Who got pregnant 4 months after her mommy make over? O yes, this girl did

So, long story short..I'm 28 years old with a...

So, long story short..I'm 28 years old with a beautiful 9 yr old daughter, Madison. I'm in debate about having a tummy tuck and breast implants, went to the consultation but now just waiting on my settlement from a car accident I was in 2 years ago... I'm also having some difficult decisions to make as to what surgery I should do and how it will affect my daughter.

My daughter was born with a physical disability called arthrogryposis..I tell her everyday how beautiful she is and I wouldn't change her for nothing so for me to get a tummy tuck or breast implants has me worried that she might think if her mommy isn't happy with the way she looks and is getting surgery to fix herself then how do I look.

I want this more than anything but if it causes my daughter to think she isn't perfect the way she is then I'll pass..her happiness comes first no matter what..my x mother n law says for me to go for it and don't think Madison will think that way but its hard for me to be so selfish and so worried over the way my body looks when she is going through much worse...idk :(

Feeling good. Extremely swollen and freaking out about that but pain wise very good.
I have a daughter too and struggled with the decision to get a tummy tuck. I knew I would never be happy with myself if I did not do it. Getting dressed everyday depressed me. When I decided to finally do it and tell my daughter. She was upset and even angry. I explained to her that my body and had been damanged and stretched so much it was uncomfortable. I also said I didnt want to change the way I looked I just wanted to look "normal". The way I was supposed to look.
I think your daughter will understand and it will make you a much a happier person with yourself making you a much better mom!
Good Luck
Let me add I am now 4 days post op and my daughter ( she is 11) couldn't have been more supporative or helpful. She has been getting me anything I need. Helping out around the house and even getting herseld up for school. She saw my tummy yesterday and said it looked really good. Better then before.

OK so I talked to my daughter and she gave me the...

OK so I talked to my daughter and she gave me the clear to go with the surgeries lol...here's my story..I'll try and make it quick and simple lol...got pregnant @ 18, had my beautiful daughter @ 19...Madison was born with arthrogryposis..where all her joints were locked and she didn't developed muscle...she has had 3 surgeries on her feet to correct her clubfoot and 3 surgeries on her right arm so that she can bend it..with that being said she is awesome..very independent and lets nothing stop her...she amazes me everyday..so any who u can imagine how much time I spend with being a mommy :-) I have wanted this surgery for awhile now..considering I was so young when I had my daughter and never got to enjoy my pre baby body...2 years ago I got in a car accident..need up with 2 broken vertebras, 6 broken ribs and a broken back..my case just did settle and I should be receiving the settlement money in 2 weeks..so with Madison going on a toy shopping spree..I'm going on a surgery spree lol....I'm calling tomorrow to have a consultation with a surgeon in Durham I'm actually read about here on real self...I'll update y'all tomorrow with when my consultation will be :-) oh I want a full tt and breast implants and lip to the love handles BC they are what makes me look ridiculous in shirts :-) btw I'm adding a pic of my daughter BC she is my inspiration...I'll add my before pics by tomorrow :-)
You're welcome. :) In all full tt they procedure does cut skin from bb down but as you said it depends on the patient. You'll find out in your consultation if you have enough skin. Take a look at my pics, there are a couple of me with markings my PS did just before surgery. The oval that includes my bb was all cut off.
Awwww thank u sooo much...that means alot...how r u feeling? Oh n I wanted to ask..in all full tt, do they cut all the skin from your bb down r does it depend on how much skin u have?
Cyndi - what a doll of a baby girl you have over there. Pretty AND smart - the whole package! Truer words were never spoken: you deserve it! And I'm glad for you that you are coming around. :-) Thank you for the pic of your daughter - she is beautiful! Like her momma. :-)

Omg omg omg...consultation Feb 6...ill let...

Omg omg omg...consultation Feb 6...ill let y'all know then how it goes...wish me luck :-)

Omg is it me r does time go by so slow when u...

