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I am the mother of two adult children and have 4...

I am the mother of two adult children and have 4 grandchildren. I am 70 years young and had difficulty having my children which meant many exploratory operations,After delivering my children, I had numerous problems with issues dealing with mishaps during surgery. I had hernia surgery and now another one is causing me much pain. I had the choice of hernia surgery or tt surgery which meant everything would be taken care of and I would no longer have this extra lap to contend with and could be proud of my body again.

My surgery is scheduled on February 2nd and I want to thank everyone for giving me the courage and information to make this important step. On the calendar my surgery date is wrong. Please correct this as I need your prayers and good wishes when I close my eyes, Love you all......

OK, I am finally back to inform everyone that I am...

OK, I am finally back to inform everyone that I am still alive and kicking...Had my tt and hernia's removed three months ago. It was a hard time because I was such an active person and all of a sudden I am restricted from most of the things I needed to get done. I have been doing well but still must not go crazy working in the yard or picking up heavy things. For the last week I have had a bad pain in my lower right back and if it doesn't get better I am making an appointment with my doctor. I am thinking it may be because I have still been leaning over when I walk at times because when I stand up straight it gets better. I sprained my ankle about a week before the pain started and this could have been why I was walking different. Has anyone else noticed a pain in their lower back that hurts all day regardless of what I am doing and even when I lay down to sleep. My tummy looks great and I think my doctor pulled my bladder up and this has made a big difference.
I have missed all the ladies and I would like to hear how you all are doing.......
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My doctor is one of the best and he cares deeply about every person that comes to him. I have trusted him with my life and also sent many ladies to him because he is that good and his staff is the best. I love them all....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Virginia, when you feel up to it, and have the energy, please check in with us. I'm looking very forward to hearing from you.
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Virginia just checking in with you to see how you're doing! Hope your recovery is going well.
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Hi Virginia! Hope you're doing well & we'll hear from you soon! :)
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You'll be in my prayers... hope everything goes great tomorrow! have a safe, fast & easy recovery!!
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Good luck!!! We wish you the best in your surgery this next week Virginia F. :)


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I am 54, mother of 2, grandmother of 1, had TT, BL/BA aug 2011. My PS did not want to do lipo with TT but said that it could be done later. I found that after the TT, I really didn't need any lipo. I am so glad he didn't do it because my recovery went absolutely great. PS's office staff said I did better than most 25 year olds. Be strong. You can do this. Best wishes to you for a beautiful outcome.
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my prayers are w/u ,u are goin look great its your time grandma. iam 45 and have 8g/kids 3 daugthers trying 4 tt keep us up dated
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Good luck!
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I am 58 and did very well with my tummy tuck and muscle pair. The surgery was Sept. 28th. My doctor did some lipo in the tummy and I agree the lipo does make recovery more uncomfortable. I got the okay to do sit-ups, crunches, etc.
I am a mother of 8, two grandkids. I am thrilled that I did this for myself.
Best wishes on your surgery!
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Hi, I saw your question on our Feb board about lipo of flanks. I wanted to read your review to get more backround on you. It might be due to your age that your PS doesn't want to do lipo. Try not to get discouraged about it. I can tell you that from all of the reviews and posts I have read on here, lipo makes recovery a lot harder and more painful. There are several women who did NOT have lipo of flanks so it is not unheard of to not do it. Just like some docs will lipo upper abs during tummy tucks, MANY PSs will NOT lipo any part of the stomach during tt surgery due to concerns about complications.

You will look great and in the worst case scenario, you could always go back later and get a little lipo to your flanks if it is really needed. A lot less chance of complications if done seperately.

I will keep you in my prayers. I am scheduled for Feb 6. :)
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Good luck Virginia only a few weeks to go
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