Day 13 why can't I see anyone I know?

Well where to start....Lets start with the...

Well where to start....Lets start with the insensitive people that point out the nose on your face. 'Eeeee she has a big nose, have you seen her nose, she must be a witch with that nose?' - gee thanks for pointing out what I see every day in the mirror. Please don't spare my feelings I'm just the girl with the big nose. I always wish I could find some witty words to say to these people but can never manage my words past the shear terror I feel.

I've had name calling since the age of 14. I have zero confidence because of it and I've been to some terrible lows but hey I've survived and I've met a lovely man, and had a baby 9 months ago( it's a miracle I'm actually with anyone as I'm a social idiot)....anyway the crazy man asked me to marry him and I'm getting married next Sept..... I'm so nervous, anxious, stressed, not because I'm getting married but because I really don't want pictures taken. I'm dreading the profile shot, the 'looking into each other eyes' shot cos that will mean a profile Picture. Im dreading Saying the vows in front of people cos that will require a side view.

So what do I do? Then there is my baby to consider. Will she recognise me? Will she be terrified when she sees her mammy all strapped up? Will this scar her for life? ARGH there is so many questions that I can't sleep at night thinking about it. Can I be that selfish and spend all that money on myself when there is wedding stuff to pay for? ARGHHH...

Welcome to RealSelf! This is not going to scar your baby for life. Not at all. She won't even remember it. If you have no self confidence because of your nose then by all means do something about it. I have never once regretted getting my rhinoplasty in my twenties. It's been really, really liberating.

The key is to choose the best doctor you can for the job. Here's what some surgeons say about choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

Please keep us posted! And congrats on your upcoming wedding.


Well I've done it, I've booked a date for surgery....

Well I've done it, I've booked a date for surgery. 24/01 ARGH! Its so surreal!!!! I met with a consultant on Monday and he told me everything I needed to know. I have to say all the doubt I had,has just fluttered away.

The only concern I have is my 10month daughter being terrified when she sees me with my cast over my nose. The consultant advised that he might not need to break my nose so I might not get the massive black eyes I was sure I would get. That's one less thing to scare my daughter at least.

Now how on earth do I tell my parents I'm getting it done...........I just don't know how to go about it....if anyone has any thoughts please share them with me cos I'm at a loss. Ha
Which UK surgeon are you having your operation with? Jawad?
Hiya, Decided to go with Mr Erdmann. Had a good feeling about him, when I met him. Are you thinking about surgery?
Yes. I will have a consult with Jawad next week.

3 more sleeps till the big day. I'm so nervous,...

3 more sleeps till the big day. I'm so nervous, and I hate to admit it a bit scared! Been reading other people's recovery story's and its just dawned on me that I'm going to have to look after my 10 month daughter!! Im not going to be able to just lie and recover. Am I going to be able to do it? I'm actually freaking out a bit...well freaking out more than the thought of scaring her. I'm probably been so irrational, but I can't help it.

A massive ARGHHHH but also a massive YEAY!
I think it is a good decision, your child will just understand boo-boo on your nose and that's it. It will be fine, I have 4 children and I've gone through this surgery as well as unplanned surgeries, ...elbow which was a painful surgery way more in comparison and they all did fine. Just be excited and happy for your child and yourself because if you are like me I love pictures of my children and I would also like to be a part of them and now with having this done, I won't cringe at the thought of being in one!! You will be fine and do great! You are much younger than me, I'm now jealous I waited so long! Take care~
Thankyou for the reassurance,it's nice to hear from someone that has children. Your right about the picture thing, I have to take like a million pictures before I'm satisfied with one - by the time I'm done my baby is bored and that cute picture moment has gone haha! Hopefully I'll be more confident going places as well. Eeee it feels like a new start if that makes sense :-)
This will be life changing for you and you are going to look gorgeous! I sweated for months about telling my parents and left it until 10 days beforehand. I kept details to a minimum and concentrated on improving breathing. They have been amazing and supported me so much post surgery & were invaluable. I hope telling them goes well & you get some help with your baby so you can rest, as it is very important. She may need to hang out in bed with you. Take care & keep us updated.

Less than 18 hours and I'm going to be having my...

Less than 18 hours and I'm going to be having my nose worked on........18HOURS!! - not like I'm counting down our anything haha!

I just can't believe I'm doing it! Me making a decision - i can't even decide on what colour my bridesmaid dresses are going to be for my wedding, but I've made a massive decision to get my nose done. It's all madness....MADNESS I TELLS YA MADNESS!!!

