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A no drain Tummy Tuck for the Holidays - Northbrook, IL

I'm scheduled! However today I had a moment if...

I'm scheduled! However today I had a moment if sheer panic. Why am I doing this again?!?! I've wanted this for 15 years but now that I've finally made all these steps to get there I'm having doubts. The recovery is what's really stopping me. When I see some tt stories here, they make me more encouraged but some have longer recoveries and I get scared away again.
Girl I just had mine done almost 2 weeks ago. The hardest day for me was day 2. I couldn't get comfy, couldn't sleep, and lipo pain. Its bearable, just uncomfortable. Remember you will have to be patient with recovery process because your body takes the time it needs to get back to normal. At end of first week I was very happy I had surgery and as time goes on my results get better and better.
Go for it!! I have 4 kids, and same thing.. waited because other things were more important.. I'm 51 now and wish I had done this sooner.. but I'm thrilled to have finally had it done. You will be so happy.
Thanks guys. Over the past 15 yrs I've had the money and the time to get this done on a few occasions. Every time I've made up some reason not to do it. Kids or house needed something more important etc. I'm going to be 45 soon so this is long overdue.


I know there is a master supply list on here somewhere. Does anyone have the link?
I want to start getting stuff. Maybe then it will seem more real.


I swear that every single time I get serious about having this done I have a money issue come up and I feel guilty about spending this on myself and I have other things I need to do with it.
I'm sure this happens to everybody. But this time I swear I'm getting it done!!!
It took me 20 years to make it happen. I could never justify the expense. I could never justify doing something just for ME. I finally got over it and I"m so glad I did. I started saving a few years ago because I knew my time was coming and I was not about to let the expense get in the way. Once I booked the surgery I had LOTS of anxiety, obsessive thoughts, fear… you name it. I wish I had found this website prior to the surgery but I did not. I found it while I was recovering and spending a couple of weeks with my butt attached to a recliner! Nonetheless once the drains cameo out, the worst was behind me and I would do it again in a blink if I had to. Everything you're feeling right now is completely normal and I think we've all felt the same things! Hang in there and do what's right for you!!!!!
I had a drainless tummy tuck 4 weeks ago. Check out my review if you have time, I posted a lot of helpful stuff on there. You're going to do great!!! :-)
Yea well just make sure u are 100% ready because it's a hard process!!

Pre-Op today

Today I went to my pre op appointment. All the way up to the door I was thinking this is the dumbest thing in the world. I don't know how the healing is going to be I need the money for other things...blah blah blah. But as soon as Dr. Gutowski walked in the room I felt better. He's just very comforting and confident. My fears started to subside but I was still doubtful. Then he pulled up my shirt and pulled down my pants and I looked at my stomach in the doctors office mirror and said "oh this is happening!"
I realize that I never look at my stomach in the mirror. I never look at my body at all from the neck down. And I don't think my boyfriend is ever seen me completely naked. That's just a horrible way to live when there something that can be done about it.
So here I go! Scheduled for Dec 19th



I am 2 weeks post op now and am back at work and doing most normal activities. I also read the horror stories and almost backed out a 100 times but I'm so glad I did it and I would def do it all over again. You and your happiness are worth it!
Well it's too late to turn back now so I'm just getting set up and prayed up
Thanks for Sharing! My TT is on the 17th and it's easy to get freaked out. Would you be able to get down on the floor and play with a child at work if you needed to?

Getting freaked out!

The office just called to go over stuff. Eeek! I'm really stunned that the only prescription they gave me was Norco. I want some Valium dammit!
Lol....too funny....I got three different prescriptions and they gave me some over the counter pills to take 3 days prior to surgery to help with bruising from the lipo


We went Xmas shopping today and I bought myself some killer heels for 70% off. Yeah!
When I was looking at tops and dresses I realized that what all tt ladies really avoid is that silky/clingy fabric that shows every roll. You know what I mean. And it's exactly the fabric that's in right now. In a few weeks I'm going yo Rick one of those tips with leggings and my new heels...roll free!
I'm getting excited!
I had my Tummy Tuck 3 weeks ago. I too read those horror stories and wondered if I was making the right decision. Well, I can happily say I did make the right decision. I have yet to have any pain, I do have swelling but that's part of the healing. My incision is doing great, belly button hurts more than anything else and that's not even real bad. I was off pain meds at about 10 days, and even then I would take one once in awhile but not consistently. My surgery was Nov 22, I was back at work Dec 2. That week back I worked part time, as sitting at a desk all day didn't feel too great. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, it was an easy process for me, much easier than I thought it would be. Good luck to all you ladies that haven't had yours yet. Also, I know everyone wants to pick up items to get ready themselves ready. There was nothing that I needed. The doc sent me home with some plastic gloves, he gave me ointments and pads. I bought puppy pads in case my drains leaked, but the two drains I had were in the front and I never had a drainage problem. So now I guess I need to get a puppy! I wish you all the best...

