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Mini Face Lift and Neck - North Dartmouth, MA

I am 52 (almost 53)...my neck is saggy and stringy...

I am 52 (almost 53)...my neck is saggy and stringy muscles pop out. Also jaw line is starting to jowel. I have been thinking about doing this for about 6 months. Had consultations with several doctors. Having face work is terrifying! There are very few plastic surgeons in my area. I have had other procedures. Breast implants..first saline then many years later replaced with silcone. Great move very happy with the change! Also had some lipo body scultping...great! So I am posting a blog because there was no information on the doctor I chose. I wished there was some information about him. Also the experiences on here for this procedure seem to vary wildly. So I will blog my progress. Hoping for the best but a total wreck right now about my decision. 5 Days to go...I am taking 1000 mg vit c. to get ready. Have all scripts filled. Need to pick up tylenol and stool softeners. Will post pics after procedure.

I lost my previous comments. Ta k you for sharing with us. I hope you're feeling somewhat better. I too would like to have the exact same procedures don. I am a 47 year old female. I gained some weight ambit 4 years ago and have since lost the weight. It's like the lower half of my face dropped. I never imagined at my age that I would have a very ugly turkey neck and jowls. I look like a 75 year old on the bottom half of my face! I would love to hear from you again, and I hope you're doing we'll. thanks~Kathy
3days to go. Bad dreams last night worried about scars worried i will regret. $7,200 money better spent else where....arrrhh. Got my hair cut and colored yesterday so it wont need to be done for awhile. My friend had a procedure scheduled in rhode island and she canceled the morning of!!
I am planning on posting pics this week. Maybe that will help u. Sounds similar to me.

Had my proceduredone this morning. Meds are...

Had my proceduredone this morning. Meds are wearing off. Very achy head and jaw. Gel ice pack is my best friend! So far everything is good. My experience with doctor amd staff a 10. I felt extremely well cared for. Office location with surgery center across hall wad so convenient and not stressful. Did not feel rushed out after...very easy. I will post pics. I cant imagine better treatment so far! Hope results are worth if. I think i asked hi 600 times coming out of anestishia lol
Night 3 husband cleaned stitches such a relief! Very itchy and tender and numb. Today had its rough moments. Cant wait to shower. Have to wait 1 more day for areas where drains came out to close. Have antibiotic ointment on stitches and arinica gel on neck and cheeks.
Day 2 cannot wait to get wrap off my head and drains out. Looking forward to washing my hair. There is pain but its not aweful. Cannot eat or chew. Jaws hurt. I am making some amazing smoothies. Did not sleep much. Spent night in comfy recliner. So far tv and gel ice my best friends. I can tell i am going to recover quickly. The drains are coming out today. I did not have any drainage. I am taking pics will put up soon.
I am so happy that you're doing ok after the surgery. Keep putting ice gel pack. You will be fine soon. If you can, post some pictures for us.

1 Week out today. Went to doctor yesterday had...

1 Week out today. Went to doctor yesterday had stitches removed. Not painful. Have a small tear on one earlobe. Doctor not worried but must keep lubricant on it and wear head strap at least half the day over the next week. Sick of the head strap! Ripped it off in middle of night last night. Sleeping is restless. Some swelling. My face looks wide and tight and weird. I have a ridge on one cheek. Doctor said its trapped swelling and that it should go away. Have to keep ointment around ear incisions. Its in my hair and annoying. Every day has been very dramatic changes and healing. Hoping to be presentable this week. Has been difficult avoiding social contact. I started to put pictures up but my husband thinks is a bad idea so took them down. Jury is still out on whether I am glad I did this or not. Last night I was wishing I had not because I look weird. Hope that changes over the next week! I am off all meds thank god. Hated having all that crap in my body but definitely needed it. The meds for sleeping a must if you ask me. I stopped taking because I don't want to get dependent. Very prone to that. Also weaned off pain meds because I was starting to get extreme nausea. Blamed meds. Stomache is just ok today. Constipation also a major pain in the butt LOL. I have hypothyroid so extra challenging there. If I don't exercise every day my system just does not work at all. Doctor says at least one more week. I can start walking right now but nothing too vigorous. I walked 2 moderate miles on treadmill last night waiting for my son to have session with his trainer. Last night was first time driving. That's about it. I will post at least once more after the next week. I don't think scaring is going to be much. Inscision were so clean and well hidden. Must be patient on the cheeks...

