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24, Female - Sydney, Australia

I got my first aligners and attachments in...

I got my first aligners and attachments in yesterday. I have (from what I can count) 19 attachments which seems a lot more than most other reviewers have had added it seems. I have always had horribly crooked teeth and decided to do something about it.

Coming home with them on last night, I felt really disappointed. I was prepared for a lisp, and some pain or discomfort but I thought they'd be a lot less noticeable. In the last 24 hours I've had a few feelings of "do I even need these?" and "maybe I should have just left them alone/gotten metal braces/pulled all my teeth out and eaten soup for the rest of my life" type thoughts. I know eventually I will feel better about them and they will become 'normal' but right now I am not used to them.

Attached are some photos. I didn't take any before I had my attachments put on but you still get the gist. Heading interstate for the next few days so that will give me a little time to get used to them before I have to return to work.

One of my teeth clashes with an attachment on the bottom so I can't really chew right now. Soup and smoothies for the next few weeks I guess. That Invisalign diet!

Looking forward to straighter teeth. I have faith that Invisalign will work, I've done so much research and reading so I know eventually it will be worth it. Mum keeps reminding me "no pain, no gain" and she's right but it will just take some time to get used to. I realise I must sound quite negative right now but I am really excited about the outcomes, promise!
Congratulations, and welcome to our Invisalign community!!!  We have quite a few other Aussies here, and nearly all of them have AcceleDent. Are you looking into that at all?  Most of our Invisaligners from the rest of the world do not, but for some reason, it's very popular among our Aussies.

I'll give you some reviews to peruse at your leisure, some other Aussies and some others who have issues with crowding :).  Feel free to say hi!

You will definitely get used to the treatment, and the discomfort will lesson over the first 3 days or so.  It's also always worse when they put the attachments in right away.  But everyone feels better after a few days! :)

So first, crowding:
HenryZ (had to have a tooth pulled, he's nearly done)
Mil ou's crowding is mainly on the bottom and it's pretty moderate, but there is an overlap tooth.
humbleoracle has pretty severe overcrowding in the bottom jaw
Dante555 has severe overcrowding on the bottom but nearly none on the top
Sunluvva's crowding is pretty severe (and he's an Aussie)
and finally, both AreYouKiddingMe and Cazzieboo have very severe overcrowding.

mlb502, one of our RealFriends, started with pretty crowded teeth as well, but she's nearly done after a long time.
jbranchfield, Yangche, and Ewag2014 are our newest community members before you, I think, with significant crowding.

Then Aussies not mentioned above:
brosegr, Nadinelliana, CJ13, SophieD, Astrodog21, littleoz, Crooky24, smilemelb, Dante555 and Malnic

I look forward to following your progress!  
Wow you're good remembering where everyone is from and what their mouth issue was. Too clever! I have noticed most of the other Aussies have Acceledent but it hasn't been mentioned to me by my Dr and honestly I don't really have the extra money for that! I'm getting used to having the trays in my mouth, they're a little difficult to take out but nothing like the first now. However, they're still so painful to put back in. I avoid it at all costs and have hardly eaten in the last few days! I hope that pain is a normal pain. I'll check out all those reviews now :)
You're working on real crowding, so I would expect the pain to be more severe than for some.  But it's kind of unpredictable.  Everything will get better with time…though there will also likely be a couple of trays here and there that just feel relatively unbearable, once all the others are no big deal :).  

Second trays

Just popped my second trays in, definite tightness but it's not unbearable. I am a little concerned because the top tray doesn't seem to be fitting on my molars on the right side. It's not flush against the teeth and almost feels as if it's popping off. I might call my Dr tomorrow to see what he says.

The first few days weren't great but it got easier quite quickly. Ortho wax is my new all time favourite thing. I went away for a few days to Melbourne and it was such an ordeal to get my trays out those first few days that I mainly only ate in the hotel room. Lucky I've got a great partner and he didn't mind taking all our food to go.

Bed soon and hoping the looseness on my molars fixes itself soon. I am strapped for time this week and don't think I will have time to head to my Dr at all.

Like others have said, the teeth brushing and flossing can be arduous at times but it's not really a big deal. When I cook, I can't taste the food as I go so apologies to my family that they have been getting undercooked and over-seasoned meals the last few days. I haven't been able to eat lettuce at all which is bugging me, my teeth don't align when I bite so it is difficult to eat finer veggies like lettuce. Thank goodness for green smoothies!
Hoping things have been going better!  We just got another Aussie so I'm checking up on you guys :D.  Have you found the chewies to have started helping?  Do you still bother with them?  Wondering because I never used them but have heard great things!
Hi! I only use them the first few days of a new tray, they help the trays fit properly. I usually just bite down on them and you hear/feel the tray pop into place. Have my 6 week check up in a few days.. My only concern is that I've found with tray 2 (especially) and tray 3, I've been clenching my jaw when I sleep and I'm a little sore in the morning.. Wondering if you've read anything about that and perhaps any suggestions on why/how to stop. When I'm awake I try and be as conscious of it as possible and make sure not to do it! I'll check out the new Aussie now ;)
I did that :(.  And I still do it with my retainers, actually. :(:(:(  It's a terrible habit to get into, although my doctor said it helps the treatment go faster, so that's the only positive.  I found exactly nothing to combat it at night.  It's like my jaw is so used to its resting state without the aligners, that it just wants to go there, and keeps trying even with the aligners in.  I've looked through the doctors' answers here on RealSelf several times and they say there is nothing really to be done.  Relaxation exercises and the like.  It can leave you with a bit of an open bite, but that can also resolve itself when you are no longer in aligners 22 hours/day.  Anyway, it's very common, the clenching, so you're certainly not alone!

