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Tummy Tuck & Lipo - North Carolina

Scheduled to have surgery on 1/17. I'm...

Scheduled to have surgery on 1/17. I'm 5'1, approx 110 lbs. Very nervous about the surgery, as I have two little girls, age 2 and 4. Have been planning to have the surgery for about a year. I always said I'd have the "mommy makeover" but now am def getting nervous.

I have lose skin, and the more weight I lose, the worse my stomach looks. Skin tends to flap over my c-section scar. On one hand, I'm kind of ok with never wearing a bikini again. On the other hand, I like the idea of feeling proud in the summer and of looking lean and fit as my daughters grow up.

I do have a question for others - are there any recommendations for what to tell folks? I'd rather not tell everyone what I'm having done. I will not be playing tennis or going to yoga and my husband will be taking the girls to preschool for at least the first two weeks, possibly three weeks, since my youngest likes to be carried into school. Any suggestions for a "cover story"?

Day 1 - post op - Definitely felt pain, but all in...

Day 1 - post op - Definitely felt pain, but all in all ok. Spent most of day sleeping, waking to pee, then sleeping. Did try to shower, which was ok....getting into binder was not easy. Ended up going back to PS office to make sure we had it right. They were very nice about it and worked me into schedule with no problem. Day 2 is starting out more awake, pain under control (thanks to meds). Will leave shortly for first post-op visit. Drainage was constant yesterday, now barely draining at all. Hope that's a good sign. Was also swollen super bad (fingers, hands, arms, face). That happend with me with my first daughter too. But, think all that peeing helped with that, because now those areas are pretty much back to normal.

Day 2 post-op: Definitely not feeling great. ...

Day 2 post-op: Definitely not feeling great. Working hard to stay on track with my meds. Took quick shower and struggled with foam and binder. Husband has been a godsend, waiting on me (literally) and doing everything for me. Cannot imagine doing this without him. Still definitely not feeling myself and am glad my daughters are not here to see me like this. When I walk, I feel pain in my thighs and back. Focusing on using my leg muscles does help, so that advice from Jan board was great. Getting in and out of chairs easier when using leg muscles. Dreading day 3, since I heard that is the worst!

Day 3 post-op: Not happy at all. Saw dr this am...

Day 3 post-op: Not happy at all. Saw dr this am and all seemed relatively fine. He said I was ahead of healing curve. Gave me a size small binder. By the end of the day was in agony it was so tight. Showered and then struggled to get into a medium size binder. Hubby had been telling me as soon as small was washed I had to get into it, but after seeing the pain of getting into the medium, he has backed down and said I can sleep in the medium. My rib cage feels crushed in the medium, so really, it's a good thing he agreed or we would have a knock down. I do have a call into my dr to discuss with him, but I'm sure he'll agree I can stay in the medium for now. It's funny - for part of today I was feeling better, but clearly the blues are hitting. Didn't help that I watched One Day this afternoon. A horrible film. Ugg....I just want to be pain free!

Day 4 - post-op Did feel an improvement over...

Day 4 - post-op Did feel an improvement over yesterday. Day started out with me trying on the size small binder and finding it was actually easy to put on. Seems I had stressed the day before for no reason. Had my first and second bowel movements today - both very welcome. And took my first full 5 minute shower. Hubbie timed it so I wouldn't exceed my 5 min limit. Still haven't washed hair, plan to do that tomorrow. Really feeling ready to get pain pump and drains removed. They hurt when moved and I think the pain pump is empty anyway. I'm barely draining anymore, and most of what does drain is more of a clearish color, with some of the rasberry color mixed in. I have noticed that I can stand almost fully without any pain, but I don't do it often as it scares me. However, when walking hunched, it doesn't take long for lower back to start really aching....although lower back felt MUCH better after bm. Overall, a better day. Hopeful day 5 will be even better - and I may venture outside for some fresh air.

Day 5 - Post-op. Today started much harder. ...

Day 5 - Post-op. Today started much harder. Found that swelling increased around hips and "lady parts" and pain increased. Pain pump dry as could be. When finally reached dr (weekend phone system down) was told to take Advil and that really did help with swelling. About to go and put back on small binder. Did wash hair for first time since surgery, but the overall funk from being in pain on a day I thought would be a better day really kept my viewpoint down. Watched great movie: Crazy Stupid Love. Looking forward to tomorrow's dr appt and getting at least one drain removed.