Omg is it me r does time go by so slow when u finally decide to do something for yourself :(
MaumeeMG, your pics look amazing!!! O how I wish the time would hurry n get here so I can look as good!!!!
Thanks Cyndi!! I read your recent update and as far as stretchmarks, take a look at my pic that shows the markings. Obviously everyone's body is different, but it will give you a general idea of what area of your current belly/stretchmarks will be removed. The whole marking area from my belly button down to panty line (an oval shape) was removed.
Thank u sooo much...that means alot...madison's grandma said that me gaining my self esteem in return it will have madi have her self esteem..like u said, they watch our every move..so when I'm enjoying my new bod n the mirror she will c that instead of me tucking my love handles in my jeans lol....I'm actually extremely excited now that I have all this support and my daughter tells me I can lol..yes I had to get permission from her 1st lol

About to put up some more pics of my belly.....

About to put up some more pics of my belly...trying to get some input on how much of my stretch marks will b taking off and if these love handles will finally b done :( also I will put the pics up if the boobies when it gets closer to my surgery date....yes even with y'all I am embarrassed and I know I shouldn't b BC we r all going thru the same thing but its hard right now for me..I think once I pay for the surgery and schedule a date I will b good :-) I'm trying to get on Wellbutrin to quit smoking n possible loose a few pounds...errggg..even tho quitting smoking would b great it also scares me that I will replace it with eating..so trying to quit and loose weight is going to b a goal in itself but its well worth it to feel good about myself again :-)
Ahhh OK...I'm thinking I wanted a extended anyway...do u knw how much more they cost than a regular 1..I'm trying to stay under 15,000 for all of it..tt and BA
Sandy2003, as I have learned from these beautiful ladies on real self..if u want to do it go for it...IV have obsessing over this website for 3 months lol and I'm pretty sure I have read everyone's profile and 1 thing I have noticed is that everyone's says they would do it again..the recovery might be tough but in the end its worth it..IV heard this from numerous ppl :-) I would at least have a consultation and that might b what u need to make up your mind :-) let us know what u decide :-)
Gina baby, thank u si much for your encouragement n its so great to hear someone else who went the same thing :-) I have the support from my family so that helps alot and her daddy and his mom are taking their vacations when they find out my surgery date so they can take care of madi for me..and I will have my boyfriend at home to take care of me :-)
i think the hardest part won't b the recovery but going more than 2 days without my madi but her dad says he will bring her by so we can c each other so that helps :-)
MaumeeMG..it seems alot of ppl get the whole area from their bb down taking off which would b great in my case BC that's where all my stretchmarks are..I mite have like 2 lil ones a lil above my bb...do u know about stretchmarks on the lovehandles? Seems that's where my worse ones are

K so I haven't even been to cons. Yet n my...

K so I haven't even been to cons. Yet n my anxiety is off the chain!! Think in I shud prob go to my doc Monday n get back on the Xanax, I was on them for awhile and prozac but i took myself off the prozac BC it was increasing my oanic attacks and I got off the Xanax BC it made me tired all the time..but i rather b tired than shaking and feeling like I can't breathe...hoping this don't freak me out when I have the binder on, BC IV heard up here it makes it where u feel like u can't breathe, n that freaks me out...I have bad anxiety about death..yes I'm having this surgery..so I guess its facing my fears BC I want this so bad but I'm alrdy freak in out :( so glad I have this site to keep me strong

Oh and I'm thinking about putting up pics of...

Oh and I'm thinking about putting up pics of my boobs n e way BC when i went to the cons for just a BA the doc said I didn't need a lift and I'm wondering what yalls input on that is...I'll have them up within the hour...prob will take the pics of my daughter and of my face off...just I case lol

OK, so i backed out on putting up the pics of the...

OK, so i backed out on putting up the pics of the boobs :( but I promise to do it bf my surgery for comparison:-)

5 more days til my consultation :-) I wish the...

5 more days til my consultation :-) I wish the time would hurry n get here...if it were up to me I would go right into surgery tomorrow lol...does anyone have details on an extended tt? I asked the docs on here about an extended tt to get rid of these lovehandles and stretch marks..they answered with really good advice but I want to hear ppl's experience and what if not all the stretch marks it removed n how far up the scarring went...than :-)

Hello ladies..so i went 2 my consultation n...

