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16 days and counting! I'm scheduled for...

16 days and counting! I'm scheduled for abdominoplasty December 5th at 9 am. I can't wait! I never thought I'd be excited over having surgery but I am! I've wanted one for years, after I lost about 75 pounds. I was thin as a kid and young adult, but after I had my son who weighed 9 and a half pounds I kept slowly gaining weight. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and placed on medication. It kept the weight steady but I had a hard time losing it. I fluctuated between 180 and 195 for about 10 years. Finally I had a doctor really get onto me who didn't coat his words, he flat out told me I was fat! Like I didn't know that, ugh.....anyway that was the push I needed, he recommended the low carb diet, which I'd never tried. It took me about 8 months to get down to 140 from the 195. I stayed around there for a few months then lost on down to 125. Now I stay between that and 130, and I'm 5'1" and 39 years old, so that's about right. I just cannot get rid of this belly, its awful. I've exercised and eaten right (for the most part) for years, and no matter what I do it just won't go away! I've been so frustrated at times that I just cry because no matter how hard I work it won't budge. It'll shrink down some but doesn't go away. I've had several doctors tell me surgery is all that will fix it so here I am! My boyfriend and I have a Florida trip planned with a group of friends in May, so I wanted to go ahead and do this so I don't have to wear a skirt to go swimming. I would love to be able to go and just enjoy myself without trying to make sure I'm covered and worrying about what people think of me, and comparing myself to other women with their "normal" bellies. I'm happy with the rest of me, I'm fairly toned from all the exercise, and I think once I have this done I'll be ecstatic! I went for my consultation last week and the surgeon gave me some good news, he said I had such good muscle tone in my abs that I won't need them tightened, and I won't need lipo either. So I'm hoping maybe it won't be quite as painful of a recovery. I had 2 consultations with 2 different docs, and I liked this one better. He sounded like he uses some common sense and doesn't just go along with what all the other surgeons are doing. When I asked how long do I have to wear a binder, he said he doesn't use binders, that they don't fit right and cut off your circulation. They also have a pre-op protocol just for medical personnel. (I'm an RN). When I was filling out my paperwork it asked "do you work in the medical field?" I thought that was an odd question and wondered why they would want to know that. He said medical people are exposed to staph and mrsa etc, and they don't want their OR contaminated, HA!! I have to put antibiotic ointment in my nose every day for several days prior to the surgery and take prophylactic antibiotics. I also have to scrub with hibiclens in the shower every day 5 days prior and the morning of, but I think that may be everyone, not just medical personnel. He has a less than 1% infection rate in the last 5 years, which I thought was pretty impressive. When he was examining me he said he would put my belly button back where it's supposed to be, I said hell I didn't know it WASN'T where it was supposed to be! I've never had surgery in my life, never been under general anesthesia, so I'm a little anxious about that but I don't really feel scared. I'm so excited about having it done and the end results that it's overriding the fear. He told me I would see "dramatic results" even on the first day! My boyfriend is an RN also, he's going to take care of me post-op. At least he knows nurses make the worst patients! I'm sure it's premature but I've already ran out to victoria's secret and spent way too much, but I wanted something to encourage me if I do get scared, and wanted something to remind me why I'm doing it. I want to feel confident walking around in my bathing suit, my underwear, and naked! I've never let my boyfriend see me naked standing up, it's just too embarrassing, and we've been together almost 2 years. When I lay down it spreads out, so that's ok, haha! I want to be able to walk through the house in something sexy and feel good about myself, I want to be able to wear clothes that look good on me, I want to be able to go to crossfit and do the exercises without worrying about my shirt riding up where people can see my belly, and I hate the way it jiggles when I'm running and jumping rope. I worked hard to get this weight off and keep it off, and feel like I deserve this. I'll try to post some pics soon, if I can get up the nerve to let my boyfriend see me, ugh. Wish me luck!

Omg I can't believe I just put pictures of my bare...

omg I can't believe I just put pictures of my bare belly on the internet for all the world to see. I've never had pictures of it like this before, and it makes me want to cry. I know there are others on here who totally understand and feel my pain, I'm so glad I found this website. It's so irritating when people say "you don't need a tummy tuck, you look fine!" When I've encountered this at work lately I've been taking them to the breakroom and pulling my pants down and SHOWING them why I need a tummy tuck. The looks on their faces have been priceless, then they just say "oh....." It's easy to hide this in clothes, not so much naked lol.
Has anyone else noticed that the closer you get to your surgery day the faster the time is going? Now that I'm 6 days away the time seems to be FLYING!!! Tomorrow is when I start showering with hibiclens and putting antibiotic cream up my nose, so the prep begins! I bought some stool softeners too, I'm thinking of starting those around sunday.
I have such mixed emotions.....at first I was so excited, and I still am, but now that it's this close I have moments of panic and wondering can I back out, is it too late to back out, I can't do this..... But I know if I don't do it I will regret it and be furious with myself. The frustration of having to carry this belly around is overriding the fear I think. I'm worried about so many things....the pain, the anxiety of going in, will everything go ok.....I don't have that natural curve in my cervical spine, it's straight so I worry if they'll have a hard time intubating me. I've been praying every day that everything will go smoothly. I'm a big believer in prayer!
ok, just wanted to update and whine a little, and put up my befores.....as much as I hated to! Good luck everyone, till next time....

Started my hibiclens pre-op prep this am! It's...

started my hibiclens pre-op prep this am! It's getting closer and closer! I've looked at my pictures a couple of times and am so embarrassed....I look even worse than I thought I did. If I don't get this done soon I'll be able to claim that belly as a dependent! Good luck to everyone having theirs done today!!

Ugh, started the bactroban up the nose last night...

ugh, started the bactroban up the nose last night and this morning. I think I put a little too much up there last night, when I went to bed it started running down my throat and burned and was bitter. It was awful. This morning I didn't use as much and it was better. I woke up at 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep thinking about wednesday, it's almost here! in 96 more hours I'll be laying there gutted like a fish and I can't wait! I watched a couple of tummy tuck surgeries on youtube, probably not the smartest thing in the world but.....I saw one where the ps talked about the jp drains, and mentioned he puts the "hubs" on the outside of the skin so that when they're pulled they don't hurt as bad. I'm going to ask my ps to do that when I go in. I'm about to start on the house, giving it a good cleaning so I don't have that to worry about. I feel like I'm nesting before birth or something lol. This time wednesday they should be finishing me up....I find myself looking at the clock thinking this many more hours this will happen.... I know, I'm crazy! Have a good weekend everyone, hope all the ones who have had theirs already are doing well and hanging in there!