Day 6 Post-op: Today started off in a lot of pain...

Day 6 Post-op: Today started off in a lot of pain. Not happy as I strolled into dr office. Then, the nurse removed my pain pump and one of my drains, and it was like I became a happy buddha. I closed my eyes and didn't watch, and my husband said he couldn't believe that had been in me. Burned at site, but I felt so much better. By the time we got home my husband said I had more color in my face. Still have one drain in, and nurse thinks it will come out on Wed when I go back. My daughters came home today and it was great to see them. Both are being very gentle (at least, as gentle as a 2 yr old can be) and have been v sweet. I did bend down to hug them as they came running in door, and couldn't believe burning in legs, then needed help to stand back up. Tried really hard to take it slow, but when I took shower tonight, saw lots of bruising that wasn't there before. Plus, drain seems to be increasing a tad. Plan to take it stop Advil in case that caused bruising. New pain meds dr put me on today are working better anyway. I'll eat lots of pineapple and try to take it easy tomorrow. REALLY want that last drain removed on Wednesday. I did notice I was standing very well at first half of day, and by second half my lower back muscles were so tight I was hunched horribly.

Day 7 Post-op: Today overall has been a better...

Day 7 Post-op: Today overall has been a better day. New pain meds definitely working much better. Noticed my muscles are just very stiff and sore, so made a pt of drinking coconut water with pineapple. Muscles are feeling better now. I seem to be swelling much more and I am not sure why. My last drain has exceeded 25cc's as of this evening, so I am doubtful I will get it removed tomorrow. That makes me sad. Feeling like this entire recovery is so incredibly slow!

Day 8 Post-op: Woke this morning in more pain and...

Day 8 Post-op: Woke this morning in more pain and greater swelling. As morning went on, could feel swelling getting more tense. Went to dr for f/u appt and the nurse and dr agreed swelling had increased. There was also some redness on one end of my incision when they changed the tape. Dr. drew with a pen mark and told me if redness extends beyond the mark he makes then to call him asap and he will change my antibiotics. Overall he says things look very good. Because I had to have a diuretic after birth of my first daughter and I'm in good health, young etc he agreed to give me a script for a diuretic for a couple of days. I do think though that the swelling has possibly taken a turn downward this evening, although the soreness of my left hip area where it was red earlier is still very noticeable. Will keep close eye on it and will take diuretic in a.m. hoping to get swelling to decrease a lot. Go back to dr on Friday and really hoping to get last drain removed. Think that will help tremendously.

Day 10 Post-op. I think I have experienced the...

Day 10 Post-op. I think I have experienced the turn around I've read about. Today my last drain was removed. The area was getting infected and the hole was much larger than my other drain. My husband is a champ because he watched the nurse apply saline bandage to the area and he took instructions and a bag of goodies home so he could change my bandage 3x a day. We will see my ps again on Monday for him to look at it. I've been more active today than I have yet, going with my hubbie to take kids and pick up from preschool, running errands, riding with hubbie to swim class and going out for a pizza bday dinner for my husband. Yet, even with all that activity, my swelling has declined throughout the day, and while I am tired, I feel better than I have yet since surgery. Started back on ibuprofen today and I think that might be largely responsible, and of course, getting that drain out. My husband had noticed a smell as of last Wednesday. My ps today said he was pretty positive that smell was the drain. Tonight, changing bandage, no smell. Hoping that tomorrow I wake up and feel even better - and may be able to walk a bit more like a regular person!

Day 12 Post-op: Not a good day. Woke feeling...

Day 12 Post-op: Not a good day. Woke feeling very stiff and sore. Fell asleep watching girls in playroom in morning, then took long afternoon nap. Hoping activity yesterday and day before is just getting to me, and I haven't done something to take a step seriously backward. Swelling seems about the same. Glad will see dr again in morning.

Day 14 Post-op: Really good day. Drove self to...

