Invisalign - Overbite - Crooked Smile - Consultion - North Wales, UK

MY STORY I've always been conscious of my smile...

I've always been conscious of my smile and how Ive never had a perfect bite. In social situations I tend to hide my mouth whilst laughing and I hate anyone taking photos of me from side on as my bite is more noticeable. In high school people took the mick out of my smile and ever since I've always been depressed and self conscious about my smile/laugh etc.

One of my colleagues in work came in one day with Invisalign. You couldn't even notice she had Invisalign in until she pointed it out to me one day. My colleague has had her Invisalign in for 8 months now and you can really see the changes to her teeth. I asked her about it one day and she told me her story and how she was so self conscious about her image (same as me)! Her niece had Invisalign and she had seen the changes it had done to her and that's how she went to get Invisalign. Like me she hadn't heard of Invisalign before. For the first time ever I felt like I could tell her about all the insecurities I had with my smile and how I felt exactly the same as her. After 3 or 4 months I plucked up the confidence to research into local practices that did Invisalign. I emailed a couple and told them about me and my case. One in particular stood out to me. They did a free consultation, they had an offer on for 20% off Invisalign plus they offered free teeth whitening with the service afterwards.

I was so nervous before the consultation and wasn't sure what to expect. I shouldn't have worried though. As soon as I went into the dentist they made me feel at ease. Before going into the consultation they made me fill out a questionnaire and a medical form. They also gave me a literature review if recent Invisalign research and a leaflet on what each appointment entails/how they get the perfect smile and the do's and dont's of wearing Invisalign aligners.
When I went into the consultation room, the dentist told me about his background and experience, he then in detail described the pros and cons of Invisalign. He then showed me models of teeth and described to me how some teeth might need attachments on them that blend in with your teeth colour to hold the aligners in place and to move teeth etc. He also showed me images on the computer of before and after results of previous clients. I told him I was 100% positive I wanted to go ahead with Invisalign. With this he gave me a mirror and asked me to point out everything I felt that was wrong with my teeth and what I wanted to change. He then took pictures of my teeth and me from every possible angle and then he took some X-rays. I then made appointments for my next couple of visits. These are:-

31/07/13 - Clincheck IMPS
This is where they will take impressions of my teeth which they will send to America.

04/09/13 - Clincheck Approval
Invisalign will have created a computer simulation of my teeth from the impressions they have sent off; the computer simulation will show what my teeth will probably look like at the end and an estimate in weeks of how long it will take.

So now I've had the consultation I am currently waiting for my Clincheck IMPS appointment. I'm so in patient and I wish that this was tomorrow. Oh we'll just over three weeks left to wait. It cannot come soon enough. I will update this as I go along and throughout my treatment so hopefully I can inspire/help/show people my experience with Invisalign.

In total £2400
Hi just wanted to know how the service provided by the dentist is? As I am also planning to get my invisalign with them just couldn't find any reviews online.
They are so nice. Really professional and don't push you into having it done. They just want to make sure your commited 100%. They give you reading literature and make you feel at ease. Hope I've helped
Thank you! I have booked my consultation but it's a while away as I can't make there invisalign open day this Saturday. Cant wait to have mine done now! Hope your treatment goes well!


27/07/2013 - So today (earlier than expected) I went for my clincheck appointment where they take dental impressions of your teeth. It went very well and It was nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to be.

They put this putty stuff into a mouth guard and pressed them down onto my teeth for about 2 1/2 minutes until the putty set forming the impressions of my teeth. They did the bottom teeth first and then the top teeth second. They took about three impressions of the top and bottom teeth.

The impressions are going to be sent off to America on Monday and it will take roughly 3 weeks for my clincheck images/video to come back. It seems such a long progress but I'm sure it will be all worth it in the end. Nothing worth having comes quickly or easily.

At today's appointment I was also told that due to the overcrowding on my top teeth I might need to have 2 teeth out. 1 on each side of my arch to make space for my teeth to move back. They said they will try to fold my teeth down first to see if that will make enough space. If not I will have to have the two teeth out. For the perfect smile I don't mind this at all.