Less than 24 hours to the flat side

I am kind of freaking out but Im trying to stay busy and not think too much about it. My original plan was to juice 3 days before the surgery but that didnt really work out with all the holiday festivities.
My firends, family and BF are all being really supportive and offering to help but I feel weird about being helped. We'll see how it all turns out tomorrow.
I will post pics as soon as I am able. Wish me luck!
Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see your results!
Thanks for the support!! I'm 44 hours post op and up until now has been ok. I had a TT, thigh lift and butt lift. The worst is nausea and when I need to cough. It's a good thing people were brave and shared their pics or I would e been scared by my incisions. I need to try and eat because I'm weak..... Hope everyone else is doing great too!

'Twas the night before my TT...

Seeing these pictures is removing any doubt.
Good luck tomorrow! We have the same day!! See ya on the flat side :) keep us updated
How are you doing changfortxMama? I had mine on Tuesday so I think I'm a day ahead of you? Hang in there, it gets better. Eat something light when you're ready, that helped me a lot. Remember, bodies are designed to heal.
Sx was at 4pm and I'm at the overnight facility. Pain was still surprisingly bad but I already feel more alert. Thanks for asking and glad you made it too girl! I'm going to post tomorrow when I get home.

Made it.

Just a few minutes after surgery. I can't believe it's all gone!
Yay! Can't wait to see your results. Rest up and happy healing. After the first two days, it starts getting better each day.
thanks so much. Im really looking forward to seeing the finished "product" but just seeing the bit I saw this morning...awesome!
Welcome to the flat side! How are you feeling?

so what had happened was...

My BF took me to the surgery center yesterday around 2 and I was pretty nervous/guilty/freaked but I tried to be cool. I signed up for this after all. I didnt want him to stay for the marking up and everything. I knew I was going to start crying and I didnt want him to see me like that. Crazy I know. As soon as I got changed I texted him and told him why I did that. I hate that he is postpoing his visit to his kids for the holidays to help me etc.
The nurses couldnt have been nicer. Erin really made me feel better and more calm. Then Dr. G came in and marked me up like he was designing a dress or something. He stepped back and said "if you dont mind having a scar from hip bone to hip bone I can really pull all this in" (smaller waist). Huh? Go for it doc. I could care less about a scar. My swimsuit model days are over.
They took me into the surgery room and the next thing I know I, waking up high as a kite and telling everyone how much I love them. Im sure they thought I was cray cray but I was their last surgery of the day so Im sure they just wanted to go home.
The ambulance thing came and took me to the rehab place in a wheelchair. Got into bed, took my Norco and went to sleep. I had a catheter in so I drank as much water as I could. Moving positions just the slightest but is painful Once I coughed and swear I saw stars.
They put me into a compression garment on right after surgery and I dont take it off for a week. PU! But whatevs. There is a pretty big hole in the butt so I'll just have to be careful.
I dont have drains and I cant imagine how much more trouble that would be.

BF came this moring and picked me up. Hes totally the best thing that ever happened to me. When I got home I had to go up 2 flights of stairs to my room and I tried to pee once I got up here but no dice. I was worn out from that and it hurt like *&^&$*

Since then Ive gotten up 2x times to pee and it has been tough. Havent eaten anything but a few grapes and some crackers. Had some green tea and an emergen C. My GF is brringing me a green juice shortly and Im looking forward to it.

TV overload right now so I am looking online for a cruise! I have NEVER gone on that sort of vacation. I stick to cities and I realize that part of that is the swimsuit issue. Well even if I end up in a one peice or tankini I will look better and ,more important, FEEL better and Im going!!!!
Congrats to you! Rest lots & keep up those fluids. I encourage you to plan to be super mellow for a whole entire week. I know its tough but let folks care for you. You know youd do the same for them. Every day is 100% better than the day before.
I actually do feel a bit better than yesterday. An ice pack on the tummy and flanks really made a difference.