Hello ladies..so i went 2 my consultation n absolutly loves her...i booked my surgery 4 feb 24 :) im doing this off my phone which is annoying so ill tell yall all about it 2mrw when I get on my daughters tablet :)
Happy for you, Cyndi!! That date will be here before you know it!

K so i went to my consultation, with Mrs. Gunn...

K so i went to my consultation, with Mrs. Gunn from Durham. Absolutely fell in love with her lol..she wants me to stay in recovery room over night considering I'm having so much done which is OK by me, and it only cost 300 more. I think with my anxiety its a great idea for me to stay :-) so here's what I'm getting done, lipo to the flanks, regular t.t..hip bone 2 hip bone..also she wants to do my implants over the muscle BC she says it will help my stretch marks on my boobs b less noticable, which I originally wanted under the muscle but I'm taking her word for it :-) we r going with 425-450 CC, I'm broad shoulder so for someone who is smaller this would b kind of big but she says on me it would fit me just right, which is fine BC that's the cc's I was going for...pre op is Feb 16... I just cant believe I'm act. Going thru with this...I couldn't b n e more happier :-) so now that I'm going thru this I'm going to have my bf take plenty of before pics n even the boobs :-/ so I'll have those asap :-)
Thanx so much!!!! I'm so excited!!!

Ok so its been along time since i been on..let me...

ok so its been along time since i been on..let me update...i did not have my surgery as plan on feb 24 bc i ended up with strep throat 3 days before surgery :( so now i am scheduled for this friday march 9th and hope to God nothing gets in the way this time...tomorrow i move my recyliner in my bedroom along with the table and all the accerories i need in arms lenth...i got a toilet seat riser, which actually works awesome for my daughter bc she can bend her knees so it works great for her so i guess the toilet seat will be around even after my surgery recovery :) i also got some shampoo that you dont need water to rinse which will be awesome bc i cant take a bath or shower til after my tubes are out..got the sport bra my doc wanted me to get even tho its not the most comfortable thing in the world it works for now bc i could not find them anywhere!! its the sports bras that zip or button in the front..anywho..im goin on my shoppin spree for anything else i may need...i got me sum big pajama pants..zip up hoodie..slippers..some other things as well..ill make a list later of all the things im getting...so anywho im going to take some pics tonight n post them tonight..even of the not so pretty ladies :)..so until then :)
Sorry you had to reschedule but Fri will be here before you know it!! Looking at your pics you are going to have unbelievable results!! I think your BA without lift will look great and your flank lipo with TT will give you a little middle!!! :)

Sorry for all the typos...hate this tablet, so...

Sorry for all the typos...hate this tablet, so went n got me a laptop :-) as far as the toilet seat riser, I meant my daughter can't bend her knees so it works great for her..I got the whole house cleaned today :-) booked a room for my bf BC he can't stay the night with me n the recovery room since I'm staying the night..I just realized today, after getting out the shower, I'm not going to have this belly, fat or boobs n 2 days..I have 2 admit, Iv been so super exited about having the surgery I didn't think that I would act. Get sad 2 think the belly madi was in is getting cut off lol but she's n my life not n my belly anymore so I'm still excited :-) well I'll write more tomorrow...tired..nite all

Good luck on friday!! :)
Good luck with your surgery, look forward to the new you
You're gonna look awesome!!!!!

Wow yall werent lying when you said time flies.....

wow yall werent lying when you said time flies...tomorrow is the day...i so need to get some sleep..but im finding it impossible..soo tylenol pm it is..goodnight ladies and thank you all for your support n prayers :)
good luck girl..
Best of luck tomorrow Cyndi!! Hugs!!
Good Luck tomorrow, you'll be in my prayers. You'll do great!

Well its 4:30am..leaving my house in about an hour...

well its 4:30am..leaving my house in about an hour to make the 1 1/2 trip..my nerves are setting in a bit but like i said before i think the excitement is over doing the nerves..but still very anxious...sooo i guess im ready but then again i guess i dont have a choice lol...iv been waiting for this moment what seems like forever...thanks so much for all you ladies support and i def will keep you all posted..im staying the night in the recovery room and im bringin my laptop so ill get on and update u ladies as soon as i get to feeling distant...prayers :)

I made it ladies :) stayin the nite n recovery...