Fourth Trays

Just popped my fourth trays in my mouth. Only another 32 to go haha! They are tight yes but really not bad right now. No pain, just not as familiar as my last trays began to feel at the end of their two week cycle.

Had my first appointment booked in with my doc yesterday but he was ill and couldn't make it to the office. I've got work all week so couldn't make it any other day and I am too eager to keep moving ahead so I didn't want to wait for my new trays. I headed in anyway and picked them up from his lovely, wonderful receptionist/hygienist.

We've been in contact via email today so I'll see if he needs me to come in soon. I haven't had any real dramas except for
- clenching when I sleep.
- my midline is shifting and becoming a little more misaligned.

Small issues so I'm not too worried. TwoPlusOne said she used to clench as well, anyone else have this problem? I am just trying to be really conscious of it and remind myself to stop.

Attached is a picture of my teeth in their fourth trays. Really not a glamorous picture.. Looking forward to straight white teeth!

Itchy gums!

Why do I have them and how do I stop it??

I've noticed the last few days my face (chin/cheeks) has been slightly itchy but I kind of ignored it, putting it down to it being Spring here in Australia.. But today I realised it's actually my gums that are itchy and now it's driving me crazy! Any help?

Had a check up around 10 days ago now and everything is tracking nicely. Doc is happy and I am happy! Not much to report.. Molars are sensitive as they're doing the most movement at the moment. Pretty cruisy Invisalign experience this far!

Not going to upload any photos because there really is no noticeable difference yet!
We have three current Invisaligners that I could find who experienced the itchiness: SophieDdonewaiting, and Rainora.  You can go to their reviews and search for 'itch', but I asked Sophie back when she mentioned it and she never answered, so I'd try the other two :).  Rainora is the one closest to you in Invisalign newness, I think.

Tray 7

6/36 complete! Just moved into tray 7.
I just did a picture comparison of day 1 compared to tonight and i can probably say I like my teeth less now than I did at the start BUT I am staying positive. I feel like I've read all your teeth have to be pushed out first before they come good. I'm telling myself that anyway :)
It looks like you're doing really well! I had Invisalign in my very early teens because I was too conscious to get braces and my parents allowed me to go down the invisalign route. I am (and was) quite a diligent and motivated person... but I assume you can empathise when I tell you, at 13 years old... I just didn't wear them! At that age I think when there is pain that you can remove or get rid of, you just want to get rid of it! I think people with invisalign always feel that theirs are more noticeable than others. I had quite a few attachments when I had my invisalign and I was disappointed that they weren't truly unnoticeable. But honestly, I think you just have to trust your ortho and know that he put those attachments there for a reason. They will 'snap' your trays on much tighter which will overall give you the best result. I'm a bit wary of people who have invisalign with only a couple attachments on the back teeth, but maybe they didn't have as many problems. Anyway, I'm like almost one week into ceramic braces (at 22 years old now) and it's going well. They're clear but much more noticeable than invisalign! I was too scared to go down that path again haha. (I hope this isn't scaring you! You're 24 so probably a lot better with it than I was!). With crowding I think it's definitely normal to get some spaces between the teeth (and thus you like them less) before they can really align them. I have a gap in my front teeth forming already. Yes, it looks terrible but I trust that it'll all take shape :) Good luck with your journey, I can't wait to see the end result - I'm sure you'll be so stoked!!
Stay positive, things will improve :)
You're right--often things have to get worse before getting better, because of the need to make room.  In the second picture it looks like your midline has moved significantly off-center, but then I also saw that you're holding your jaw a little off-center.  Has the tooth movement made it uncomfortable to rest your jaw symmetrically?


Tray 8, day 3

I am currently in America! Travelling 15 hours on a plane with Invisalign is challenging! Reading "water not for consumption" in the aeroplane bathrooms AFTER you brush your teeth using that water is worrying (but I've made it through). One tooth is hurting a lot for these trays but initial pain and pressure for the rest of my mouth only lasted around 12 hours for these trays. Nothing to really report, seeing my doc again half way through tray 9.
I always brush my teeth on planes.  But if it's too scary you can use bottled water next time :).  What are you up to in the states?  Something fun, I hope!
Sydney Cosmetic Dentist

Friendly, positive, great. Really happy I saw an advertisement for his practice. He isn't located anywhere near where I live but I am happy to travel to where he is.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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