In the last paragraph it's meant to say file not fold!
Any update? I'm interested in using this dentist and was wondering how knowledgeable he is on invisalign.
He's very knowledgeable and very good. I have my next appointment on Wed this week so will update you then. I'd highly recommend the dentist.
Hi just to let you know, I have had my consultation! The dentist is lovely! Thank you for recommending.

Clincheck Approval

So today I went for my clincheck approval appointment and have a video of what my teeth should look like after the treatment. I'm very pleased with the outcome. Especially as I don't have to have any teeth out (yay!!) plus I don't have any attachments on my top two front teeth. All the attachments seem to be where you can't see them. They are mostly on my bottom teeth and the towards the back of my mouth on both upper and lower teeth.

I'm going to post some before and after pictures from my clincheck approval to show you how they now and will look. Hopefully i will have my Invisalign before the end of the month!

Had My Invisalign Today (25/09/13)

So after months of waiting I finally had my Invisalign today.

I was so excited but a lil apprehensive too. My dentist is absolutely fantastic though and he put me at ease and explained everything as he went along.

First of all he gave me a pack and explained about everything inside it which included a mirror, an aligner cleaner, aligner cleaning tablets, mouthwash, space - invaders which are little brushes which clean in between small gaps of the teeth, aligner removal hook which helps you get your aligners out, aligner chews which seat aligners correctly into place and two aligner storage cases. A blue and a red one. The blue one is to place your aligners in when you you take them out to eat and the red one holds your next set of aligners.

After he showed me my pack etc. he got started on the attachments. I have 14 attachments on my bottom teeth (which is quite a lot!!) and only 6 attachments on the top teeth. Putting the attachments on was quick and painless. After he put the attachments on he did APR which is where he files down my teeth so they have room to move. He did this on most of my top teeth except the front few as I guess these were the only teeth that needed room to move! This process was not painful either. It was more uncomfortable than anything. Before I left the surgery he popped the aligners in for me and advised me to only drink water whilst wearing the aligners. If I want to eat or drink anything else I need to remove the aligners. The aligners feel pretty tight. Especially my top one. To me this shows me that Its working already. It's been just over an hour of me wearing them and not I'm in a lil pain. Not too bad though. My dentist said I would be a bit doer from the APR (filing) and advised me to take some painkillers. Which I have done now!

My next appointment is in 19 days. As he wants to keep an eye on things at the beginning. I have to change to my next aligner in ten days, so I'm gunna try it in a week on Friday (04/09/13) I know the time frame between each aligners varies between different dental practices and dentists.

I will update next when I see some change!

1st Full Day Of Invisalign

I know I wasn't going to post so soon but I thought I'd update you with how I got on with my first full day of Invisalign.

So last night I woke up in a lil pain. The bottom teeth felt like they were being pulled back quite a bit on the bottom right hand side.

When I took the aligners out this morning my teeth were really sensitive and painful. Mostly on top. So I took some painkillers and my teeth settled down once my aligners were back in. The same thing happened exactly at lunch and dinner. So I'm not taking my aligners out all now unless it's absolutely necessary because the pain is not worth it!.! Apparently the pain will settle down after a couple of days.

Whilst eating dinner tonight I felt something had whilst eating. I had a look at what is was and it was an attachment off one of my lower teeth near the back. I've spoke to my dentist and I'm gunna ring up tomorrow to make an appointment for Early next week.

Tray 2

So since my last update I did return to the dentist as an attachment had fallen off. Which he replaced. Haven't had any problems with the attachments since.

With Tray 1 I've experienced a lot of pain with my mouth where attachments have been scratching and some pain on my tongue where it had been rubbing against my trays. I didn't know how I was going to cope with pain if it continued like this throughout my treatment. So When I went to the dentist he filed down my trays and told me my gums and mouth were toughening up. Things have got a lot easier the past few days and now I'm in minimal pain!

