:) Delighted, thought I'd b a 34B wearing 32D

I am almost 28, wear a size 8 /10 clothes and a...

i am almost 28, wear a size 8 /10 clothes and a 32A (superpadded) bra. this has been something i have been thinkinking about for as long as i can remember. but the past few years i have been much worse as i have a 4 year old and a 6 year old an i cant bring myself to do things with them such as swimming or bikini holidays. this has been something i have felt since i was at school. i've waited for them to develop but it just never happened. i am going to have surgery (in the docs words) as soon as possile after. i am going to have my girls for christmas :D at the minute i am filled with every kind of emotion. when i first seen the surgen i was so nervous about taking my bra off to show him i cried. this is how my body makes me feel. i tried the filler in the bra a brought with me but now thinking back i dont know if i should go for the 280cc fillers or to go for 300cc. i would like to b a full B cup or small C, i have a small frame so dont want to have the opposite to now and look to big. i want to feel natural. i was seeing another surgen, but have been transfered on to another doctors list at a private hospital that means i will b alot closer to my home.

I'm so excited right now as i've recieved my...

i'm so excited right now as i've recieved my confirmation about my consultation with my surgeon.
more excited as he has stated he wishes to complete the surery as soon as possible after the consultation :D i actually cant believe i'm finally goin to have something to fill my empty bras :D

yeah cant wait :D

any1 any tips on questions i should think to ask that i may not have thought on? my mind is kinda blank from questions the more i try to think on them..... i'm just so excited i want it done yesterday lol


I have been to see my surgeon and the girlies will...

i have been to see my surgeon and the girlies will be arriving on the 14th of december :D

would love to hear from some of you to hear how u were feeling on the upcoming days. at the minute i feel like its all like a dream i dont want to wake up from.

surgeon has asked me to do the rice test to get a better idea of size..... so thats my homework until nest time :D


Well i have been gettin more and more excited /...

well i have been gettin more and more excited / nervous and trying to get prepared
only 9 days to go :D
i have told my work i'll be off and they have been really supportive as has my fiances work. he is taking the first week off to look after me and our boys. which has settled me loads as i hope it will speed up the recovery a bit before christmas time.
my surgeon has been brillinat and has recommended i take 6wks off work, i work in a very busy supermarket and wouldnt get much of a rest as i both help run the checkout dept and operate a checkout which involes constant lifting and movement of arms.
every1 is being so supportive its making me soooo excited :D

Well every1 I had my last day at work today before...

Well every1 I had my last day at work today before my surgery :)
I am lucky to have a weeks holiday to prep the house and finish getting Christmas organised before my girlies arrive :)
Super excited :)

Has any1 a list of items I should take to the hospital with me?
I was told to pack for 2 days but will probably just need the 1........

Well today I turn 28 and the realisation is...

Well today I turn 28 and the realisation is setting in that this will b my last boobless birthday :)
I'm so excited now :) my boys got me some new pyjamas and house slippers and a new night gown to take to the hospital :) wee cuties :)
Counting down the days now only 5 more sleeps xx

Well ladies I'm not too long out of surgery and...

Well ladies I'm not too long out of surgery and feel gr8. I cried tears of joy when I came round :)
They are not massive and I'll probably wear a b cup bra afterwards but in happy enough with that as I didn't want that stuck on look lol
So far no real pain to speak off but have been given some painkillers to help still.

It still doesn't feel real xx

Well every1 feeling gr8 still but tender but that...

Well every1 feeling gr8 still but tender but that just makes it real to me :)
Going for the no pain no gain outlook lol

Got seeing my surgeon he was just so nice. I have had 255cc shaped in each side. Any bigger looked to big for my frame and that's the opposite of what I wanted :)

Hope all the ladies having theirs today feeling good also xx

Well lovely ladies :) I had the most relaxed sleep...

Well lovely ladies :) I had the most relaxed sleep ever last night :)
Think it was the contentment of being home with my boys and just feeling better about myself :)
I put on a bra and its a full 34b I didn't even fill the smallest 32a before so I'm really happy :) I can't stop smiling :)
I hope every1 is healing well and taking it easy :) keep me posted on all your recoverys.

I'll post more pics soon xx

Hi all hope everyone is feeling well :) I was...

Hi all hope everyone is feeling well :)

I was feeling really well today until I had to go get done shopping and some pre Christmas organising :(

Tonight I feel almost like I was burning up in my chest?????? Is this normal? I don't feel it hurt as such just almost like a sun burnt feeling, has any1 else experienced this?

Well everyone after last nites burning feeling I...

Well everyone after last nites burning feeling I had lots of rest today and feel bit better.
I'm not burning in chest anymore but I am feeling slight tingling feeling (like u would feel on ur hands and feet if u get pins and needles)
I think it may b the full feeling coming back after they felt slightly numb after surgery.

Has anyone else had this?
Thanks for all the help and advise xxx

Thanks for the reassurance :) Some new pics...

Thanks for the reassurance :)
Some new pics added of my new girls x

Hi every1 I hope u are all doing well :) I...

Hi every1 I hope u are all doing well :)
I thought I was doing gr8 I'm 3wks post op today and gas Ben feeling gr8 until yesterday I thought u was up for some heavier chores and food shopping. I was wrong :(
Again i took way too much out if my self and then could hardly move.
I added this to my profile as I don't want any off you ladies doing the same. Just take it as easy as u can xxxxxxx

Hi every1, I hope everyone is keeping well...