72 hours, 4 minutes...counting down!!! I didn't...

72 hours, 4 minutes...counting down!!! I didn't put quite as much bactroban up my nose last night and this am and that seems to have helped the burning and drainage. Mostly I've been overly excited about having this done, but I woke up at midnight after a crazy dream and could NOT go back to sleep, I was having doubts and the fear crept in. I said screw this and took a couple of xanax and slept like a baby for the rest of the might lol. I haven't had much fear or worry about this at all, just every now and then. My boyfriend told me to sit down today and tell him what I think I might want to eat this week and he'd do some cooking. He has been soooo supportive in all this and has patiently listened to me talk nonstop about it. How has everyone's appetite been post op? I bought a few cans of soup and some pudding and yogurt, and some gatorade and ginger ale in case I get nauseated. I can't imagine dry heaving and puking after a tummy tuck, or coughing or sneezing!!! Good luck to all having theirs in the next couple of days, I'll see ya'll on the flat side soon!

24 hours, 42 minutes......it's almost here!!!! ...

24 hours, 42 minutes......it's almost here!!!! Took some xanax to help me sleep last night, then it's valium tonight. I'm sipping my coffee nice and slow and savoring it this morning due to the npo hell of the morning tomorrow, ugh. I don't care about not eating but I like my coffee in hand as soon as I get out of bed every morning. I asked my bf to take me to the movies tonight to get out of the house and keep my mind occupied, plus who knows how soon I'll be able to do that again. I'm so glad he's an RN too, I feel like I'm getting some post op specialized care for free lol. Good luck to everyone having theirs today, prayers are with you all!! :)

2 more hours till I'm on the table! Thank God for...

2 more hours till I'm on the table! Thank God for valium or I'd be a nervous wreck. Right now I'm ok, just ready to get on with it. I think I'm more upset that I can't have my coffee than anything else :( Prayers for all of those having theirs done today also! I will see you guys on the FLAT SIDE!!! :)

Going to try to put up a couple of pics. it hurts...

going to try to put up a couple of pics. it hurts like hell but that will pass, Im trying to be patient but thats not my style lol. my ps found a small umbilical hernia so he went ahead and fixed that, wooohoooo! the last thing I remember was being wheeled out of the pre op room and smiling really big at the nurse and moaning and groaning every time my bf would hit a bump on the way home.
the pain is worse than i expected it to be but we're staying ahead on the pain meds so it's only bad when I get up to go pee and then have to lay back down. this last time was much better. its amazing to me to look down and that belly is just gone! Good luck to all who are about to hve theirs done!!

Doing much better today, going to try to back off...

doing much better today, going to try to back off on the demerol. it really just hurts when I'm getting up and down. once Im up Im ok and once I'm down I'm ok. been taking the long way around to go to the bathroom so I can be up longer. Here's some advice for those who haven't done theirs yet..... lay in a recliner, NOT the couch! I found that out the hard way. I started out on the couch and it was hard as hell to get up and down. My bf would swing my legs around while I pushed myself up and it hurt like a sob!!
the recliner is much easier, all he has to do is sit me up then I can get myself up. I haven't even attempted the bed yet as it is one of those tall beds and I'm only 5 feet tall lol. I made the mistake of getting on the scales, I GAINED 2 pounds!!! WTH?!?!?!? Im telling myself it's just swelling and it'll go away. I think I look pretty thin now, I can't imagine how it's going to look when the swelling goes away. I'm very happy with the results and would definitely do it all over again. it just seems surreal that I don't have that belly anymore. I get to take a shower this evening, I can't wait! that's going to be one of those stand in there forever kind of showers lol. For some reason I'm having bad gas, not sure where thats coming from. no bm yet but I've been taking some stool softeners. Not sure when that'll happen. parts of my stomach feel numb, I'm thinking that may last a while. Im able to take a good deep breath today. no pain at the moment thank you Lord! more to come later, bf about to nurse my wounds lol

Feeling pretty good this am. managed to get in...

feeling pretty good this am. managed to get in the bed last night without too much pain. bf and I slept through the night, it felt good being back in the bed even if I had about 20 pillows under me lol. I have to give my bf lots of credit, he has really taken good care of me. Today is going to be hard to stay down, I feel more with it and not having near as much pain. The drugs keep me loopy and confused, I'm trying to slow down on them, just took half a demerol this am so far. took a shower yesterday evening, it was great! going to get the bf to wash my hair in the kitchen sink later on, I read somewhere it's too hard to do that in the shower since you're hunched over. I swear it's got enough grease in it at the moment to fry a pan of chicken! I'm still very happy with my results, I think I have some swelling still but when it goes away it'll look great. Im glad I took the plunge and did it, I'd do it all over again! I'm ready to get more healed up so I can see how my jeans fit. it's hard to stay off the scales too, I had that problem even before now. I did lose those couple of pounds I'd gained but I'm about where I was when I had this done so who knows. I'm just happy that my shape looks normal! Hope everyone is doing well and prayers going out to those about to have it done, it's so worth it!

I'm going to whine this morning....I'm sick of...