Last night which was Day 9 of Tray 1 I put Tray 2 in (as advised by dentist!) it fitted fine but was a bit snug. Just like at the beginning of Tray 1. Haven't noticed any changes in my teeth yet. Hopefully I will start seeing some soon.


So went to my dentist appointment tonight which went well. I had another attachment popped back on which had fallen off. Dentist said he saw a massive difference in the two teeth next to the two front teeth on top. He also said all my IPR gaps had closed up too. I haven't noticed too much of a change myself yet cuz I Spose I'm looking at my own teeth everyday.

Dentist has given me trays 3, 4, 5 & 6. We put tray 3 in tonight! Hope things continue to go well and I notice a significant change soon. I don't go back to the dentist now until towards the end of Novemeber!

Tray 4

Changed into Tray 4 on the 24/10/13. There has been nothing really to update on. Don't even know the trays are in but teeth are a bit sensitive from putting in new tray. Seen very little change as of yet. Can see the two teeth at side of two front teeth moving slightly!
Hey! I have similar teeth to yours. I too avoided photos in high school and covered my mouth when I laughed. I couldn't stand family photos when relatives would guilt me for not smiling, and I'd always say, "You know why I don't smile. So unless you want to pay for my braces..." People with nice teeth just don't get it. I just got my trays done recently, and I'm excited at the prospect of maybe one day having a nice smile and being able to express myself in that way. I'm going to follow your journey, so I hope you continue to update. Cheers!
I'm so glad you can relate to me and my story. I will update as I go along and when I can! Have you started invisalign?
I have! Just recently, and it hurts a lot. I've been told that it should get better over time, although the thought of a calloused mouth is kind of weird to me lol. I'm hoping at least my overbite will be reduced within the months I was quoted, as I have important dates in the future that really require smiles. I don't want to be a sourpuss for ever. :)

Tray 5

Results after 40 days

I have done a before invisalign pic and compared it to a picture of my teeth now after just 40 days. The bottom hasn't moved much but can see improvement to my top teeth! Pleased with the results so far!


Sorry I haven't updated on my progress recently. It's now been 75 days since I started my invisalign. I've seen a lot of change to my top teeth again but not so much on my bottom teeth. This is to be expected though as my bottom teeth are going to take 3 months longer than my top teeth.

I haven't had any aches/pains or sores and things are going smoothly.

I will post a picture along with this post to show you my progress
Wow nice progress, noticing a huge difference!
Thank you so much :) x
Things are going so well, so quickly! I'm happy for you!

Tray 9

Hi results look great. I've just had impressions done and apprehensively waiting for fitting. My biggest concern is speaking with them in and how it will affect my speech as in a lisp. Did you have any issues at first ?
Thank you! I don't have/had too much problems whilst talking with them in. If I do have problems in my speech it's when I'm tired. I bet your excited and nervous about getting your trays. When do you get fitted?

100 Days (3 Months!) Progress

Pic Update: Top pic is before the Invisalign and the pic below is my teeth now!

Nothing new to mention really. Went to my appointment today and I got fitted with trays 11. I was also given trays 12, 13 & 14! Only 5 more trays left on my top teeth and I think I have about 13 trays left on my bottom.
Beautiful!  You must be so pleased with your progress :D.  Happy New Year!!

Is the yellowing an artifact of the picture or is it from the aligners?
I am pleased. The yellow is just the colour from the lighting in the room. My teeth are still white. They are as white as the picture from tray 9 if you look at that one'

Updated photo without yellow lighting

Wow, your teeth look amazing! I'm jealous, you've only had your Invisalign for about 2 weeks longer than I have but they look 'done' already! Can't wait till mine catch up :)
Thank you so much. They do look done but still have a way to go yet. They all need to push back to narrow the gap between the bottom and the top teeth. The bottom teeth are still really wonky and are going to take another 5 months after the top ones have finished. I'm sure yours will catch up soon. Don't know why my progress has been so quick on top. Every time I go to the dentist he seems amazed and shocked at the change
You're progress is awesome!!

