12 Days PO - quick question

Hey everyone. I've been following this website for...

Hey everyone. I've been following this website for the past 3 months (and I love it!). I feel like I know you all just from following your stories. :o) This website is awesome! I love reading everyone's updates and getting an idea of what I can expect day-to-day.

A little about me - I am 30 years old and a mother of two awesome kids under the age of 3. I was unfortunate to get really bad stretch marks with my first pregnancy. I only gained 24lbs and then managed to lose 40lbs after having my daughter. However, my stomach was left a mess. I knew right then that I wanted a TT but I knew I needed to wait until I was done having kids. Fast forward two years and I had another wonderful baby. Unfortunatley that weight hasn't come off as fast as the first time. Now that I am done having kids, I'm ready to get nipped and tucked. I am having a tummy tuck done with lipo of the flanks,a breast reduction, and lipo of the inner thighs.

I want to thank all of you that have posted your stories on here. I feel like I can relate to a lot of you. It's crazy how much you body image can affect your life. I am so embarrassed for my husband to see me naked (which I never cared about before kids). If my husband is in our bedroom while I am getting ready, I go and hide in the closet to get dressed. I don't let him in the bathroom while I am showering. That's not how we should be around each other. We've been together 10 years. I want to be able to walk across the bedroom naked and not care what he thinks. :o) He says he thinks I look fine (um, whatever, lol) and he said he would support me in whatever I wanted to have done. Once I had my consult I was so happy. I am so pleased with my PS. Even my husband said he could tell a difference in my mood. I guess I didn't know how depressed my body was making me. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you all. And I plan to ask for a lot of advice. :o) I'll get up the nerve to take some pictures and will post them soon.

Welcome Rose234! And thank you for sharing your story! I am so excited for you and can't wait to follow your progress!
I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to hide your body from the hubs! Lol I've become the master of discreetly using anything available to hide behind. Congrats on setting your date, I know you're stoked and its just around the corner! :)
Thanks! And I'm glad I'm not the only one that hides. I feel so silly, but I still hate for him to see me stomach. :o)

So you know your body must be bad when you are...

So you know your body must be bad when you are super excited for a procedure that you know will cause so much pain, lol.

I went out and bought a raised toilet seat today after seeing everyone's comments on it. Did anyone have any problems with stairs? I have A LOT in my house. Do you think it will be a problem? Were you allowed to go up and down the stairs? My doctor hasn't told me I should avoid them, and I heard walking (a little) is a must. So do you think it will do any harm?

I am starting my guilt stage early. I feel so bad that I am basically leaving my husband to deal with our kids himself while I recover. And how to I not pick them up and cuddle?? Was there anything special you could do with your kids that didn't hurt your tummy but allowed you to have some mommy time? Anything special I should do for my husband so that he doesn't feel overwhelmed with being on 24/7 kid duty (well, at least morning and evening duty since they are in daycare during the day)?

And how do you stay home and rest? Will I be so tired and sore that I won't want to do much? Even when I'm home sick I find myself picking up toys, doing laundry, dusting, etc...I'm afraid that the pain medicine will work so well that I won't realize how sore I am and I will end up over doing it. Or is that completely insane and I will be so sore that I won't want to move? Those of you who have been through this are probably laughing thinking "this girl doesn't realize what a world of hurt she will be in.." lol.

Sorry for rambling. Let me know if you have any helpful hints for things I should buy to help the process go smoother once I am home.

Oh, did you all wear nightgowns or pants and a t-shirt? I'm not sure if I should get yoga pants or not even bother with pants...
You are most welcome! :)
Thank you!

Love reading all of your post. I'm getting so...

Love reading all of your post. I'm getting so nervous. Any tips to help calm my nerves? I'm starting to worry I might have trouble going back to work. Surgery is on the 17th and I start work on 01 Oct. I have a desk job so hopefully that will help? Did any of you have trouble going back? Any tips? Thanks!

Tomorrow is the big day! My husband is more...

Tomorrow is the big day! My husband is more nervous then I am, lol. I posted some before pictures. I haven't seen anyone with stretch marks as bad as mine, so I decided to suck it up and post these for those that are in the same boat as me. Having to have my husband take those pictures was horrible. I wanted to cry. Hopefully tomorrow will change everything. I know I will be left with some stretch marks, but whatever they do to me tomorrow has to be better than what I have now. Wish me luck!

Can anyone tell me how to load more than one...

Can anyone tell me how to load more than one picture?? Thanks!
Hi Rose good luck. Keep us updated after the surgery. Do not pick up your kids. I have a 2 yr old so I know it is hard but dont do it. I went up my stairs after the 3rd day. It was painful. And you need to be careful. Your body will tell you when to stop. Move around a little through out the day to avoid clots. Do legs exercise when you sit atound. Best wishes.
Hi Rose, many good thought are going your way! I wish I would have come across your review earlier... Take a look at my before pics of my tummy. I can totally relate to how you feel! Lights off or clothes on. I'm 3 weeks post op and LOVE my tummy! I see you have some stretch marks above your belly button, so you might have some after the tuck? I had lots of marks and skin above my tummy and can barely notice the marks I still have. You will look beautiful! I never needed the toilet seat, I never had much trouble sitting down or getting up. I used my legs more than my abs. I was afraid to try the stairs, but I think I would have been ok.

