9 weeks - Boob & scars status - Gift to self; Natrelle 295 cc round moderate profile silicone implants submuscular (5'8"/121lbs)

If somebody told me two years ago (or even one)...

If somebody told me two years ago (or even one) that I would have a breast augmentation, I for sure wouldn´t believe them. I am 32 years old, my stats are 5´8 (173 cm), 121 lbs (55 kg) and I´ve always been an A-cup. I´ve been very satisfied with my whole body included my small breasts. With a little help from VS bomb shell they even looked big! This was all until I had my two beautiful kids.

I breastfed both of them for about half a year, after that my boobs were gone. It was totally mammary gland atrophy; my until recently beloved breasts were empty. For the first time in my life my self-confidence was way below what it should be, -it didn´t feel right! I´ve always liked to work out and keep my body fit, also after having kids, but my boobs were def beyond reach..

So I decided; EITHER I had do ”learn to like” and stop complaining about them all the time, OR just do something about it. I chose the last option. So here I am 3 days post-op, writing a review and sharing my story to all the others out there, grateful that I could read, watch photoes and get good advice while I was still in ”the planning”..

Since I have very little subcutaneous fat on my upper body and nearly no glandular tissue left, I was recommended moderate profile submuscular in order to achive a nice, but natural look. According to my chest width, I could accomodate 275-295 cc moderate, if I wanted bigger I´d had to go for high profile. After some weeks in doubt, reading all the reviews I could, I decided to go with my PS´advice.

3 days ago I woke up a little dizzy in a nice, warm bed with my two lovely 295 cc mod implants under my chest muscle. I am SO happy with the result till now, I was a little nervous they would be too small, but now I´m confident the size & profile will match the rest of my body perfectly. Just can´t wait till the swelling will subside and they will be softer & get a little better shape;-)

Updates will come!

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Photos added

Added some photos from before my BA..

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Day of BA!!

Added some photos taken just a couple of hours after my BA (295 cc mod profile Natrelle submusc). Too bad you cannot see how happy I am!! :)


They are perfect!! Congrats!! Your review related to how I felt too before I made BA a reality. I always found myself talking about it too . Thanks for sharing and happy healing.
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Day 1 in boobie-land!

A couple of photos taken on day 1 after surgery (295 cc mod submusc). Swollen!

Can't wait to take a shower & wash those drawings away...don't like that "patient" look! And take the adhesive bandages off... Buuut must be patient and wait another 2-3 days.

Like the size which I think is quite proportional to my body size (5'8/121lbs), but of course I'm very curious how much smaller they will be when the swelling subsides and they soften up. After all, this is day ONE! ;-)

Time will show.....


They look terrific for day one! hope you have an easy recovery & keep us all posted with updates.
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Thank you!! I will do my best to update you all! :-)
Congrats! You look great, and deserve it! And I must agree, your results look very natural! God speed in your recovery, and please keep us posted on your progress. How is the pain, thus far?
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Pain / pain killers - Day 5

Today is day 5 and I thought I'd add a note about the pain and my pain regimen I have (or had).. Because today I'm totally off everything, included paracetamol!!!

First of all, everything has been very tolerable and liveable from the beginning. Even if I'm NOT generally good at enduring pain and the implants are submuscular.

I followed my clinic's instructions to the point.
Pre-op I had Azitromycin 1 g (antibiotic), Arcoxia 120 mg (which is a type of an NSAID/pain killer) & paracetamol 1 g.

The procedure was done under sedation/light narcosis & local anaesthesia. When I woke up post-op in my nice, warmed bed, I had some pain (graded 3-4/10) so I received a capsula with the morphine derivate Oxynorm, and after half an hour I felt a little dizzy again, but no pain;-)

My husband came to get me from the clinic, and we drove home. From 6 hours after the procedure and every 6 hours the 2 first days I had paracetamol 1g, metoclopramide 5 mg (agaist nausea) and Oxynorm 5 mg (strong pain killer). I had it approx at 4 & 10 PM, 4 & 10 AM. I was so afraid it would be painful that I even set my alarm clock 4 AM in the middle of night to be sure I wouldn't wake up in pain! In addition every morning the 3 first days I had one of those Arcoxia tablets 120 mg.

