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Every Emotion Wrapped Into One! - Norwalk, CT

I am having my surgery on September 12th and I am...

I am having my surgery on September 12th and I am completely scared. Let me preface this statement by the fact that I have disliked my italian/lebanese nose since I was 15. I always hoped I would grow into it but alas, that never really happened. The tip is a bit wide and droops. I have bumps and it protrudes a bit too much for my liking. It seems a bit crooked and needs to be narrowed. Overall, I don't think it fits my face. I know that once it was refined and taken care of, I would be happy. Yet... lately, from my reading and surgery packet, I feel more scared and overwhelmed than ever.
I don't like the idea of going under anesthesia and I don't like the idea of having to breathe through my mouth. I suffer from anxiety and I have a feeling I would be really scared to go into the operating room and I know I will be uncomfortable because you are very congested. Nauseous even!

Overall, now I am having doubts. Not about changing my nose bc I dislike it but because I worry I cant handle the recovery and all the stress leading up to this. I feel completely lost now. I am afraid of the unknown.

I feel comfortable with the doctor that I chose. I consulted with two. I liked both but overall, felt the second doctor had a more minimal approach but was more detailed with what he thought would look best and how he explained it. He doesn't pack a nose which made me feel more comfortable and he answered all my questions thoroughly. All surgery is performed in a hospital which comforts me but I don't know, I feel very stressed out.

Does anyone else feel this way?

I hate my nose and would love to fix it. It would give me more confidence in myself but I wonder if I can handle the recovery period. Being bruised and swollen isn't a worry to me. The congestion and anesthesia are.
Would love to see your photos! I too am contemplating surgery. My nose is crooked and hangs too low. I want a more delicate nose. That fits my face.


Finally got a chance to upload pictures. Need to take ones more of my nose specifically.

I actually spoke with someone that used my doctor for the same procedure and I feel much more comfortable and confident. I feel excited again :)
i am lebanese and would like to have the surgery soon. My son who is italian / lebanese talked about it but never did. maybe after your surgery i can persuade him to have it done. I live close to Norwalk, ct.
When I scheduled my surgery, I was so excited! Anxiety didn't set in until my pre op and I got a packet (it was more like a book) of surgery do's and don'ts. The very thought of anesthesia, pain, nausea made me nervous. But I hardly had any pain and I didn't feel nauseous at all! In fact, I woke up pretty pumped after surgery lol!! And it really just felt like a head cold while I recovered. I looked a lot worse than I felt, but that went away in a matter of days. Just take the time to relax and let yourself get pampered :) best of luck!
don't be afraid!! yes--it is a major procedure, BUT it will change your life for the better!! i used to not be able to even face front-ways when I talked to people! I used to be so focused on what angle my face was facing that I'd miss out on their names, or what they were saying because I couldn't stop wondering if that was an okay angle and they'd still think i'm pretty. stupid, but it worked for years, lol. I'm so much more confident now; you wouldn't believe the difference!! It is definitely going to be a great change!! It's going to turn out fabulous--don't worry!! You have a great face and it's going to be a lot more apparent when it's more proportionate. If you love your doc and he's done lots of noses like yours, there's nothing to fear. If you're really scared, try asking for twilight anesthesia--I really liked knowing what he did and how it would turn out! Plus, he showed me what he did before the cast was on that next week! Also, if it makes you feel better, since my first two sucked, just to make you feel better, I did still like them better than my first nose. So, at least if you "hate" it, you'll prob still hate it less than your old nose!!

More and more comfortable

Definitely feeling really excited! One of my friends told me I was obsessed when I told her I joined a site to read and talk to others going through the same procedure. Ironically enough, she's the one that obsessively talks about things ALL the time, never lets anyone get a word in edge wise AND obsesses about things that are not remotely important. I am getting life changing surgery in 6 weeks!! So yes I am definitely glad I joined this site because I can talk to people who actually understand what I am going through.