I'm going to whine this morning....I'm sick of sleeping in one position, I'm sick of walking hunched over, I'm sick of wearing ted hose, I'm sick of being swollen, Im sick of being cooped up in the house, I'm sick of depending on my bf to do things for me even though I'm doing more for myself than before, Im sick of my back and butt cheeks hurting worse than my incision, and I'm sick of toting these drains around! I'm beyond happy with my results, and know the swelling will go away, and I know everything else will go away and i'll be normal again in a few weeks but that doesn't help me in the now, you know? I have backed way off the pain meds, I ended up only taking 2 demerol all day yesterday, half in the am, half in the afternoon and one before bed. took 2 valium just because I'm so tensed up, and one phenergan bc of the demerol. My pain has decreased significantly since I had the tuck done 4 days ago. I can get in and out of the bed alone and to the bathroom and back alone. still need help in the shower though, my bf just gets in with me and helps me out. He's been great through the whole thing. Thank God we're both nurses so when he says how's your pain and I say about a 3 we each know what we're talking about lol. I think that has made it a lot easier too. I need to focus on the positives and quit worrying about the negatives, they'll pass. my belly looks fantastic, I couldn't be happier with it, my bf has been wonderful, my family and friends have been supportive, I had a bm yesterday and it was easier than I expected, I can dress and undress myself, get up and down by myself, my pain is much improved, I made it through the surgery with no problems, my panties fit like they're supposed to without me oozing out of them. So really I need to shut the hell up with the whining! I get my drains out day after tomorrow, woohooo!! I think I have some pms this week too, ugh......
ok that's enough whining and bitching on my part, thank you guys for listening, i love this site, everyone here seems to know what everyone else is going through and I think that's great! Thank you!

Not much time to talk today, bf's sister and mom...

not much time to talk today, bf's sister and mom are coming to rescue me from these 4 walls for a bit, Im getting cabin fever! tried on my new victoria's secret draws today, and OMG THEY FIT!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!! so sexy with the drains dangling don't you think lol. more to come later, got to get presentable. hope everyone is doing well and I'll catch up soon. love to you all!

Went and did a little shopping and ate lunch with...

went and did a little shopping and ate lunch with the bf's mom and sister, was only gone a couple of hours but it did me in. It was nice to get out of the house but Im disappointed I didn't last longer before hurting and being so tired. I was just about in tears by the time I could lay down. it wasn't even my incision or stomach hurting so bad, it was my back and just feeling worn out. I took a demerol and a valium and laid on the couch on my heating pad and took a 3 hour nap. bf is supposed to be home soon to help me shower and go to the neighbor's house for dinner later. I feel down in the dumps today, hoping it's just that time of the month about to hit, I have bad pms sometimes. I miss snuggling and cuddling with my man, right now all we can do is hold hands for the most part when we go to bed. I'm sick of laying on my back too.....you know what I did a bunch of complaining yesterday let me not do all that crap again today. I put on my victoria's secret panties I bought pre-op and they FIT, that's something to be excited about, and I emptied my drains for the last time a few minutes ago because they're coming out tomorrow, so that's a definite plus. I haven't had a bit of nausea through this whole experience, that's a wonderful thing too. And I sure couldn't have asked for better results! I look even better than I anticipated, my doctor did a great job. I vaguely remember calling his office like the next day blabbing on and on to whoever answered the phone how wonderful he was, I think I was on pain meds when I did that lol. I'm excited to go in and show myself off to them tomorrow. It feels so weird to not have that big belly anymore. I don't have anywhere to prop up my laptop or my dinner plate now lol. I'm amazed at how good it turned out without lipo or mr. He told me right before he took me back while he was marking me up that in order not to do lipo he'd have to make my incision longer, that it was up to me what I wanted. I said I'd rather have a longer incision. I don't think I ever had a bruise, either. He's excellent, I'd definitely go back to him if I ever wanted anything else done. Anyway, just wanted to update, hope everyone is well!!

I woke up this morning in a much better frame of...

I woke up this morning in a much better frame of mind for some reason. I feel like I have more energy today than I've had so far so I'm going to try to do some laundry and water some droopy plants and things today. My bf and I both woke up around 2 am this morning, and talked just a little bit, then I discovered I could lay on my side fairly comfortable and snuggled for a little bit. That lifted my mood quite a bit right there. I miss that closeness with him and I miss lying on my sides instead of my back. I go to the dr. this afternoon to get my drains removed, I want to ask him if what I still have going on is swelling or is this IT. Im thinking it's swelling because my bf made a comment this am that it doesn't look as big as it did yesterday. It occurred to me this morning too that I never had a lick of bruising that I could see. I think that's from not having lipo done. I don't know yet how my incision looks since it's still covered in paper tape and I have another week or so before that comes off. I know it's very low, so I'm happy about that. My belly button area has been bothering me some, it's been kinda icky and crusty so I scrubbed it a little in the shower yesterday and left the bandaid off of it so it could air out some and it looks better this am. the bandaid was irritating my skin around it too. It also has a hard spot beside it, I'm wondering if that's where that umbilical hernia was that he repaired. I guess I need to make a new list of questions for him lol. Going to put up a pic of my belly button I'm a little worried about and see what you guys think!

Been back from my post op appt. for a little bit...

been back from my post op appt. for a little bit and tried to take new pics but my computer isn't cooperating very well, so I have a repeat of one and one I didn't mean to put up that has a partial boob shot. sorry! anyway, I'm very happy they took the drains out, it really didn't hurt at all, it hurt more to have the stitches removed from my belly button actually. It looks much better now that the stitches are out so I'm not as concerned about it as I was before. He said it looked a little bad because I had that hernia beside it that he fixed. He said everything looks good except I'm swollen, he got onto me for wearing yoga pants that he said were too tight, I thought they fit fine but he said not to wear anything around the house except a gown or a tshirt and panties, and that my panties needed to be pretty loose and need to be on the incision line, not above it or below it to keep the swelling down. Keep in mind this is the dr. who doesn't believe in binders either so...... He said when I do go out and have to wear pants to make sure the waistline is on my incision line, not above or below because it will collect fluid. So I'll try and see what happens. Now I'm home looking like Tom Cruise from Risky Business a hundred years ago in my tshirt socks and draws lol. I do feel MUCH better without the drains, I thought it was my actual incision keeping me from standing up straighter and taking longer steps but it was actually the drain sites giving me issues. I can almost stand up straight already, he said I should be by 10 days post op which will be this Saturday already. He says the pooch i do have is just from the swelling and it should go away. I'm SOOOO happy with my results as you can tell by the look on my face lol. I want to tell everyone I see with a belly to go get a tummy tuck lol. This was the best investment I've ever made!

