Happy St. Patrick's Day *** 17 months post-Tummy Tuck and 4 months post-Scar revision

I am in my 40s and I have 4 children...

I am in my 40s and I have 4 children. 5 ft 2 inches, 116 pounds. I exercise 6 days per week (tennis, jog, swim for 1 hour), yet cannot seem to lose stomach pooch and love handles. I want my stomach to match the rest of my somewhat athletic body. TT with MR (and maybe minor flank lipo) is scheduled for 10/19. Any advice would be appreciated.

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After breast-feeding 4 kids ( I breast fed for 20...

After breast-feeding 4 kids ( I breast fed for 20 months with my last child), my breast are small and slightly droopy, but honestly, my breast don't bother me. I think that my small breast will "fit" my small frame and (hopefully) my trim abdomen area post-TT/MR. My husband likes my small breasts and is glad that I'm not fixated on having a whole-body makeover. He knows that it is only my abdomen that bothers me, thus, he is very supportive of me. He will take off one week of work to take care of me.

Honestly, I made the appt for the free consultation with the PS in early Sept to inquire about a mini-TT. In my mind, I was hoping that he would say that I didn't need any work done. Surprisingly, he said that I'm not a candidate for a mini-TT. I have too much redundant skin above the BB. He said that I would be happier with a standard TT with MR (and possibly some flank lipo). When he told me that, I thought in my head that this was way more risk than I wanted. I didn't think that I looked that bad!! I thought that I could live with my body. When I came home, I kept thinking about what he said. I took some pictures of myself in my bra and panties. I realized that I look much different in pictures than I do when I look in the mirror. I have a stomach pooch. I have a muffin top when I sit, and with clothes that pinch my waist. I have no waist at all, actually. I realized that I actually have a lot that could be improved. After a lot of thought, I placed my deposit on 9/17. Several days later, I discovered Real Self and have been reading other ladies' stories. I realized that we all have one thing in common: the dreaded stomach pooch. It wasn't just me that couldn't get rid of it with tons of exercise. It's nice to be in the company of other women who understand each other. There's so many women here who exercise just like me, but eventually resort to TT because it's the only way. I feel better knowing that. I don't want to think about my stomach for the rest of my life. I don't want to regret that I could have done something about it earlier in my life. If I'm going to do it, I want to have the rest of my life to enjoy it.

Does anybody have an opinion about whether I should get some minor flank lipo? Is it necessary for a good result? Are there anyone with my body shape that didn't have lipo and was satisfied ( or not satisfied) with their results? Even without flank lipo, is there a natural tendency for the waist and skin around the flank to tighten, just from the pulling and stretching of the abdominal skin during the TT and MR procedure? Does anybody know?


Hi MomCathy...I can see the similarities with our bodies...as you have seen my results..I'd say go for the lipo..the lipo I had done was included in my fee and as I had mentioned before..my PS knew I wanted a more contoured shape..it now looks like I have hips!! In making my decision I was never doubtful or regretful in having this done. I felt 100% confident in my choice of Doctor. I'm sure your outcome will be just as great if not better..best wishes!!
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Your way skinnier than me but oh your gonna look so good after. That's all u need, u have a nice figure already. I agree with boobs, I like my small boobs. Wanna stay as natural as can be. You will need help at first for sure. U will have PAIN but it will be so Worth it. If your Dr recommends a lil Lipo then get it. I know someone who didn't get Lipo and she has no shape. But she couldn't afford Lipo with it. I worked out so much but that's hard to get rid of. Im happy for you, happy healing :)
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Plus....you will look like a super model after you get your TT. I'm not for implants, not that you asked LOL, but I don't like the idea of having to pay to have them MRI'd and/or replaced.
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Just saw the PS and his nurse this morning. I...

Just saw the PS and his nurse this morning. I spent 40 minutes with the nurse, then 30 minutes with the PS. He answered my questions. He took pictures of me and he did some preliminary markings on my body to give me an idea of how low and how wide the incision will be. I also found out that he will lipo my flank areas (included in the price) to give me a nicer back and waist contour. I feel well informed.