Day 14 Post-op: Really good day. Drove self to dr (first time post-op!) and told him I seem to be having a string of good day followed by bad day rotations. He said it was totally normal, that I had major surgery and that is kind of the way the body recovers. The nurse told me what we all know - that on good days, we push too hard. Dr said my incision is healing nicely and all is good. I don't see him again til' Monday. Have seen him every other day since surgery so feels so long. But, I'm post 2 weeks and am out of woods for blood clot, sematoma (sp?), incision doing good. I love that he sees his patients so frequently post-op. On Monday he will see me at his med spa and clear me for my endomerl...(no idea how to spell) but it's basically a special massage he provides to his post-op patients to help with swelling. I can't wait. He said my body couldn't handle it this week (would be too painful on sensitive skin) but next week I should be ready. He also cleared me to meet with my masseuse - she's specially trained for sports/injuries. Not the kind of masseuse you go to for pleasure, but she fixes you. Went to her for neck pain and ITB band issues before I started yoga. She's trained in a special kind of massage (very light touch) to help with swelling. Lkg forward to that too. After dr appt, went and got pedicure, picked up few things from grocery store, overall very busy day. By about 5pm my body started tightening and by 6pm I was in pain. Seems like even on my good days my body shuts things down around 5. Hubbie is exhausted from doing bath & bedtime routines. I'm there but I'm so little help. Such a busy day today that I am fairly certain tomorrow will be a painful day, but the girls have preschool in am and I have a sitter in afternoon. Am going to try to get some work done on my laptop. Tomorrow is my last day of having a sitter to help. Feeling pretty ready, just at times worry about being on my own with a 2 yr old. Worry if she gets hurt I won't be able to pick her up or worse, can't keep her from getting hurt by not being quick enough. I think that's the worst part about doing this procedure with a child so young - feeling a little scared to be alone with my child, worried I can't keep her safe. But, if next week I don't feel as good as I think I will, I can get help again, and hubbie is planning on still doing a lot next week too. And, at least with all my appts I think I've stacked the deck in my favor of a good week, which will get me thru if tomorrow is really bad. Still feeling like lipo is definitely the most painful part of this, although will say am feeling those ab muscles more and more.

Day 15 post-op: Painful day as expected, but not...

Day 15 post-op: Painful day as expected, but not as bad as my last bad day. Things are moving forward! Started feeling really bad as evening progressed, then realized i started my period. Two very busy days in front of me. Ugg.

18 Days PO - Definitely feeling better than a wk...

18 Days PO - Definitely feeling better than a wk ago, but not feeling as good as I had hoped at this point. Still extremely sensitive on thighs, lower back and incision hurts from time to time. Really hurts to laugh. Keep telling my hubby to STOP MAKING ME LAUGH. This Wed marks my official 3 wk post-op mark. Very much hoping that this is the week I really start to feel better. Period is almost gone (quicker than normal) and swelling seems to be subsiding a tad. Can walk up straight, but belly is very tight and find myself hunching when tired or near my time for more ibuprofen. Very sore when first stand too. Can do so much more than a week before, but still no where near my pre-surgery activity or ability level. Patience.

Day 19 Post-op: Went to dr today and had first...

Day 19 Post-op: Went to dr today and had first endomology appt. They had me put on this suit with very light material all over body - no compression but form fitting. Then, the machine was operated by a medical aesthetician. She was great. Told me if I felt pain, we could plan to reschedule for later. It didn't feel anywhere near as good as a swedish massage, but it didn't hurt. She did my thighs, my lower back, and my belly. Belly surprisingly felt the best of any of it. The top of my belly has been very sore (can feel the muscles) and it felt really good there. The lower belly I'm still very numb, so it just felt weird - not good or bad. When I got on the table, I felt pain in my abs and was very sore. When I got off, I felt like a new woman. I could stand straighter and had no issues moving around. She said that it's like lymphatic massage, only more aggressive in that it does more than can be done with the human hand. Helps to break up any hard spots forming where lipo was done and also helps to break up scar tissue that might be causing me to be stiffer/tighter. It's been a few hours now and I can feel some of that stiffness coming back, but still feel like new woman. And I've been peeing regularly and very thirsty, so I guess those are good signs. I go back next Monday for my next session. She kept telling me I am doing really great for someone with the "extent" of work I had done. Made me feel good, but also made me realize how much lipo I had done! I had been feeling down on myself for not recovering as quickly as so many on the January forum, but she reminded we are not apples to apples, and extent of work and age are huge variables. She also told me I am going to be super tiny when it's all done....that got me kind of excited. And she showed me to kind of stretches I can do....which were so welcome. I do miss doing stretches and working out! I miss being normal!!! Also said goodbye to my tummy foam. Don't think I would have been ok with it pre-endo session, but after having someone "work" my well-protected tummy for a while, I was ok with it. Now, it's just me and my cg, which is getting slightly loose. Was told once cg is loose and not really holding me in, it's time to switch to spanx. Maybe by Friday I'll be in my spanx....either way, will probably wear them to my hubbies bday dinner, because this cg is just not working so well with my clothes! ;-)