About to get in the shower drain free for the...

about to get in the shower drain free for the first time, I can't wait! Got to sleep on my sides last night, that was great. Im amazed at how well I'm doing just one week out. My only real bad pain at the moment is where he removed the hernia, if it wasn't for that I'd be about 95%. I've got a couple of errands to run so I'm going to try and get out and see how it is driving. I have a stick shift, this ought to be fun! I'm a lousy driver on a GOOD day, so watch out! Hope everyone's doing well today!

Took my shower without stopping to rest...

took my shower without stopping to rest afterwards, jumped in the car and showed myself off at work for a bit then went to walgreens to get my bf a thank you card.....it was too much! I swelled up and felt awful. So disappointing since I started out feeling so well. Came home and cried, I have bad pms on top of all that so I said to hell with it, took a valium and slept on my heating pad for a couple of hours. I feel better now and bf should be home soon, but I'm still swollen. Tomorrow I'm going to force myself to take it easy. Then to top it off i sneezed my very first sneeze and thought I was dying. It snuck up on me so I didn't have time to splint my belly or anything. I'm so glad I have this website to bitch and moan and people know where I'm coming from! Tomorrow's another day, right?

Hey everyone, haven't been on much the last couple...

Hey everyone, haven't been on much the last couple of days, period and crap, just blah. Anyway all better now, and I got on the scales this am and I'm down about 6 lbs! So after my shower, makeup, and doing my hair I tried on those little "incentive" outfits I bought at victoria's secret pre-op.....and even swollen I'll tell you ladies, i thought I was the SH*T!!!! OMG I cannot BELIEVE how good everything looked, and one outfit I'll have to take back because right now it's a little too big so I know when the swelling goes down I'll need a smaller size. Already I am soooooooo glad, just BEYOND glad I did this!!!! It has been worth every single pain, wrong move, scared to poop, painful sneezing, and back hurting from stooping over moment I've had!!!!! I almost cried except I knew it would hurt lol. I can't tell you all the emotions I felt seeing myself looking NORMAL, and looking GOOD in some pretty, lacy, feminine panties. I'm sure that sounds crazy to some people but on here I know you guys will know EXACTLY what Im talking about. My belly wasn't spilling out from underneath them, out from the top of them, and I could actually see my hips instead of the beginning of my old "apron" belly. My side view, which was always my WORST, was great! I could see my vajay-jay!!!! ALL of it!!!! and my incision is low enough that everything I've already bought, which really isn't THAT much, hides it. For the first time in YEARS I felt sexy and attractive and that was still with tape on my incision and my shoulders still hunched a little and stomach still swollen some. In a month or 2 I'm not going to be able to stand myself lol! I just had to share with everyone.....the ones who have done it and are out a while who know EXACTLY what I'm feeling, the ones who are about to do it and are scared, DON'T BE........and for the ones who are very recent and hurting and needing a light at the end of the tunnel....it's there, I PROMISE you!!!! I'm so glad I did this, it was the best decision I've ever made for just myself. Happy healing everyone, going with my wonderful supportive bf to walk the dog around the block, have a good one! :) from one happy ass tummy tucker!!!!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a...

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood........ :) :) :)

I had my 2nd po appt today, they took off the tape...

I had my 2nd po appt today, they took off the tape that has been on there since the surgery on the 5th. everything looked great, the dr was happy, blah blah blah.....then the nurse put a thinner piece of tape on there which the dr said was fine, and I could change it out myself if it gets ratty/dirty etc. i leave and as I'm walking out to my car it's like I felt everything kind of shift. like my insides slid downward or something. then on the way home I felt something poking me in my right side an in or 2 from my belly button, and when I turn a certain way it pokes me. I called them on my way home because it just doesn't feel like it did before and Im worried, the nurse is supposed to call me back but hasn't yet. When I got home i changed clothes and it looks about the same only now I have a tiny muffin top over my panties that I didn't have before. I THINK it's swelling but I'm not real sure with my new symptoms..... but I did go back to work today and of course a nurse called in and I had to work out on the floor with the patients some so I was up moving around quite a bit for longer than I normally have been even with my excellent recovery so I think I'm maybe just swollen a little more. anyway has this happened to anyone else? I seriously need some reassurance!! then of course I txt my bf to see when he's coming home and he's working late tonight of all freakin nights so I'm pissed off even though I know he can't help it. please let me know if this has happened to any of you or what ya'll think it might be. thank you guys!!!

Ok, dr office called back, the poking is either a...

ok, dr office called back, the poking is either a stitch or a nerve, nothing I can do about that, and the shifting feeling is probably the extra fluid I have on today, nothing to worry about. all the things my rational nurse mind told me, I guess I need to listen to it more often, but I'm a dialysis nurse not a cosmetic surgery nurse so...... he said take it easy and quit walking so much (ugh!) I knew I shouldn't have confessed to that. I confessed that I finally had some sex too and he didn't say not to do that so..... hee hee! anyway I feel much better, bf called and was really sweet, made me feel bad about cussing him earlier. he went into nurse mode too, asking does it hurt are you bleeding is it symmetrical do you have any open areas blah blah blah...... I think it's so cool to be a nurse and be WITH a nurse, it's nice to be able to talk the medical language and we know what the other is talking about. anyway, I had a huge meltdown for nothing but at the time it didn't feel like nothing. I think all this is just part of the recovery process and I needed to be brought down a few notches from feeling smug about my excellent recovery and not being more thankful for it. I knew in the back of my mind I was overdoing it but I felt fine......oh well, live and learn right? thank you guys for listening and all your input.

One thing I just thought to mention to those who...

one thing I just thought to mention to those who have paper tape on their incision, and I think most do.....if you haven't had it removed yet, be prepared. it's not THAT bad, but I have noticed since I've been home that my incision feels irritated and I know it's just from having the tape taken off then they scrubbed it with peroxide and had to pick off some dried blood. I have a longer incision than normal too to keep from having the lipo done. I told him he did an excellent job today (this was prior to the weird feelings later on lol) and he said well you were an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck. I've never been excellent at anything, I wonder if I can get some kind of award for that? "and this year's most excellent candidate for a tummy tuck award goes to......Tracey Bishop!!!!" *applause* "thank you all so much, this means so much to me! Thank you God for getting me through the surgery, thank you Marcus for taking such good care of me afterwards, thank you to all my friends and family for your support, thank you Victoria's Secret for making such cute draws and brassieres!" as you an all tell, my xanax I took earlier has kicked in, thank you Jesus. Anyway just wanted to come back and mention the tape thing.