This way my pain & discomfort was reduced to a minimum, I could move around slowly and carefully right from the beginning, sit down and eat normally from the day of surgery. I even slept well (with my body raised!) from day 1, which I hadn't expected at all.
On day 3 I stopped taking the strong pain killers (Oxynorm), and now I haven't had any paracetamol since last night, and it all feels good & well, minimal discomfort from my stiches.

Good healing from me to all of you!

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Day 4 - photo update

Here is a photo from yesterday - day 4 - when I'm trying on one of my new sports bras, this one from Under Armour (Protegee), size 36B. It's still a little too tight under the breasts (normally I'm 34!), and it feels too tight to close the zipper yet. But I think in a little while this will fit perfectly! Love the front zipper!!

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Day 5

Photo update from today - day 5 -
They are a little less swollen, but still bruised. I'm seriously bloated now (it's much worse in real life!) Can't believe I'm wearing a tank top without a bra!!!!! (Still, it's kind of loose fit..) Hope they won't shrink too much, but guess they still will change a lot. Like them best naked;-)

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Day 6 - last day off

My week off is over and I'm getting ready to go back to work tomorrow. Healing till now couldn't be better I think, my only concern is no/ seriously reduced sensation in both my nipples, especially my left.... Anyone had the same problem and sensation improved??? Crossing fingers!!


I am on day 6 Post-Op today! I love how you look :) Happy healing!
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I think they look perfect on your body type! I don't think the size will change that much. Some of the docs on here say 10%, 1/4 cup size is common with the maximum being 20%. I'm anxious for the swelling to come down too bc I feel like Jenna Jameson or something! Lol I'm glad you are having a nice recovery, and it can take a few weeks to a few months for sensation to come back (from what I was told), and if you start getting "zingers" that means your nerves are becoming active again. Good luck to you and I can't wait to see your final results!! :)
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Good to hear!! Makes me even more sure I chose the right size/profile according to my wishes/body proportions! Thank you!! As to my nipple sensation, check my post below.... Crossing fingers!! Looks like you have a superb result too!! Looking forward following your healing too as we had surgery on the exact same date;-) Wish you all the best!!

Day 8 - increasing tightness/pain

Had my first day at work yesterday, luckily quite calm, staying behind my computer most of the time. Last night and today I've had increasing tightness over my chest and chestbone, my boobs are more sore and it's more painful to move around. Anyone else experienced this? Is it normal?? I even had to start taking paracetamol again which I stopped 3 days ago... I have no focus whatsoever elsewhere, my scars are fine and skin is normal. Should I be nervous??


Congratulations...you look fantastic! I'm very happy for you. Sorry it's rough going back to work. Take it easy as much as possible. Love your updates...keep us posted!
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Thank you, so kind of you to say so!!
I have read that girls feel real relief after 2 weeks or more when it comes to tightness. I know... It is annoying.
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Day 10 - Photo update!

Now I’m 10 days into my new boobaliscious life, and I feel SO much better!! The tightness is almost completely gone, my range of movement has improved dramatically and even if I’m after a long duty at work, I can walk around doing almost everything like normal (a little careful, that’s for sure), except heavy lifting etc. I started taking Arcoxia (like ibuprofen) together with regularly paracetamol again after my really annoying and painful days on day 7/8, and it helped a lot! I was actually a little worried something was wrong those days, but it seems like a normal thing to have during the first two weeks. My pectoral muscles are so much softer & relaxed today!

Otherwise I have to say THANK YOU to all of you beautiful people out there for all your nice words and feedback during these last 10 days! It has been so helpful and very comforting to hear from you, especially since I’ve chosen not to tell anybody but my husband & one friend about my BA yet…. I don’t feel like telling the whole world about it, but of course if people ask I will tell, no worries!

I added a few photos from today too, just to show how they changed. The squareness is almost all gone, and they are a little softer to touch (but still surprisingly compact, I must say!) As for the size I still think they are perfect as for what I wanted: easy to make them look really nice & sexy in dresses & bikinis, but still natural looking (not too obvious that I have silicone implants..) and nobody will notice if I want to ”hide” away underneath a sweater.

Now I can’t wait to start working out again! Feels like my abs have been resting for 10 months now, not 10 days.. Just have to be patient a little more, happy healing first!!


You look amazing!!! Wish I look like you after having kids!! LOL!
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...and more bikini photos

Trying on some other bikinis from earlier years... They fit quite well again! Still cannot wait for my new delivery from VS swimwear though.... new is always fun!
Have to be patient there too I guess as the summer is far away here in Norway, and I still drive around with my skis in the back for the car... lol.


