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Well, I am a 35 yo mother of 2 beautiful girls and...

Well, I am a 35 yo mother of 2 beautiful girls and am ready to have my somewhat flat stomach back. I am 10 days away from my surgery!! I am nervous but excited! I have already pre-oped and have gotten all of my meds! woo hoo!! The countdown is on!!!!! I have been reading everyone's blogs and results and am very excited to see all of the transformations.

I am a week away from surgery and getting so...

I am a week away from surgery and getting so excited! Got all my guaze, hydrogen peroxide and meds! I'm all set, just counting down the days! :-)

Holy crap! 4 more days! Woo hoo! :-)))))))

Holy crap! 4 more days! Woo hoo! :-)))))))

Well, I did it!! Yay! First day post op going ok...

Well, I did it!! Yay! First day post op going ok so far. Sore but of course pain meds help. Dont cough, sneeze or laugh!! Oh my goodness! Ouch! Ok enough for now, going to take a nap

Well I'm 2 days post op and very sore and swollen....

Well I'm 2 days post op and very sore and swollen. But I'm hanging in there. I got to take my first shower since surgery and it was difficult since you can't stand up straight. Ugh. I posted a new pic!

I am 4 days post op today and doing pretty good!...

I am 4 days post op today and doing pretty good! Still hunched over but that is to be expected for awhile right?? These dang drains are getting on my nerves. Hopefully they will take one or both out tomorrow at my post op appt!!! Praying hard!!!

Day 5 post op from TT. Just had my first post op...

Day 5 post op from TT. Just had my first post op appt and he didnt remove either drain! Ugh. I have too much output so I have to text my nurse my output totals and then I can go in for removal. Dang it! He also told me he removed 4 pounds of skin and fat from lipo and 1 additional liter of lipo fat from my flank area! CraZy! He looked at my incision and said everything else looks perfect!! Have to wear my CG 24 hours a day except for in the shower for the next 3 weeks. Then after that 3 more weeks only at bedtime.

Post op day 6: Still have these dang drains. The...

Post op day 6: Still have these dang drains. The nurse says possibly Friday. Ugh. I took some more pics that I will add and wow! I can see all the bruising now from the lipo!! Crazy! Otherwise I am moving around a lot more but only standing up straight some. But everyday does get better and better!

Post op day 11: Doing ok. Just getting discouraged...

Post op day 11: Doing ok. Just getting discouraged because my output is somewhat high STILL!! They will maybe come out tomorrow but when I measured my output this a.m. they were both about 14cc each! So now I don't even know if tomorrow will be the day. It all depends on the rest of the days output!!! Very discouraged. Other than that the incision is shrinking and scabbing more. Less pain all together, but still not standing up straight, almost but not totally. Back is sore from hunching over. I wonder if my PS would give me more muscle relaxers?? Hmmmm it's worth a shot to ask!

Got do busy yesterday, but I got ONE drain out!!...

Got do busy yesterday, but I got ONE drain out!! And I went to my daughter's soccer game! It felt great to get out of the house! Now maybe tomorrow or Friday for my other drain! Then I'll be free!! Lol.

New 2 week photos!

New 2 week photos!

Today is post op day 15! I can't believe it's...

Today is post op day 15! I can't believe it's already been that long! Well I got my last drain out this am!! Yay, I'm FREE!!! Lol. It didn't hurt one bit. At all. Those things were a pain. But my PS said I only have to wear my CG all day for another week then only at bedtime after that. I can workout (cardio only) after next week too!!

So yesterday (POD 19) was my first day back at...

So yesterday (POD 19) was my first day back at work. I think I did pretty well. I am an RN so usually I'm on my feet all day. I work in a busy Dr.'s office, but my boss let me do paperwork for most of the day, so I got to sit a lot. I think that really helped. I did notice more swelling in the pm than I normally have, but not too bad. I also started out standing straighter in the am, but as the day progressed I noticed I was hunching more. But all together I did pretty well!! Thank God I only work part-time! :-D

Here is a link for a Youtube video on a cool...

Here is a link for a Youtube video on a cool lymphatic drainage to the abdomen ( to decrease fluid & swelling) that we can do to ourselves!

DMB Concert last night!!!!

I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert here in Dallas last night and had a great time with no problems at all. I feel pretty much back to normal. I'm standing up straight, CG only at night and feeling great!! Yesterday before the concert I even went to my daughter's soccer game AND had her 6 year old bday party!! Very busy day, but I did great! And I am only 3 weeks and 3 days PO!!

4 weeks PO!

Today makes 4 weeks PO for me! Doing well, still healing. Still have swelling. Ugh

Bathing suit pics!

Went swimming yesterday and today for Memorial Day holiday! See pics!!

6 week post op pics

Well, I'm 6 weeks PO now and feeling great. Still wearing my binder only at night and I just ordered another one off of Amazon. My old one is somewhat losing its elasticity. :-)

Finally! 7 month post op pics!

