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I've always known that something was wrong with my...

I've always known that something was wrong with my breasts. They always looked different than my peers and after I gave birth to my son, I never got that engorged look that I so desperately coveted. I even had to see a lactation nurse in order to learn techniques to make my milk come in to be able to nurse my baby. Fast forward 5 years later and it's finally time to do something about it!

A little background information is I am 27 years old. 5'6, 175 lbs and I have one child whom I also breast fed. The beginning of this year is when I made the first step to find the right doctor who could do something about my breast. I initially thought that they were just severely saggy. However, after consulting with the first doctor, I was told that I had tuberous breast deformity and that he would augment me by placing the implant subglandular in conjunction with a lift. I knew I wanted a sub-muscular placement instead so I went on and got a second opinion with another plastic surgeon. This is where I found Dr. Terranova. After a thorough examination, Dr. Terranova told me that I do NOT need a lift, instead he needs to lower my breast crease. He said that I could use a nice size implant because I have wide shoulders and my height/weight allows it. He was the polar opposite of my first consultation. He answered every question and took his time with me explaining things. He even let me come back and answered more questions face to face. I was such at ease and impressed with him that I first scheduled him to do my tumescent liposuction of my whole abdomen 3 weeks later! (You can find my story and profile (with pics) on that under my profile). He did an amazing job with my lipo and now that I am recovered from that, it is time for me to get my girls.! I wanted to get my breast augmented back in March with my lipo but I decided to wait until June because my son would be out of school and I could take my 6 weeks off fromwork to take him to Jamaica to visit family and have fun in the sun! Yay!

So I am so excited about tomorrow! My presciptions are filled, my bras have been purchased, I have cleaned my house from top to bottom, went grocery shopping and prepped my bedroom to accomodate me post-op. We have decided to do the peri-areolar incision, sub-muscular replacement and sillicone implants.But the only thing is that I am on the fence about the CCs I want. I started off with 550 CCs but I liked the 625-650 CCs when I tried on the sizers. My dilemma is that I know that these are large implants and I have read that they increase my chances of bottoming out and thinning out of my tissues. However, I am not a slender girl. I love going to the gym so I have a muscular build with broad shoulders. If my size can accomodate my implants and look natural/nice on me then I have no problem with a larger implant. I am driving myself crazy looking for pics of girls with 650cc implants and reading about larger implants. I can't wait to get off of work, go home and take my Ativan so I can chill out! Tomorrow morning, I am just going to tell Dr. Terranova to make me as big as he can while keeping a natural profile. I totally trust him and I know that he will once again give me wonderful results. Right now I am a 36B and my goal is to be a 36D. Wish me luck, I'll check back in tomorrow after surgery!

Ok, it's the evening of my surgery and I'm just...

Ok, it's the evening of my surgery and I'm just starting to feel somewhat ok. I got to Dr. Terranova's office at 8am and from there his nurse gave me my Zantac, Ativan and then had me change into a robe. She then took my vitals and Dr. Terranova came in to mark me up. I was taken to the OR room, hooked up with an IV and the next thing I know, I woke up in excruciating pain! So this is what it feels like when your breast are engorged?? Good grief! I could not wait to get home and pop my meds.

