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I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a...

I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a quote done months ago for abdominal lipo and lipo to the love handles,back and butt implants. My hopes are to go in the next few month for my surgery! I have read amazing things about Dr.Wiener, not one bad review! I've done tons of research & can't wait!


What didn't you like about other doctors. I have am appointment to see him Thursday. I'm the aw way don't have enough fat I'm just scared case I seem implants where you can see the lining
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I did see another doctor months ago. Dr Ross and he said I don't have enough fat and was trying to talk me out if implants. That there is so many complications and the drainage and this and that. If I wanted he would do them. I just didn't like it. It felt like he wasn't comfortable with it. Now Dr Shirfrin was so nice the staff was amazing. He answered all my questions and said he can do an amazing job. So we decided round implants lipo from my stomach, love handles and my full back. He will them put it in my hips and around the implant to make it look real and no linings.
Hey there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Are you having butt implants, or BBL? Or a combination of both?
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