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After years of having very large breasts,...

After years of having very large breasts, basically since I developed at 12, the menopause caused them to grow even more. I decided enough was enough. I found an excellent surgeon and was happy with all pre-op meetings. This op I paid for myself. On coming round from the surgery I could tell how much smaller I was, thank goodness! The surgeon visited me the following day and let me peep at them. Fantastic. Then the joy of pain free neck and shoulder. At my 6 week check I did say to the surgeon I felt they were growing again. He was quite put out as he had removed almost a kilo from each breast. I'm 5' and they were a 34JJ/K so I looked like a freak. Anyway at the 2 month period my neck and shoulder started aching again and I struggled to get a bra as I couldn't work out my size. I went to Bravissimo to be fitted. When the girl told me I was a 32G I was devastated. Due to the fact that the weight from my breasts had caused them to detach from the chest wall, I'm unable to wear an underwired bra. Trying to find one without wire that gives you shape was difficult. Finally I did but the band rolls up and digs in painfully under my breasts. Even worse was the fact that after an hour or two the pain in my shoulder and neck was unbearable. A month ago, June, I had my 6 month check with the surgeon. I told him all my problems, including the hard lumps and pain I still get from them. He was sorry but I can't have a revision. He drew pictures and listed all the reasons I can't have it done. When I mentioned the problems with wearing a bra he asked did I need to? I replied that (I'm 60 by the way) it wasn't very nice when I visit my family and grandchildren. It's not as though they are small. As for the lumps and pain, the pain will stop but when I asked if the lumps will shrink he said no. So my breasts no longer hang to my waist but that's the only difference. They are still too large for me, I still have shoulder and neck pain if I wear a bra. Oh yes, I'm £5500 out of pocket.


Hi Jojo60 :-) I am almost in tears reading your review. As long as it takes us ladies to decide to have this surgery .And what we go through mentally preparing for it and the recovery period after the surgery. Is it too much to ask that we get what we want ? Especially if you pay out of pocket . I sometimes wonder if Dr.'s don't care as much after we turn a certain age . I am 54 and I did have a successful be in April of this year . I can only imagine the frustration you must feel , looking forward to smaller breasts but not getting them . Oh how I wish you could do something legally to this surgeon who refuses to correct his mistakes. My prayers are with you .
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My heart goes out to you! Have you gone to a get a second opinion? Maybe this Dr is just not good at what he does and is afraid to try and fix his mistake. I think I would have to hear it from some else before I gave up. Also if you had another professional opinion, you might gain some ground to fine a malpractice against your PS. I hope you some how can get some relief from your pain and frustration. All the best!

Bit More Info

Think I rambled a bit with that first post! It seems one reason I can't have a revision is due to the formation of my breasts. Never simple is it! They start under my armpits. As this is breast tissue and not fat, it means he is unable to do lippo. As I'm retired now I will have to think long and hard about what to do next. I'm on a small pension and live on my own so money is a bit of an issue. I didn't want to have a knee jerk reaction and just go off demanding this and that! I will give it a further 6 months, he doesn't need to see me again, and see how I feel. Still most women have a good outcome. There will always be one or two of us who don't get the result we dream off. At least the comedy boobs have gone!


I am worry about this happening to me too. I am the same cup size as you. I have a friend that had breast reduction surgery and her breasts grew back too. I feel bad for you.
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I'm still very disappointed in my results. Hopefully you will be fine. Speak to the surgeon and ask him if he's able to tell you your chances of your breasts re-growing. I'm not sure they can tell. I've found that wearing a Belvia bra saves my modesty, even if they are ugly! Still in ugly underwear, sad face.

I am so sorry you have gone through the expereince:(  How frustrating and upsetting.  

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12 Months On

Well here I am 12mths down the line. Pleased? No. I feel disappointed and sad. My breasts are not only too large but they seem to sag also. As I can't wear a bra it is really depressing. Still with neck and shoulder pain so even wearing a Belvia bra is uncomfortable. Not really a bra, just like the top of tights, or is it panty hose you call them? Would I have gone ahead knowing what I do now? Probably, I would have asked the surgeon to cut just about everything away and just left the nipples! Then when they grew back they might have been the right size!!
Still not everyone will be unlucky like me. I wish you all safe operations and a speedy recovery.

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