Has anyone else gone back to work yet? I did...

Has anyone else gone back to work yet? I did yesterday, swelled up like crazy (see previous wigged out update). I thought maybe it was because I did more than I normally would on a normal workday. I work in dialysis and have a desk job, but when someone calls in or they get in a bind I work the "floor", doing direct patient care. My first day back an RN had called in, so I went out and just did some assessments and drew up a few meds, took care of a few problems.....did this back and forth between sitting at my desk. My wonderful boss was sweet enough to come in at 5 am and not call me, so I didn't even know someone was missing till I got there at 7, then she stayed late also so I wouldn't have to. Anyway, I put in about 6 and a half hours and was swollen and hurting some. This morning all the swelling was gone and I felt pretty good. Everyone was at work so I got to be at my desk but I do have to get up and down going to the fax machine, going out to ask the staff questions etc.... I put a box under my desk and tried to keep my feet propped up thinking that might help some but it didn't. By 1 or 1:30 I was getting really tired and could feel my belly swelling more and more, and that sticking feeling I had yesterday started up again. That's got to be a stitch in there that gets pressed around by the swelling or something. Anyway I ended up leaving early and coming home to lay on the couch and prop my legs up on the couch. After about 2 or 3 hours the swelling was just about gone, but I can't keep doing that every day. My boss called me and I told her I was sorry, she was very understanding thank goodness. I hope this gets better before too long, I hate to keep doing that every day if I can help it. I don't know any way to keep from swelling up. I'm more sore today than I have been in about a week, and hunched over more than I have been. I feel like I've taken a few steps backwards :( Hunched over steps lol......anyway, just wondered how work has been for others going back. Hopefully this will get better soon. Have a good night everyone!

Good morning everyone! I got up this am and...

good morning everyone! I got up this am and weighed the least I've weighed since I started all this, 123.8 lbs!!! wooohoooo!!!! I've dropped almost 10 lbs since the surgery on the 5th. I wanted to see just how bad my swelling gets while I'm at work so I took some before pictures when I got out of the shower this am. I feel like a tire on a car.....I get up in the morning and I have minimum swelling so I'm like a flat tire. By the time noon or 1 rolls around someone has aired me up again. So when I get home today I'm going to take some afters to compare. I have a question for you guys though, has anyone else noticed that they kind of "pooch" out over their incision site? I wasn't doing that until he took that big ass piece of tape off of me on Monday. But I also wasn't swelling like this until Monday either so who knows. Anyway, I think I read where someone else said they had swelling around their incision site so I was wondering. I'm also getting some mild pains here and there around the incision site, and more zings and zaps and tingles. I'm taking all that as part of the healing process and hoping things are growing back together in there. Just a reminder I don't wear a binder.....hmmm Im a poet and didn't know it. I have a 4 day weekend coming up so I hope I can stay off my feet some. I feel like I was doing soooo well and now I've taken some backward steps. I don't know what happened, unless it was just going back to work. I hate to blame work because I like my job, and on my first day back was also a post op appt where he removed the original tape and cleaned me up and all that, so maybe that was it, I don't know. Anyway, I know I'll heal up eventually and this will be a distant memory so I'm trying to focus on that. Hard to do in the "now" though. I did finally stop being all emotional and crap, I think it was the narcotics. I've never taken demerol phenergan or valium, I think they didn't like me much. Ok, you guys have a great day!

Ok, just got home a little bit ago. I had to work...

ok, just got home a little bit ago. I had to work the floor again today, we are having nurse issues and looks like I'll be on the floor for a little while, but my boss is trying to work with me so I don't have to do TOO too much, she's been REALLY great and understanding, I am so appreciative of her. Anyway here are my after work swell hell pictures. it's not as bad as I expected it to be. I tried to sit down as much as I could today and when I took my breaks I propped my legs up. I do like to be out there with the patients because I like to joke and bs with them, and I want to keep up my skills but sheesh, I just had surgery! My A.D.D just kicked in. I felt like a "lazy" nurse, rolling around in a chair most of the day charting and stuff but oh well. I'm hoping my body is adjusting to me being back at work and it's getting a little better. Or maybe I'm just getting used to it. I think as long as it goes down after I get home and lay down Im fine. Everyone's comments made sense, I really appreciate ya'll's input and support when I get all freaked out. It sounds like this is a normal thing, so I'm going to try to stop worrying about it. I don't feel as tired as I did the first couple of days I went back so that's a good thing.
ok the bf is home early, woohooo!!! *happy dance* I'll check back with you guys later :)

Ok, I'm going to use this site to vent about...