3 wks post-op - 21 days: Really cannot believe...

3 wks post-op - 21 days: Really cannot believe what a difference the endermologie appt made. Went in there on Monday barely able to get up from sitting position. Left feeling so much better. Have been able to lay on side, can get up from seated position much easier, even from bed. Apparently it helps to break up some of scar tissue strands which can make body so tense. Definitely helped with me. This is 1st week back fully with kids, and doing fine. Very swollen still, but can now fit into pre-op jeans. Starting to feel better even when evening hits. Still taking 200 mg of ibuprofen 3x a day and still do feel some pain/soreness. Had hair color done today - getting rid of grey makes me feel SO much better too!

Day 25 Post-op: Have been looking forward to this...

Day 25 Post-op: Have been looking forward to this date for some time. I do feel pretty good and my energy level is much higher. I now feel much stronger and can do most things I could do before. Very sensitive skin on legs, especially inner thighs, and some general soreness still exist. My tightest pre-surgery jeans are now loose and my husband comments every day that he can't believe how flat my tummy is and how skinny my legs are. And, he says all this when I definitely still have swelling. I am still not exercising, but have decided I will try to start incorporating in walks around neighborhood within a week. Today is also my first day without any ibuprofen, and I am doing fine! The lymphatic drainage massage I had last week did make me feel much better. I had her focus on my back, including my upper back and neck which were just very sore, and I felt much better afterwards. Had my second endermology appt today and I definitely love those. Not necessarily the most joyful experience during the session, but I feel worlds better after the session, much more loose, not nearly as tense or tight.

4 weeks post-op: Had my 4 week post-op check up...

4 weeks post-op: Had my 4 week post-op check up today. Can't believe it's been 4 wks. Feels like a blur. Everything is looking great and I was given the clear to do anything I want to do, as long as it doesn't hurt. Was told if it hurts, then back off whatever I'm doing, as I could be doing some damage to muscle repair. Went to Mommy and me gymnastics afterwards, & tried doing all the stretches and such I used to be easily. Can't believe how tight I am and how much flexibility I have lost in one month. Looks like it will take me a while to get back to where I was....but I am already much skinnier, so that's a good thing! Was told I am still really swollen (this I knew) and that I should really start seeing swelling going down in next few weeks. OK for me to wear spanx or CG - my choice.

5 week post-op: I am definitely feeling much more...

5 week post-op: I am definitely feeling much more like my "old" self. Energy level is back to normal and I really do not have much pain and soreness. Have walked a couple of times outdoors for 30 mins and have had no issues. It feels good. Plan to push more this weekend. I did end up having to run into the preschool today, and definitely felt it in my lower back. It felt almost like the swelling was moving; whatever I felt, it was not a good feeling. My inner thighs are finally less sensitive and have transitioned into more of a numbness with tingling at times. Big news is I can definitely tell I am smaller. I weigh 6 lbs less than pre-surgery, but my tightest jeans were falling off me yesterday and I had to put on a belt. My size small yoga pants which normally fit well (like yoga pants) are loose on me....they fall on my legs more like slacks. Am hoping they make size xs yoga pants...haven't even checked! My stomach and lower back area are definitely still swollen. I plan to continue with the endermologie treatments and my massage treatments for next several weeks, at least until my swelling is less and my back is not so tense (back being better may not occur until I can resume yoga; I had neck/back pain that required therapeutic massage until I started yoga...it makes sense that it would come back without my stretching regimen). Overall, I can carry both daughters and my normal life has resumed. Plan on trying tennis this weekend. Once I'm walking long walks regularly without swelling repercussions, I plan on joining a gym to add in strength training to my yoga/bike/walk/kayak plan. Now I feel like I will be skinny, but I want to be sure I am a tone, strong skinny! Oh, and my scar is gnarly looking, but it all fits below my underwear, so I guess that's all good too!

