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I am 27, no kids but a large amount of weightloss...

I am 27, no kids but a large amount of weightloss. I'm not sure if I need a lift or not, but know I do want implants. At my largest I was a pretty full 42 DD now I'm empty 34D. Do I look like I need a lift. I always had fairly teardrop shaped boobs. never very perky. Have had 'em a long time haha. How many of you were told you could use a lift, but did not and now wish you did?

First Consult Done and More Confused

Last week I had my first consultation. The doctor was nice as could be but Didn't show me before and afters, odd?
However, he said he wants to do 2 separate surgeries 3 months apart. First he would do the implant and then come back and do lift. Said once they drop he will have a better idea of where to place nipple. At first I thought it was for the money, but it seems like what he would charge me is about normal,$7200. I however hate the idea of 2 surgeries. Because I am so tall and my BWD 12.5 he thinks I should do between 400-500cc this is the reason he wants to do 2 surgeries. The weight of such a large implant he says will work very hard on the scars from lift. His standpoint is that he wants it to be perfect. I have my 2nd consult next week, cant wait to hear from him. Now im going back and forth about size. 450 or 500cc
Have you ever had a doctor tell you you needed 2 surgeries because of size?
To be honest, I'm really confused at this point. I want to be a full d or a small dd.
I think I will see a total of 3 docs before I make my choice.

2nd Consult. I'm pretty sure is a no go.

I drove 3 hours to go see the 2nd doctor. I wanted about 2 hours in the office before I saw him. He has work on this page and it looks so great, but after meeting with him... I'm really not thinking I want to go with him. He was fairly rude to my mother, although she was asking a lot of questions, but still, not cool of him. Pretty much TOLD me what he wanted to do and didnt ask any of my thoughts. Wants to do a 500-550 Shaped and textured implant and a small anchor lift. He would do the surgery all at once, but did tell me that most women need a revision a few years down the road. He was in and out in about less than 10 mins. His patient care person was really nice and answered all my questions, but it seemed that he had already made a decision about what boobs to give me before we even met. Don't plan to go with him. I mean the shaped implants, I hear so many bad things about. He said because my torso is sooo long it would be best, I dont see that.


I am really confused about which size I want to go with.
2 doctors have said 500-550 cc would fit me well.
Have any of you done the rice sizers? And if so, did it help?

Date Set. Very Excited

I have a date for Feb 10th 2014. I am so very excited, but still worried about size.
When I went back for my final consult with Dr. Bolling, I tried on the 550cc and it seemed so much smaller than the first time!!! She said that is very normal for people to feel that way.
So I think what I will do it tell him do the best that he thinks between 450-600 cc. He told me that he is not a fan of large boobs, but knows because of my 14.5 BWD I can carry them well.
Do I will add a few pics of my wish boobs to show the size I would like. I need to remember I can always dress them up I guess when I want. What have yalls experiences been like?? I know they say dont get caught up on the CC, but it just seemed like such a difference when I tried them on the 2nd time around.

Long Journey Ahead

Also, I went ahead with the Dr who wants to do the 2 surgeries BA and lift separately. It is good for me from a money standpoint and also I think a healing and final product standpoint.


I paid for part one of my surgery today. Suddenly I became really nervous after I did. Ha. I was speaking with the care coordinator she said they will order sizes 500-600 and see what works best once in the OR. I think I will likely end up with 550, but I am trusting him. February 10th!!!

One More Sleep

Tomorrow is the big day. I am having the first procedure in a staged ba/bl. I am super excited and a bit anxious. Mainly about size and the in between time of procedures. Real Self has been such a wealth of info for me. Thank you all so much.

rOund one done

I am home and drunk (yay) but its seems that things went very well. I am in some pain.but as long as I am fairly still withinout use of arms back I am good.
I assume tomorrow will be the hardest, but we will see. I definitely havve some frankenboob right now and will likely will till I have stage two of the surgery. I took a tiny look and even though I haven not had lift yet, I can tell my nipples are higher. yay! Everyone was so nice to me at Thomas Hospital. Wish I could have spoke more with Dr bolling. but I have postop on THrsduay. On size, he used 550. Very excited, now off to drool in neverland zzz...