Doing well and can't believe it's been 7 mo! Here are some pics! Still healing, still numb at certain areas and believe it or not, still have swelling!! But loving my new tummy!

1 year 2 month post op pics!!

Here are my 1 year 2 month post op pics! Still working on toning my legs :-/
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Obaid is a very friendly very smart PS. He takes the time to show you his work and answer all your questions. I love how he listens to your every word like you are his only patient. He gave me his personal cell number the day of surgery so I could directly call him! His work is amazing!!! I definitely recommend him and his staff! I love Lauren who works directly with him. Anytime I texted her, day or night, she promptly replied!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just wanted to let you know I had my sleeve. Been a week and already 13lbs down! Whoop whoop!
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That is AWESOME girlie!! Wish I could lose that same amount!!!! How do you feel??
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Feeling well. Whoever said getting the sleeve just feels like you did sit ups were a damn liar! Lol... My stomach is just now starting to feel better and I am 1 week PO today.
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Oh no!! I hope the pain doesn't last long! :-(
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check you out sexy chica!! XOXO
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Thanks girlie! :-D XOXO
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Long time, no post. ;)U look great!! So glad u decided to update! How is your swelling and numbness? I am at 15 months and still have some issues. Well worth it though! Congrats
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Thanks!! You do too!! Wow! :-) I have some numbness still too. Seems like it's going to take forever for it to fully come back!?!?!! I still have swelling at my hips as the day progresses!! And I really hate that :-( I look "my best" first thing when I get up! Lol. Overall still very happy with it!
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So how about some updated photos chica?
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Ok. I'll post... :-D
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Hey sexy thing :-), just checking on you. I hope you're doing amazing, and that flat tummy is making you happy this summer swimming! I just got my boobies lifted! Now they look just like they did when I was 18. Perky and C's...blah! LOL, my sleeve is scheduled for the 9th of June, then after all my weight loss I will reevaluate and add implants.
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Right back at you sexy! :-) lol. I just looked at your bobby pics! They look amazing! Like a teenager's! Lol. So 2 more days until your gastric sleeve!!! Are you nervous? You're getting a whole new body! Lucky! I'm jealous! Can't wait to see all the pics! :-) Sorry I took so long to write back, my hubby had to have ACL surgery. He tore it playing soccer. Ugh. I've been busy nursing him back to normal. Lol.
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I can't believe I missed your last update, but you look great! How's the scar doing now? Still have numbness? I hope you are doing well! I scared myself out of my surgery, but I still want it. I just don't want to be cut open and risk being unhappy with it. I am totally over thinking it probably, but it's a pretty major surgery in my humble opinion. I am glad it has worked out so well for you though, results like yours make me still want to do it.
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Hey girlie! Thank you!! I am very happy with my results! One of the best things I've ever done! Can't believe it will be a year on the 25th!! Maybe I'll take some 1 year post op pics!! :-)
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Just checking up on you. I will be 1 year post op next month, was wondering how you were doing?
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Hey Lauren!! Still doing great! Thanks! I will be 1 year post op on the 25th. Still very happy! How are things for you??
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Doing well. Still a lot of swelling... I will be a year may 9th. I feel like it will never end. Ha ha
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Yeah I still have some swelling too. Ugh. Are you all healed up from your revision??
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Yes. All healed up. I should be getting this gastric sleeve soon, and then I will have an entire scar revision, with a little lipo to upper pubis. It's still very puffy! I look like I'm packing in my panties. Ha ha. I am getting my boobs done next month though. So excited!
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That's right! You're getting the gastric sleeve! When are you sched for that? What do they do for a scar revision?? Lol. Packing in your panties!! Yay for new boobs!! Lucky girl!!! I need a lift and inflate!!!
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I'm trying to get it done this month. Waiting on passport. Scar revision is when they cut our your scar if it's thick and uneven, and your belly button scar and sew you back together perfect so there is a very minimal scar. Yes my boobs are getting lifted, I will heal, and then do implants if I feel I need them after gastric sleeve. I will be back down to my normal weight after the sleeve so 110-115. So I may like my small boobies,
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Tell me again where you are having it done? Why is it taking so long for your passport? Wow that scar revision sounds awesome! My Dr. never mentioned anything like that?? I would love to be that weight!!
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I'm having gastric sleeve. It's were they cut 80% of your stomach off. Very minimal recovery, and less complications than any weight loss surgery out there. While I am not fat, I do have a BMI of 35, and family history of over weight people, so it's to lose the weight I can't and preventative as well. As for the scar revision most people shouldn't need it, but if you're unhappy with the appearance of your scar, the height of it, you should be able to request a revision. Most doctors do not charge, but since I have moved to Texas, I found one to do a revision for a low cost. Plus my breasts as well.
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Oh ok. I just now realized I never replied back to this. Lol. Lucky you getting your breasts done!! :-D
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You look wonderful !
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