Updated photos again

So I have only 30 days of invisalign left on my top teeth and 113 days left on my bottom teeth. Again it's used in the room with yellow lighting. My teeth are still white as previously stated.
been following this all the way through, congratulations on your progress, you must feel so much happier! one thing, I'm sure you've told a few people about having this done, but would you say on a daily basis it is unnoticeable?
Thank you so much and thank you for following my journey. I'm so much happier now. The people who know I've had it done notice the change every now and again but they see me every day so they won't notice all the time. The people who don't see me all the time or everyday notice it more. The other day I saw a colleague who I used to work with, I hadn't really seen her since the start of the treatment and she couldn't get over the change in my teeth and was so shocked. She said they looked amazing.
Hey, did you ever use your aligner chews (chewies)?  And also, wow, your top teeth are so straight now.  But I realize it's the bite you're working on at this point :).

15 of 16 on top / 15 of 25 on bottom

Went back to dentist today. He put trays 15 of 16 in on top and tray 15 of 25 on the bottom. Cannot believe I only have 20 days left until my top arch is done.

My dentist is very pleased with my progress and with how my teeth are looking. I next go back in 40 days. When I go back then I will have impressions of my top teeth done ready for my retainers. It's scary how quick times gone. It will be worth everything. I will have to wear my retainers every day for 6 months and then after that it will only be at night.

The dentist isn't going to take off my attachments on my top teeth off until my bottom teeth are done. This is incase I will need refinements. He doesn't want to take them off to have to put them back on. When I bite down my top teeth and my bottom teeth do not bite together. So this is why I might need refinements. There is a gap because I've had the trays on for so long.

I know I haven't long added photos but I will add a couple more to show you the progress from beginning until now!!!
Beautiful results!  I hope the bite issues are resolved.  Sometimes the posterior open bite you get from the trays resolves as soon as you stop wearing trays for a couple of months.  That happened for me, but it meant I had to go to a Hawley retainer instead of the Vivera retainers from Invisalign (Align Technologies).  Have you discussed the type of retainer you'll be using?
No we haven't discussed the type of retainers I will be using. Didn't realise that there were different types
There are a few different types :).  There are two different clear-plastic-type retainers that I know of, called Vivera and Essix.  Then there are bonded retainers which are attached to the backs of your teeth and can either be straight lines or wavy, to allow flossing (much less common).  And finally there are the traditional Hawley type retainers.  The doctors have talked a little about them in the forum. The different types of retainers can be mixed and matched, or even doubled up.  Like you can have a bonded retainer and one of the other types to fit on top of the bonded.  Or like in my case, I'm wearing one of the Viveras on the bottom and a Hawley on top, though I'd like Hawleys for both.


Top are done

My top teeth are now finished. Yay!!! Have 2 months left to go on my bottom teeth. I can't believe how quick the Invisalign process has gone. I got my retainer for the top teeth today and now I'm starting the whitening process. I will post a pic of my before and now photo to show my progress.
Wow that looks amazing! :D
WOWWOWWOW!  Amazing!  Can you show us a picture from the side as well, so we can see the elimination of overjet?  
Not a lot :).  The type of plastic is different and it's a different brand, and there's a difference in how they're made, but that doesn't affect users much.  My husband has Essix and I have Vivera.  Vivera is by Align Tech. (Invisalign) while Essix is a different company.  The Essix retainers are a slightly thicker plastic. I don't know whether either off-gasses more or retains stains more.

20 Days Left

Cannot believe how quick my invisalign treatment has gone. I only have 20 days left now in my bottom trays. It's hard to remember/believe how bad my teeth were before the treatment. Only looking back on old photos today I can see how bad they were and how much progress I've made. I am going to post a picture with this review of me at the beginning of my treatment and of me now when I am nearly finished.
Could you post a side-shot so we can see how the overjet looks now?  Thank you for the update--your teeth look amazing.

20 Days left

you have nice-shaped teeth! it's great that your progress seems pretty fast too
This is great! You look awesome
thank you very much for this really thorough review - I live in the south west and thought they might be worth a look because I'm really interested in invisalign - you've got such a good result I'm looking up the Dant Y Coed dental practice right now!
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