Firs Day Frankenboob

I'm doing really well right now. Sore of course but no real bad pain. Did not sleep well last night which sucks but today i am going to take some phenergan and try to sleep most the day. Drinking prune juice hope that helps the pooping...
I am super swollen and def have frankenboob but it's ok with me. This is stage one, so I know things will not be pretty for a while, but it should all be worth it. Here are a few pictures from this morning.

4 Days Pretty Good, Minus A Slip Up

It's Valentines day and I am liking my 2 new dates :)
My breast have been doing pretty well. Most of my pain has been in my back and shoulders. A few shooting pains. My first big surprise came when I realized I was given saline implants instead of the original silicone that I wanted. I was very upset at first but now I am seeing it was all a big miscommunication and I know God is in control. I am still trying to figure out how to do the push massage he has asked me to do, I'm just worried I might be doing it wrong. I am really scared about how to sleep. Doing it on my back is killing me. Yesterday was one of my worst days cause I over did it. Went to the doc and dinner. mall with mom. Nearly had a panic attack cause I was hurting. On a side note, Doc wants me to be in a SUPER tight bra until the next surgery. Stage 2. I laid down and took a few pictures and am really excited at how things are looking.

One Month Out

On the 10th of March, I was one month out from surgery. Things have been going great and on the 12th I saw the Dr.
He wants me to start going without a bra for part of the day and to not wear such tight fitting ones when I do wear one. Not dropped enough, but we rather that then not dropping at all. Still looks pretty crazy and will likely look like that till stage 2, but they are getting better everyday. I really hope I dont lose the upper pole fullness, I love that part. I go back next week to see if I need a strap. I hope I don't.
Tuscaloosa Plastic Surgeon