Hi every1, I hope everyone is keeping well :)

I'm now 4wks post op, most of the time I feel fine, but still feel sore in the morning and evenings with pressure and an achey feeling. This is worse if I have done anything that strains me the day b4.... Even cleaning and walking leaves me like feeling it after.
Has any1 else felt like this?

Hi every1 hope u are all doing well :) I got the...

Hi every1 hope u are all doing well :)
I got the all clear today and my wounds r healing really well :)
I got to go out and buy done new bras ;) felt like a big girl lol I thought I was going to b a 34b turns out u had to buy a 32d lol couldn't stop smiling round the shop :) the smaller sizes I just spilled out of :) this give me a really nice shape with no padding ;) love it :)

:) Hi every1, hope u ate all doing well and...

Hi every1, hope u ate all doing well and either having a gr8 recover or almost to ur surgery date.

I can't believe that already it's been 11wks now since I got my girlies.
I have gone from barely a 32a to a 32d and I love them!
I haven't been wearing anything g low cut or flashy I just love knowing they f there and are not going to fall out when I take my bra off (memory's of chicken fillets lol)
I am so glad I went with this as I feel more confident and more like I should look. For the first time in my life I am now same size (uk8) top and bottom and it's so good being able to get things to fit....... Roll on summertime now to really update the wardrobe lol

Good luck to all u lovely brave ladies x
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hi all :D i hope all my boobie buddies r doing well :D i am doing brilliant and loving them lol i have been able to go out wearing no bra at nite with a backless dress and i loved it lol i have been measured again and i'm still measuring a 32D in most styles altough i need a 32dd in some styles (omg i never thought i'd see the day i'd do that lol) i have another follow up appointment at the end of month to see how they r but i'm not at all worried. i have no rippling and no pain :D i'll update with some new pics in new bras soon :D got some new marilyn monroe seamless bra that r super comfy and some new nice bras today :D i now looooooooove bra shopping for the first time ever lol
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Perfect! Have fun shopping!
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They look savage! You must be delighted. I'd say I got the same amount 11yrs ago. Not sure if I will increase it a bit now when I have to get them done for the second time. Did you get round implants? x
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Wow they look fantastic!
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What profile did you get? I can't believe you ended up so big with that small cc! I'm supposed to get 275/300cc Hp (1 boob is smaller than the other) and hoping for a small c. yours look really nice, I just want to end a tad smaller than that.
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I'm not sure I just told my surgeon I wanted to look as natural as possible, I honestly didn't expect to ever in my life wear a 32d lol but I think they for my body well and I'm so happy with my results x
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You look amazing! They look so natural! I hope mine fluff out like yours.
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Thank you :) I feel gr8 lol I have to say though I didn't have that feeling of needing them to fluff I had drains in after and think they were brilliant. I had no bruising either x
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How are you feeling?!
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Hi there, I'm doing really well now :) I never into fitness b4 if I'm honest do I think that may have been why I took a bit longer healing lol I'm so not fit lol Doing gr8 now tho I still b sore done morning but only if I've taking alot out of myself doing stuff in the days b4 :) How about u u look amazing :) x
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Thank you!!!! I feel awesome! I'm 3 weeks post op yesterday and just have to remember not to engage my chest muscles for several more weeks lol! :) Have a boobalicous day!!! xoxoxo
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I'm 4 weeks post op today too!!! not too sore in the mornings, but in the evenings after sitting at work all day I am sometimes sore. I think I stretched weird the other day and picked my niece up akwardly yesterday so my lefty is a little tender. other than that I'm healing just fine according to my PS. Glad your doing well!!!
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I'm 3 weeks today! :)
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Looking Great!
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My dream you have the almost excat stats as me!!!!! I'm due for 255cc silicone overs I'm 28, 5"2 and barely an a!! The biggest my PS recommended was 300cc and the smallest 210cc I'm going with 255cc but so stressed about the size!! Your BA looks amazing it's sooo hard to find reviews with small cc's! Looking back would you go 300cc or 285cc? Thank you so much for your review!!!! Unfortunately for me I have to wait 1 year :(
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Hi sweetie sometimes I think that I could have went bigger BUT i do think that this size was right for my frame as I really did want as natural a look as possible and u think that had I gone bigger I wouldn't have looked as natural. I still haven't been able to wear new nice bras or anything yet so looking forward to that xxx A year won't b long going in :) we waited this long xxxxxx
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Are you from NB Canada? I just got my done. I'm 2 days post op. similar stats to you. I got 290 ccs. So far so good. If you are from the area, let me know your doctor and such. I can keep you updated with my progress.
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Congrats on your new girls!! :-) xoxo
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No sweetie I'm from Northern Ireland :) I hope ur doing well :) it doesn't b long going on after but feels like for ever waiting on the op lol Hope all is good xxxxx
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Yes NB Canda! Dr Brent Howley ... You?!?!?! So happy you found me ha!!
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I'm not from Canada sweetie, I hope ur doing well and resting up :) xxx
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I am so happy you made this decision for yourself. Thank you for sharing your story! I hope the post op pain subsides and you can truly enjoy your new body! ~Kym 

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Be careful hon...recovery is a long process. Happy New Year : )
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Thank you :) and I hope u have a very happy new year also :) My problem is I love to bake lol so did a bit too much in the process :( On strict orders from my fiancé to chill out now :) x
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Always easier said than done ( solid advice though )! ; )
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