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I described it to a friend as like having one's...

I described it to a friend as like having one's face & neck quilted on a sewing machine! I had nothing but OTC, since I was driving, & hooo-boy! The temples felt like the worst ice cream headache ever. However, it was the weird electrical storm at random/remote scalp locations during the forehead that were really unnerving. In fact, this is the only place I've noticed any negative after-affects: most of my crown is tender, like being scraped with too rough a hairbrush. Only 2 weeks out, so too soon to tell ... but a friend did kindly say, "Well, at least you don't look worse." Hmmm

Now at 6 weeks, and the doctor took more pictures....

Now at 6 weeks, and the doctor took more pictures. He & I carefully scanned them and saw ... NOTHING! We both really wanted to see some improvement, each for our own reasons, but the photos told the truth. I had started to think I might look a wee bit "fresher", but I think that was just the fact that my scalp finally stopped hurting. In a couple of the photos, I looked better BEFORE! Something miraculous must be going to happen in the next 2 months ... :P [the only real change I saw was that my doctor was able to take a trip to Europe!]

12 weeks now. The doctor pushed my final review...

12 weeks now. The doctor pushed my final review date out to 18 weeks.

Some days I think I look a tad bit better, other days I see no change, some days worse -- but that's kind of how things are WITHOUT this procedure, some days are just better than others. If it is better, it is so subtle as to be imperceptible. The mind plays tricks! I so WANT to see improvement, and how could something SO painful and SO expensive not do SOMETHING?? Sometimes I think maybe I looked worse than I thought at the beginning, so this IS the improvement. Other times I think I've been had.

Truthfully, not one person has said anything, and I'm beginning to think a $40 package of teeth whitening strips is by far the better investment -- that, and the sunscreen I've been using day in and day out for the last 30 years.

16 weeks out -- had pictures taken at the doctor's...

16 weeks out -- had pictures taken at the doctor's office. We looked and looked ... maybe a wee bit perkier, but in truth, all that takes is a light smile or looking up or a happy thought! Now the doctor says that the 3 months figure is for folks in their 30's & 40's, and at my age (58) it could take 6 months, so I have a follow-up in 3 months. At this point I would have to say this was NOT worth it. I cannot recommend this to anyone, mainly because in doing so I'd have to admit I DID IT, and I'm not telling ANYONE (except my best friend and my boyfriend) of what I feel is my stupidity. :(

20 weeks now. I don't look worse, but I sure...

20 weeks now. I don't look worse, but I sure don't look better. No one (except my boyfriend & my best friend -- 2 different people) will ever know about this ridiculous procedure at which I threw good money. And, needless to say, I will never do it again. Case closed.

FINAL UPDATE: Dr. & I agreed that there was no...

FINAL UPDATE: Dr. & I agreed that there was no improvement. Said my face is "full" & perhaps needed "deeper" treatment, offered touch-up, discount, etc. NO!!!

UPDATE: I wasn't going to post anymore, but now...

UPDATE: I wasn't going to post anymore, but now at over 7 months out, I finally see something ... and it's a hollow spot under each eye socket at the tops of my cheeks. I used to have very full "chipmunk cheeks", and now they look rather deflated. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. :(
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Where did you have it done?
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At this point, I'd rather not say -- I don't want to be negative about the office & doctor, which I've been please with in every other aspect. :)
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One more thing I forgot to mention about the procedure itself: when my cheeks and jaw were being done, the technician asked if I had any fillings -- which I do -- and I was asked to hold my tongue over them, because evidently they can heat up significantly. Rather a creepy thought.
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I hear you loud and clear. No change at all and some days I think I look worse.
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Oh no, no noticeable change. :-/ Isn't this waiting period the hardest? I am hoping for noticeable changes for you, and will be so curious to hear what you do (or don't) notice as the weeks go on.

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Ohhh, sometimes you gotta love the comments from friends...! Well, I suppose they are right, it is good you don't look worse. Hopefully as the healing continues you will start to see some noticeable results.

I'm curious, if you were going to do it again would you opt for a driver and better pain meds, or would you grit your teeth & just do the OTC stuff again?

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I don't like narcotics (would make a terrible addict!), so I still wouldn't do that -- whether or not I would do it again at all is yet to be seen.
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