And you won't have any trouble resting the first week. Your body will remind you to rest. The first week I was rarely sore until I moved... then yeowch! Anytime you barely use your abs, you will feel it!! Remember, don't cough, don't sneeze, and don't laugh! Take stool softeners, lots of people get constipated from the pain meds. The second week is when you have to start reminding yourself to slow down. I went back to work 12 days post op all day and was fine. So you may be ok going back Oct 1.

It didn't matter what I wore, I wore both gowns and t-shirts / pants. You will have the compression garment, so it won't matter too much either way. Recently I started putting my CG on top of my nightgown at night. It's probably all in my head, but it seems more comfy that way. The first two weeks I did buy tons of gauze, I kept it on my incision so it wouldn't scratch against the CG.

Let's see... I really liked my recliner the first few days. Getting in and out of it was much easier than the bed (and I had a hospital bed!). After a few days I slept in the hospital bed. I love that thing and STILL sleep in it! If you can afford one, it's not too late to order one. The hardest thing I had to do was get out of bed. I had to roll onto my side and push up with my arm.

Again happy thoughts your way. Try to get some good sleep tonight.
I felt the same way but remember this is your time. Good luck with your procedure and happy healing:)

Well, I made it. I got home around 4pm on Monday....

Well, I made it. I got home around 4pm on Monday. Had to go back to the dr's office at 10pm to get a catheter because I couldn't pee. It was actually a blessing because I was able to sleep through the night w/out having to get up to use the bathroom. I highly recommend the raised toilet seat for the first couple of days. Being tall, it helped not to have to squat down so far.

So my biggest issue, I had lipo done on my inner thighs as well as the TT w/ lipo of the flanks. Well the garment they use for my thighs after surgery is like spanxs and hurt my stomach so bad. That with my TT wrap, I couldn't breathe. My husband went to Walmart and got me some shape wear and I cut slits in the top so it wasn't tight on my waist and then we cut a hole in the crotch. I hate not wearing underwear and peeing while I have these on, so today we are going to try something different. The dr wants the compression on my thighs, so we are going to wrap an ace bandage around each thigh then i only have to wear the TT wrap. We'll see how that goes.

Oh and I've been camped out on the couch. My hubby went to bed bath & beyond and got risers for the couch (about $10). Those have helped a lot.

I'm on my husbands iPad right now. Once I get on my laptop I'll post some pictures.
looking good! Cant wait to see updates!
Hey Rose! Your husband sounds like a true hero! :)
Happy healing. Hope all is well with u n ur fam!!

So I know I'm swollen and bruised in the new pics,...

So I know I'm swollen and bruised in the new pics, but I really like the results so far. You know what's funny. I'm embarrassed to send these pictures to my mom and sister (they supported me having the surgery), but I don't mind sharing them with you all.

We got the kids back yesterday afternoon. The in-laws were a saint and kept them an extra day for us. My three year old walks in and starts making jokes and acting silly which made me laugh. Now I thought coughing put me in pain...laughing was by far worse! I thought I was going to die. My poor baby thought she made me cry. I tried to explain that mommy was laughing but that it made my boo boo hurt real bad. She's such a sweetie though. And then not being able to hold my youngest made me start crying. It was a rough and draining night.

The brown tape they put on the incisions, they said to change if it got real wet. Is that the only time I should change it or should I be doing that like every day? I've only showered once since being home and I'm in no rush to do that again soon, lol. I'll call and ask the nurse, but thought I would check with you all real quick.
@Aussie -Thanks! You know, I haven't had any pain from the BR. When they did my BR they did lipo on my sides like boob level, if that makes sense. That is now starting to bother me. The support bra they have me in hits right at those bruised areas. But it has been fine, I almost forget I had the BR until I look in the mirror and my boobies are gone, lol.
Same with the lipo of the flanks, where I am bruised from the lipo, that is starting to bother me (my garmet I have to wear hits the bruises which doesn't feel that great). But definitley glad I had the lipo of the flanks done.

@mamakala - Thank you too! I'm actually in Northern VA and had my surgery done up here. I'm happy to send you the info if you want.
I wasn't going to do lipo of the flanks but now I am sooooo glad that I am getting it done.
I think it's a great choice. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, if I had just done the TT, I would have jiggly puggy sides. I feel like the lipo of the flanks really helped to smooth it all out and make it look proportionate. Good luck!!

I just realized it had been a week since I had...

I just realized it had been a week since I had posted. All is well in the recovery world for me. Today marks 11 days PO. I feel great! I did have a cold earlier this week. Complete with coughing fits and sneeze attacks. Can we say ouch???? Holy moly. I think I learned a new curse word everytime I sneezed.

