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I had lipo to my hips and fat transfer to my...

I had lipo to my hips and fat transfer to my breast 3 days ago. Feel very sore as I have before when I had lipo so I expected this. I took my garment off to shower and loved the size of my breast. I know they are swollen and black and black and blue now so I'm sure they will go down some. I hope not too much. I definitely recommend my plastic surgeon, Dr Widenhouse in Charleston SC. I've had successful procedures with him in the past. He is knowledgable, has great bed side manner and his staff is great, on top of just being a great surgeon.

Please keep us posted on your 3,6, and one year outcomes. I, too have had this procedure and I don't believe what doctors say when they tell you that the fat is permanent at 3 months out. I lost quite a lot after my 5th month. I hope your doctor is better than mine was, and that you keep it all, but please do keep us updated.
Well sweet Bella I read you story and it kind scared the living life out of me! I am still doing my research and saving up for the procedure but am scared ! and if I do go through with it then I will definitely update every1. My freind had a Lipo done on all of her lower body after dropping 40 lbs or so (pear shaped like me) then she gained 20 lbs they all went to her boobs , arms face and upper body, she looks amazzinng! and am thinking I might just loose more weight, go get lipo on my lower body, put on some weight and I would have boobs! :) thats my plan B she gained a little in her lower body lets say 20% but 80% went up! I am very sorry for what happened with u, and what u and ur husband had to go through. will def keep u updated, Thank u so so sooo much for sharing . my heart goes out to you.
So, the funniest thing: just today I noticed that I've gained a little weight. All of the weight is going to my tummy! I had it all sucked out of my thighs so now it is definitely going elsewhere, only I'm not lucky like your friend! Lol. C'est la vie.

In 3 more days it will be 2 weeks since my lipo to...

In 3 more days it will be 2 weeks since my lipo to hips and fat grafting to breast. My breast are not sore anymore but the lipo areas are still sore, especially after exercise or a couple hours of not wearing my binder. I don't have any pain med left and it is bearable pain but still uncomfortable. Today was my first day not wearing a sports bra. I wore one of my old bras which was too small. I feel like it was a mistake. For the first time my breast look uneven and different size like the bra being too small smashed them. I have noticed since the swelling and bruising went down I have lost some size, maybe 25%. If I lose too much more in the breast, I will end up doing the fat grafting again because that part was only $800. not including OR fee or anthesia. I have uploaded a new photo.
Hi Tiff, Are you still happy with your results?  Have your breasts changed? Amelia
Tiff, Thanks for your update & your updated photo.  Did you call your doc & ask about your old bra & if maybe it killed some fat?  What % did he tell you would remain in the end?  Yes, sometimes it takes several transfers, good attitude on your part.  Did he put any fat in the upper pole?  Did you use Brava Thanks, Amelia    
We're about the same time-wise! Wednesday will mark 2 weeks post-op for me, and I'm feeling much better every day, but I'm still taking it easy. I tried on some old bras today and think some of the larger sizes will fit, but I'm going to wait a few more weeks before I wear any of them as they are mostly underwire and I don't want any weird pressure on my fat grafting sites!

I am still very happy with the results. I have...

I am still very happy with the results. I have lost most of the fat but retained about 25%. I'm happy with the results still and plan to try again in a few months.
How are you doing now Tiff?  How is your retention?
With lipo, the condition of your skin stays as it is or slightly worse.  My legs had some cellulite and it is still there.  The fronts of the thighs look tighter and more lean.  The backs do have a tiny bit of loose skin where the cellulite was but I will just lift weights on the legs.  It is just a little.  Overall, I do not mind it at all & would do it again in a minute!
Hi Rocking GIrl, I see you have been busy reading everyone's stories- good for you.  I have several friends who have had lipo, 2 girls 10 years ago, & some w/fat transfer 17 mths ago.  The girls that had it done 10 years ago have not gained any weight and have not had any fat redistribution, they are super health freaks.  The girl w/the fat transfer has purposely gained 5-7 lbs post transfer as her husband & she like her curvier.  She had lipo done to her legs & her flanks, she says her weight gain is all in her hips which were not lipoed and she loves it cause it makes her curvier.  I do not want to gain weight as I am scared that I would get fat in my stomach as that is my biggest area which was not lipoed.  The general consensus seems to be if you gain weight over your pre lipo weight the fat will redistribute somewhere else first, if you gain ALOT of weight then it can return to the lipoed sites.  Best not to gain weight and have a pretty stable weight to do this procedure.  I do not know what you would do if you developed cysts, its according to how painful they are.  I have friends who have breast cysts that did not have fat transfers so it can happen anyway.  One had the cysts removed b/c they were very painful.  This procedure does not cause breast cancer.  I am not sure if caffeine and alcohol effect the fat.  I have had a tiny bit of wine at week 6 & 7 and started drinking 2 cups of coffee a day and iced tea at day 2 and so far I am measuring the same and same cup size as week 4 after the procedure.  Sometimes the breasts seem smaller but they do not measure that way and the bras fit exactly the same.  I may have just been used to looking at them swollen.  They are really the perfect size for my smaller body now.  At 2 months, I am thinner then ever.  Hope that helps.  Oh the person that claims they are exercising and can not lose weight probably is eating more calories and does not realize it.  People say that all the time and do not admit to themselves how much they are eating.
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I first went to him for a tummy tuck around 2004. Great results. I've had to go back a couple times to redo my scar but that was my choice to try and get it less noticeable each time. I have had many procedures and am overall very happy with his work.

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