertically down like they were supposed to I will end up with a bit of a gummy smile (with too much top gum showing when I smile).
So for now I am wearing a retainer pretty much all day (same as invisalign) that was made by my ortho and I have had two trips to the dentist for bonding. The first trip he removed the old bonding from both my top front teeth and redid them (a bit lighter because I am having my teeth whitened) the second trip this morning he needed to even them up a little bit and he filled in the corners of my two smaller teeth (either side of my top front teeth) and now I will see what I think and go back in a week in case there is anything I want changed!
Its hard at the moment because my teeth have not finished their movement so we can't make my teeth too perfect otherwise they may look different after my invisalign refinements.
However, after whitening if any more bonding is needed it will be done then!
Enjoy the pics and feedback is very welcome!!!!

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Dr grant duncan/ smile centre

Overall I have been happy! The only thing that's a bit annoying is that my dr doesn't really oversee my whole treatment. When I went in for my first two sets of trays, I would of thought that he would of been there at least for that appointment but he wasn't. I should also mention that I chose to go to dr duncan as he is an elite provider and has many years of experience. He is a bit more expensive but when its my teeth I want the best results possible. The surgery is great though! They will book me in at the drop of a hat if I have any immediate concerns and even send bands in the post when I run out!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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