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Hi my name is fiona im 31 years old and a proud...

hi my name is fiona im 31 years old and a proud mum of four , ive wanted this so bad since after my first pregnancy as thats the one that did most of the damage see with boys i get a condition called pollyhydromnios (way way to much water) so i went from a size 6 to a size 22 by 6 months pregnant tore all the muscle and all that yuk excess skin but i wasnt allowed to do anything till i was done having kids lucky i didnt to coz with my third i got it again this time pulling the placenter off the back wall and causing me to hemerage and go into preterm labour , so at the end of four pregnancy my beautifull amazing tummy looked like my back end to put it nicely :) with four kids and one parent working we couldnt afford a tummy tuck till i found out that medicare will cover 75% of the surgery and private health will cover the other 25% if the damage is caused through pregnancy then you pay what the docter chooses to charge over that so my surgery was going to cost me $3000 and i was extatic about that till this week when i found out that my husband work has made changes to their private health and now any surgery over $1000 will be fully covered by them i must have looked like i won lotto lol . So i guess now im freaking out surgery,four kids, husband ,recovery,pain , scars but excited too

Good luck to you we are 1 day apart I'll be cheering you on.
Thanks breona_09 and I will be cheering you on to Hun from my hospital bed lol
Awesome chíck!!!!!!

So Wednesday 16th I hand in my papers for the...

So Wednesday 16th I hand in my papers for the hospital and go and apply for a loan for my surgery even though Im getting nearly all of the money back I still have to pay the full amount then put the paper work in to get it back so it should be fun it's my husbands week off starting on Tuesday so Wednesday morning we will load the people mover or as my brother calls it the shagen wagon with our four kids and I'm thinking the dog as well and drive 3 hours to town sounds like fun right hmmmm NOT, but I'm excited and scared to on the other hand I made a deal with my husband if he can go to a concert I'm going with my girl friends to another state for a new wardrobe he must really want to go to this concert coz I'm going shopping after my surgery lol . 23 days to go
good luck some times things just work out for the best luck luck luck luck luck luck luck luck luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like that, nice toss up
Everything will workout just fine!!!!!!

Ok so I think I've been hiding a bit lol the truth...

Ok so I think I've been hiding a bit lol the truth is getting the house ready and the kids and my husbands time off as well as organize to stay at my mums coz we live 300 kms from the hospital oh and the dogs , it's been just a bit full on , but I did it I got my surgery done on the 6 th of feb didn't want to leave my hospital room lmao they were so good to me Breakfast lunch and dinner as well as snack and tea and coffee and all the drugs why would I want to leave but stupid blood pressure went back to normal after 4 days so I had to go back to mums till the Monday for my first check up then drive 300kms back home I tell you what I don't suggest any body does it I swelled sooo bad that it completely swelled the south if you get what I mean so I took my bra off half way and my husband is looking at me funny And asks me why did you do that ?coz if anything should swell it should be my boobs don't you think lol. So apart from the swelling and the shit drugs that I can't win with
pain killers = Nausea and drowsiness
Nausea tablets= Drowsiness
Antibiotics= Nausea
All went awesome no Bruising and the scar is as big as I figgered it would be the only thing I would worn any one about is get stool softeners coz these meds clog u up and then your shitting knifes awesome fun that is :)
I'm confused at how you had Medicare and private insurance at your age
Any damaged whether its excess skin or muscle repair or your boob shrunk or uneven from breastfeeding Medicare will cover 75% of the scheduled fee and private health will cover 25% it doesn't matter what age I got back $1200 it's not a huge amount back but it helps heaps :)
Why the confusion Hun Medicare you get as a baby and private health can start at any age to the younger you get it the less you pay I might not have gotten private health coz of the cost but my husbands work pays for I think 30% and the government pays another 30% then we pay the remainder I have private health for all my kids youngest is 18 months

I can stand straight now no more back pains , did...

I can stand straight now no more back pains , did end up having a seroma that got drained and I had a little lump under my ribs after I sneezed ended up finding out that I snapped a stitch OMG sore as hell but my ps assures me it will be ok and will settle which it seems that it is ,my belly button is soooo cute love it , Iam still swollen and have good days and bad but it's only been 18 days post op so I know I have to give it time as for the scar I love my PS and highly recommend him it's his crazy good

It's a long proses of ups and downs one day it...

It's a long proses of ups and downs one day it looks awesome the next not so awesome then I look back at photos to what it was and it helps to see there is a huge change and helps me get through the OMG does that look write why does that look like that will this swelling go away already .so if any one is getting a TT done take lots of different before photos so you can cheer your self on till its Ova :)
Do you live in the states?
hey, send an email from the gelzone website and ask if they will sell you a gelzone wrap. even though I don't live in the us that's how I got mine, but maybe you're too far away. good luck. I think the wrap on amazon is authentic (I bought one of those too) but more expensive.
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