I made it ladies :) stayin the nite n recovery room but all n all not 2 made n pain..i mean its not the best comfortable feeling but well worth it soo far..we went with 500 cc in the boobs so im axious 2 c how they n my tummy looks 2mrw bf i get release

Oo n ill have pics up asap :)

Oo n ill have pics up asap :)
Yay.. Congrats!!!
Wishing you well and Congrats on the starting of the new you. Thoughts and prayers are with you today. :0)
Thinking of you today!! good luck!!

Hello everyone...sooo im in good spirit for now....

hello everyone...sooo im in good spirit for now..just got home from recovery and so far so good...i havent looked @ my belly yet...kind of want to hold it off...my back is what hurts rite now and the burning in my belly..but nothing i cant tolerate..gettin up for the first time was difficult but i made it...we went with 500 cc..and my existing stretch marks on my boobs are red right now from putting so much strain on the skin but should look better as the skin softens....well im goin to get some sleep...thank you all for your prayers and ill get more pics up asap ")

Spoke too soon....my abs are killing me :( and my...

spoke too soon....my abs are killing me :( and my boobs are starting to get a lil more sore...i keep just telling myself to be patient...this will pass in time..i still havent had the thought of regret yet tho..so thats a good thing i guess lol...but def wouldnt wish this pain on anyone..my friend ask was the car accident i got in..which i ended up with broken ribs, broken back and broken leg, was this worse or the car accident...i would have to say this..prob more bc i did this to myself lol..car accident was something i didnt ask for and had to accept...but not only that, these drains suck....doc said if i were emptying them with 30 cc and no more for 2 days then we can get them out...so far im @ 20 all day but im not going to get my hopes up...plus i couldnt imagine getting tugged on right now..i rather them just stay in and my ass stay in the recyliner lol...well i guess im goin to go back to sleep for a few...thanks again for the prayers and support..love you ladies!!!

Is it normal to have major burning sensation in my...

is it normal to have major burning sensation in my upper tummy?? im a worry wart..i cant help it...i cant tell if i have gas or if my abs are just hurting bc they r soo tight..but the burning feelin is scaring me :(
My understanding is the burning in the upper abs is from the lipo?? I had it too, I vaguely recall it being quite annoying the first several days. It was my first clue I was due for more pain meds!
k thank yall..started worrying..i just set my alarm like u said to do bc i def dont want to wake up in pain then have to wait longer for the meds to set in..just took my temp n its normal :) i havent walked alot even tho i have read up here you are suppose to...but in recovery they never got me up to walk til i was leaving to go home..but i get up to use the bathroom..should i walk more than that..just sucks bc the last thing i want to do is walk around :(
I had the burning sensation in my upper abs early on, too - it was usually an indication that I was using my abs too much OR that I was due to take my meds. Make sure you are taking it easy and set your alarm for your meds - it's easier to stay ahead of the pain than to try to catch up.

My bb hurts sooooooo bad..im trying not to...

my bb hurts sooooooo bad..im trying not to complain, but it burns sooo bad and my lipo on my back is sooo sore and swollen...im taking my pain med but it seems like it only makes me high instead of taking the pain away :( n e ideas on what i can do to take the burning feeling away??

Got another question :) curious as to how long...

got another question :) curious as to how long after surgery the doc said you can take the binder off..i want to say she told me i could keep it off during the day but to wear it at night...how did yall go about doing the binder..today is only my second day out of surgery..and my bb is still burning like crazy..is that normal??

Btw...i wanted to take a moment to say how awesome...

btw...i wanted to take a moment to say how awesome my bf is..he constantly ask if i need anything..makes sure im on schedule with my pain med. and taking care of my daughter as well...well his daughter to basically..considering hes been in her life 6 years now..but all in all i couldnt of picked anyone better to take care of me..just ready to get over the discomfort and move on with my life..and start enjoying my new bod..its kind of nerve racking when something hurts or feeling light headed sends me into my anxiety attacks..just wish i could sleep away this whole recovery process..but i guess that being patient..which i need to learn how to do...well im goin to try and get some sleep ladies..happy healing to those who is going thru recovery now and congrats to the ladies who are about to get their bods back :)