You look great! I've never really thought of bikinis when I think of Norway, but I guess you would have a lot of beaches. Way more than where I live! Hope it warms up soon!
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haha, you're funny! You will for SURE look better than me after kids, no worries! And you don't have to do the BA either;)
Love your new photos!!! It is the same here! We still have snow here. Boston! Crazy! So, I get you totally about summer and bikinis!

Day 12 - Photo update

Just another photo to show how it looks with cloths on! Wearing a basic white top over my regular sports bra. Everything is good and I'm still in love with my new boobs! Actually I've been cleaning the house today, lifting my 1-year old carefully (upper arms close to my chest!) several time, shopping and went to the gymnastics with my 3-year old. So very close to normal life, almost everything except working out my own body;-)

Wish you all the best weekend!

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+ bikini photos from yesterday, day 11

I liked them better than those from day 10..


I love your result! I'm in the same dilemma you were, I can't afford big implants because I have a tiny frame and big implants would cause side rippling. :( He said I could go 325cc max but he was talking about the high profile ones! I asked about the mod+ profile, to get more natural looking breasts but he then told me I could go max 275cc's with the mod+ profile, since bigger ones have to big diameter for me.. I'm worried 275cc's will be too small. :( What should I do 275cc's mod+ or 325cc's high profile? My only concern is that high profile would end up too artificial-looking. You can see my pic on my profile/review!!! I really need a second opinion. Thnaks!
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This girl got 286cc http://www.realself.com/review/west-linn-breast-implants-scared-and-nervous-want-implants-bad?utm_source=umnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=revupdd&utm_content=review#entry-282641 And I got 250cc. http://www.realself.com/review/boston-ma-breast-augmentation-slim-petite-5ft4in-96lb-upcoming-ba-sientra-250cc?utm_source=umnotification&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=crev&utm_content=review#/comment-1725079 Take a look! :)

Day 20

I thought it was about time to update my profile again! Bizzy days now at work & with our 2 beautiful kids – no spare time left!
But today I had time to take some photos of me in my brand new navy blue bandage dress, and one of my new soft bras from VS.

As to my boobs, everything is just fine, I am slowly, but steadily stronger in my chest muscles and can do nearly everything as before (but still very careful when I lift my kids aged 3 and 1). I am still very satisfied with my choice of implants, couldn’t be any better in any way if you ask me, and I’m SO happy I did it!! Actually I know deep inside myself that I will probably never EVER regret doing this (I already had that feeling before my BA, so I’m not sure it’s worth that much..;-) And I’m just SO happy that I’m rid of those ”nipples on a rib cage” ( I stole that phrase from someone in here, …sorry!) When I look back on my before-photos I seriously can not believe it is possible to have such a nice result considering there was NOTHING before! My self confidence had the best boost ever, and I notice it affects me in all kind of situations, and I love it! Yesterday I even went to the pool with my kids & husband (for the kids to swim & play), and I’ve never had that many obvious looks from strangers ever! Haha, it was so much fun!! And of course my husband LOVES them too (he loves everything though, ha ha) But the important is that I felt SO great even in my most neutral, worn out, black bikini, feeling I have beautiful boobs (and body) on the same time not obviously artificial silicone-boobs (if you know what I mean..)

My only worry now is that both my nipples and the skin in front of my boobs is hypersensitive to all kinds of stimuli, but I think it is decreasing actually. It was really bad 2-3 days ago, it was painful just to have my sports bra touch my skin! Anyone else experienced that?? Hope it will pass by soon!
Take care!


You look great!! It's amazing, I had 300cc put in 6 days ago, check out my profile of you want :),
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You look so sexy hot and fit!!! You have one lucky man in your life!!! HOt mama and so inspiring for me
Thank you!!! I'm blushing! But so nice to hear;-) Looked at your profile and must say you have great progression!! I seriously wouldn't worry one sec about going too small! As you obviously already notice they change a lot, and they just get better and better every day! And I guess (just my idea, I don't know if it's true..) the shaping-periode maybe is a little longer if you haven't had kids/been breastfeeding?? Even if the muscle hasn't been stretched before, for sure the skin & (atrophic) glandular tissue have been through some serious changes before, so maybe things "give in" faster....? I don't know, just an idea! Anyways, just be patient and I'm sure they will be PERFECT!! Looking forward following your journey!

