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I have being injected with Juvederm on my cheeks...

I have being injected with Juvederm on my cheeks for almost 2 years, nice results, 0 downtime but results were not lasting, the most was 2 months! ugh! :(
So I tried Radiesse after reading all these wonderful reviews in this site, I got my first syringe end of January 2014, waited for 14 days and couldn't tell much difference, so I decided to go back for a second syringe and one of my cheeks got an ugly reaction, very itchy and a lot of swelling like a balloon, it didn't go away right away, waited for 2 long weeks!!! everyday after the 5th day started to go down but little, very little until I decided to try Advil, I know they don't recommend it because it can bruise but I didn't care much by then, my face was deformed!!! had to fix it, so thanks GOD I now look normal, my cheeks look "ok" I don't see a dramatic change just a "natural one". I won't go back again for more syringes of radiesse, I never got a bad downtime with Juvederm but unfortunelly it didn't last longer either. I think I will just accept the aging process as part of life and embrace it because it is God's plan.
i am so sorry to hear about your bad experience, im shocked at the amount of bad reactions to radiesse I've read about on this site. I've had radiesse injected three times in the last year and have never had any problem , it actually changed my life and made me look like I was in my twenty's again, I've had it around the mouth the naso-labial folds and a small bit over my cheekbones. I think my success was largely down to my GP who is incredibly skillful and experienced, perhaps try again with another practitioner ?
I got Radiesse back in April and it has already worn off. In fact, I think my "problem" areas look worse than before. Radiesse was more expensive than Juvederm-but I was assured that it was longer lasting. Not the case. I am discouraged with facial fillers at this point-as I never have really gotten the "wow" factor I was hoping for. Plus I ended up with a lump that traveled to my lip after being injected in lower mouth area. The nurse that injected me assured me that Radiesse was dissolvable. Of course, I now know it is not--so I guess it's good in a way that it dissolved quickly. Maybe I just need to find a good injector, who listens. Sorry to all who had a bad reaction and/or experience.
I hope you will never use radiesse again . I feel so sick in pain 5 months later . ruins life in a matter of second . Hope u feel much better now flora . I am much worse now than the beginning . Before it takes my life away I will fight hard to find and end to this .
P.A Elizabeth Cook

Elizabeth was very kind and showed concern to my situation, I shared some pics of how I was looking and she took the time to discuss it with another PA, they got to the conclusion that my swelling was a normal reaction caused after injecting radiesse. Personally I think I got a mild allergic reaction.

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