I'm going crazy here waiting...I haven't even packed anything.....My minds in a total spin! What do I need? Help !!
I had my rhinoplasty done a week ago and did not tell my family and I tell my family everything and we are very close. It was challenging enough hearing my friends opinion. I dont know why this was so personal, ive had other plastic surgery and am very open with my stories but maybe how I felt about my nose was just too vulnerable to share. Ive gone through horrible guilt for not telling my mom but my rhino was not drastic and she knows I do botox and fillers so I finally figured family would think I am just doing a little "this and that". If yours is drastic Im sure they will be happy for you and for first time in my 40 years Im OK keeping this for myself!!! Being almost 7 days my main advise is...patience....its an up and down recovery and keep reading stories. A surgeons face mask helps a lot for going out....ppl just think u r scared of the flu....I am too active to hole up for a week!! It might also help with ur baby to keep bruising/sweling covered and get an extra mask and put on one of her stuffed animal/dolls so she understands. Sorry advise is late but good luck and hang in there...all worth it!!!
You are probably going through surgery now. We are waiting on the other side (of your procedure) to find out how it went.
This is what I did at your stage: I packed my bag (I had an overnight stay) and I set up a table next to my bed with Q-Tips, meds, water, vitamins, laptop & charger, neck pillow, mirror, note book & pen, phone etc etc ...all ready for when I got home. You may need to set up a play zone for your daughter. Doing this helped a lot as all I needed to do was get into bed. Day 1 & 2 are generally good, it is 3-5 that can be a bit rough so be prepared for that. My surgery was 10 days ago and honestly I think it is the BEST decision I ever made. Oh and ice, having small packages of ice is invaluable. I put peas in a glove, tied it up and froze it and it worked a treat. Also have food prepared too; cool smooth food. Go girl, I am cheering you on from Australia! :)

Well I'm all done....let me break it down The...

Well I'm all done....let me break it down

The day of the surgery - I turned up to hospital mega early. Was escorted to my room and my lovely boyfriend and baby waited with me. I was told to change into the wonderful backless gown and paper knickers. The consultant came to talk to me and told me he would be breaking my nose - I was convinced that he didn't have to. So at this point the panic surged through me....I saw the window and for a minute I thought about jumping through it and running away with my backless gown flapping in the wind....DON'T WORRY I DIDN'T! If it wasn't for my boyfriend I would have.

The anesthesiologist comes to talk to me about the falling asleep drug. I'm thinking that doesn't sound bad, until he says "the question I'm normally asked is will I wake up" - I looked at my partner and he looked at me....ok that question never entered my mind until this dude said it to now I'm thinking SHIT I'm not gonna wake up. When he leaves I have a sweat on. Marc (my partner) knows what I'm thinking. He gives me the sympathetic look. Then the nurse collects me.......I feel like lying on the floor so she has to drag me down to theatre. I cooperate and walk down. Last thing I remember is boring this poor woman to death and then waking up confused. I'm wheeled back to my room. So they leave me lying in bed and im proper feeling sorry for my self......and pretty much haven't stopped hahaha

I was expecting pain, don't get me wrong, but my face is so sore, swollen and my nose is a mess, I'm proper stressed out about it (see the pics) my nostrils are all squashed, (they took the packing out this morning) one is more squashed than the other - so I'm thinking shit shit shit is my nose gonna be twisted?? Please people tell me this is all normal feelings I'm experiencing.
I'm so upset looking at myself like this. My eyes are so bruised and swollen. It looks like I've had my head kicked in.....and feels like it. Ok that rant is over.....I'm sure I will be thinking more rational in a few days.....I'm sorry if I have upset anyone, but I think I was slightly naive.....I'm sure I will be fine in a few days............I'll keep you posted
The night of my surgery I turned into a Star Trek character (looks wise) full on swollen cat lady/alien look...The swelling was by far the worst for me and I haven't seen worse on here. It subsided fully after 10's a waiting game & I'm sure the uneven nostrils are also due to swelling. Goodluck! xo
Oh my you are a hot mass. ;) You will be fine all those things you are talking about are completely normal. Swelling in general is not symatrical and when they get into your nose they stretch your nostrils and therefore when they go back they are not going to be even for a while until everything sort of falls into places. Plus you still have stitches that are holding everything tight and propped up so things are not looking so hot right now. But trust me when I say this when they take your stitches out and take the cast off your nose will start falling into places, the swelling will redistribute, and your nostrils will go back to normal. You will be seeing a lot of uneven swelling that's completely normal. But I am with you about freaking about it as I did as well. I actually called my doctor the day before my appointment to take the cast off and stitches out and asked if I could keep the cast on for a little longer as I was still very swollen. In reality I was afraid to find whats under that cast. But he told me no lets get it off so that all that swelling goes down from under the cast and the nose starts taking shape. So just enjoy TV, stay in, take care of yourself and wait. At this point that's the only thing you have ahead of you is time. Noses take a long time to heal so you need to be patient. But look who is talking who has no patience. ;) Good luck and relax! :)
Hi there...swelling makes the nose do some funky things and once that goes down everything will look more normal to you. Your surgeon did some very specific cuts and maneuvers to make changes to your tip. Yes it may look scary to you now but all part of the not so lovely healing process. Our noses go through a lot of trauma from the surgery and swelling can be asymmetrical initially. I'm not telling you to forget it because I'm sure I would be upset too but from someone who has gone through the surgery 1 month ago I have seen a lot and you will look great as you heal :) Hang in there and get some rest. Don't forget to ice for 20 minutes every 1-2 hours for the first 72 hours. I never really iced my actual nose since it is too sensitive to touch and I had that cast on. Hang in there and don't freak out too much...all will be ok :)