I just want to get the surgery over with so I can start recovering and put it behind me. I hope I like how I look after. Always a risk but I bet I will like it a whole lot more than what I have now. I know my nose isn't terrible and I don't NEED it but I think it is something that would make me much happier.

Going on vacation for a week next week. Def can't wait to get away from life and work for a bit :)
I am glad uou decided to have the surgery to fix ur nose. You r very pretty n will be even prettier after. No need to stress out about the operation. Everything will go very well. Just stay positive!!
Well ...I've done it 3 years ago ..everything went well ..but I still wish I was my old me !!! Even so the nose look much better I do not like my new me !!! It is hard to have a new 3D of your face !! And nobody talk about that aspect !! I feel like I died 3 years ago !! I had more success with my old me !! I had more caractere and more appealing before ! Now I just feel being like anybody !! I do not stand out anymore !! So ...better think twice before ..if like me you felt pretty before don't do it !!!

Less than 4 weeks to go

I can't believe how fast these weeks are going! Less than 4 weeks to go.

Reading all of your accounts and stories have been so helpful and comforting. It's nice to know you arent alone in your fears, excitements and questions.

I am going to start cutting out caffeine, asprin and other anti inflammatories next week I think. I am also going to cut back on my dairy consumption as well. Cut out the sodium as well I can help it.

I can't wait to have the surgery and then move forward with recovery. Looking back on this, I wish I could have scheduled the surgery much sooner but with work obligations and vacations already planned., it got to be too difficult to squeeze it.

Update soon!

Pre-Op Completed

Hello All! I had my pre-op appt today. I got my prescriptions and he went over the procedure again along with what time to get to the hospital and what to do and not do beforehand.

I went over my concerns again and he explained to me what he could do to fix what I don't like. I feel like I am in excellent hands and I can't wait to see what it looks like.

My only concern once again is the general anesthesia but he said that while it can be performed under twilight, he prefers to protect the airway but that it is a much lighter version of GA. Either way, I won't know what is going on. I have my appointment for 6 days after surgery to get the cast off and remove the splints if he has to use them. It is definitely hard to be completely out of control and I know I won't like to be a mouth breather but will have no choice. I can't believe I am basically 2 weeks away from surgery. I just want to have this done and put it behind me.
I have all the same concerns as well. Especially the emotional recovery of being swollen and accepting the new nose. I will be following your story. you're going to do great.

You're getting so close! I was afraid of general, too. But in a lot of ways it's safer than twilight (ie what your doctor said about being able to get to your airway if necessary)

Check out this list of supplies for recovery and please keep keeping us posted!


3 days away!!!

I can't believe the big day is on Thursday! 3 days away. 3 more sleeps and then it is here. I have been looking forward to this day for months. Nervous still but I do feel like I get more and more excited. My friend's mother had 6 hour back surgery on Friday at 61 so when I start to get nervous, I think about how scary that was and how long and deep her anesthesia was so compared to mine, I should be fine. I know I will be. I have accepted what I have to do and it's a little nerves/pain for a lifetime of happiness.

Will update the night before and hopefully the day of.

Day 1 after surgery

Well I survived. It has been so much easier than I thought it would be. Anesthesia was a breeze and then I was awake. A little nauseous at first but I've been lucky. Not really in any pain. My doctor and his team were fabulous and I would recommend him in a heart beat. Only took an hour and a forty five minutes.

It was hard to sleep last night bc of laying propped up but it had to be done. Will sleep more today. Wasn't groggy after surgery yesterday at all.

Anyway, will post some before and during pictures. Cast comes off Wednesday at 1030.

Anyway, going to go back to sleep and maybe get some food in me too.

Hope this helps calm others fears. I was super super nervous yesterday but now that it's over I'm relieved and happy.
how are you feeling today? Did you sleep ok? Anything you're avoiding food wise? Are you able to breath or eat?

Day 5 Post Op

I get my cast off tomorrow! Thank god. I cant wait to see what it looks like although I know my nose will swell. Hope it doesnt hurt too much to have him take it off, I have been house bound since thursday. Trying to work from home today but so tired. May take a quick nap.
how are you since the cast has come off? Dying to see your results.