ok, I'm going to use this site to vent about something totally tummy tuck unrelated. The good news is I don't have to work tomorrow.... the bad news is the reason why I had to work in the first place (I don't work weekends), and why we're down a nurse. This has been bothering me so bad, I have to share. Yesterday morning when I got to work my boss was already there, which is unusual, and the nurse who was supposed to be there wasn't. She has been having a lot of drama lately and been calling in more often, etc, but she goes in spurts with it so it wasn't anything new that stood out. I asked my boss where was she and she said she didn't know, that she was a no call no show, she couldn't get ahold of her and she had not called or texted. Around 9 or so we got a phone call.......she had shot and killed herself that morning. It just seemed surreal, I've never personally known anyone who has committed suicide. It's very disturbing. I didn't know her that well as I've only been on this job since August, but I came from a clinic that is a sister company that she used to work for, and had met her once or twice and knew who she was by name. I knew she had problems but I had no idea they were this bad. I have to admit I'm angry at her. She had a 17 year old son and a 20 something year old daughter, and it's Christmas for God's sake!!!! I'm a LOUSY psych nurse, and maybe this makes me a bad person but I have low tolerance for people who commit suicide. I feel it's very selfish, especially if you have kids. On the other hand, I've had a very blessed life, and never had any just real serious problems, so I have absolutely no right to judge and I know that. I don't know what she was going through, I don't know what she was thinking, I don't know how hard or difficult her life was, I don't know the hardships she may have had. All I know is I WISH she had reached out and said "help me." I would have done anything I knew to do to keep her from doing what she did. Maybe she didn't know how to ask for help or didn't feel like she could, or didn't know who to ask. But she was an educated RN, she was a great nurse when she was in the game and took excellent care of her patients. She'd been a nurse for a long time, and I know she was smart enough to know what to do when you feel like you want to harm yourself, and she knew there are all kinds of resources out there if she didn't feel like she could talk to anyone close to her. Maybe she didn't feel like she could do that. Maybe she felt like her problems were beyond help. I just don't know, and I'll never know. I've cried here and there, because I just don't understand it. I've thought of the little things today, that just make up everyday life that make it worth living. My bf and I went to walmart, and I was on the phone with my boss following behind him and he made a couple of circles around one of the displays in the middle of the aisle without stopping, and I said what the hell are you going in circles for? He said to see if you would follow me! I mean, it was just so funny, and it was funny that he was teasing me, and maybe this is silly but his teasing makes me feel loved, and he does it all the time. At lunch time today my boss and the secretary were at a restaurant talking and laughing in between being serious about what has happened, and just enjoyed our time together. I got home and the dog was so happy to see me, the Christmas tree lights were on, I got a Christmas card from my sister, my bf texted me that he was on his way home from work, like he does every day...I talked to my mom this morning, I looked in the mirror at my new tummy and felt happy..Im getting my son this weekend when it's not my turn to have him, and I just think of all these good things strung together....then I thought of the bad...I came home swollen AGAIN, and hurting a little....I had to clean the bathroom this am because it was filthy and I was sick of looking at it, my bf called and asked could I take the trash out to the curb because he forgot, and I'll be damned if it wasn't full, and we have a steep driveway and I just had freakin' surgery....I have to work the floor now unexpectedly, after freakin surgery, instead of being able to recuperate at my desk, I have to work half a day on Christmas Eve when I didn't have to before....I'm sure I'm overdrawn in my checking account so I'm afraid to look at it.....all bad things but I had enough good things to balance it out. My point is, did this nurse just not have enough good in her life to balance out the bad? Did she feel like the good just wasn't good enough? Was the bad so bad she just couldnt' take it anymore? DId she feel like this would solve all her problems? All she's done is created a bazillion more for everyone around her. Her kids are going to associate every Christmas for the rest of their lives with their mom's suicide. To me that's just mean. I can't wrap my head around it. I'm sad too, because I feel like maybe i should've seen it or felt it or SOMETHING. I feel bad because I got so frustrated with her before my surgery for calling in so much. I feel sad that she felt so bad inside that she felt this was her only solution. She was a tiny thing, so energetic on her good days, with a deep throaty laugh and a contagious smile that looking back I didn't see that often. She was so excited when the last twilight movie came out and went and saw it with her girlfriends and we talked about it the next day. I would go out to help her sometimes when she'd get in a bind with the patient care and she'd be so grateful. I loaned her a halloween costume and she loved the shoes that went with it so much that I gave them to her. That wasn't even 2 months ago, how the hell do you go from having a ball at a halloween party to killing yourself? I just can't understand it. I'm trying so hard not to judge her, I don't know what she was going through but I just feel so angry at her for leaving her kids like this. I wish she had asked for help from someone, ANYone. But she didn't and you can't undo what's been done. So......I just had to vent and get this off my chest, and typing it out has actually helped ease some of the anger I'm feeling. I'm sure this is the last place I should have done this but I don't feel it's something appropriate to vent out on facebook and maybe it's inappropriate here too but I couldn't hold it in any longer, and I just feel a like this site is more than comparing tummies, it's connecting to other women and it's a sisterhood, it's a huge support group, and I feel the support can be about more than how swollen we are at the end of the day, how we're worried about the shape of our belly buttons or how our first bm's went. We're all going through more than just our tummy tucks in our lives right now and I hope we can reach out to one another and find solace and a hand to hold in the sad times. I know that's how I feel after telling this story, and telling it has relieved some of my pain and for that I'm thankful to you guys for understanding, and even if you don't for at least being there for me. I wish this nurse had expressed herself and found some comfort but she didn't. RIP sweetheart, I hope you've found the peace you didn't have here on earth.

I took the tape off my incision this morning to...

