Breast Reduction and Liposuction on Flanks, Hips, and Abdomen USA

I am 20 years old, 5'4" and 165 pounds. After I...

I am 20 years old, 5'4" and 165 pounds. After I hit puberty with a BANG, I went from underweight and no need for a bra to a C when I was 12 to what is now a 34" G. I have saved for this surgery since I started working at 15 and am now the right age and financial status to finally do it! I am still not fully persuaded that this is happening in exactly 3 weeks. I'm not scared or nervous, just really anxious.
I have been looking at real self reviews for months and didn't think I wanted to write my own review, but after setting my surgery date, I decided I wanted to get more personal tips and help and also be a help to anyone in a similar situation. Here's the beginning of my journey!
Good luck on your journey.

A little under 3 weeks away! Questions!

So I am really new to real self, so I'm just gonna vent to whoever may end up seeing this :) I am still in shock and disbelief that I went in for my first consultation two Fridays ago, decided the following Monday (last Monday) before I make a surgery date with that surgeon that I should just get one other doctors opinion, so I made an appointment for the following Monday (two days ago) to get his opinion and within HOURS of that consultation, I booked my sugery for the 29th of this month. I feel like i was JUST considering options and here it is! Nothing has ever felt so right in my life.
My first surgeon made me so nervous and scared, and left me feeling stupid and like I would look deformed after surgery, and basically mocked my liposuction request and wouldn't even give me a quote. But i was going to go with her because a close friend who recently passed away had my exact measurements and went to her and came out looking amazing.
Well, my current doctor was SO great and friendly, AND suggested flank lipo, and when I asked, suggested hip and abdomen lipo, and then proceeded with a quote HALF her price for JUST reduction and the exact same price for all 4- reduction, flanks, hips, and abdomen. Even his nurse said he was giving me an awesome deal. Maybe since I was just 20, using my life's savings, and had zero insurance... All in all, out of pocket I will be paying $8,021 for everything. Just wanted to specify because it was tremendously hard for me to find prices similar to my situation. Any wayyyyy, questions!
If anyone is willing to give me a quick shout with opinions, I want to throw out some things I'm curious about:
What did you do weeks prior to prepare?
I am currently taking 12 days off for recovery (I am a baker) is that too much or too little?
What should I be eating? Should I be following any general diet rules?
How long do you wear the lipo corset after the procedure?
Did any of you notice huge liposuction results? From my hips to my neck is my WORST area.
Did this procedure make you more motivated to work out after?
Just asking for opinions, nothing super detailed, I know I'll be asking my doctor all this and way more!
I'm just so anxious! Having SO MANY small boob dreams! Haha :)
YAY :) Welcome and happy for your date! I am doing the same, saving and waiting until I can book it. I'm hoping I can do the same, once I find someone I am comfortable with book in and not have to wait longer then a month! I have boob dreams also, I dream of being able to walk into the cute lingerie shops and swim in bras my size! LOL xx

Welcome to the community.  Glad to have you here with us and looking forward to hearing more details from you.  And that my dear is why I highly recommend going for at least three consults!   You did your homework and followed your gut:)   You will do well.

I had all sorts of crazy boob dreams as well...LOL.  They pass and are normal.  

Here is a link to all of my Favorite Pre and Post OP items.   And also 13 things I wish I'd known before my Breast Reduction/Lift surgery.

Keep me up to date.

Wow thank you so much!! I will frequent those lists between now and post surgery a million times I'm sure! Thanks for the support!

12 more days till surgery.

Well, I wrote a huge long update the other day, and it somehow disappeared and I was too frustrated to write another. So, long story short, I am 12 days pre operation. I am so nervous/excited/sacred/excited/anxious/excited! I can't believe it. I've waited YEARS and it's 12 days away.
I don't think this will hit me till I'm at some of my pre ops. Right now I'm just focussing on work and getting things in order before I'm stuck in bed for days.. This is just a quick update! I will post pics after surgery of me now and me then! I'm wondering if I should start a post on the liposuction part of this to that section, any thoughts?? Breast reduction is pretty much just half of my surgery journey. Will update soon!
I can't wait to be able to do that! I can't even find my size at a normal store! I plan to try on everything I own during my recovery weeks and box up and ship out all my 'big boob shirts'!! Thanks for being with my on my journey! xo

10 more days!

10 days till surgery!! AHHHHH I'm so anxious!

5 more days, pictures...

So anxious and ready to get rid of these forever. Ugh..
From a breast reduction standpoint, you will not be stuck in bed for days. They encourage you to get up and walk. I would be worried about going back to work so soon, but you are young so maybe you will bounce back quicker. Be sure to ask your doctor when you will be allowed back to work and how much you can lift. I have read sites that recommend lifting no more than 1 pound the first week and five pounds the second! A gallon of milk is 8! Good luck! 4 more days!
My biggest advice is shave your armpits and legs before surgery! And wash your hair with like 3 shampoos so it mega clean, the next few days I plan on getting away with a quick wash, and I'm not even going to attempt shaving for a bit exspecially under the arms!! Just some advice if you haven't thought of it!!
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