7 weeks post-op: Overall, doing so much better as...

7 weeks post-op: Overall, doing so much better as each week goes by. I started working out more this week, including two light strength training sessions and a basic yoga class. Have noticed swelling is increasing, which is not making me happy. Before I was only walking, and am kind of wondering if I should go back to just walking. Had my first laser session on my scar last week. I didn't know my dr offered that, but I'll take anything that might make the scar lighter and less noticeable. I go back for another session in a month. Endermologie is still going great and I do notice swelling goes down following a session and more than that, my ab muscles feel so much better. Tried on jeans and found out I am a size 24 in skinny jeans now. Wish the swelling around my belly would go down so I could really enjoy being skinny. Counting the days to my 3 month post-op mark.....

7 weeks post-op: Overall, doing so much better as...

7 weeks post-op: Overall, doing so much better as each week goes by. I started working out more this week, including two light strength training sessions and a basic yoga class. Have noticed swelling is increasing, which is not making me happy. Before I was only walking, and am kind of wondering if I should go back to just walking. Had my first laser session on my scar last week. I didn't know my dr offered that, but I'll take anything that might make the scar lighter and less noticeable. I go back for another session in a month. Endermologie is still going great and I do notice swelling goes down following a session and more than that, my ab muscles feel so much better. Tried on jeans and found out I am a size 24 in skinny jeans now. Wish the swelling around my belly would go down so I could really enjoy being skinny. Counting the days to my 3 month post-op mark.....

Three months post-op: I feel completely normal. ...

Three months post-op: I feel completely normal. I've started working with a personal trainer and I'm feeling great. Am now a size 0 to 2; size 24 jeans. My dr does say that my goal weight should be 102 (and I'm about 106). I'm not sure where the extra weight is, but clothes fit well and I can't really go to lower sizes, so I'm not going to worry about it. Overall, I am thrilled with the surgery results. The lipo on my thighs is probably my favorite result, but I do love having a firmer, tighter tummy with curves again. Very excited to be wearing a bikini this summer, and still loving those skinny jeans!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hunstad came highly recommended from a friend, has significant experience and is highly regarded in his field. Pre-surgery, I felt comfortable with my decision. Post-surgery I have been thrilled with my decision. The attention Hunstad and his partner, Dr. Kortesis, provide patients post-surgery is superb. I would recommend Hunstad and Kortesis to anyone. They both have wonderful bedside manners and make you feel like they have all day to spend with you if needed. I believe both are highly skilled and experienced surgeons and the quality of care is unparalleled.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look amazing and tiny!!
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hey yoga just wanted to check on you! Are you recovering well? How are you doing now that you are so far along? I feel pretty good "almost" back to normal! Just taking it easy!
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Holy moly, tiny woman!! You look great, I have a question have you started back to yoga yet? Do you do Bikram? I was wondering if the heat might help the swelling even if I go sooner and can just lay there?
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Looking good girl! Wow you are tiny. : )
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Holy crap, yoga - you look AMAZING!!! You looked pretty good beforehand, I must say, but the afters are incredible!! Your waist is seriously tiny. So happy for you!!
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You will be amazed at how quickly everything comes back.  You look great!