10 days post op.

Just wanted to post some pictures. I took them each day up until the day I got my cast off. 10 days post op. Tiny bit of bruising and swelling. Had a really easy recovery physically but emotionally is where I struggled for the first five days. The antibiotics killed my stomach. And now after I didn't get congested at all after surgery have come down with a cold. Obnoxious
Looking good!!! Not sure what your nose looked like before but you have such big and beautiful features (eyes and lips specifically!!) and your new nose really lets them shine :) just gorgeous
Your nose looks great even with all this swelling.

Before pictures.

I haven't had a chance to take some after pictures where I'm with people and whatnot but will do so this weekend.
Your nose looks great...congrats. Get well soon.
I'm starting to think my nose is still too big! I think my left profile doesn't match the right side and I love the right profile but I don't like how the left looks. And I feel like it is crooked from the front....hopefully it is just swelling but who knows.

2 weeks Post and....

So I looked in the mirror today and started to think my nose is still too big for my face. I wish my left profile was smaller and more sloped like my right side is. And I feel like it looks crooked. Do you think it is still swollen? I don't really look swollen at all.

I guess I have to wait a year for any other type of revision. Which sucks! I am so impatient. HELP!!!!
I love your result, don't worry the swelling will go down soon! I feel like we definitely had a similar recovery experience. I wasn't congested at all after surgery and then recently I got this cold. Starting to go away, but like you said, very obnoxious. Lol. Xo
you look great, you have lots of swelling though...so give it some time. Btw I noticed, you look down quite a bit in pictures....try to keep your head straight when looking into the camera, as they say "always chin up when u smile into the camera) ....especially now with your better looking nose :) all the best to you!
I don't think it's too big...and yes give it time. You look great!


Wanted to add more after pictures! Still not loving my profile.
haha I always think I have such small lips (in particular my top lip-I've thought of getting it done haha)

Happy Friday!!

Anyone else think it's bullcrap to have to go to work everyday???? I don't want to sit behind a desk anymore.

I should totally get paid for my looks right?? hahah JK. I will start playing the lottery.

So I am officially a day over 3 weeks. I can't believe how fast it has flown. I don't even feel or look swollen anymore. I definitely think I had one of the more easy recovery periods. And it does appear to get smaller and smaller and more refined as the weeks go on. Can't wait to see how I look next week. I also need to start working out. I miss spinning a lot. I miss those endorphins and my instructors and classmates. I wonder when I can go back. I have a 2 week checkup on Wednesday so I can ask him then.

Ohhhh so finally someone noticed that I did something at work. Said I looked different but didn't know what exactly and thought maybe I had my nose done. I was prepared for that. Hopefully I don't become a topic of gossip but oh well- I won't be here forever. I'm hoping to get out of here by next March/April.

It's weird but sometimes I forget that I've done anything and sometimes I can't believe that I actually went through with it. It was something I talked about for YEARS. I'm sad I waited as long as I did but I guess I probably wouldnt have been as emotionally stable and mature to handle everything.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Xoxo
Your nose looks smaller! Congrats.

Still too big!

I think my nose is still way too big for my face! I wish that my shape was a bit more sloped and that my profile was smaller. It still sticks out too much! UGHHHHHHHHH!

I hate that I have to wait another 11 months to get it redone. It's just disappointing because you go through the process, the emotional rollercoaster and you pay the money and you still feel self conscious. I still feel self conscious when I turn to the side.

Definitely not how I wanted to start my weekend.