Hey momcathy I wish you the best on your tt surgery and happy healing :) you look good with out the tt im sure you will look great after the surgery im planing of getting my tt in febuary 2013 I cant wait to get it over with
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Hi Momcathy! Congrats on your decision to go forward. You can read my review and experience. I've been very happy. I'm about your height, but a little heavier (127 lbs average). I, too, want a lean and trim look. I asked my PS about lipo and breast aug (but was not really that interested in either) and we decided no -- didn't want a foreign substance in my body due my allergies to a lot and she told me that for me, the tummy tuck with repair would certainly make a huge difference in my shape. And, it has! Wow. I've never had the shape I have now. My muscle repair was very significant, so my waist and entire ab region (except lower abs) pulled in quite a lot. I think that the tt changes how everything looks, so many people (including me) are happier with the way the bust looks, since it's not dwarfed by my protruding belly!! lol. Good luck in your preparations!
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Thanks for your comments. It's so funny that I just commented on your profile about 2 minutes ago, before I had seen that you had commented on mine. I noticed that you were Asian-American (I'm Asian) and was about the same body type. You look great for not having lipo done. My PS told me today that flank lipo was part of the estimate that he gave me. I'm glad because my love handles bother me as much as my stomach pooch. Love handles are so difficult to get rid of, even with lots of exercise. You had such a great recovery. I hope mine goes as well. When the road gets tough in the next couple weeks, I'll have to refer back to your profile for encouragement. Take care.

I have second thoughts about the TT/MR/Lipo. I...

I have second thoughts about the TT/MR/Lipo. I need some advice. I saw my PS yesterday and paid the fee already. I posted my profile 2 days ago on Real Self and I've gotten comments that said I looked pretty good already. So now, I'm not sure if I need to have this all done. If I have Lipo only, it will be $5500, and it will fix the flank, and some stomach, but I will still have redundant stomach skin (stomach pooch, except it'll be droopier after lipo). But there's less risk, less surgery time, less potential complications, no drains to deal with, probably quicker recovery time and no hospital stay. ..............Or should I spend $9600 for TT/MR/flank lipo? I have a 1.5 - 2 cm diathesis to repair (so not huge). He plans to take off skin approximately 3 hand-size (about the same area as a 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper) so no more stomach pooch with TT. And there will be lipo of the flank areas. The down side with TT/MR/Lipo is that there will be more risk, potentially more complications due to the length of surgery time, drains to deal with, slower recovery time, 1 overnight hospital stay. Should I spend $5500 to make me 70% happy, or should I spend $9600 to make me 95% happy??? The goal of the TT for me was NOT toI look good in a bikini (not sure if I would wear one). TT is more to get rid of my rolls when I wear clothes. With those goals in mind, what is your honest opinion of what procedure I should have? Thanks for your input.


Cathy, I see that your time is coming up soon! I am excited for you! Only a couple of days away. Your Real Self friends will want to hear all about it of course as soon as you're able!!
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You should feel comfortable with your decision. With that in mind my "honest opinion/suggestion" is if you are worried about getting rid of your rolls only wouldn't you still have a roll with the left-over skin? A full TT you "get more bang for your buck." Yes, more risk/complications/recovery time but I think you are over thinking that because of your medical back ground (doctors know too much of what could go wrong). Like you said, you will be 95% happy with the results of the full procedure. If I were you I would do the full procedure...hope this helps and good luck :)
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Honestly you do look terrific now. But I am surprised that Lipo seems to be what you want to keep with. I would think that perhaps all you need is a TT and NO lipo at all. Look at my pix -- you look way better than me before (your stomach pouch is way smaller) and I had ONLY TT, with no lipo anywhere. It seems to me that you are already very fit. If you lipo your belly, you will have an empty ziplock bag of skin hanging there. Then you will be out $15k because you will have done the $5500 lip AND THEN still go back to get rid of the skin. What does your surgeon say???
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In 48 hours, I'll be on my way to the hospital for...

In 48 hours, I'll be on my way to the hospital for my TT/MR/ and minor lipo contouring of the flanks. I'm excited and nervous. I'd like to thank all the ladies on RealSelf who have given me support and advice these past few weeks, and during the upcoming weeks and months as I recover. Your advice and support have been priceless!!! I've never met any of you, but I feel like I know you after reading about your experiences during your TT journey. Soon, I'll be able to share in my recovery progress also. Please say a prayer for me, for my husband, and 4 children (who will have to temporarily fend for themselves over the next few weeks while I'm recovering). I wish you all the best. I will post about my progress when I'm able to.


I'm thinking of you today :) good luck and I can't wait to hear that your on the flat side!!
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Positive thoughts and prayers to you. Can wait to see you after. Best to you and see you on the flat side!
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Thank you for your prayers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I got my TT/MR/ and minor flank lipo yesterday at 1 PM. Procedure was finished by 4 PM. I spent the night at the hospital. Got discharged at 8 AM this morning. I'm walking hunched over, tummy is tight, but pain is manageable. I'm trying to alternate between Percocet and Tylenol every 6 hours, to minimize my chances of developing constipation. Also drinking prune juice whenever I can. I'll post some pictures when I am able to. Haven't taken a peek under my binder yet. It was nice to hear the anesthesiologist and OR nurse say good things about my PS. My OR nurse said that if she needed some work done, he's the PS that she would go to. My kids are still in the dark about what happened to me. They didn't even know that I spent the night at the hospital last night. They went to bed at 9 PM, and thought that I was late coming home from work. This morning, I came home by 8:30 AM. My husband told them I hurt my back while playing tennis this morning. They are buying that story for now. I'll keep you posted.