I took the tape off my incision this morning to shower it, clean it up and put some antibiotic ointment on it. I had one small open place on it when I went Monday and I wanted to see how it was healing. When I went to the dr. I could only see it from my point of view of being above it. I held out my phone and took a pic but my phone takes crappy pics. And I was in the drs office so of course there was no time to really process what I was seeing. So when I took the tape off today I had another unexpected meltdown. I'm tired of meltdowns!!! Anyway, my bf helped me, we used nail polish remover with acetone which is what my surgeon recommended, i was afraid it would sting but it didn't at all. I soaked some cotton balls and ran them back and forth across the whole thing for a minute or so to let it soak into the adhesive, then took a fresh one to use underneath as we pulled the tape back, and got another fresh one as that one would go dry. My bf did the rubbing while I pulled the tape because I felt like he was pulling too fast lol. Anyway we got the tape off with not much effort, it didn't hurt it just felt really weird. I would see him rubbing in on area but I would feel it in an area he wasn't even touching. I know the nerves are all jacked ass up in there but it was so odd. Anyway he was telling me it looked good and from what I could see it looked good, and my open place is now closed and healed up. But when he got done and I turned around to see it in the mirror I fell apart. I know I've mentioned he had to make my incision longer to keep from doing lipo, so you can't even see from the front where it ends or begins. It was black and had not been cleaned up yet of course. I feel like 2 different people.....sometimes I feel like parts of this would be easier if I wasn't a nurse. The rational RN part of me said it looks GREAT, it's healing well, he did a fantastic job and if I were a patient of my own I'd be very pleased. The ME part of me could only see one long hideous incision that looked like something from Frankenstein and made me wonder why had I done this to myself. I busted out crying and my bf was all worried and I kept telling him I was ok, because I couldn't put into words at that moment how I was feeling. I went and got in the shower and it felt good to be honest, the warm water finally getting to that area. I cried and cried and tried to tell myself I KNEW this was the tradeoff before going in, i knew I was going to have a long scar, I knew in order to get rid of that horrible belly that this was the price I had to pay. But all I could think was how bad I perceived it to look and how could I do that to my body and it was too late now i can't go back. I finally forced myself to go on and wash my hair etc, and I used a washcloth and some antibacterial soap and gently scrubbed all the icky dried blood off, there wasn't much, and scrubbed it for a few minutes. I got out of the shower, had gotten calmed down and forced myself to look at it. To ME it still looks hideous, but the RN part of me finally won out and told the ME part it looks great, it's healing well, no problems and to quit the damn whining. I know I would still do this all over again, there's no doubt about it. The perceived "hideous" incision is still much better than the God awful belly I had. I'm not ashamed for my bf to see the incision, I did NOT want him to see the belly. Hell I didn't want to see the belly lol. Anyway, I am very happy with my belly and he did do an excellent job, and it's healing well. I just have to deal with my feelings about the incision, and I know in time it won't look like this, it will be a faint line and not be so prominent, and besides no one is going to see it but me and my bf, and whomever I chose to show it to. My bf had gotten me a get well card when I came home from having it done, and it was excuses to tell people about your scar, my favorite was escaped from alcatraz. One was saved a neighbor from a robbery and one was slept wrong, I don't remember the others. He told me it looks great, not to worry so much about it, hugged me etc. sigh.....I just looooove him. Ok, onto a lighter note....I noticed something a couple of days ago, and now Im wondering how many times I had this happen when I had my belly and never noticed it. Now that I can see my cooch I have crazy camel toe! Its a new thing I have to check now when I get dressed. I wonder how often I had that before and just never saw it? And my new belly button seems deep, I could about park my car in there. Alrighty guys, need to get around and get a few things done, thanks for listening. If anyone else has had this happen to them I'd appreciate the story! I love to read ya'lls stories. Have a good day everyone!

I need to put some pics up but I managed to get...

I need to put some pics up but I managed to get into my jeans today, first time since the surgery! they're the ones I'm wearing in my before pics. Im still swollen but I couldn't even get them fastened a week ago so i am not complaining! they feel so weird, they're my favorites so I wear them all the time, so to feel parts of them on my thighs etc that i didn't feel before is really odd, but even swollen I feel like I am rocking these pants lol. went to my bf's moms, so I brought some standby sweats in case of swelling, don't want to be miserable. anyway, just wanted to post!

Ok, got into the jeans but it didn't last. It did...

ok, got into the jeans but it didn't last. It did however last longer than i expected it to. I'm glad I had the foresight to bring those sweats! I even had to come out of them BEFORE we ate our early Christmas dinner lol. Oh well, I rocked them for a minute anyway. I'm still happy I got into them for a while, here are the pics.

Man have I missed having me a drink or 2! my 2...

man have I missed having me a drink or 2! my 2 weeks post op have been up a few days so I had me some wiiiiiiine tonight, about a half a bottle or so....amybe 3/4 bottle. ANWAY..... we watched a movie while I was getting my drink on and there was some chinese in it and my bf got a little annoyed with me....I was just trying to interpret for him, sheesh! So after the movie I went to pee and of course my draws were stuck to my incision and I had to peel it off like a fruit roll up. So I decided to get out the nail polish remover and have at it. I'm tlelling ya'll, the best time to do this is after some alcohol. The weird sensations don't bother you near as much as when you're sober. the area that bothers me the most is the middle part. I have lost a lot of feeling there but it still feels weird. anybody else know what I mean? anyway, I got quite a bit but not all. I think it's gonna take a few more bottles of wine or a few more beers to get the rest, I'd better make a liquor store run tomorrow. and a walmart run for more nail polish remover. I did the sides and made my bf do the middle part. It's like it doesn't bother me as much if someone else touches it there. I tried to get him to pluck out the 5 or so pubes growing out of my incision in the middle but he just laughed at me. I wanted my incision low but good lawd almighty, I didn't want twigs growing out of it! anyway, I just wanted to pass along....alcohol prior to adhesive removal. have a good night ladies!

I'm 3 weeks 2 days post op, have been in swell...

I'm 3 weeks 2 days post op, have been in swell hell for the last week and a half, now I'm having weird pains. I honestly think it's just stuff re-attaching and healing because I'm not running fever, nothing's red, the swelling is symmetrical, nothing's oozing, and it doesn't hurt BAD, so...... it's hard to describe how it feels, sometimes it feels like a muscle cramp or twitch, sometimes it feels like there's a wire in there somewhere pulling on stuff. I didn't have lipo and only had lower ab mr, not upper. But upper is where it bothers me the most for some reason, not so much where the incision is. Has anyone else had this issue?

Tummy tuck 7 grand.....pair of spanx 43 bucks........

tummy tuck 7 grand.....pair of spanx 43 bucks......the look on the bf's face while I'm squeezing into them......priceless...... I got a pair today that come up under my boobies, I'm thinking I seriously need some kind of support at work since I'm doing more than I expected to. Even though my ps didn't put me in a binder he said I could wear some spanx if I wanted to 2 or 3 weeks post op. All these weird pains are worrying me a little, I was thinking maybe I needed something to kind of "hold" me together now that things are coming back to life in there. I've got to start making it through the day at work. I can't go home early forever. And I'm about sick of my life revolving around work then recuperating from work. I'm ready to get out and go hiking and stuff again. We are real outdoorsy people and I like to exercise. I'm tired of working then being a couch potato.

Alright, my pube twigs growing out of this...

alright, my pube twigs growing out of this incision line are driving me nuts. I was complaining to the bf yesterday and he told me to try his electric razor. I've never used one, so I thought I'd try it. I'm too scared to shave that close but I thought maybe I could at least trim them back, right? Well I got carried away and shaved everything, only I didn't do a very good job so now not only do I still have a couple of twigs, I also look like I have the mange.....I swear, this recovery shit just gets better and better!!!!!!

