25! No Kids!! Loving my boobies :) 400cc over the muscle silicone

Hi! I've been in debate of writing a review for a...

Hi! I've been in debate of writing a review for a few weeks since my consolation June 11th well night before my surgery I decided why not! Little back round on me, I'm 5'6 155lbs, 36A/ 34/B cup, not the most active person but don't consider myself out of shape just a little curvy. I have been self conscious of my breast since I was 18. My mom always said they would grow but by the time I was 22 I knew my truth, luckily victoria secret bombshell bras got me through my early 20s, I've wanted breast implants for about 6 years but could not financially afford and I have no credit the past year I've had a solid job and managed to save all the money. So my surgery date it's July 1st! Aka tomorrow at 9am, I'm going with 400cc silicone over the muscle, my doctor, dr trocki said I had enough breast tissue to go over. I've read so many of your lovely ladies reviews and it really helped me with my journey, so I'm hoping to help others with mine!

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1 hour post op

Hi everyone! I just got home from surgery 30 min ago! Went great! Everyone was so nice! Not feeling too much pain at the moment, just very very sleepy! Update later :)

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Just wanted a little peak, pain still not bad just feeling tight in chest

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I messed up the name of my doctor, his nAme is dr trocki, dang autocorrect! For the first day I'm feeling great! Hope that doesn't change! Fingers crossed! Im so happy with this decision, I cried when I was in the recovery room... From happiness! How silly am I! All my friends and family are vert supportive of my surgery, my aunt who I work for gave me off 2 weeks I'm hoping to return before that, will have to buy some new clothes for my new boobies! I have a post op appointment tomorrow at 1230 hope it looks All good! Sleeping on this 40 degree angle is a pain in the butt luckily I Always sleep on my back though. I just want to thank all of you ladies on here for your reviews I can't begin to say how thankful I am for running Into this website! Well I'm going try not to update until after my post op appt! Toodles!


Congrats!!! Can't wait to see the progress pix!
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Thank you! Can't wait for it either! I'll update daily of course :D
Let me add another congratulations! Very nice and glad you're not in a lot of pain. I'll probably cry too! I am one hour behind Jessf on the 3rd! There are about 7 of us on Thursday! Hope you get lots of sleep!
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No sleep

Well it's currently 6am slept 2 hours and that's all that was happening. Can't say I'm in a huge amount of pain it's just like a constant ache and very uncomfortable and axe bandage is tight and itchy eeee! I'm currently also in my moms tempurpdic bed, I miss my bed I'm hoping to be in it some point later toast need to use the step stool to get in and out but I think if I pile the pillow right and move my desk, I should be good. Of course i won't be prepping the area my mom has been a great help. I may have gotten more sleep if she wasn't snoring so loud I ended up kicking her out at 5, but I still can't sleep ugh haha I've been browsing clothing websites imagining my new boobies in dresses and shirts can't come soon enough! Well think this all for now think at my post op it might ask for stronger pain pill bc these are not cutting it and I've taken 4! Granted their one ever 3 hours, hopefully I can get a little stringer script for a few to get me through today and tomorrow im hoping by Thursday I'll be okay with just regular Tyinol. Well I'm going to attempt to get a couple hours of sleep nighty night!


Lol!!!! My stomach is nervous I think because I never drank smooth move!!! Unless the herbal wrap really detoxifies you!!! Lol
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Haha you have to drink before surgery??? Or you talking about after! I'm not quite sure how the bathroom situation will work for me yet I'll give it till tonight and maybe invest in some prune juice! Yuck!
After or before I guess but haven't.. Lol guess it's just nerves.. Never happened to me before like this.. Have good dr appt

Second progress picture! Going to doctors!


They look beautiful! I couldn't sleep much either. Ah well the price of beauty. ;)
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Woo hoo!

Just gordone doctors they are looking nice already I'm so pleased the ace bandage is gone no bruising and I can toss the surgical bra and switch to sports bra!! I'll update with picture when I get home! Hope all you ladies are having a wonderful day!


Stress will do that to you!

Day 2 pics!


I have to comment. Your breasts look amazing in the b4 pics also. U r very lucky to have pretty breasts.
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Lookin goooood Miss Christina!
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Thank you Michele! One more day for you., are you all prepared?

End of day 2 feeling pretty good! And starting to love my new additions!

Hi ladies! Just doing another update, night is going good, I did some shopping at Walmart took my time got 2 sports bras tyinol lever body wash. I'm feeling good right now little soreness but overall feeling good, took a few more pictures tonight too and my aunt surprised me with flowers! So today was a good day I'm hoping to get a good nights rest tonight! Crossing fingers :) for the girls that have your big day tomorrow rest up! :)


You look great. It just gets better and better everyday!
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Aw thank you so much! I actually never paid mind to them bc I thought they were so small! When I went for my first dr appt he told be I did and I was like hm! Haha how are you feeling tonight peera?
Mucho better. I am able to move my arms with very little pain. My breast still ache. But nothing too bad. ;) what about you? How r u feeling?

Day 3

Hello ladies! So I'm on day 3,feeling pretty good went to Marshall's earlier that was a little difficult came home around 230 layed down until 730! Haha got up at 5 to eat dinner, my mom got me a pancake and bacon it was delicious hit the spot! I noticed the girls are making progress too! So in very happy thus far, pain is doing pretty well too, still very sleepy from that first night of no sleep hoping to have another good nights rest! Hope all the lovely ladies that hard their surgery today are feeling okay!!