It hurts to sit up in bed and my breasts are so tight. So tight that I haven't looked at them. I did put my nipple rings back in but as far as getting up, undoing my bra and staring in the mirror.....ehhhh not today. I get tired quick but they look great from what I can see. Dr.Terranova called me around 6:30pm and told me he actually did 650cc Sillicone implant (Yayyyy!) submuscular with the areolar incision. I didnt think he could fit all of that through my nipples but he did. Oh and they are also moderate plus so I know they will look great. Now the weight begins for them to drop. I leave to go on my trip to Jamaica next thursday (7/5/12) and I'm hoping they dont look too tell-tale in a bathing suit. But they are actually lower than I though they would be, IDK if its due to the Bandeau or what. They also arent as big as i thought they would be but as long as I'm in a D cup, I dont care :) Anyhoo, I have my post-op appointment next Tuesday to get checked out for my trip. I'll try to post more pics tomorrow although I hear the second day is the worse. If I am feeling crappy, I'll definitely do it on Saturday. See ya later!
Wow, so you are athletic too! I am kinda worried. It's the summer and I am afraid that I will gain weight since I can't exercise for a while, so I have been watching what I eat. 34D is a great size! I hope to be a 36D. I understand you saying you were initially worried that they were too small. I thought that mine would be huge and sitting on my collarbone like many of the reviews that I have read on here so this must be a good thing. They dont have to far to go to settle and drop. Girly I love Jamaica and I can't wait to beat it out of here for 6 weeks. I am going to be extremely careful down there and just relax. Usually I rip and run and paint the town red with my siblings and friends. You should go sometime, you would love it! Thanks for your story again, it really helped me. I can be so freaking analytical sometimes. Ugh :)
Wow lady, you did it!! When I first got mine done I had a ton of different emotions the first day I thought they didn't look bigger at all I was upset. Then when I finally saw them I thought they were too big because they were swollen. I only wanted to be a C and I was a DD!! I was freaking out but the dr assured me it was just the swelling. That was almost 3 months ago I am now a 34d and I love them! I got 260cc in one and 350 in the other( I was lopsided) before I was a 34A/B. My recovery was Loooong because I also got a lift. I think that made it a little longer than a reg aug. I compete in figure competitions and I still am not back to my upper body weight lifting. I can't wait to get back to my normal workout routine. Girl, I'm so jealous of you going to Jamaica!! I have always wanted to go there!
Thanks ladies! @FitLuv: how many CCs did you get? Were they saline or sillicone? How long was your recovery?

Day 1 post-op. I was bracing myself for the worse...

Day 1 post-op. I was bracing myself for the worse pain ever because I heard that the second day is the worse. Actually I feel better today than I did yesterday. I've been up being active and moving my arms gently which has really helped with my pain. My doctor called again this morning to check up on me. He gave me further guidance about when I can bathe, be active, remove my bandages etc. Hopefull tomorrow gets even better. I've posted my pre-op pics without the bra
Thanks! I can't wait to go bra shopping but I know I have to wait until they drop. I couldn't imagine being bigger than a D but I know it'll look good regardless. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement ladies!

So glad you got the size you wanted. Have fun in Jamaica!

Hey april~ you look great! Since you got 650 cc's you will DEF. be a D cup girl!!! Maybe even bigger....Lol I have 304 c's mod + silicone and fit into a D at Victorias Secret. Hope you feel better soon and have a fast recovery. Take Care :)

Day 4 post-op and I am really feeling like myself...

Day 4 post-op and I am really feeling like myself again! I was bracing myself for the second and third day but I had little to no pain. I went out for a walk and even ran a few errands and still no soreness or pain. I've weaned myself off of my narcotics; in fact this morning I slept in 3 hours past the time I normally take them and I awoke to no pain. I also have very little bruising which I am grateful for. I am glad that for the first 2 days I just relaxed in bed and did absolutely nothing. I think this may have something to do with my no pain rate. My breast are still high and tight and I want to burn this bandeau along with my old bras but I know that I must wear it for a reason so I have to suck it up. I really haven't seen much change to my breast thus far and maybe this is due to me looking at them everyday. I clean my incisions twice a day, place Neosporin on them, then cover them up with either gauze or a maxi-pad. Next I put on my sports bra and the horrid bandeau. My swelling around my stomach is going down too. Thank God. Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment with my doctor. I'm anxious to see what he says. I am going to ask him about massaging them. I hear that helps them to drop.
Excuse the hiatus! I am about 7 months post op and my girls have settled nicely. I am a 36DD but they look really good for my frame. My scars around my areola have healed nicely and I have gained so much confidence. It feels great to go braless and wear opened tops
Congratulations! I also have tubular breast and I am looking into a BA. I was wondering what the doctors had to say about your nipple piercings? cause i also have mines pierced and that is a major concern of mines.
Thanks girlie! My doctor said that I had to take them out for surgery. I took them out as I was walking out the door for surgery and soaked them in alcohol. Since your breast are going to be swollen, you don't want to put them back in for a while. What I did was bought two plexiglass pregnancy navel jewelry and put them in until the swelling went down. My doctor does not have a problem with them but he says that I need to keep my nipple rings clean because if they became infected, I would have to take my implants out. Hope this helps. Sorry for the tardiness
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I chose Dr. Terranova because of his extensive knowledge about breast augmentation, his many credentials and accolades as well as the fact that he answered every question that I had and was very patient. He also did my tumescent liposuction of my entire abdomen 3 months ago. I found out about him through the internet and decided to come on in and see how we gelled. I am so glad I did!

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