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I am an Asian with acne scars and...

I am an Asian with acne scars and hyperpigmentation. I had my first Fraxel Restore done in Feb 2012. Six hours after treatment, my face was listering and oozing with white liquid & was quite severe. I was given antibiotic taken orally and topically. I looked like Frankenstein the first three days. Luckily, it peeled off without scarring. After peeling/flaking off, my skin texture is not smooth. It feels rough, slightly grainy. I am hoping over time it will get better. On the positive side, my dark spots is almost gone. I am still deciding whether or not to get a second treatment.


Any updates on the progress recovery? Before or after pictures?
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I am also asian and just have done a month treatment with obagi with a mix of products sold through a dermatologist. Results are amazing so far. For years I have gone to docs with no luck so was sceptical They (drs) have not used laser due to potential scarring. Good luck and keep posting. Thank you.
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Thanks for including a picture - that does look like it would be quite uncomfortable. Please keep us updated on the changes you are seeing in your skin as it continues to heal.

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It''s been over a month since my first fraxel...

It''s been over a month since my first fraxel treatment. My skin is looking better. It's not as grainy as it was before. I received compliments my skin look brighter/smoother.


Do you know if the doc used high or low settings on your skin? I've read somewhere that Restore is not as aggresive and therefore should be safer and minimum downtime? I'm considering to do fractional laser for my acne scar but a bit scared of the outcome!
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Thanks for giving us an update. So glad you are seeing improvements! Would love to continue to hear what changes you are seeing. :)

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It's been over two months since the laser was...

It's been over two months since the laser was done, and I have hyperpigmentation. I have patches of dark spots on my cheecks and forehead!! People are starting to ask what happened to my face. It looks like I have been out in the sun without a hat.


I too was damaged by this laser, please put a negative it skews the results. People have to understand this is a second degree burn, it somewhat controlled but can turn deadly, and have to go a hospital. Dont do it, minor acne scars and sagging faces, wrinkles so what people don't care, just live life people this is not hollywood.
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fraxelpatient, you are not the only one with this reaction. Yet my doctor who did this treatment on me claim Fraxel "cannot" damage the skin and disputes the experience I had which is similar to yours. In fact, some doctors using Fraxel argue that Fraxel doesn't go deep enough to cause tissue damage. Others, even surgeons, argue that the company has no evidence of this. That Fraxel cannot cause long term damage is complete bogus if you are a former Fraxel patient and have seen the damage this laser can cause. I can't wait for a class action lawsuit to put patients in the right! The damage is sadly irreversible.
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I also was considering Fraxel.
I went the Cosmelan and Deramelan route first. I'm having more results with the Dermamelan on my hyper pigmentation brown patches. Keep us posted!
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