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I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a...

I haven't gone in for the surgery, yet! I got a quote done months ago for abdominal lipo and lipo to the love handles,back and butt implants. My hopes are to go in the next few month for my surgery! I have read amazing things about Dr.Wiener, not one bad review! I've done tons of research & can't wait!

hopefully next month is the month

Ive been working on my credit and saving up im super excited hopefully I can kick off my new year w/ a new bootayy!!! And body, lol ill make sure to share day by day updates post-op

getting requoted for surgery

Okay, since last year march to be exact I got a quote for 11,000 for lipo and butt implants, im waiting on the office to call me back so I can get requoted so I can set up my surgery date!!!! Im so excited, I applied for for care credit! And was approved for 11, 000 but I was a little bummed because the price of implants went up so hopefully my new quote isn't too crazy! I'll be posting pre-op pics!

April 30th

Butt implants and lipo of abdomen (upper & lower) , love handles and mid back.
March 12th is when my in office visitation/ consultation is! Omg, this feels unreal!

my quote


pre surgery supplies

Okay, so im getting butt implants and lipo, i've heard of these vitamins you can take to help you heal faster.. the only other thing I can think of is hand sanitizer? Any advice?

implant size!

Met w/ my doc yesterday, the staff is amazing, so caring and sweet! My doc is knowledgeable, im super excited! Im going with 458cc he said I could do 550? But at that point I would atart to lose my natural "jiggle" because of the stretching of the skin...
Im going shopping for my surgery supplies in april and need
*a funnel (to use the bathroom)
*stool softener
*gauze/ neosporin
*baggy sweat pants and top
*hand sanitizer/ anibacterial soap

Im going to pack food so I dont have to order ..

stomach goala

pre op pics!

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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