Day 2 has basically consisted of :- me feeling...

Day 2 has basically consisted of :- me feeling sorry for myself, me feeling completely useless attempting to look after our daughter, me feeling helpless and pathetic....and me feeling very whiney hahaha

Marc, my other half has been like a angel looking after me. Patience of a saint.

.....I've also Been thinking bloody hell is all this worth it..............then I read the comments people have took the time to write.....the encouragement, the kindness, the understanding, and just the damn right loveliness of people. To everyone that has wrote to me thank you so much, I didn't realise how hard this journey was going to be. With out the reassurance and words of experience I would of honestly cracked up. A massive KISS and HUGS to everyone. Thank you x
It gets better I promise! I'm already 11 days post op and I'm feeling like last week was months ago but for me day post of days 2-6 were hell! I felt like the minutes passing were hours and I could not get out of bed. Don't worry just rest and keep in mind how much better you'll be feeling next week. I think my nose has healed so well for not pushing myself through the recovery process and listening to my body. Good luck and happy healing!
It is perfectly ok to be a sooky-la-la for awhile, your body, mind and soul is going through a huge event. You are a couple of days further down the recovery road already. Just a warning: the next couple of days may get rough so be ready....this is normal and we all go through it. Once again, be gentle on yourself, rest and stay focused on the goal. By the way, your bandage formation is just like mine was...must be the way the UK & Australian surgeons do their splinting. It's very stylish!! Take care precious girl :)
keep going! you will get through this and im sure will be thrilled with the result! its only going to get easier from here :)

Day 3 pow pow So it's day 3. It started off...

Day 3 pow pow

So it's day 3. It started off well. Marc made my dinner, while I attempted to entertain our child. We sat down and ate, i got slightly frustrated because I wanted to stuff more food in my face than I could manage. Damn these stupid plasters!! Least my appetite hasn't disappeared.......well actually that's a bad thing cos my ass is gonna get fatter by the day. But hey I'll be hopefully sporting a nice new nose in a few weeks hahaha the day goes on so does the pain. It's like pow pow pow pow in my head then vibrates down my nose. It's so painful that I slipped away to the bathroom to cry it out....then my nose started to run and my eye lashes got caught on my plasters haha honestly this whole experience has learnt me to laugh at the little things.

Has anyone else experienced the POW POW POW POW POW headache? Hope everyone is doing well xx

Hi! I love the way you favorite humor is English so that's probably why I enjoy reading your posts. Wow, day 3 already...well done! I know a lot of people get very bad headaches after surgery. I am prone to headaches but didn't get any. I'm wondering if it was because I kept having my usual 2 cups of coffee a day, so avoided caffeine withdrawals, and I also drank gallons of water so was well hydrated. What is your caffeine and water intake like? Are you taking anything for pain?
Also, as much as it is healthy to have a good cry to release some of the inner turmoil, may I strongly suggest for now, trying to stay very calm & unemotional...this is hard I know. The reason being: when we get upset our heart rate & blood pressure increases which puts pressure on vulnerable & healing blood vessels. Also, crying causes additional swelling that may increase the pain-pressure you are already experiencing. Sorry if Im sounding pushy, just something I learned. Bye for now! :)
I know what you mean about the time dragging. I honestly can't remember what I felt like before. I just want to feel normal and not have these stupid headaches. I want to be able to laugh without it hurting. Hope your doing well !

Day 5 It's day 5 and I'm obsessed with looking...

