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I've had a tough recovery only because I'm...

I've had a tough recovery only because I'm allergic to narcotics so I've pretty much been in pain until today which is the 11th day. I LOVE my new breasts! They have never been this small or perky that I could remember! I developed young, in 6th grade and by 8th grade was a very full C on a tiny 5 foot frame. Throughout highschool I was known as Boobs with DDs and its just been such a self image issue forever. My insurance approved me in Sept of 2013 and I just went for it! I'm in my early 40's and I have new "normal" handful sized breasts that I love! I went from a 38 DDD to hopefully a C but the P.S. could not be sure of the size but he did remove 800cc from each side! WOWZA! As soon as the pain subsides a bit and I can lift my arms I will post some pics. So glad I found this forum! Thank you to everyone that has shared your wonderful journey it has helped me so much!

perky size C 's hopefully :)

So here are my after ohotos. The first one is 3 days after and the second and third are 12 days after. I do not have a before yet that I can find but I will add it when I do. So amazing that they are this small!

13 Days Post OP and I finally feel normal!!

Now that I feel great I'm going to venture out to the stores. I've read a couple reviews saying the Bali bra was the best no wire bra to get so I'm focused on getting that and will state my review for all of you. I'm so excited! I'm still gtting the zings and quick sharp pains evey now and the in the nipple area but its doable now. I can finally move my arms, not quite all the way over my head but good enough to style my hair. The axiallry surgery is what got me...That area is very painful to heal and I'm sure thats why its taken me 13 days! Happy New Year !

Big tear /hole

Has anyone ever had this happen? I'm so scared that it going to ruin the thin scar!! Help! Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Love my new in bewtween bra!

I did buy the Bali #3484 wireless bra. Its really nice and comfy. Its like a sports bra hybrid with a bra feel. I bought the large and it fits great and can accomodate the fluctuation of the swelling that is different for me everyday. I'm still wearing the surgical bra every night but this is nice to have on during the day as I'm washing my one and only giant surg. bra. I can also wear normal tops without the bra hanging out. Check out the reviews, the bra is really nice for what we are all going through right now.


Please excuse the spelling errors that only my phone can make happen all the time! So embarrasing. I will use my computer from now on when I type

3 weeks

Hello Ladies! I had my 3 week appt. today and my Dr. told me I could wear any bra I wanted even an underwire! Yikes! The thought scares me because of my sensitive scars...Has anyone started wearing one at 3 weeks p.o.? I would love some input because I only bought the bali bra thats more like a hybrid sports bra. I tried a couple at VS and that was a joke! I was suppose to be a C cup and they actually were big in the tip of the cup but spilling out the side. My breasts seem to be very perky and wide and unable to fit in any "normal" bra right now. Any info is greatly appreciated! For any of you that are farther along in recovery than me, have your breasts soften and dropped forward more over the weeks?

4 1/2 week p.o.

Bruised Boobies

Has anyone else had issues with riding in the car? I litterally have swollen black and blue boobies after a 45 minute car ride!

5 weeks p.o. no tape pics

Now that the tape is off (briefly) they look a bit uneven. I pray it just different stages of healing. I dont see the doc until March. So far so good. They are still very tender sore and sensitive.

more pics

7 weeks ~ a lot of change

Has anyone had a sudden change where one breast is larger than the other? One is more square/boxy (smaller one) and the other looks more natural and nice. Also one nipple is more raised (smaller one) and painful. So bummed because they were looking nice and healing wonderfully until last week.

