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Tummy Tuck - Northern Ireland

My tummy tuck is scheduled on 3rd feb and I'm...

My tummy tuck is scheduled on 3rd feb and I'm so nervous I feel sick constantly. I have never been under anaesthetic and I have no idea of how my recovery will go. I am 33 years old and have never been over weight. My tummy problems resulted from my first pregnancy 7 years ago. My gorgeous baby boy was born 6lb 3oz but I was the size of a house.

During pregnancy I had severe water retention that had stretched my tummy to is limits. I had my daughter 2 years later and then decided to join the gym and try and make the best of what was left. Unfortunately, my abdominal muscles were separated and I struggle to push a vacuum never mind do a sit up. My doctor recommended that I have the operation to bring the muscles back together and fix the tummy skin. I am terrified but hoping it will all be worth it....

2 days post op and feeing great. wound is tender...

2 days post op and feeing great. wound is tender and nips a bit but drains are out and i'm mobile

Hi everyone. It's now 10days after the operation...

Hi everyone. It's now 10days after the operation and I'm doing great. I have been very lucky that my husband has basically taken on the roll of a single parent since the operation so I haven't had to do very much. The first week was hard, not so much the pain but I was uncomfortable and found it difficult to sleep. I'm also extremely bored!
I have been bandaged up well and I go back on wednesday evening to get them changed and I'll get a look at what the scars are like. I still have a good lot of stretch marks but the appearance of my tummy is a million times better already. I'll post some pics soon.

Now just past the 3 week stage and starting to...

Now just past the 3 week stage and starting to feel good.

I'm now 3 weeks post and feeling a lot better. The...

I'm now 3 weeks post and feeling a lot better. The 2nd week I think was the hardest. Now of my pain medication and sleeping well. Swelling has went down a bit though still some on my right hand side.
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hey, how are you doing so far?
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Hang in there and get some rest.

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Hey Leeanne123, we are date twins. Surgery is scheduled at 7am, this week I am still trying to buy a few things and get my house all cleaned up. I am mentally ready for this, EVERYONE who I have talked to doesnt regret the decision they made, and I am sure we won't either. Good luck!
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Thanks! I have been doing the same, been doing loads of cleaning and getting all the washing and ironing sorted out. I only wish it was this time next week! Good luck and let me know how you get on.
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I'm sure I'll be grand. Was sort of in the mind set of 'am I really going to do this' until I took the photos. It actually looks worse in those than in the mirror. So now I'm looking forward to having it over with!
Did anyone take arnica after? People keep telling me I should, it's a herbal supplement.
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Ouch...I know how you managed to get a tummy like that because I had one myself!!! I had 3 kids and they were all nearly 4.5 kg! I worked out and did all kinds of lasers and carboxy treatments that helped...but nothing did away with it. Finally I got my tt with lip and muscle repair. I am 12 days Post Op. today and I'm so glad that I did this!!!
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I just had my tt on Jan.12th. Everything went great. Check out my blog for pics and info. mytummytuckexperience2012.blogspot.com
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Hey Ur just 1 day after me'. Don't worry you'll be Just fine. I don't think it's going to be near as bad as we r anticipating. I had hernia surgery 5 yrs ago & it was a breeze. I know this is way more extensive but we will be so happy in the end we did it. I also am having muscle repair so ours should b close to the same. Are u having a pain pump? My nurse suggested I do cause she did with her TT so I am. What time is Ur surgery? Mine is 7:30 on 2/2.
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It WILL be worth it! Your tummy looks alot like mine did. Look at my results, almost all the stretchies are gone! :-)
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