High Hopes for my Coolsculpting Procedure

I received treatment to my abdomen and "love...

I received treatment to my abdomen and "love handles." I am not overweight, workout regularly, and have two children, the last one via c-section. I found after my c-section, my entire body except my abs and handles were responding my working out and proper eating, but I had fat deposits that would not go away, which is why i went to this alternate.

The procedure was not painful, overall, however, the addomen did cause the most discomfort. The initial suction took my breath away, but within minutes, I was fine. The post treatment massage was uncomfortable but not unmanageable. I am sore and swollen, this morning, but I do not have to face any down time. looking forward to seeing results!

One Day Post CS

Swollen and achey today but I am still able to exercise and function. I look really bloated.

Ow wow wow!!!

Day 5 post CS and I have barely slept. Shooting pains, burning sensations and downright stinging on my abdomen. I was expecting discomfort like this from the research I did before the procedure so I'm not upset but it is quite painful ((on a 1-10 scale... It's about an 8)). From research, I'm aware it could be up to 2 weeks for this to disappear... I've read neurotin and a lidocaine patch can help... Calling my dr today. :/

4 weeks post CS

4 weeks post CS and so far so good. After the grueling first week, I have minimal numbness and visible changes. This comes with a hike in my cardio regimen and tweaks in my nutrition. But, if it takes 90 days for optimal results, I am definitely excited to see more changes!
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I haven't had any pictures done recently, had second treatment to middle abdomen region 12 weeks after first, but don't feel like things look any different at this point. Going next week for consult and will pictures and measurements then
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Please let us know how you're doing. Your ab definition 1 month post-op was looking awesome. Curious to know if that's gotten even better.

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Any update? I'm on day 9 and this sore, stabbing pain, (especially at night), has not subsided. I was told not to take any anti inflammatory type of meds. So I've only had Tylenol. Just wondering if it really does stop hurting and when the numbness will subside. Thanks.
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had my lower abdomen done 10 weeks ago - I CANNOT believe the results. I am so happy I had it done. 3 c-sections had left quite the belly lop. I also had very bad pain for about the first 2 weeks, also swelling. I had my love handles done 3 weeks ago not nearly the pain - can't wait for results!
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Still not sleeping well. I called my dr's office and they suggested tylenol or motrin...that doesnt work at all. the pain, however, is minimizing in the location of my abdomen, but the severity is still strong. Im counting down the days until my 2 week mark, which is the magical number that im receiving from the office staff as to when this discomfort will end. whew! i also have to keep reminding myself that i did this at my own elect, so complaining and whining is null and void...lol.
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did you try ice packs? Its the only thing that brought me any relief, but it really works. I would actually wear them while sleeping and change it during the night if necessary. Days 5-10 were the worst, but day 10 it was very tolerable, no ice necessary, but not completely gone until 14. Hang in there...
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Lol! Yeah. I didn't tell my husband about the procedure... And during the middle of the night I had horrible stabbing pains causing me to curl up in a ball. I had to tell him I thought it was nerve pain from my C section ;)
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I hope it disappears soon. It hurts pretty badly tonight
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I had that pain too from days 5-10
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Ice packs really help!
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