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Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and...

Right, okay. I went to my GP back in February and I've done physio, I've been referred to the breast clinic and my appointment is in 2 weeks' time! This is the NHS. Approximately, how far would you say I am? Or how close should I say? Which stage am I at blah de blah? Once I poked the GPs again after they were quiet for a while (6 months!) they were pretty quick in getting me into physio! (Less than 2 weeks!) and now I got my breast clinic appointment within a week of referral? A bit of enlightenment, please?


3 pages of uncompassionate dribble. I've been declined, what a waste of time!

Aaah! I went to an Out-Patients' appointment today! I.e, a consultant surgeon blah de blah and for some strange reason, he was completely on my side!! He emphasised the risks and what have you but he said, I quote "I'm not saying I won't do it" and he's sent off for funding!! Woop! And when I said "I don't mean it to sound as if I'm wasting the NHS' money" and he replied with "the money isn't an issue!" It went so well!:O I was so surprised at how easy he was...oh oh and not to mention the fact he repeated "just leave it with me!" A number of times!!

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