Day 23

No serious update, only my fantastic new party bra from Abecita! Recommended if you want to show some cleavage this summer without that visible bra in the middle..


Oh so thankful I've seen your pics again today ....my surg is next Tuesday n I have probably the exact before as you . Told doc I give him the 300- or325 cc window ... But the past couple of days I'm worried it's too big. ... I'm leaning more towards 300 . But I really had weird feeling ..... Not tonight after seeing you're pics again ! They r perfect !!! We're you worried they would be too big ??? Meaning since we have no tissue to work with to start .? I'm curious and would love ur input
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I wasn't worried they would be too big! Not with the moderate profile, I trusted the PS. But I was worried it would look strange since I had very little cover, just as you pointed out. Remember it's all about proportions, if you find a proper base, you decide on how you want them to project when looking from the side. Don't think that much about the cc's (I know, it's impossible!!) 275 in one girl could look same or "bigger" than i.e 325 in another! What profile are you heading for?
I'm going low moderate profile ? And giving I'm a window of 300 or 325 cc silicone under muscles . I really want a natural look . I'm 5'5 118 lbs and I do not want big circles on my chest ... I was looking for a large B small c at the biggest . He also need to lower my fold .. Since my breast are only at 17 cm barely . You can see my pick on my profile .

Day 25 - another photo update!

I just have to say that I LOVE myself in my new boobs!!! Feel so womanish!!

Nowadays I cannot feel any pain and feel very much like normal. I can touch and squeeze a little, and even lifting my 3-yr old without feeling anything (but it is very controlled, keeping my upper arms close to my chest just in case..). The only thing that is still strange is the weekness in my chest muscles, and if I pull/stretch my skin/muscles around the scars. Things look good I think!

Added a couple of iPhone snapshots from this evening, wearing a regular basic top from VS (size S). Not slim fit, but very comfortable!

Wish you all a happy Easter!


Thanks for sharing your story and pics! Your boobs look great! I put some of your pics as wish pics for my BA coming up! :) I'm 115lbs and 5'7"...do you think 295cc would be good for my frame as well? How was it with not being able to hold your 1-year old for the first couple weeks? I'm sad and worried about not being able to hold my kids :-/
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Thank YOU!! That must be the compliment of the WEEK, at least!! I feel so honoured! I checked your profile and I'm quite sure you'll have a really nice result around the same sizes! And you don't have to have second thoughts (I was also nervous and sometimes thinking "what am I DOING?!"), because you will be the happiest girl afterwards, thinking "WHY didn't I do this before??" About the kids it went well, time passes fast and you'll be able to coze & play without doing the heavy lifts. And I was able to startcareful lifting long before I expected to! But just be varebil, listen to your body, keep your upper arms close to your body so you don't use your chest muscles, things will be fine! Looking fward following your profile!!
That's right. My daughter turned 1 3wks ago. Dr says not to lift anything heavier than a gal of milk for 3 wks.

4 weeks + 2 days

Just another quick update from today when I tried on some more bikinis!
Nothing new I think, things heal well, I started easy strength work out last night at home (25 min, nothing more), doing squats, abs in different kind of exercises, a soft start but felt really good! But nothing on my arms/chest, just a little pressure felt really weird, so I'll def postpone that! I cannot wait to start some running, but guess I'll have to wait longer for that (doesn't feel that comfortable yet...) But I think maybe road biking will be better for some time now, it's less bumpy for my breasts. But have to test how it feels first. Will keep you updated! :)


Omg. You look amazing. Love that bikini
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Love that bikini and the girls are looking awesome! My reward card from vs had a 100$ on it so im looking at swimsuits just unsure on size. Also when did you notice you returned to feeling normal or not so tired?
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Lucky you. I have 3 $10 ones.

...and more photos


You officially have my WISH BOOBS. perfect!!
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Thank YOU! I'm flattered to hear so!
Looks so natural !!!!!!
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5 weeks

On Monday it was 5 weeks since my BA, and I just LOVE my new boobs containing Natrelle round 295 cc moderate profile! To celebrate I got this really nice push up bra from Gilly Hicks (Lacy back perfect push ’em up plunge bra), navy sice 32 D (!!) - I know, it’s crazy!!! I don’t actually know when to use that bra, cuz my boobs look HUGE and the cleavage is maybe a little over the top, lol!, but we’ll see… of course my husband loves it! It fits perfectly, but the coverage is minimal, so if looks almost a little small.. But seriously, I was a AAAAA-… this is just so much fun!!