Bruising still at 7 weeks

Im posting pictures of the bruising and size/shape difference

7 week photos


Has anyone had any issues with their new areolas? After 9 weeks I have been noticing that one is puffier than the other. It does not hurt but looks ugly and a slight different color. Hopefully someone can give me some peace cause I'm kinda freaking out.

puffiness after 9 weeks

I have been noticing a change in my left areola for the past couple weeks. Today it is really puffy and slightly discolored. The first picture is the puffy areola which is my left and the second is my normal nice flat right side areola. Notice how bruised my left is also. Im a little worried. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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I know it is probably hard to tell from the lighting in the pictures, but your areolas looks really good to me. Could it be from swelling? I am going to post an update tonight about some concerns....I am a week behind you and my incisions especially around my areolas are much more red. Does the 8/9 week mark have something to do with it. Do we just notice little difference now since we are feeling better? Wish I had some answers for you. Keep me posted!
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Yes it must be too hard to tell in pictures. The one is really puffy compared to the other this past week or two. Im just going to call the ps in the morning. Im concerned cause it is quite a difference. Thank you Coloradolady :) have a good night
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I am glad you are calling your PS....keep me posted. Hope you have a good night too. :)
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On the pictures from the 6th everything about your nipples look normal to me. Do you have a newer picture? My right areola stands out a little more than the other butbi guess it is because they heal differently a lot. As long as the areola does not get really blue/black don't be afraid that it is something horrible. If it is just a slight difference it's normal. Nerves and blood vessels are built anew and it can be due to that, that the blood flow goes up in one area more than in the other. Do you have feeling on both or is the now darker not yet back to normal sensation?
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Thanks Raboobsel!! I do have feeling in both. I dont have a new picture yet because I taped them back up hoping pressure would help. If you look at the right one it is a little off color and slightly raised in the picture from the 6th. As of right now its more discolored and way puffier. Actually my nipple on the puffy side (right in pic.) is in full errect and super sensitive! So weird how everything was going great until about my 6th week...
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You are looking great. It seems as though we have a very similar horizontal incisions, which is a little bit above the Inframammary fold....and also goes a little bit up at the T junction. I tell my hubby it is as if I have 2 smiley faces on each breasts. I haven't seen this too much on this site, but I like the look and it also is helpful as my bras don't irritate my incisions very much. Thanks for our review
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Hey! I think they look good :) I don't really see the "boxy"-ness you're talking about... But it looks like they've settled a little more, since the last time. Make sure you wear a realllllly supportive sports bra when on treadmill and elliptical!!! I saw you respond to someone that's what you think the bruising and swelling is from.
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Have you had more than one breast reduction??
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No i have not. Sure does look like it after this week though.
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Smallerbramaybe So what made u ask that??
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It really is a process. I am at 3 months and it is about settling down - hang in there!
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Thank you. Just frustrated. Hopefully the girlies get use to activity again!
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great photos, you have a nice shape and are healing well, how is the swelling and discomfort going???
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Well i just posted today that its not so good. I have bruising swelling and size difference and shape and im 7 weeks p.o. crazy!!!
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Ooo I didnt see the updated post :( , Im sorry your still sore, from what Iv read everyone has a different healing time, it seems that having patience is all you can do. 7 weeks sounds a long time but really its not, major surgery can take months to recover from. Keep posting, its great to hear everyones experiences :)
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Thank you so much. Just hurting and frusterated! Hope this is just a tempory change and they get back on track. The bruising is from the tredmill and the eliptical....i think anyways.
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You look really great! Can't wait to hear how you progress!!!! :))
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Thank you so much!
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You are looking great - keep up the awesome healing and I look forward to hearing your great results :-)
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Thank you!!! They are so dry but cant really use lotion cause of the tape which is sooo important!
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I've had to deal with the driness and was so happy when I could put moisturizer on :-)
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You look terrific, size looks about perfect, as far as I'm concerned. Curious how long that hole took to close up, as I am at about 2.5 weeks and have noticed a similar thing a couple of days before! Did you do anything special to care for it?
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The hole is still scabbed over but getting much smaller and less deep. I was so scared when I saw it! Don't worry yours to will look better by the time you reach 5 weeks. I thought I added more pics but they did not post. I will add more
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Sorry I forgot to add that my doctor said to leave it open to heal and just but a folded piece of gauze in my bra to protect it .
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I got a tip to put a pillow between my chest and the seat belt for the ride home from hospital, maybe this would help if you are a passenger???
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