Glad to hear you're doing well. I am really glad that I found this site and that you ladies share your experiences. From what I have read so far the recovery period is long and there are good days and bad days but not nearly as bad as I originally thought. I hope I have an easy recovery. Happy healing and thanks for sharing.
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Can someone tell me what MR stand for?
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MR stands for muscle repair ( of rectus abdominus muscle that oftentimes separates with pregnancy).

POD #1. Activity: Walked hunched over today. ...

POD #1. Activity: Walked hunched over today. Anything that required the abdominal muscles (getting in and out of bed, lifting head off the pillow) was kind of hard to do. Was able to get up, walk around, go to kitchen, go to bathroom by myself, use the computer, play the piano. Really tried to avoid blowing my nose, sneezing, or coughing (because it hurt the abdominal areas). No BM today but I haven't eaten that much in the past 24 hours. I don't feel constipated but I took 2 Dulcolax and drank a lot of prune juice to prevent future constipation. Able to sleep on my back and on my sides. The kids think that I hurt my back while playing tennis. I don't think they are suspicious at all. Haven't looked under the binder yet.
Pain: Not too bad. Only required 2 percocets and 4 Tylenol all day today.

POD #2. Activity: Felt much better after a good sleep overnight. Woke up, and could walk about 90-95% erect. Still, anything that required Abdominal muscles was tough, but better than day #1. Used a lot of my arms to help me get out of bed. I don't have a special recliner or hospital bed at home. Just my regular bed. Had several loose BM today (probably from dulcolax and prune juice yesterday), but that's okay. I don't feel constipated at all. Eating pumpkin flax seed cereal in the morning with Chia seeds (for increased fiber) has always been effective in regulating my bowels. Able to get up, do the dishes, clean the table, pick things up from bathroom, play the piano, clean the house a bit. I feel pretty decent today. Haven't really looked under the binder. Able to sleep on both sides, and on my back.
PAIN: Not too bad. Only needed 2 Tylenol all day today.

POD #3: Activity: Had a good night sleep. Walking about 95% erect. Getting easier to get in/out of bed, but still afraid to cough (hurt abdominal muscles). Doing all the activities as I did yesterday. Energy pretty good (stayed up to midnight to read last night). Had a normal BM this morning. I will continue to drink 1 glass prune juice per day, to make sure that I have a daily BM. I looked under the binder today. Looks pretty good so far. I knew that I wasn't going to look dramatically different right away, I'm content with what I see though . I'm just happy that the incision is low, not to wide, and NOT a happy face incision. I asked my PS to keep the incision horizontal which he did. I have some bruising of my flanks, but not too painful. All 4 kids went to school this morning. Husband has been great taking care of the kids, and taking care of me.
PAIN: I feel pretty good. I don't really think I need anything, but I went ahead and took Tylenol 500 mg anyways, since I'm only POD #3, and it probably will help me, especially if I walk a little more today.

Hope everyone is doing well with their healing.


MomCathy - congrats! You made it and you look great! I think your back view was startling - it was a good change, just like you hoped for. You will love it! Take it easy, you want to get those drains out!!
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Your incision is low also. I am glad he gave you a straight one....I think because we didn't have as much to tuck...helped keep it straight. I can't wait to see those ab muscles pop when your swelling goes down! It's going to be awesome!! Sounds like you are feeling good.....just be careful not to overdo it. Prayers for continued healing.
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Last Saturday, I came home from the hospital. I...

Last Saturday, I came home from the hospital. I can't believe it has already been one week. I feel pretty good. Before the surgery, I read a lot of comments on RealSelf and got an idea of what the recovery, scar, etc... would be like. Going into the surgery, I braced myself for the worse, but prayed for the best. I got my prayers answered because this past week, my recovery has been very smooth and uneventful. These are my MILESTONES this week:

1. Day 2: was walking 95 % erect. I have been walking 95-100% erect since them. (A little more hunched over at the end of the day, because tummy is a little tighter).
2. Day 3: Took my last pain pill (Tylenol). Since my discharge from the hospital, I only needed 2 Percocets, and about 8 Tylenols, all together.
3. Day 3: My husband washed my hair for the first time. I sponged bath my body daily.
4. Day 4: Able to wash dishes, clean table, minor cooking, play the piano, make lunch for the kids, sweep the floors, fold laundry.
5. Day 2-3: Sleeping on my back and my side. Getting easier to get out of bed. Still afraid to cough or sneeze (feels like my stitches will burst apart).
5. Day 2: Had my first BM after surgery on day 2. I have had a daily BM since then. I think it helps to be regular before surgery (I normally eat Pumpkin Flax seed cereal with Chia seeds each morning. Following the surgery, I preventatively took 2 Dulcolax, along with prune juice on Day 1 and 2. I have not needed any dulcolax or prune juice since day 2. Throughout this recovery, I never had a day of constipation which seemed to be a problem for many women. I think having a daily BM is very important in the recovery).
6. Day 7: I had my drains removed and BB stiches taken out.
7. Day 7: I drove myself (35 min each way ) to the doctor's office, even with my drains still in place. Drains were out for the ride home.
8. Day 8: I plan to take my first real whole-body shower tonight.
9. Day 8: Got cleared for long walks yesterday when I saw my PS. I walked about 2.5 miles this morning, leisurely paced.
10. So far, no real SWELL HELL that other ladies describe. I eat a low salt diet, a lot of veggies. Trying to eat some protein for recovery.
11. On day 1 and day 2, my energy level was about 70%. Since day 3, my energy level has been about 90 -100%. I feel like I could go back to work today if I had to (I'm in the health field and see patients all day. There is some sitting down on the job, but I also move around a lot to examine patients). I will not go back to work until day 14, so still have a week to rest at home. I've been waking up at 7:45 am each morning to get the kids ready for school. I usually don't take a nap during the day, although I rest in bed (horizontal), reading my novels. I have been sleeping about 11 pm to midnight each night.
12. Mentally, I feel really positive and happy. I knew not to have too much expectations with my body in the first few weeks, because it will take time to see the results due to the swelling. That's why I wasn't really interested in looking under the binder until day 3. The only thing that I was concerned about was the location of the incision. I requested: 1) Low incision, 2) Not too wide, and 3) not a happy face incision. The PS knew what I wanted and gave me exactly that.
13. For those who are curious about my weight: On the morning that I left for surgery, I was 115.4 pounds. Today I was 114.4 pounds. I know the numbers don't matter, but just thought I 'd throw it out there in case someone was wondering how much flesh was taken away, and how much fluid was pumped into during surgery.
14. Is it worth it?? YES, it is. I'm really happy that I did this. I'm listening to my PS's advice and not pushing myself. I hope the rest of my recovery will be smooth. I like what I see so far with my body. I celebrated my birthday this past week, so the surgery is a gift to myself. In addition, I think all moms deserve to get their body back.
15. The excuse to the kids: My 4 kids (ages 7 yrs to 14 yrs) have no clue what happened to me. They think that this past week, I've been walking a little stiff because I hurt my back. They never saw the drains. Now that the drains are out, and I'm wearing normal clothes again, they think that my "back" is all better!!! They think, "mom's back in business!!"

For those who haven't had the surgery and was wondering what to expect, just wanted to let you know how things went with me. I know everyone is different, this is just my experience. Remember, you won't be caught unawares if you PRAY for the best, but to EXPECT the worse.

I included some pictures from this morning (Post Op day 8: TT/Muscle Repair/Minor Flank Lipo)

Take care. All the best to everyone.


You look awesome!! You and I share alot fo the same story. Love the art of exercise, and still the belly wont go back to before kids. Have a bad si joint from lifting and bulging disc so still getting 2nd opinions on my back, then will decide if I will do before the end of the year, wait a while or I just am not able because of my back. Anyway, you look awesome!! XXOO can't wait to see it when you done with your recovery!!
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daschke101. Thanks. I just looked at your pics on your profile. I think that if you decide to go for the TT, you will be very happy. I always wondered if there's anyone who looks worse after a TT? Since my body was livable before the TT, I thought long and hard whether the pain, risk and expense are worth it. After going through with it myself, I do think it is worth it. You have more redundant skin that I do so your results will be even more dramatic. I think the Fall and Winter is the best time to do it, because you can hide the CG under the thick clothing. Plus, people won't be able to see a sudden difference right away. They'll be less suspicious when you suddenly look gorgeous in the Spring. Good luck to you.
Thank you so much momcathy!! I will be getting a 2nd opinion on Tuesday for my back and see if I get another ok to go through the process. For sure I want it done. I know It would make me happy and my clothing would fit so much better.. I do have a lot of skin. I was at one time 160 pds at 5'2' carrying it all in my belly. Ive lost a lot and kept it for off staying between 130 and 135 for 3 years now. I feel it is time after hiding behind baggy cloths all my life to do something for me. A change that will give me even more confidence to show off my results with great confidence. I started out scared to go to a pool without a shirt and now since my change, I do wear a bakinni and yes proud of my change, but this last one change, will let me do it with even more confidence and let me train my clients without being so bothered with a hanging belly when bending over or demostrating a pushup!! Yeah!! Gretchen XXOO

I'm PO day #10 today. I had my drains removed 3...