Recovering with kids at home has been easier than I expected. I can't really hold my 9 months old due to the BR (she likes to smack my chest). But my 3 year old has been great. She asks everyday if my boo-boo is getting better on my tummy. If I take of the TT waist wrap for a couple of minutes to give my tummy a breather she comes running over and tells me to put it back on so that I can heal faster. :o)

Oh - a quick tip for anyone getting a TT. Go to bed bath & beyond or target/walmart and get those little claw pincher things (I don't know the correct name). It's a pole with pinchers on one in and a handle at the other. It helps to pick up things you drop on the floor. This was awesome!! I can't tell you how many times I dropped my chapstick, remote, phone, and this thing was awesome in helping me to reach everything. I was even able to do some light house cleaning and pick up my kids toys as well as reach cereal off the top shelf in our pantry. It was $9.99 and I would recommend everyone getting one.

I'm healing pretty well. My belly button is a little red, but nothing my doctor seems concerned about. I'm still having to have my husband help me get the tummy wrap on. I can't seem to get it as tight as he can. I put it on one day and about 6 hours later was suprised at how sore and swollen I was. He came home from work and put it on really tight and it felt so much better. So I have him put it on me after I shower every day.

I start work on Monday. I'm getting nervous. I'm not sure how my body will react. Luckily I have a desk job, so I will be sitting all day. Did anyone take a small pillow to work to either sit on or put behind your back? I'm wondering if I will need one. I also feel silly that people are going to know I had something done. Luckily I am starting in a new department on Mon, so most everyone has not seen me before. But those who have, what should I say? I know they are going to say something. I don't want to sound vain and admit to the TT but do I just straight up lie and say I have been working out? Since I will still be wearing the wrap around my tummy I have some blousy shirts picked out to wear next week. I don't want people to be able to see I am wearing the wrap, but that will also help hide my new shape.

On a side note, I tried on a tankini top that I bought last year. Bright colors, very fitted. Of course I ended up not wearing it to the pool this year. I tried it on this morning and omg - I looked awesome! I haven't said that about myself in 15 years, but damn I looked good. Haha. My husband came in the room as I was trying that and a bikini on. His eyes lit up and he said I looked amazing. I doubt I will ever have the confidence to wear the bikini outside my bedroom, but it was still fun to prance around in it. :o) My husband is so happy I had the surgery done. He said he has seen me naked more in the past week then he has in the past 6 months! And he loves my new confidence. It totally made this surgery and those horrible sneezing attacks worth it!
Congratulations - your results look awesome! I had a ton of swelling and still do, but looks like you avoided that fate!!
Thank you! I have my moments of bad swelling but I usually have my husband wrap my tummy wrap real tight and I lay down with my feet up and that helps it to go away. :)

Hi ladies. Happy healing to all! I have a quick...

Hi ladies. Happy healing to all! I have a quick question. How long after the TT did you wear that wrap around your stomach? My dr said definitely the first 2 weeks and then after that I could wear it as needed. Did you feel you needed to wear it longer than the 2 weeks? Did you buy something else like a tummy control slip/tank top instead? If so, did that work as well as the wrap? I don't like the idea of people seeing the wrap under my clothes and I'm too afraid not to wear the wrap and then get swollen and uncomfortable. I start work on Monday so I'm trying to get a feel for what I should do.

Hi Rose. I never had a splint but compression garments from the begining and at 8-1/2 weeks po and I still use my corset style one shown in my pics. I find that it does help so much with the swelling and posture stability. I wear it even during wokouts. All mine hook up the front for easy wearing and have 2 rows of hooks so you can make it tighter just like a bra. My high wasted pants style one have side zips. All great for wearing under clothes., I see you have had lipo and they even sell lipo foam to put under the CG's for very even compression. The company in the states that do these products are online and called ContourMD. They have everything for your TT and lipo needs. You are looking fantastic and are going to love this more and more everyday! Happy Healing!
First let me tell you that you are looking really good and second why would you care about what other people think about you wearing something under your clothes or not? I don't get that...( don't want to be mean) is all about how comfortable and supported your tummy or you feel, sometimes the PS tells you to do something but that does not mean you have to do it , I wore my compression garment and then on top of it I wore my abdominal binder ( the wrap ) the binder I wore for about 6 wks and the compression garment for 2 months 1/2, now I'm 6 months post op you couldn't tell I was wearing that under my clothes people would ask me mostly why I was walking hunched I would tell them I have a bad back and they would just back off.... if I don't feel my tummy supported my abdomen gets sore, so now I wear a waist cincher looks like a corset and if fits tight enough that I feel supported I got it at Khol's for $46 they also have all kinds of spanxs that you can go and try on and see which fits comfortable to you ...do what your body tells you to do REST a lot that's the key to a healthy uncomplicated recovery/healing .....
I'm 16 days post op and still wearing the binder. It helps keep the swelling down and I'm afraid if I don't wear it I'll swell and it'll make my incision split open. I'm super paranoid. A lot of doctors are having people wear them for a month plus. I only hate that clothes don't look super nice because the binder makes me thicker. It'll all be worth it in the end tho. Glad to see you're doing well! So glad to have good company on the flat side!
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