Day 5

It's day 5 and I'm obsessed with looking in the mirror. I carry a compact round with me and randomly check my nose out. I ask myself why - and I really don't know the I checking to make sure it's still there? Or if its changed in the 2 seconds I haven't looked at it? I don't know but I'm driving myself insane!

Staying in the house is making me go insane!

I want this cruddy, disgusting cast/tape off my face! My poor neighbour knocked on the door and when i answer i scared the bejesus out of him. i swear I saw the fear in his eye haha! I've just got cabin fever!!
Wow, your swelling over your eyes has really reduced and you look human alien there any longer. How is the head feeling today? I carried around a little mirror too and was obsessed with checking it out too, so you're not alone.....17 days post op and I'm still checking it out from all angles. When do you get your cast taken off?
I enjoy reading your reviews; you're always so comical and it makes me smile xP Sorry to hear about your cabin fever :( On the bright side, your photos are looking good! :)
Aw!!! I hope my experience isn't as painful as yours. So sorry to hear you are going through so much pain! Clearly not easy, but you are looking really good. In the end this will all be worth it, you are going to be one hot mama! :)

Day 9 and I really want this cast and plasters off...

Day 9 and I really want this cast and plasters off my face.

It's driving me nuts. I look and feel absolutly minging because i have the same disgusting blood drenched plasters and cast on my face! It's day 9 man, everyone else has had there cast off ( I'm soooo jealous of you all haha) it's not like I can take the plasters off and replace them either because it will knock the cast off. ( I've tried taking them off, naughty me! It was a disaster)

I have to admit that I have been a bad, bad girl as I've been picking, prodding and fiddling with the plasters and my my defense i really can't help it!!! I'm saying to myself...."leave it!!!" But as I'm saying it my finger starts to slyly go up my nostril or up over the plaster (ok that sounds bad, it's not what you think. I'm not like ramming my finger up there, it's like gently touching the outta nostril area). My curiosity is getting the better of me, it's like seeing someone naked - even though you know you shouldnt look, you just have to look haha -I know I shouldn't touch but I'm all over it like a rash. rant is over, only a couple of sleeps till this cast is removed and my new nose is revealed. Eeeeeee I wonder what it looks like............hopefully not a comedy nose that honks when you touch it or something like that hahaha happy new nose!!!
Compared to a lot of other pics on here you really do have some good support on your nose!! Very good thorough. I suppose realistically this is better than not enough! Thanks for posting! Look forward to seeing you when your cast does come off! - your pics are great!!

Well the cast is off FINALLY! Im not going to...

Well the cast is off FINALLY!

Im not going to lie, the first time looking in the mirror was a major shock. The shock was replaced by panic because I initially couldn't see past the swelling. Now I'm feeling good about it all, I know it's going to take time for the swelling to go down. I just can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror. My eyes are looking at me, but my brain doesn't compute that it is me. It's all just a bit mad!

I'm a bit concerned as well, as I was washing my face and the side of my nose has kind of dinted. I e-mailed my lovely consultant and he thinks its just the swelling that's Sank in. So I have to keep an eye on it. It's all just fragile and it's a long long process. I just want to see the end result haha

I think I'm going to love it
Ooo! I love it! Looking good ;) hehehhe
WOW! You look incredible! :D
Well thank you! Eeeeeee that's my nose haha :-)

Have you ever went to the supermarket without your...

Have you ever went to the supermarket without your make up on and you see everyone you know.....well my first adventure out and I thought - oh I know I'll go to the supermarket, I'm bound to bump into people I know. I'll be able to see if they notice my new nose.

So I pulled up at the supermarket. Strolled on in with my trolley.....casually browsing the aisles, and there is not one person I know! How dare people I know not be there! I actually feel like announcing over the loud speaker that I have a new nose!
Now normally when I go anywhere public I'm on edge incase someone looks at me and mentions my nose. Not today. Today I practically skipped round the supermarket. Head held high. I know my nose isn't big anymore, so I really don't care if people look, in fact I want them looking. Got to say its very liberating !! I can't wait to go out to a pub or restaurant, my head is going to be so far in the air that I'm gonna need surgery on my neck hahaha

Anyone who is thinking about surgery cos they hate what they see in the mirror or insecure or intimidated in case someone says something about their nose - my advise is look into surgery. I've never felt like this before. I want to go out in public, I want to be centre of attention, I want to be able to look at people instead of to the floor and not catching there eye. More importantly I can't wait for my wedding and for the photographer to take my picture. Woohoo this is the beginning of something fabulous, and I can't wait for the ride to start
Your nose Is just so lovely. Who did you see and where? X
You look great!
Your nose looks awesome! Congrats!
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