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Good luck and keep us posted luv
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Congrats!! It's awesome u feel great about ur results , really there's nothing better than that!! Keep us posted!!
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Good luck. Hope for a quick recovery. Congrats.
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Congrats! Looking forward to the progress in the days to come!
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Good Luck! I am sure you will do just fine. Can't wait to see the outcome!
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Good luck!!! Keep us posted!
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thank you!! We have the same bra on right now lol
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Can't wait to see your improved Perky •• B@@bas. •• Congrats on your weight loss I am having a Breast-lift-reduction 2/12/2014 no implants I'm a bit older 61 currently a 34G Hoping for a nice C I had a full TummyTuck September 2013 with excellent results no to get the girls up a Bit lol (((Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
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Good luck on your surgery ;) One of the surgeon I've seen proposed me 2 surgery apart too, I think it's common then. Did you try on the surgeon's sizers? With this, you can have a better view of what 500-600cc would look on you.
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I'm glad you made a decision you feel comfortable with! So will you get the implants in this first surgery then the lift 3 months later? My surgery is February 18th so we are close!
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yep. implants first. I think I understand his reasoning. The boobs "drop" after the first 6 weeks and so will be in a different location, if I had a lift at the same time the lift would move too. We don't want that. Also by filling up the skin to some extent, I may not need to have as extensive a lift later in the spring. It gets closers everyday. I'm kind of scared.
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It is getting closer, I agree is scary but exciting too! I found this link on here when I was researching just thought it might be helpful to you, it was to me. Good luck!
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Yeah thanks so much. Very excited too. I think our stats are a lot alike. My BWD is 14.5 what was yours? Reading those post plus some others I found helps my feelings a lot.
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Hi, sounds like you're trying to decide what you really want and I think it is important that you take your time with that. Surgery is no joke and the more you know about outcomes and possible risks the better. If you want perky breasts than a lift is what you need if anything at all. Based on your photo's it looks like you have quite a bit of breast tissue and 500-600cc is huge. I had 350cc and went up 2 cups sizes. Here is my 2 cents since I have been down this road of implants/lift. People lose are still young and if you are planning on having children in the future you are likely to gain weight again. Not only that, your breast tissue will change with age/having children. If you get implants will still have sagging and the weight of the implants will cause more sagging. A lot of women get really big implants in order to avoid a lift and give an illusion of a lift...but almost all of the time it doesn't look good. Any additional weight gain and your breasts will be even bigger and most likely will be beyond what you think is the perfect size and you will be dealing with other possible issues like neck/back pain. Now, if you get a lift with implants....the weight of the implant over time will cause sagging again and you will find yourself in a position of needing another lift....especially if you have children in the future. When you get implants you guarantee more surgery in your future...either by replacing the implants or removing them. In order to really understand all the physical, emotional and financial costs involved with implants spend a little time reading some stories on the implant removal boards. I think it can really be of benefit to see both sides of all of this. Ultimately the decision is yours...don't let a doctor just "decide" what he wants to do, but look at what you can live and be happy with in the long term. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money and have regrets. I wish you all the best.
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Thanks so much. I really do think I want the implant, because of upper pole fullness. I am thinking even though 500 seems large. I am a very tall and broad girl, so might be right for me. I am taking all the pregnancy ect in to account. I have one more consult and will go from there.
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Hi there, I was told Ito have my lift and implant done in two surgeries as well but my dr did the lift first and wanted it to heal up and then have me decide if I even still wanted the implants because I might be happy just to have them up where they should be. I did the lift in February and I am very happy with it but I know I want the implants for more upper fullness and I want to be bigger, so I have that consultation on Friday. Just wanted you to know of someone else that is doing it in two stages. Good luck with what you decide!
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Thanks!! You look really good. If I go with this doc he said he wants to do implant first and then lift. Most seem to do it this other way, but I guess either way is fine.
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it is kind of 6 one way, half a dozen the other.
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Sorry one more thing. Don't know where you're at in Florida but check out Dr. Ghersi. I believe he's in Miami ( might be worth the drive ). A fellow profiler I had chatted with, flew from Canada to have him do her surgery. She looks fantastic! Check out her profile. Wenone is her user name. If you can't find her by searching, she had commented on my posts & you can get to hers that way.
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Whatever PS you choose should take measurements to decide if you need a lift. With all due respect, looking at your pics, I would think you'll need one & want one. I can't fathom any PS not recommending a lift after significant weight loss. If you don't have a lift you'll end up with saggy girls that just project a little more. Two surgeries seems a little odd to me though. Just my opinion of course. I also had saggy girls after weight loss & had a lift with 510cc low profile unders & just love them! Best of luck to you! Hope you find the right fit in a PS.
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Yeah, I'm totally have a lift. At this point I'm just trying to figure which doc and size. The 2 surgery method, he just says that I will have a better final result with less chance of revision. Do you feel your 510 are huge? Or just right for you.
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The girls are definitely big but are very proportional to my body. Ended up a DD and love them! I always thought a DD was just HUGE but they look real and don't look comical which was a fear of mine. They'll measure your breast width diameter which will help you/them decide which profile will look best. Based on my BWD, I could choose between mod & low profile. I chose the low. My coordinator & I felt that the mod would give me that comical look I was afraid of. Every once in a while I'll look down & think good lord they're big! But that makes me happy!
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If it doesn't cost more...two surgeries wouldn't be that bad. Mainly because the lift part doesn't hurt that much...just the Aug hurts. Then they would be perfect. I did both together...but one nipple seems a bit higher at this point. It is soo hard to do both surgeries together that sometimes you end up needing a revision. I am glad I did both together...I am just saying I can see his point. Meet with at least three drs. And then decide
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I am starting to see the merits of 2 surgeries.
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