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Yoga, you looked great from the start and your after pics are absolutely awesome!
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Thanks upper!
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Girl it's Meena I do not like her one bit. In fact in gonna ask not to see her again ever. Any other nurse will do just fine. Maybe it's the same one? She has long dark hair I think she's Egyptian or Indian I don't know but anyway she always dresses flashy for a nurse with short skirts etc she just looks like she's trying to hard like maybe she shouldn't be in a doctors office. Anyhoo that's her.
Yes I'm getting ready next Friday will be here before I know it. My husband is traveling all this week so it's just me and the kids! I hope to be able to get a lot of stuff done this week. I'm excited. I hope my recovery is quicker since I'm not doing lipo!
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Exact same one. I had a feeling. She did come in once to take my blood and I told her I needed the best they had (very difficult veins) and hubby asked specifically "are you the best?" and she said yes. I could tell by the way she handled the needle she was not the best and she didn't get any blood. And yeah, she doesn't dress like a nurse. Not sure what her deal is but she does have attitude. Am sure your recovery will be smoother, but don't expect to be working out any sooner......you have to let those abs rest girlfriend! And unfortunately, there's not much you can do without working those abs. At least, mine feel everything right now.
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Yogaluva glad you're feeling better! I think it's the lipo that's causing most of the discomfort. You ate going to be thrilled with your results! How's the incision site coming along? Did you go for the massages yet or are you gonna wait till you are feeling better?
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I think you are rt. It's the lipo that is causing my pain....especially my lower back. Went for endomologie (sp?) today. Back def feels better after that. Incision is coming along. My (almost) infected drain hole is completely closed up and should heal without any scar. The other one is already unnoticeable. I'm still putting this vinegar/acid mix he gave me on one end of my incision....it was very close to the drain hole and also had puss and later yeast coming out of it. TMI? But, it's all healing well and he thinks it will heal without any scar....but he reminds me every time if it doesn't he'll "fix" it. I go back Thurs for them to lk at it again and will probably discontinue the special bandage then. What nurse gave you attitude? Post-op I have had Michelle and she is AWESOME and Melissa has been pretty good with me too. There is one nurse that I met that I think had attitude - but I don't know her name. She came in to work with me briefly before she sent another nurse in. Wonder if it's the same one. I honestly barely remember my surgery/overnight nurses.....so much of that is a blur now. Tells you how many drugs I was on! ;-) Sounds like you are getting ready. Not long at all!!!
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Just go slow and take it really easy.  You don't want to hit a wall and crash.

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Can you share your masseus info? That sounds great!
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Sure. She is wonderful! She was voted best NC masseuse by Runner's Magazine in 2011. Again, not who you go to for a relaxing swedish massage, but she's extremely knowledgeable and has oodles of certifications and she IS who you go to when injured or battling chronic pain (or even need help with diagnosis). Info: Davidson Massage, ask for Judith (altho I hear her partners are great too). Just saw on their web site that the practice was voted best NC sports massage by Endurance Magazine: 559 Davidson Gateway Drive Davidson, NC 28036-7033 www.davidsonmassage.com
(704) 895-5548 Oh, and be sure to get doctor clearance before you go to her (but you can call and schedule now...she books out). She will want you to have dr clearance though before she gives you a massage.
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Yogaluva hang in there girl. I'll be in for my pre-op tomorrow what time is your appt maybe I'll see you there. Just get some rest and take it easy. Your body knows best do of you feel tired rest! One day soon this part will be over and you'll be able to enjoy your new tummy. Maybe I'll see you at the office tomorrow.
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Were you there today? I saw someone that might have been you, but then checked an email from you that said Tuesday. Then saw this going thru phone, and thought....maybe that was her! If so, how did pre-op go? If you were there, I was chick in workout pants, no make-up and hair all whichaway on top of head, gray zip up hoodie and very thick looking waste (those foam inserts man.....they hide the curves! ;-)
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Oh I must have gotten your date confused I thought you were going in tomorrow it's all a blur girl! I'm in tomorrow morning! ; )
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I'm sorry things are going slow. It definitely gets better. I am a couple weeks and a few days and the swelling has already gone down a lot. Keep moving as much as you can. Hang in there!
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You are doing just fine and everything sounds normal for 7 days post op.  You will be sore and tight as you heal but keep your chin up and know this will end.  This is a long recovery but well worth it.

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Sounds like you are doing good - each day will get better. Get as much rest as you can - let your husband take care of you while you can.
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Yogaluva great to read that you are doing GREAT! I was there meeting with Dr. K while you were in surgery I hope you felt my healing vibes : )
Take it easy I cant wait to hear (and see) more when you are feeling up to it. : )
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Thinking about you yoga! Stay focused on your positive zen place you got to in yoga today! Get some rest tonight and wake up tomorrow excited that you are about to see the new you!! {{Cyber hugs}}
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Good luck Yogaluva, I can't wait to hear and maybe see all about it! I love FitDiva's healing vibes and will be sending them also:)
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Thanks FitDiva! I can't believe it's so close....getting increasingly nervous but also strangely calm. Love the idea of healing vibes....thank you!
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