Chin Implant

So when my doctor originally consulted with me, he suggested I do a chin implant as well because I was a bit short there and he said it would balance much more. I said no because it never bothered me. Well, now that I feel like my nose is still a bit big, I wonder if a chin implant would help create more balance to my face. I am a little over 5 weeks since I had my surgery so I really think most of my swelling should be done by now. I see my doctor again Nov 4 so I will talk to him then I guess. That is about 2 weeks longer. I feel like I have also gained some weight from stress eating and I haven't worked out yet so I wonder if my nose looks bigger because I've gained some weight?? I will post some recent pictures soon.
U look great, I don't notice the crook you point out, I think u look great. It looks like it will sit into itself it's way to early to scrutinize it. Please don't stress abt weight and your chin just be patient and wait for the healing to take its full course b4 u look into anything else

You can't fake natural beauty

So, someone who I used to be friends with, but am no longer friendly with all for many many reasons posted a status on FB that you can't fake natural beauty inside and out. Clearly she is jealous!! So sick of people thinking that way!! Makes no sense to me considering hair extensions and makeup is self enhancement too. Everyone enhances themselves. If you want to be completely natural, wear no makeup and don't do anything to your hair.

Anyway, over 6 weeks out today. My doctor injected something into my nose to help break up scar tissue that was making it slightly uneven. Now both sides have that tiny curve. He said it was too early to do anything to my tip since the skin needs time to shrink. Took Halloween pictures so will post them soon.
I think that girl on FB is right you can't fake natural beauty, but beauty isn't what we are trying to obtain here its self esteem/self confidence. Our noses/ our faces don't make us beautiful or ugly- just insecure. I think your nose is looking lovely btw- it's still very early on and there is a lot of swelling to lose before you see your final result. congrats!

Still too big

UGH! I still have a big nose. I am so disappointed. I was so hoping that it would all be worth it. All that money and time but I wound up with a big nose still. It definitely looks better but I still feel so self conscious and in certain angles, it looks so weird. I want to cry thinking about it. I can't imagine going through this again. And if I decide I want to, I have to wait another 10.5 months. I get there is swelling but it won't change my shape. Just may make it more refined. I GOT A NOSE JOB AND ENDED UP STILL WITH THIS BIG NOSE. I wanted to feel more confident when I talked to people and now I still feel the exact same. UGLY
how are you doing? I have looked at your after pictures a few times and of course its easy for me (and outsider) to say hey you look very pretty with your new nose- because you do! Yet I can completely understand your feelings. That is in fact my fear- that my nose will be too similar to how it is right now. I hope this comment finds you in better spirits with less swelling and with the outlook that it is easier to 'do more' later than to find someone who can 'put back' ;) hugs!
I don't understand why you gave your dr. such a great rating if you were unhappy about his procedure?
I think your nose will definitely go down more. Even slight swelling gives the illusion of a bigger nose. I know patience is hard (Believe me I know cos I'm 2 months post op) but its the only thing that will save u. If u do in fact want to get revision after a year then stress about it when u get to it otherwise ull drive urself crazy. For what it's worth u look stunning! And ur eyes r the first thing I look at. Cheer up cos ure beautiful :)

Feeling Better

I feel much better about my nose. I think the swelling is really coming down. Almost 2 months out from surgery which is nuts. It has flown by. Wanted to post some recent pictures. Thanks for all the support and comments. So nice to have!!

One more left profile

You are so pretty! How would you rate the actual pain for the first day-3 days? It seems like most people on here that have bridge/bone work just complain of pressure as opposed to pain? I am having mine done is about 2 weeks and just trying to prepare! You look great girl! Thanks
I honestly had zero pain.  No real pressure either. I was extremely diligent about no alcohol, aspirin for like  3 weeks before. The less you bleed during surgery the less bruising and swelling you will have after. Be very very specific about what you want and detailed about projection, bridge, tip work, straight versus curved and any other things you are concerned with. My advice is to prepare mentally for the exhausting journey. The antibiotics made me more exhausted and hurt my stomach. It's hard sitting around all day and not really going out in public. I chose not too at least. Just try to sleep as much as possible, ice ice ice and take arnica. But otherwise it wasn't painful and my recovery was easy physically. Emotionally was harder but I also have anxiety so maybe that magnified my feelings. But good luck and feel free to ask any questions you have.
Thank you! I am going for my pre-op thursday and going to make sure I explain again the details of my nose. I will also go buy soem arnica as you said. Do you take it by mouth?