Got it online on sales for just 18$, it has a very cool navy lace racer back (and yes, it looks black on my photo, but it’s really dark navy, very nice) and comes together in the front. I see it’s 22$ now, but I think it’s a good catch.

I will try to post some more photos later this week (we’ll see if there is time..), and I also wanted to make an update on a good training/fitness program focusing on core/legs/seat that is easy to perform at home with no other equipment, and a soft but often very-much-needed start to work out parts of our body post-BA, not putting pressure on the chest muscles. I started now after 4 weeks, and it feels so good!! I’ll do my best to share it someday soon…



You look so beautiful! They are the perfect size for your body, congrats!
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Thank you!
I koe the wrap around bikini! You look fabulous(:
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Workout at home after BA - my starting program!

On 4 weeks post BA I was quite fed up ”resting” and wanted to carefully start some activity. I know there are many other girls out there after BA’s having the same feeling, so I’d like to share an easy program to exercise mainly core, bum and legs, without putting too much pressure on the chest muscles. It can be done almost anywhere, perfect for home, and you don’t need any equipment except your ipad/phone to show time (stopwatch) in front of you, good music (essential!!), the planned program written in front of you (otherwise you’ll use too much time thinking what to do next..) and if you have, a gym mat.

You do 2 different circles of exercises, repeating each circle 3 times, or if you’re in a bad shape or short on time, 2 repetitions. Make sure you do all exercises properly, no cheating allowed! 1 minute break between circles.
Each exercise you do for 40 seconds followed by a 20 second break/preparing for next exercise. As you already see, every new exercise start on a new whole minute, so all you need to do is to follow the stopwatch in front of you with your eyes, no need to touch anything. (Remember to turn off the automatic screen lock..) If you do 3 repetitions of each circle, the whole program will be finished in 48 minutes!

Circle 1
1. Air squats
2. Walking lunges
3. Sumo squats
4. Sit ups – normal
5. Hip thrusts
6. Standing push ups
7. Sit ups – sitting up, going back

Circle 2
1. One-leg squat LEFT
2. One-leg squat RIGHT
3. Air squats
4. Triceps from chair/staircase
5. Sit ups – straight legs nearly touching floor
6. Butt ups
7. Standing push ups

Remember always listen to your body, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Some people feel ready to start some physical work after 4 weeks, others at 8 weeks. Google the exercises if you’re in doubt how to do them correct. Remember to keep your posture, tense stomach most of the time. When you're ready, increase intensity adding weights etc.

Some hints that I picked up here and there:
Squats are heavier the deeper you go, you’ll notice.
Air squats - knees approx. in front of shoulders, flex knees going deep down with your bum, weight on heals.
Sumo squats – same, just legs wider apart
Sit ups – 1.normal (on back, slowly up then down) or 2.sitting up, arms across your chest leaning slowly backwards, trying to have your lumbar back touching the floor, then slowly up or 3.back on floor, legs straight up and arms straight along the side on the floor, slowly move straight legs toward the floor, but not touching it, then up again (heavy!)
Hip thrusts – upper back & feet on the floor, knees flexed and apart like shoulders are, straight thighs, butt and abdomen, careful movements up and down.
Standing push ups – find a fence, sofa, table to lean towards, doing normal pushups with minimal weight on arms/chest, this will be weird especially if you had a submuscular BA… Be careful.
One-leg squat – one foot (back) resting on a staircase or similar, squat on the other leg
Triceps – find a staircase or stable (!) chair, hands on, back towards it, let yourself go slowly down, then up again. Regulate weight leaving most body weight on your feet.
Butt ups – back on floor, arms also, lifting butt and lower back up with legs straight up, then lower it towards the floor. Repeat.

Happy workout everybody!


WOW! What can I say, you look amazing. I'm scheduled for BA in 4 weeks and getting v excited. You are about my size before your BA and I wil be solo happy if my results are same as yours!
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..... Meant to write sooo happy lol!
Thanx for your compliments! You should just enjoy the excitement before your BA, I'm sure you will LOVE your boobs afterwards!! Wish you all the best!

6 weeks - First run!