Sigh.....damn pms!!! I think that's all it is,...

sigh.....damn pms!!! I think that's all it is, but I'm seriously tired of this swelling and I know I have a long ways to go. I needed to clean out my sock/underwear drawer so I started to try on some stuff. Even swollen I look soooooo much better than I did pre-tuck! My scar is looking decent, even from just a week ago. It doesn't look as "angry" lol. I think I finally got all the adhesive off thank God. Only took a bottle of wine and a few cups of homemade eggnog ;). Anyway, just wanted to post these. Note in the first one I've got my hands on my hips to hide the muffin top, ugh.....

Got home from work about an hour ago, got to be at...

Got home from work about an hour ago, got to be at my desk today, worked 8 hours, never propped up, and had a little less swelling than I normally do and not as many "pains"!!! AND I have enough energy to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill a little! WOOHOOOOOO!!! OOOHHHH happy day!!!!!! OH! and I got to stand up straight the whole day, I never did start to lean over! How exciting! I feel like I've won the freakin' lottery!

I think some of my swelling is finally going away,...

I think some of my swelling is finally going away, I got up this morning and felt skinny! I wanted to take some pics then but didn't have time, so these are AFTER work. I was at my desk today but up and down a lot, out on the floor to talk to a couple of patients, even attempted to do a booty pop dance to make them laugh....so I was a little active. I was also told not to try the booty pop again, sigh...... anyway, I have to roll down the tops of my scrub pants now because they're too big, the crotch hangs to my knees lol. I have tape back on my incision, the ps told me the other day that he wanted it off a little while but now he wants it back on for 2 more months, changing it out about every 5 days to help with the scarring. He said I had good skin and that my scar looks good. hope everyone is doing well!

Wow, there IS gym life after a tummy tuck! I went...

wow, there IS gym life after a tummy tuck! I went this morning and ran some more on the treadmill then got brave and tried some situps. I was scared but it didn't hurt. just felt kind of weird. I only did 30 situps and 20 leglifts. I'm starting to feel it now but it's not tummy tuck pain it's actual sore muscles from the situps. I haven't done any in forever, they probably don't know what to think lol. even after all that I haven't swelled up much thank goodness! I just feel tight and sore, but it's the good kind of sore. I'll be looking like I did post op day 1 by tomorrow!

Sigh.......I have good news and bad news....the...

sigh.......I have good news and bad news....the good news is my tummy tuck parts are fine, but the place where he fixed the umbilical hernia hurts like a SOB this morning. I forget that he did that because i never knew I had a hernia, plus he fixed it during the tummy tuck so it was all one surgery. I looked up how soon after hernia repair can you do situps and it said 6 weeks, so I'm only a week or so off. I won't do anymore anytime soon, and that frustrates me because I wanted to get started exercising again. UGH!!!! I swear, this recovery has been one step forward 2 steps back. no matter what though it's still worth it, so I'm trying not to whine too much. not doing a very good job though am I lol......have a good weekend ladies!
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Hey how are you?
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Hey, I have been wondering how you are.. you have not been around! hope all is well!
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Im too scared to do anything with my tummy...Too much money investment and too sensitive right now to even think about it yet. Patience, my friend, patience.
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If it makes you feel better, I have yet to even try a sit up and only had MR, no hernia... and just doing more stretching.. and getting back to an active life style has caused the same pain/discomfort in the BB area. This really is a long process that is teaching me patience. Hang in there sister!! Good things come to those who wait..... :) ( My new mantra lol )
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I understand your frustration but try and stay patient and remember how much you paid for this. My PS told me no ab work until at least 3 months. Stick to cardio and legs xx
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Excercise but don't bother with sit ups you had a tummy tuck to take care of it
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Sit ups? Girl...you are crazy! I feel like I have done sit ups just getting up and down from a seated position or raising up and/or turning over in the bed!!! I understand how hard it is not being able to exercise though:(
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OMG! You look incredible! Your before and after pics are amazing! Congrats to you! We are about the same size. I am 5' 1" and about 135 pounds right now. My TT is scheduled for March 21st. I am wanting to lose a few pounds before then but dont know if I will be able to or not. I have noticed you have lost several pounds after surgery. My question to you is, should I not worry to much about trying to lose 15 pounds before the surgery because I definately will be able to lose it afterwords and still have good results? Thanks Again, you look fabulous! I'm so happy for you.
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It is so hard!! It is def one step forward sometimes two or three steps back!! Where is the fast forward button?????
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Well there's only one way you were going to find out if ou were ready right? Lesson learned, wait 2 more weeks and then try again :)
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Girl you just need to learn patience!! I know you wanna get back to life as normal, but you just have to slow down. It's only a few months out of your life, ya know? :)
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Looking good Tracey!!!! Wish i could fast forward to your post op date;(. Im getting scared!!!
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don't be scared girl, you'll be fine! his anesthesia guy dopes you up in pre-op, you never even see the OR lol. the nurse who starts your iv numbs you first so you don't even feel it. I barely remember anything the first day. the surgery was easy, it's been the recovery that's been a bitch :(. But it's been tolerable, nothing I couldn't handle, and I'm not much for pain and stuff so.... you go on the 17th, right? it'll be here before you know it! I'm glad you have someone to follow who already had theirs done by the same doc, I hope that's reassuring.
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Not in places. They take you to the or here before doing anything. It's still no big deal though. They are really good and will try and make you as comfortable as possible. Going under is fabulous. If i could fall sleep that fast everyday...oh man. Lol!
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Thanks for your posts! You look fantastic!
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You look amazing!
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sorry for the double posts ...
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lol! I like feeling like me again too. how have you been?
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WOW!!! You look terrific! Loving the new pics. I like how we all go back to feeling good about us again. Feeling skinny is one thing, but actually looking skinny (to steal Melisrw78's words), that is AWESOME! WOOT WOOT!
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WOW!!! You look terrific! Loving the new pics. I like how we all go back to feeling good about us again. Feeling skinny is one thing, but actually looking skinny (to steal Melisrw78's words), that is AWESOME! WOOT WOOT!
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Feeling skinny? Looking skinny!
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thank you!!!! :)
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You look great. I love to read your updates as you are a couple of weeks ahead of me.
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thank you! how are you doing?
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