Thanks for your update! You could put photos up but black out your eyes, if that would make your husband more comfortable? I'm glad you've been able to get on the treadmill and drive, too!


Two weeks out today....headed to doctor for...

Two weeks out today....headed to doctor for appointment. Amazing progress. I will post picts back up today for a week or so. Not planning on leaving photos up. Feel good other than needing to exercise. Skin is very tight. Much of the swelling is gone. Ears are healing. Have not needed any pain meds for at least a week. One side is healing better than the other but I dont think the scars will be noticable at all which is amazing. I am very happy with results. Its weird not having all that lose skin under my chin and neck. It feels very tight. I think more than 10 years off that area. Now I am thinking I need to botox between my eyes and forehead a bit. Have not done that before but my lower face looks so tight and the forehead is still the same...will see what doctor recommends today. Never wanted to go the botox route because of cost and maintenance so will see....still kind of in shock that I actually did this...its quite a process. I have been back in work a few times. No one has said anything but then what would they say..LOL. I did cut my hair shorter shoulder length and color so that accounts for my change in appearance a bit. I would recommend that by the way. Longer hair would have been miserable to contend with these last 2 weeks. The ointment around my ears was impossible to keep out of my hair. Also keeping my hair away for ears was a challenge...and washing. I am back to all activities except working out. Just walking. I usually run 6 to 10 miles several times a week. Do spinning, pilates, yoga. Probably another week away for all of that.

Doctors visit went well. I have a little swelling...

Doctors visit went well. I have a little swelling under chin. One cheek has swelling and very small bruise. Ears healing...
So happy you are pleased, I knew you would be. It just take patients. I also remember people I knew looking at me and wondering what was different about me, but not being able to put their finger on it. As you said, what could they possibly say that would be appropriate? ;) Looking forward to your final photos. Thank you again.
How do you black out the eyes?

Very happy...I did botox my crows feet and between...

Very happy...I did botox my crows feet and between eye brows yesterday. Ears are healing very well..dont think there will be any noticable scars at all.

Botox is expensive for every 3 months!

Botox is expensive for every 3 months!
Hi. I had mine done the same time as you, I think--the 16th? You sound as if you have more energy than I do. Do you have any feeling back yet? I am also considering getting botox but didn't know it was adisable so soon after surgery. Any problems with it? I used to get it done a while ago, and you will be able to go a little longer between visits as you sort of 'forget' to use those muscles. I only go about every 8 months now.
Your a hoot. Glad your doing great. I missed seeing your pics. Did you have a forehead lift and brow lift, too? Thanks for the laugh, really needed it.
Hello...just lower face and neck. Tuesday will be 3 weeks. Amazingly fast healing . A very long and weird emotional process. This site help me alot. Are you planning?

Past 1 month mark

I would say 90% healed. Still swelling under chin and ears are coming along. I miss earrings lol. I am putting before pic back up. Will post after this week.
You are healing very well. What a difference in your neck. All the cords were nicely tightened and done well. You will have no feeling in certain parts of your face that will last for years. Some of it will come back to a certain point, but you will get use to it over time. He did a good job on your chin line as well, very smooth on both sides. Lookin awesome !
North Dartmouth Facial Plastic Surgeon

I found him on the internet. Chose him because he specializes in face. He has all certifications. Price was in the middle of quotes I got. His manner is good. He thoroughly explained everything. Also location is about 45 minutes. Reasonable distance.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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