Jeee, tomorrow I'm 6 weeks post BA, and had my first run outside today!! WOW, felt a little heavy in front considering I had approx 1 cc there before, and now almost a 300-times increase!! Lol! But no pain or discomfort doing a slow run in the woods:-) :-) I'm so happy!!

Got exhausted very fast though, but that's another story....;-) No pain, no gain!


You look great girl! Thanks for sharing. Keep posting. Im on my 5 weeks 4 days post op with 300cc Silicon, high profile, dual plan technique. But i can't run yet, it feels painful & heavy even uncomfortable without my band if i take it out just for a few hours. so have to wear all the time even when sleeping. Still wearing sport bra. Feel like its too heavy when I'm not wearing the band. I really hope i can wear just the bra without the band and run again soon.
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Thank you!! The heavyness disappeard quickly in my case (while running..), but waited till I was 6 weeks. Just give it another week or so and I'm sure you'll feel better! Listening to your own body is the most important, we are all different;-) But make sure you have a really good sports bra. Happy healing!
You look great girl! Thanks for sharing your story. Keep posted. Im in my 5th weeks post op now and feeling a bit low because i still cannot run because i feel very uncomfortable feel that it's too heavy. I had 300cc almost similar like yours, but high profile, dual plan technique. I still feel uncomfortable if not wearing the band. i hope i can run again sooner or later.
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8 weeks

Time for an update! Spent last week on vacation in Greece, added a couple of bikini photos from the beach! It was the first time I was wearing just a bikini in public most of the day, so a little weird considering we were there with several friends & kids, but nobody seemed to notice!! And I LOVE it!! They feel so normal & part of myself now, I feel I have "real" boobs, looking very nice & perky without that obvious "wow, she certainly over-did it!!"-look! Couldn't be more happy with my result! I have no discomfort now, even not while running, and things are def getting back to normal - except my selfconsciousness had the best boost ever!

Happy Tuesday everybody!


Your boobs are the reason I decided to go ahead with my surgery! I'm deciding btw a 265cc and 295cc. Did you find that over time, you were less swollen and they got smaller?
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Wow!! I'm flattered to hear that! Actually I don't feel they got smaller over time, my measures from 2 days post-op go now are quite similar to what I am now, but the shape (roundness) changed a lot to the better, and they are now much fuller at the lower pole and very natural looking I think, but still perky. I thought they would get much smaller but they didn't, I wear 32D/34C, and fill the same bras like I did just post-op. The main change is that the swelling on the upper half (and also around the breast, between the breast edges and the chest cage) disappeared, and they got a more round and nicer looking appearance. :) Wish you all the best for your surgery!! Hope you'll make a post and show us the result eventually!
Beautiful results! Congrats and happy Tursday to you.
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9 weeks

Nothing new, just thought I'd post a couple of new photos since I feel they've settled nicely a little lower the last few weeks. I'm so happy!! Can't believe I even considered NOT going through this whole thing! :)


Hi Mrs Di! Not sure if you're still checking this but thought I'd give it a shot! You look absolutely incredible--seriously, the poster girl for the perfect breast augmentation success story. Totally random question- but did you very consider round (not shaped!) "gummy" (ie Sientra) versus regular silicone? I have friends who did both and I'm just debating--can't find any pros/cons comparisons on the site. Just wondering how you made your choice, since I'm not sure what to do! Pretty much same athletic frame as you- 5'6", 118 pounds, etc. Thanks!!
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Hi! Thank you for your compliment!! I'm flattered! About the round "gummy" implants I have no idea or experience. I don't think these are an option here in Norway. Here saline implants aren't very common either. So my option was just to chose a silicon implant manufacturer, then I wanted round shape (not anatomical, drop-shaped), and my plastic surgeon recommended me moderate profile (Allergan)submuscular due to my rather skinny upper body. My chest frame could take an implant 11 cm (and some millimeters), which give a volume of 295 cc using a moderate profile. First I was very anxious this would be far too small, but I'm SO happy I went with my surgeons recommendation, and I'm super happy with my result! Will try to make a 7-month update w/photos soon! Whish you all the best with your choice!!
Wow, wow, wow! Yours look fantastic! I've just had mine done yesterday & opted for 285cc high profile under the muscle, I only weigh 45kg and am 167cm tall and if mine look anything like yours I'll be ecstatic! Thanks for sharing your photos you must be soooo happy with your result!
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