I'm PO day #10 today. I had my drains removed 3 days ago. I'm feeling well, walking upright, no pain at all, back to 95% of my normal self. Yesterday, I cooked lunch for my family, my parents, my brother and sister. My family is very close and we usually see each other on the weekends. Yesterday was the first time that I've seen them since I had my TT last week. No one even suspected that l had surgery 9 days earlier!!!

I have a question for you all: A lot of the ladies have talked about a SEROMA developing? How do you know you have a seroma? What are the symptoms of a seroma?

I'll post some new pictures in a few days of my body and scar. Take care.


Hi MomCathy, how are you recovering??
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Hi ThreeBellyButtons. I'm doing well. I had my period last week, so I didn't feel like taking photos or posting. However, I'm done with my period now, so I'll take some photos in the next few days and post soon. How's the antibiotics and infection coming along? Hope you're doing better.
I have 20 more days before my BA and TT. I am getting really nervous. Thanks for sharing your experience. You look great!
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I am PO day 21 (exactly 3 weeks). It was...

I am PO day 21 (exactly 3 weeks). It was uneventful between week 2 and week 3. I'm walking upright 100% of the time. I worked a full day yesterday with very little swelling. I even came home and walked another 30 minutes on the treadmill. I'm walking about 3 miles, 3-4 days of the week. So far I'm very happy with my TT, except yesterday, I noticed a little bit of yellow fluid oozing from 1 small area of my BB. I will probably make an appt with my PS on Monday to get it checked out. I also think that I'm a little fuller at the waist on the left side, compared to the right side. However, I will wait it out and see how things go in the next few weeks, as the swelling goes down further, and I start to exercise more. So far the kids and the rest of my family are clueless that I had the TT. Hope everyone is doing well.


Loved reading your experience and coming from a medical professional it was great. I hope my recovery is as good as yours. I've been hitting the gym hard doing HIIT and generally trying to get my fitness up as I have read it will certainly help rather than hinder the recovery process.
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I love your detailed posts! thanks!
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MomCathy ur "lopsided" swelling is extremely unnoticeable. You should see my lopsidedness. You look great!
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Today is PO day 28. I can't believe 4 weeks have...

Today is PO day 28. I can't believe 4 weeks have flown by. I started back to work at PO day 14. The first week back, I had mild abdominal tightness at the end of the day. Not too bad, though. The second week back, I was fine even at the end of a full work day. On some days, I even walked on the treadmill for an additional 30 minutes in the evening. I'm a health care provider, so my job is not sedentary. I examine patients, and have to move from room to room. I feel like I've been back to 100% activity level since day 14 or so. I'm not doing any aerobic activities, but I take 4 mile walks (decent pace), about 4 times per week. Last week, my BB developed a contact allergic rash from the bacitracin ointment that I was using. I stopped the ointment and my rash is getting better, day by day.

I do see a difference with my body between week 3 and week 4, so I it's important to be patient with the final results. I think I had reasonable expectations going into the TT. If I have no additional improvements from this point on, I feel VERY PLEASED and VERY BLESSED with my TT experience and recovery.

I NEVER HAD SWELL HELL. I don't know why. I was expecting it but it never happened. I feel very fortunate for this. These are the reasons I attribute to not having Swell Hell:
1. I feel the most important reason why I had less swelling issues is that I had less done during the TT (less skin resected, less lipo); therefore, I likely had less trauma and less inflamation.
2. Walking and being active as soon as I was able to after the TT also helps . I think it helps to get back in the swing of things, and not be sedentary.
3. I look at the Sodium content of all the foods that I eat. If it's greater than 5-7%, I don't eat it. If I do eat it, it's just a small taste.
4. I wear my compression garment WITH the white binder (from the hospital) on the outside to keep my tummy areas snug. On days that I work, I just wear the CG. On days that I'm home, I wear both the CG and binder. I think that helps to keep the swelling down.

My husband and kids have been great. Thus far, my kids, and the rest of my family have no clue that I had a TT.

Please excuse all the lingerie pictures on PO day 28. I just bought some new lingerie and just had to take a pictures of myself. My whole life, I never felt sexy enough to wear matching bras and panties, the ones the Victoria Secret models wore. I just bought whatever was on sale. I don't even have a bikini. I've always been too shy to wear one. I've hidden myself all these years, and now I'm finally letting loose.

I hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their new bodies.


you look great!! you are just shrinking right before our eyes! :) your doc said no to scar therapy? when did he say you could start it? take care!
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You look FABULOUS!!! You must be so pleased you decided to have the surgery.
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Aging Beauty- Yes, I am. I think it's natural to play head games with yourself the few weeks before surgery. Should I do it? Maybe not? Maybe just mini? Maybe just lipo? Okay, let's just do it. I think anybody who is a member of RealSelf will eventually do it, because we see so many success stories that you start to think that if you don't go for it, you'll just end up regretting it down the road. As I said, I feel extremely blessed for my TT experience and recovery. I think that most ladies have a more difficult road than I had, and unfortunately, some are not satisfied with their results. If this is as good as I get, I'll take it. If it gets better, it's all icing on the cake. Thanks for always watching out for me. I always remember you as the person who was kind enough to write me a private message of encouragement. Hope you are doing well in your private life. Please keep in touch.

Today I am exactly 1 month PO!!! I was at a...

Today I am exactly 1 month PO!!! I was at a family gathering yesterday. I am happy with my results but still feel self-conscious and embarrassed to wear huggy tops that display my new waist and tummy. After trying on a couple of tops, I ended up wearing one of my usual loose tops. After so many years of wearing loose clothing to hide my body, it's so hard trying different clothing. No one even noticed that there were any changes to my body, because I was still hiding in my clothes. I have to find a way to get over my self-consciousness with huggy clothing. Once I accomplish that, then I will work on the bikini. So ladies, if you're waiting for bikini pictures, it may be a while. Is there anybody who has this problem??


my surgery is 10 days away and im freaking out. the first few days. can you walk? hunched over bad?
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Look at my comments above. I was hunched over PO day 1, but by PO day 2, I was walking 90% upright. For the first week, I started out walking erect at the beginning of the day, but by 6PM, stomach feels tight and I start to walk stiffly. My recovery was easy, not painful at all. Take care.
and you had MR and lipo with the tt?

I am now PO week 8. I can't believe how quickly...

I am now PO week 8. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I have been back to 99% for quite some time. Oftentimes, I forget that I had "abdominal" surgery just 8 weeks ago. I have started back on the treadmill since PO week 6. Everything is going well. Hope all is well with those who are recovering.


Thank you so much for posting all these photos and sharing your experience! I am shaped very similar to you and was feeling guilty considering there isn't an extreme amount of fat to remove. I have 2 young kids and after my second my stomach was never the same. No matter how much I exercise or eat right. I was really nervous but seeing your post op pics makes me so excited. My surgery is December 20th, wish me luck! You look great!
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Omg, you just gave me so much hope. All ou seem to read on here is pain and exhaustion and swelling and awfulness....but you have given me a little shadow of hope that it might not be total hell. Thanks and you look great!
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My recovery this far has gone exactly like yours so I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rest of my recovery does. Post op day 4 for me and I feel pretty good. I'm about 95% walking upright. I can get in/out of bed pretty well. I still have one drain in but I'm hoping that goes tomorrow. It's draining about 60ml each day but surely that has to slow down soon! Doc won't let me leave hospital until its under 40. Thanks for your regular updates its been great to hear a positive experience.
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PO WEEK 8: For those of you who are trying to...

PO WEEK 8: For those of you who are trying to keep the TT from your family/children (for whatever your reasons are), I just wanted to tell you that it is totally possible. I have 4 children ages 8 years to 14 years. To this day, they still have no idea that I had the TT. They have not seen or heard anything to make them suspicious. During the first week, I was walking a little stiff and they attributed that to "mommy spraining her back". By PO day 8, I resumed 100% of my usual activities for them (doing errands for them, running around carpooling, etc......). Yesterday, my 11 year old saw me wearing my Spanx garment for the very first time. She asked me what I was wearing. I told her that I wear the Spanx under clothing to make me look smoother. I told her it's similar to the camis that I bought for her, that does the same function (for her). She felt that my explanation was reasonable and didn't think anything more of it. That's about as curious as my kids have been about me!!!!!! I've been back to "normal" for so long now, that I've past the point that they would be suspicious that "something happened to mommy".


Excellent new pictures! I went to Whole Foods last night and picked up my Chia seeds! I have increased my activity at the gym this week with no problems. Did some ab work without much difficulty, and have increased cardio to one hour per day. I think my final result will be dependent on my loosing 10-15 pounds. Chemo put me in early menopause so loosing weight does not seem as easy as it once was. I had no weight issues until my 40s. I am surprised at how very young some of the ladies that have tummy tucks are and wonder if they will be able to maintain a reasonable result. Anyhow, you look great, enjoy your posts and determined to buy size 4 pants this spring!
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I will be cheering you on. I plan to keep my exercise intensity up for the next several month so hopefully I can maintain my results. It would be icing on the cake if I could trim some remaining fat on my left waist and back. Let me know each time that you drop one pants size so I can congratulate you and give you more words of encouragement. Take care. All the best to you.
You look wonderful! It's a blessing you got thru without any swell. Watching the sodium and wearing cg worked exceptionally well for you. Hope I look and feel as good as you at 8wks. Congrats!
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I am now PO 3 months. I feel that I reached my...