Ah thank you! I'm happy thus far :)
I agree. Your breasts before were nice and perfect. But who doesn't want bigger, right? I'm sure your new boobs will look just as good as before.
Ah thank you so much! Loving them more day by day!

Day 4! Happy 4th

Well today so far is good! Except I'm having awful boob greed! I really don't think I went big enough! Haha I think they look good just wish they were bigger of course haha oh well maybe in a few years I'll save up again and go bigger ill just have to get over my current boob greed and accept it's way better than what I had before! Anyway hope everyone is having a great 4th of July, my pain is minimal at this point just feels like two balls sitting on my chest, been very tired though took a nap earlier not mycg going on this weekend the weather was crap all day dang tropical storm! Okayy well hope everyone has a safe weekend!


omg finally someone with overs ! I have no choice but to get over the muscle with my current condition. Yours look great ! What made you decide overs? Do you find they look fairly natural? Im scared of having a fake look
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Well my doctor said I had a nice shape and enough tissue to go over, I'm on day 5 and I feel they are looking very natural I was a full 36 a got 400cc silicone looking like a vs 36d now! Pretty happy!!
I always have to go to the top of the page and see where I'm at. Still having Boob greed, Christina? In fact, just caught myself Boob breeding on YOURS! Looking good, lady! How are you today?
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Day 5

Hello!! Well day 5 since surgery day! 3 more days until the bandages come off im worried about seeing the incisions for the first time! Pain was minimal, went to Atlantic city got 2 Michael kors watches 40% off! Pretty dang happy about that hehe:) than went over to the mall and got 3 victoria secret bras, 2 very sexy push ups and one no wire one I forget what it's called! I even tried on a bombshell bra to be curious hajaha I couldn't believe I looked like I was an F or something was insane! Haha got Olive Garden after think I gained like 5 lbs guess it was worth it, it was delicious! Hmm not much else going on tonight! Watched true blood now watching left overs than off to sleep I suppose! Hope all my real self ladies are having a good evening!


You look so great! Im thinking about surprising my husband with a boob job. In two weeks hes going away on buisness for 7-9 days. Im going from my mosquito bites to dd cup :D
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Aw thank you! That would be a major surprise! Hehe sure he would certainly not mind that surprise! Haha I'm single hehe it's hard to find any good men these days so I'm much happier just being alone and well I love my boobies and if any man comes along eventually sure he shall too ;) how many cc's are you thinking? I got 400 went from a full A to D can't complain :D hehe
Well im thinking about somewhere between 450-500. Right now I have a flat chest with two mosquito bite nipples. I never wear bras but i think im size AA. My family is busty but my mom, d cup, said i never developed her genes. I'd like to have mine at a full d cup or dd cup so there bigger than hers :P

8th day!

Hi everyone! Haven't updated in few days, haven't been up to much did some work from home, haven't been in much pain. Today I had a drs appt with my ps he took the tape off and removed 4 putter stitches 2 on each breast the rest are internal thank goodness that was actually quite painful and I've never had stitches before so I didn't really know what to expect, wasn't really too bad was a quick appointment I got the okay to go in my pool in 3 more days! Can't wait! And I also can go bra less now. Which I don't know how I feel about it... And no bandage on my incisions... Feels weird I must say, I wore an underwire bra today too but I had like a little gauze bandage over the indecisions so didn't hurt at all. Hope all the real self ladies that had their surgery recently are having a fast and painless recovery!


Looking really great girl !!!
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Hello hello!

So I'm 16 days post op, I've been pretty busy this week. I returned to work Monday week went buy pretty good, pain is minimal still a little sore. Not where incision is though my dang nipples are killing me, and the skin right under it is numb feels very strange but that's about my only complaint. Still fitting into the 36d at victoria secret but also still having boob greed!! Also one of my internal stitches are sticking out! I noticed it Sunday hasn't been bothering me too much have my next dr appt next wed so ill get it clipped than. Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and enjoying their summer :)


I just got overs silicone Wednesday. You look great. Why did you choose over and not under? Any concerns with them? What was your size before?
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My doctor said I had enough tissues for overs I went went them bc the recovery was quicker and less painful and bc it was an option, I was a victoria secret 36a I'm now a VS 36d I'll be at 4 weeks since my surgery on Tuesday. No complaints I do still have numbness under my nipple don't know if that will come back at this point. How are you feeling??
I'm so glad! I was a 36B I think before. Wanted full C but haven't checked cup size yet since it was just Wednesday. Excited to see where I settle. I'm hanging in there, I had tummy lipo too which makes it all a bit more sore. I'm happy with it all day 4 though! Lol. Just wanted to see if you had any contracture issues or rippling. I'm praying for smooth sailing! Thanks for responding!

1 month 1 day!

Hello! So I've been busy busy returned to work 2 weeks ago and been trying to catch up. Anyway today was my final dr appt he said looks good and I should massage them now haha can't complain about anything they are very soft now probably could be a little softer but I love my new boobies compared to my a's! I still have the numbness mentioned to dr might come back might not, not really a big deal it's just 2 very small spots. Well I hope all the ladies that had surgery this month are on a happy road to recovery!!


Christina, I think you maybe in your 2nd month, has your bra size changed any?
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Christina I just read your review!! OMG I love your boobs!! No need for boob greed .. Although I shouldn't talk because I told my boyfriend I wish they were bigger lol I just had mine done on Tuesday. I commend you for being so active! I'm still in bed most of the day because I'm so sore!!
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Dr tricki

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