After things were looking up yesterday I actually feel more pain today. I only walk from my bed tot the bathroom and thats about it. My back hurts. Guess thats where the lipo was but my incision burns too and I am so swollen I feel like Im about to bust out of this garment.
I cant wait to go to the doc for my first follow up tomorrow and hear what he has to say.
Congrats. I hope you love your results... Look forward to your updates!! Happy healing...
Your pain is my pain. Hang in there. We'll get through!
Congrats ...it gets easier everyday..happy healing and get used to the swelling...ur gonna swell for awhile. U look great and its worth it in the end! Happy healing


Everything you guys say is true. Day 4 and I'm ready to cry. My cig is so tight I think the most pain in feeling is skin irritation. I can't even breathe deeply. I'm sick of this bed, sick of water. Sick of tv. Just sick!
I would give anything to take this torture device off for just 5 minutes. I feel like a sausage.
And I've eaten hardly anything and all of if has been low sodium. I fix have two mimosas. Could that have caused swelling?
I feel ya lady! My butt is itchy and numb from sitting down all the time! I am bored to tears and am sick of what's on tv. Thankfully we will have Christmas at the in laws on Tuesday so I can get out of the house! Hang in there! How's your pain and are your able to get around pretty well?

Pre op

A few observations so far

1. Dont even think about having this surgery if you dont have someone who is truly in your corner. If you dont have a husband, boyfriend, mom. or sister who is going to devote 3 days of their lives to you dont even bother with this surgery. My BF has gone to a whole other level in my mind and heart after this experience. Anyone can take you out to dinner, but who helps you get up from the toilet?

2. If you dont get a recliner get the foam bed pillow system I got from Amazon.
LIFESAVER! Plus now I use it to sit straight up in bed too.

3. Toilet seat riser. I;m already 5'9 so its a long way down there when youre split in half

4. Just be still. Thats really hard for me. Im on the go most of the time. I really think that staying put for these 4 days have made a difference.

5. Looking at your before pics and trying on clothes (as much as possible because thats tiring) helps you feel better.
Theyre a must have!
I am amazed with this website and all the great results from everyone!

Day 4

Took a shower and I feel like a brand new woman. My crease is already working its way out.
Happy holidays!
Wow, Your results look amazing girl! Congrats! 65 more days for my drainless TT, Woohoo
I love your story! You look great! I had my surgery on the 13th and am just now off of my pain pills. I can't wait to see how we look in another month! Merry Christmas!
Me neither!$


Two days has made a tremendous deference. Walking straighter, off meds, sleeping in bed with pillows.
You look great, good for you! Happy healing!

Will my waist get smaller?

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks po. I feel about 90% of mg old self. I can sleep on my sides and stand up straight when I have my CG on. If I don't have it on it feels weird and I hunch over little more.
My tummy looks a lot smoother and less lumpy but I feel like my waist is bigger than it was before. Does that get smaller?
I feel square like Spongbob and that ain't cute.
I have read a lot of reviews on this awesome site.... One thing that I do see is that ever review that I have read had some starting off in one size garment and ending up in one or two sizes smaller. Don't get discouraged Jay give it time :). I do have a question..... How does the no drain tt work? Where does the fluid go that accumulates after the liposuction and extra skin is removed?
I have lost 10 lbs since sx day but I still can't imagine a smaller cg. I can hardly breathe in this one! The no drain attaches the skin to the wall so there's no room for fluid to accumulate. Honestly my swelling is going down everyday and I haven't noticed it get more swollen.
Ooooohhhhh that sounds better than the drains. Have you gotten any of the massages yet? Spongebob lol really

Aunt Flo is a b****!

I think I swell no matter what I do or what I eat and it's getting annoying, but I just got my period and it the WORST! Cramps, pain and swelling so bad that I took Norco and went to bed. WTF!
you look great! congratulations..xo
You look awesome... Happy healing!!

5 weeks

My whole life has changed 180 degrees. All I do now is buy lingerie and feel hot!!! I'm under no illusion that I look skinny or perfect...not even close. But now I no longer think about my stomach all the time. It's not the first thing I think about everytime I take a picture or walk across a room. I walk around in my underwear and I get dressed in front if my bf. now I know I have cellulite and jiggles and all the rest but for the first time I feel NORMAL and it's the best feeling in the world.
My only regret is that I should have done this years ago.
Hot momma!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Prior to meeting Dr. G I had two consultations with some very high profile North Shore surgeons. One of them was ok but way too expensive. The other was very highly recommended but something about him creeped me out and I didnt feel comfortable. I found Dr. G on Real Self and since the consult was free I thought I would give it a try. The instant he walked into the room I knew he was "the one". He is extremely approachable but very very confident (for those who know..he has SWAG) and I knew he would do a good job. His price was affordable and the timing in my own life was right. His staff is very nice and responsive. Its only a few days post op and I what I see now still looks like a big old mess, but I think it will smooth out and be awesome. I already know that I look 100% better in clothes and that was my goal. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gutowski!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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