I am now PO 3 months. I feel that I reached my final body dimensions at about PO 4 - 6 weeks. My waist is 27.5 inches, and it has it has been that way since PO 4 weeks. Before TT, I wore size 2P. Now, I wear size 0P. I don't think that my body will change much more with simply "passage of time after the surgery"; therefore, I have been back to exercising vigorously. Twice per week, I go to the gym for a prolong 2.5 hours exercise session : [ I take a Pump and Jump Class (Cardio and Toning) for 45 minutes, followed by running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, followed by using the gym equipment for 15 minutes, followed by 40 minutes of swimming laps. ] Then 3 days per week, I run on the treadmill (at home) for about 45 minutes. I've also played tennis a few times. Each night before I go to sleep I spend about 20 minutes doing squats, leg lifts, planks, crunches, butt and inner thigh exercises. I've been doing this routine for about 3 weeks. I wear my CG when I exercise, and I've had no problems with swell hell, even on days that I exercise a lot. At the very most, I have a teeny bit of swelling in my lower abdomen in the evening.

My scar is pretty much the same as everyone else. I rub with Bio-Oil for about 5 -10 minutes at night. So far, I've been really pleased with my experience. For sure, I am back to 100% in every way. I hope everyone is doing well.


You look great! Congratulations!!
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Dear Petite mom, Thanks for sharing your story. I am 49yrs have 2 kids ages 13 and 10. I wk out alot as well only 5ft 1in. weigh about 5/6 pounds to my goal weight. I now have a pouch. Some if it due to hormonal patches etc. I went for 3 consults and have decided on a dr. for a full TT w/ lipo. but have been second guessing myself. Afraid of the insicions, worry about if something happens to me. Am I being selfish. I was i encouraging reading your story. I thank you. Sincerely, Lisa
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Hi bunn63. The fact that you're worried about "something happening to you" is confirmation that you value your life/family, over your appearance. I think that is admirable, but at the same time, there's nothing to feel guilty for wanting a TT to repair the souvenirs of childbirth. I don't think I'm a vain person. I'm not flashy and have always been very modest. But after having 4 children, I was not happy with my abdominal areas, (despite me working out like crazy). I decided to get a TT, and I'm very happy that I did. Now, I have the rest of my life to enjoy my new body. I'm still very modest. I'm not sure if I would ever wear a bikini, but I know what's under my clothes, and I feel good about myself. At first I was worried about the incision, but after looking at so many pictures of other women on this site, I was prepared and desensitized to it. Now the scar on my own body, it doesn't bother me at all. You're not being selfish. As a wife and mother, we spend all day taking care of others. You deserve something for yourself too. If you decide on the TT, I don't think you will regret it. If you decide not to do it, I have a feeling that you will continue looking on this site, and wishing that you were one of the women who made it to the flat side. I had a great experience and would do it all again. All the best to you.

April 19. I can't believe today is exactly 6...

April 19. I can't believe today is exactly 6 months since I had the TT. I'm feeling great. I'm eating the healthiest that I've ever eaten in my life. I'm doing cardio about 6 days per week, and strength training about 4 times per week. I saw my PS 3 weeks ago for my PO 5 month visit. Before I even said anything, he took a look at my scar and suggested that I return at 1 year PO (Oct 2013), to have my scar revised. He will attempt to remove the vertical scar completely by removing more loose skin in the lower abdomen that has gotten laxed since the TT. He told me that the procedure should take about 1 -1.5 hours, and will be done in his procedure room. He said that I can drive myself to the revision and that I could go back to work the next day. It will be done under local anesthesia. I believe the revision will cost me $150 (for the use of the procedure room). I'm really pleased that he suggested this because I noticed that my left lower abdomen was fuller than my right side (which is flat). When everything is done, hopefully both sides will be symettrical.

Hope everyone is doing well.


