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Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and...

Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and I've done physio, I've been referred to the breast clinic and my appointment is in 2 weeks' time! This is the NHS. Approximately, how far would you say I am? Or how close should I say? Which stage am I at blah de blah? Once I poked the GPs again after they were quiet for a while (6 months!) they were pretty quick in getting me into physio! (Less than 2 weeks!) and now I got my breast clinic appointment within a week of referral? A bit of enlightenment, please?

Welcome to the community.  I am glad to hear things are moving along now.  Six months is a long time to wait just to get in..UGH!

Is your surgery in a week or the consult?

The consultation is 3rd of December, whether or not I'll get the surgery is another story! They went quiet for the 6 months to make sure it wasn't a moment thought, and I definitely wanted it, it wasn't a phase! I was wondering what the breast clinic would do, now I realise it's the surgeon I'm seeing...I think! Fingers crossed!

Fingers and toes crossed:)



3 pages of uncompassionate dribble. I've been declined, what a waste of time!
Aww Hun I'm so sorry they declined you and after the surgeon said you would benifit and the money wouldn't be an issue :( I hope, once your mum has appealed they over turn it. This is the exact letter I am currently waiting for. My PS said I would benifit and has applied for the funding. I'm not holding my breath. It appears to depend on where you live which is SO SO wrong! Good luck with the appeal but I am glad your parents have offered to pay for it if the NHS won't give you the funding X
Aww sorry you were declined. I went to my drs when I was a lot younger and they told me to wait until I was 18. I was a E/F when I was only 15/16. But I am glad I waited until after my children as they got so big during pregnancy that I would be on my second op now rather than my first lol. I am also having mine done on the NHS, the one thing that went in my favour was that I finished having children and that I lost 4 stone, they could not have really argued with that hehehe. Keep on at them, it is probably your age as they are still growing. Mine went from at F at 18 to G at 20. :( They wouldn't even consider me at age 23 :( xxxx
Hi there, so sorry to hear this, why did they decline? If I remember rightly you are in your teens? Is there any way your parents could make you a long term loan to go private? There is one person on this forum who took out a personal loan to have the surgery in the UK but you are still at school I think. At this stage it seems to me that it is only by family helping out that you will get the surgery. However, they could not fund a more worthwhile thing for your comfort and self confidence.

Aaah! I went to an Out-Patients' appointment today! I.e, a consultant surgeon blah de blah and for some strange reason, he was completely on my side!! He emphasised the risks and what have you but he said, I quote "I'm not saying I won't do it" and he's sent off for funding!! Woop! And when I said "I don't mean it to sound as if I'm wasting the NHS' money" and he replied with "the money isn't an issue!" It went so well!:O I was so surprised at how easy he was...oh oh and not to mention the fact he repeated "just leave it with me!" A number of times!!

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