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My breasts have always been large and I have been...

My breasts have always been large and I have been self conscious about them since they sprouted and rapidly grew as a teenager. I am 5'2" and when they were D's when I was in my late teens, early twenties. To everyone else I may have had lovely proportions but they never worked for me. After having and raising my child, gaining weight and losing weight they became very pendulous with my nipples down around my belly button. Before the procedure I was a size 42DD. Not excessively large, but I finally reached the "I can't take the back pain anymore," point. When I went in for a consultation the doctor talked about them ending up around a D cup. I told him I would rather end up around a C cup. I then got approval from the health insurance and met with the doctor again for a pre-op. I again re-iterated my desire to be a C cup.

This doctor does not use drains and I was scheduled for a follow-up the day after surgery where he and the nurse changed my dressings which amounted to a little gauze and a large elastic bandage. There wasn't yet very much drainage and not a lot of swelling. I still had anesthesia in my system and had started vicodin so I was feeling pretty good. All my stitches are internal and the incisions had been covered with surgical glue. I haven't had any problems with my incisions at all. They have been healing very well.

Later that night after my post op appointment is when my breast really began to swell. I wished that I had drains to let it out as in the next day or two I could feel the fluid swishing around under the skin. Really weird. I also felt like some of the drainage went down into my abdomen as I was quite bloated and puffy and some of the bruising moved down the front. I had a lot of bruising on my sides under my arms where the liposuction was.

About the fifth or sixth day I couldn't take just the elastic bandage. I really felt that I needed more support and didn't understand why the doc didn't send me home in a bra. I had to go out and buy a bra and I ended up doing all my own research to figure out what to get. I couldn't find any post op instructions in my paperwork. When I told the nurse at my one week appointment that I had not gotten any post op instructions she maintained that I had and that it had been all verbal and didn't I remember this and that. What the heck! I was on Vicodin, who knows what I could or could not remember but apparently they told me everything I needed to know. Somehow, I just don't believe that. Thank God for the internet and this site.

I went to my two week appointment where my ps was quite pleased with my progress and the results of his work. That made me kind of happy but I did tell him that I felt that I was still too big and that my back still hurt, that the pain had just shifted up higher in my back. I asked him if once all the swelling had gone down and I still thought they were too big what to do next. His first suggestion was losing weight which is a no brainer as I have about forty pounds to lose. We'll see. I am also not entirely excited about the shape that they are currently. They look kind of boxy but from what I've read they should settle into a better shape over time. I am hoping so, because it they don't I am not going to be a happy camper.

I am writing all of this as of my 20th day out and my emotions have been up and down from day to day. Yesterday and the past few days I have been feeling pretty great. I think I did too much yesterday and today I am kind of sore and my mood is definitely way down. I will take a nap and hope to cheer myself up.
John Furrey

I'll follow up with my assessment more later as I am still trying to decide on my opinions of the treatment and care that I have received.

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I too am disappointed my ps didn't remove more but I'm trying to focus on the huge improvement that has occurred. My ps did drains but just for 24 hours and I wonder if that was too soon because i am having a slow recovery with a lot of pain and swelling in weird places other than my breasts. He also sent me home wrapped in gauze - I was so happy to be wearing a bra at the 6 day post op because I felt like I wanted/needed support the gauze didn't provide. Be careful with the ice recommendation...check with dr first. Best wishes in your recovery.
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Hey girlie!!!   You are going to be ok, mine were also a little boxy after surgery but gravity kicked in and they are now fine.   

If the swelling is hurting try using bags of frozen peas as ice packs.  They mold nicely to the shape of the breasts and feel super good.  The cold makes all of the difference.  

I was a DDD prior to surgery and was taken down to a C cup.  After my surgery I did go on to drop 60 pounds; which then shrunk my down another cup size.  I was a full B and loved it.  

We are all here to support you and answer any questions you may have.  
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Thanks Kimmers25. I appreciate the info. Good to know I still have some shrinking to do:)
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