You look great! All tiny and dinky! My revision will be towards the end of the year, I'm having a hysterectomy 22 August so it'll way after that. You look FAB :) X
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You look great!! I'm also in healthcare and its time we did something for ourselves for a change!!
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Love how normal your belly button looks. I just started my research and have a question for you. I've read some women had what appeared to be an enlarged pubic area afterwards, being that you requested a low scar was there ever a concern for that happening as a result of your TT?
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It's been 1 year since I had my TT. At my 6 months appointment, my PS suggested that I come back for a revision (no additional fees) to remove about 2 inches by 6 inches of laxed skin in my lower abdomen. By doing that, he could get rid of the vertical scar (left from my original bellybutton) and he could also remove the 2 small dimples on my pubic area, left from the 2 drains (from the TT). Two days ago, I went in for the revision. I drove myself to the appointment. He injected local anesthesia all over my abdomen. The PS performed the following: 1) He removed about 2 inches (height) by 6 inches (width) of skin in my lower abdomen. You can see in the pictures that the vertical scar has been removed completely 2) He lipo'd a small fat pad above my BB 3) He enlarged my BB (the BB had gotten so small that I couldn't even use a Qtip to clean it). The anesthesia really hurt when he injected me, but the procedure wasn't too bad. It was strange to be awake for the procedure and hearing the sounds of skin being cut away. I drove myself home without difficulty. I went to work the next day. I've only needed a few Tylenols so far, but I think I have a high pain tolerance. I'll take it easy for the next 4 weeks, then start exercising again. Going through the pain for this revision reminded me not to take my results for granted. I've been pretty good with exercising (cardio and strength training) this past year. My diet was good most of the time, but there's room for improvements. After my 4 week recovery, I plan to start exercising and eating extremely clean again. Hope everyone is doing well. Let me know if you're interested in my post, otherwise I won't update. (I only go on this site every 3 months or so.)


Good to hear all is well with you - hard to believe that amount of time has passed. I remember when we were all talking prior to surgery and the nerves etc. I'm 11 months post op and doing really well too. I'll update my review at 1 year. xx
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Nice! Looks like u'll have great results & ur tummy will be flat flat.  I had my revision 3 weeks ago. I had a horrible reaction to the adhesive.y new scar & loss of the the "fat pad" I had on my side look awesome. I just have dark areas from the reaction. Sucks cuz those areas give the illusion off old scar. Bur, once those areas fade it will be awesome. This was a cake walk, lol!
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Wow! Never have thought looking at you could have had that much more removed and great that he could take away the vertical scar and drain points. I can't see where my drains were! Looking great Lady :) X
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16 months post-TT and 3 months post-scar revision

It's been 3 months since I had the scar revision. Gain some weight during Thanksgiving and Xmas, but I've been working out like crazy since the New Year. It's so important to continue exercising and eating healthy to maintain the benefits of the TT. Will post some new pictures soon. I'm very happy that I had the TT . No regrets at all.

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Your scar revision looks great! And no more vertical scar! You look wonderful :) Glad you are continuing with eating healthy and exercise, you're right that part is so important. xx
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I haven't been back on here for ages! Good to see your revision. I've been wondering if the T could be removed once the skin gets lax again. I've had some hypertrophic scarring of the middle part of my T scar and have been thinking about going back for a revision. May be doing breast aug down the road so I will ask my PS at that point. You look fantastic!
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Revision was easy and laxed skin got removed, giving me better results. I'll post again with new pics in a few weeks. (Don't feel like taking pics now. )

17 months post-Tummy Tuck. 4 months post-Scar Revision.

I've been feeling great. Exercising a lot lately. I finally figured out what I need to do (with exercise and diet) in order to maintain my body. It's so important continuing to exercise, and eating healthy. My scar is still pretty noticeable, but I figured it would take a long time before it fades. Honestly, it doesn't bother me or my husband. I'm so glad that I got the tummy tuck. I waited until 8 years after my fourth child and I was already in my 40's at the time that I had the surgery, but I'm still so happy that I did it. I wear clothes and I feel so trim and small. Even before the tummy tuck, I was living a very full, and happy life. The tummy tuck was just icing on the cake!! Hope all is well with everyone.

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Beautiful result. How is your scar coming along? Thanks for sharing your story :)
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Congratulations! Great results. I too did not tell my kids, ages 9, 8 and 6. It was a piece of cake. I have 2 girls and I didn't feel they needed to see this as far as it affecting their self esteem. They don't realize when we become moms the kinds of things our bodies go through and I didn't feel I needed to let them know either. I had surgery on Wednesday. I usually wake up early to teach a class so my husband just told them I was at work. When they came home I was still at the hospital and again we said I was at work. That night they went to their biological father's house and he brings them to school the next day. So I didn't actually see them until Thursday afternoon. I got home from the hospital Thursday morning. Then I hid the drains under a blanket and as I sat in my recliner and told them I wasn't feeling well. I walked a little hunched but kids don't notice things like that. Lol. They went to their dad's that weekend so I had those days to recover too. By Tuesday I had my drains out and was walking a little taller. Funny how I was able to hide it but I really found it easy. I may tell them one day but I really see no reason to at this time. Cheers!
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Thank you for your kind words. I agree with you about not sharing with the kids. No need to tell them now. It's more important to focus on eating healthy and exercise, and not take a short-cuts. One day when they have children and their bodies have changed, I will share with them at that time. You and I are pretty small and already fit to begin with, so the TT wasn't too bad for us. That's why we were able to hide it!! I have 2 teenagers and 2 pre-teens, so a bit more tricky for me, but everything worked out. Take care.
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