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I did get a chin implant back in April 6, 2011....

I did get a chin implant back in April 6, 2011. Now after some months I’m really not satisfied with the result. I have a really weak chin, and asked my surgeon if I could compensate this so that my face would look more complete. Now it feels like he did enlarge my chin, but not enough.

I want someone else's opinion . I did this home in Norway. I think my surgeon used a Porex implant, size small/ almost medium he told me. Can someone please tell me their opinion and maybe provide me whit some advices on what to do. I now consider sliding genioplasty as one option.

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Better now but stil not 100% happy whit the result. Maybe i had too high expectations.

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Hey. I'm also from Norway. What I have experienced when I've been on
consultations in Norway is that the surgeons may be slightly conservative.
I'm also looking for an implant, but here in Norway they do not want to
help me, saying that my chin is masculine enough as it is. After
consultation of some surgeons in the United States, I have received other
and different opinions. After all, it is your own opinion which is the most
important. I'd probably also envisioned a slightly larger implant for you.
Good luck!
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Yes you would have benefited from a larger size but I think chin liposuction might resolve that. You still look great either way. ;-)
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I completely agree with Marg10 and squarebull. I would like to have your profile!
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Your chin projects correctly. I think it's a good result for a chin implant. What you're perceiving is a rather short jaw. That's not an insult. I have one myself. The only way to make it project further out is to have major jaw surgery, which I had done, and it was a lot of pain to go through for a relatively minor improvement. Your jaw is about the length of mine after I had surgery (in other words, my jaw was shorter than yours at one time). It's just heriditary. Just learn to love yourself as you are. We are bombarded with images of actors and actresses with very strong jawlines and chins, and that's mostly because it photographs better than people who don't have strong jaws and chins. But guess what? Those actors and actresses get paid a lot of money just because they were lucky enough to have parents who gave them genes for strong jawlines. Which means most people don't have ideal jawlines (either too weak or too strong). We just have to live with it and I'm sure you look great in person, it's just the camera that tends to make us see ourselves in a distorted way. For one thing, that picture you posted only shows your chin, so people can't see your other features that balance out the rest of your face. Also, like a lot of people, you have a little bit of fat tissue under your chin. Almost everyone does, but those lucky people with strong jawlines and chins have all that extra bone so the little bit of fat they have isn't noticed as much. You can always have under-chin liposuction or tightening done if it bothers you. I don't think another chin implant would be the way to go.
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Look mate, your chin and profile look fine in this picture. A bigger implant can cause problems with skin tightness and shifting and do you really want to go through the procedure and opening the scar tissue again? When I had my implant, years ago, it was as much a way of forgetting about it and moving on, as it was getting a good profile etc etc. Life is short - if your chin was receded to the point where you couldnt ignore it, then cool, well done for taking the brave step of surgery. I did the same. It was tough. But once done, you need to move on and get on with your life - ultimately isnt that why we do these things anyway? Honestly, I think the profile is fine , and the comment 'Your chin is still very weak looking from your profile' is really quite inaccurate the way I see it, and certainly I had zero swelling at 1 month let alone 2 months, so I dont think it will get smaller either. Take a look around google images, or the high street, you will see some real weak chins. Do as you wish of course, but in my opinion, and ive been through it, accept you have made real improvements and get on with life!!! You will find too, that some stubble or even a beard will add a hell of a lot to a chins appeal and size too. Dont allow yourself to fall into the trap of trying to make more and more improvements - its a waste of your life dude. :-)
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Agreed! The chin implant should have been bigger. Your chin is still very weak looking from your profile. Plus, the photo shows you are at the 2 mons mark. I bet your chin will get even smaller by the time all the swelling go down.
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Hi Alex -- Welcome to RealSelf. You may also want to post your question on our Doctor Q&A forum for some professional opinions.

I see what you mean about the implant possibly being too small. IMHO, I agree with you, or at least the placement is "off" somehow. Something like chin lipo might also help you get a more defined result, so you have a few options.

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