9 weeks

My nose is finally settling in to my face. Swelling is coming down and it's narrowing. Definitely liking it more and more. My tip is still wide and round but it should keep coming down. My spin instructor told me that my nose is settling too which was funny because I had been thinking the same. Anyway, the holidays are coming soon so I am excited that my nose is going to look really good.
Your nose is very beautiful. I am really happy for you.
Yeah my doctor provided it to me. They were little pellets that I started taking the day before and then for three days after surgery.

Almost 3 months out!

Had a check up this week!! I talked to him about taking it down a bit more but he said that if he had done that, my cheekbones would have looked too wide. He is the master and I am slowly getting more and more used to it. To be honest, I don't even remember what I looked like beforehand.

Just baked two pumpkin cheesecakes (fingers crossed they came out well) and preparing for thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving! So thankful for my lovely RealSelf community.
Very happy for you..happy Thanksgiving!
I can see the swelling having gone down in your new pic too! Although I thought you looked so pretty from the unveiling. I'm so glad that you've found happiness and "yourself" again! Yay! I'm struggling a bit with the swelling in the tip and from that feeling that the perkiness has worn off. Reading your update makes me feel better as I'm only 3 weeks out. Happy Thanksgiving!

Almost 3 months

Wanted to post some pictures of my almost 3 months out.
You look wonderful! I am Lebanese as well and have been blessed with a big nose ;) I have a thicker tip (bulbous) on my nose and was curious to see if you had the same. I am worried about lengthy swelling and scar tissue development with a nose like mine. My procedure is towards the end of the month. Best of luck with everything!
You look amazing... and so happy. Congratulations!!!

Happy New Year!

Well, a lot has happened since I last updated. I am starting a new job and moving to NYC in the next few weeks.

Had a great NYE and it was so nice to walk into a room and not immediately feel self conscious about my nose. Exactly 16 weeks out today so 4 months later and it looks better than ever.

The tip still bothers me a bit in that it still looks like a round ball in pictures.
You look fabulous! thanks for sharing and congrats on your new job!

25 weeks out.

A lot has happened since I last updated. Now living in NYC and working in NYC. Love living here but the job is taking me more of an adjustment than I thought. I thought it would be the other way around.

Anyway, living in NYC with so many pretty girls has definitely been interesting. I've considered getting other types of plastic surgery but not too sure what I would do or what I should do. Maybe some liposuction, laser on my stretch marks? I am in the land of some of these top doctors so we shall see. I bet everything is double the price.

I don't have any pictures to update with yet but will take some later. I still don't love my nose- I do still think it is a bit large for my face but I am also over getting a revision.
Hi! Congrats on the operation! Your results are fantastic. I had mine 11 days ago and had my cast taken off 3 days ago and haven't looked back :) So far I'm quite happy although I seem to be having the same problem you were having back in September when you said " I wish my left profile was smaller and more sloped like my right side is." This is exactly the same as me and it has got me so worried! I was wondering if your profiles ended up evening up in the end? I hate that I love my right profile so much but my left is looking much less impressive and more like it did pre-rhinoplasty... Thought I would ask! Thanks in advance! PS: You're not fake at all. I think this surgery was the best decision I ever made and you should feel that too. I already feel so much more confident with myself and there shouldn't be any judgement on a personal choice that doesn't harm anyone else and most of all makes you happy :)
I love your results! I think your new nose looks beautiful and fits your face perfectly! Crazy how long it takes for all the swelling to go down. I had my rhino and chin implant 3 weeks ago today and still have some swelling on my nose, lots and lots of swelling at my chin. Hopefully, I'll be ready for my son's graduation in May. As far as those people who call us "fake"... eff them. Anyone who wastes their time worrying about other's fake bodies or faces really needs to just get a life. There are some seriously jealous folks out there! Enjoy living in NYC..fun place..I grew up there! And again, you look beautiful!!
Dr. Rosen

Absolutely phenomenal doctor with a phenomenal team. I barely bruised and got swollen and I was never really congested. I would recommend him and his work day in and day out. Fantastic and funny.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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