Btw if anyone is in the north carolina area...

btw if anyone is in the north carolina area looking for a great surgeon..dr. gunn is amazing!!! you never leave her office without getting a hug..she help my hand all the way to the surgery room..she made me feel comfortable with everything..including standing naked in front of her..very respectful..just all and all a great doc and i would recommend her to anyone..excluding her staff...they are all soooo sweet...the nurse who took care of me was my angel...beth the secretary is so nice...and they are open in case of an emergency 24/7 by phone...if you have a question they page dr. gunn, no matter what time it is..she stopped what she was doing today to call me within 5 min of me leaving a message about me taking my binder off...just amazing ppl..im sooo glad i found my doc on this website bc to be honest i prob wouldnt have went thru the surgery if it werent for comfortable they made me, and she doesnt go after what procedure cost the most..she goes by how she would want to look..anywho..just wanted to throw that in for any n.c ppl looking for a GREAT doc :)

Gosh at the typos..i meant she held my hand...and...

gosh at the typos..i meant she held my hand...and including her staff..not excluding..these pain pills got me all waky

Omg..so its 2am and im having the WORSE gas pains...

omg..so its 2am and im having the WORSE gas pains in the world..and i cant even let it out..like my body wont let me push..so i know i cant take a shit..if i cant even do that...omg it hurts..not to mention i cant pee either...i think that has something to do with the pain medicine bc i sit on the toilet and literally feel like im about to pee myself but nothing comes out for at least 5 min. and on top of that i cant even hardly walk bc it feels like im pulling something...then i feel like im goin to pass out...somethings got to give tho bc i cant handle this not one bit...i hear about all these ppl walking around and i cant even do it..it literally feels like my stomach is ripping apart everytime i get up...im goin to call my ps tomorrow morn but i just know i cant handle this right now...this sux
Congrats! Hope you have a speedy recovery!
Cyndi, did you do your boobs and tummy together?? I would really like to talk to u on the phone if u are willing and when you feel better. I want to do mine at the same time but want to talk to someone who also has done this!!
Hi, i just read your post about having it all done at the same time and I did two weeks ago! I say go for it! My PS told me that the brain can only detect pain in one part of the body at a time. Also, recovery time is not any longer than if you have the surgeries one by one. You can check out my blog to see if it answers any of your questions you may be having. Good luck and let me know if I can answer anything for you as well! I have ti e on my hands now as I can't really do a whole lot. Good luck, I hope it helps!

So i decided that in the morning im goin to call...

so i decided that in the morning im goin to call my ps to tell her whats been goin on with me and mayb she can help me figure out what to do..but also when my bf takes my daughter to school im goin to get him to help me take this binder off and adjust it bc i think thats y i keep gettin that burning feeling bc the binder is pulling on something...and it gives my bb a burning feeling too..so maybe if i can just adjust it things will be easier on me..like getting up to go to the bathroom..bc i havent been able to hardly move bc everytime i get up it burns to bad in my stomach and then i feel like im about to faint...i know all this will get better with time so im trying to be as patient as i can and just tough it out a couple more weeks and then i can enjoy my new bod...just hard to enjoy it now when ur in pain..but im honored to have been able to do this for myself bc i know there isnt alot of mothers who have this opportunity so im goin to make the best out of and try and enjoy the fact that i have this opportunity to have my body back..with that being said..im going to try one more time to get some sleep..night ladies

Well today is another day down..so ready to feel...

well today is another day down..so ready to feel normal again..if it wont for this burning in my bb i think i could b ok with recovery..i called my ps and she said this was normal due to the swelling..but its really starting to worry bc i cant even stand up without wanting to sit back down bc of the pain...i also told the nurse how im draining less that 25 cc and its been that way since surgery and she said that was odd that i should be draining more than that so shes going to get my doc to call me...wonder if i should be worried..i thought it was a good thing if you didnt drain that bad :-/

K just talked to my nurse..she wants me to change...

K just talked to my nurse..she wants me to change the guaze around my bb so I'm about to c it for the first time which I'm kinda freak in out about..now just waiting on my bf to get back from the store with sum neosporin n guaze..I'll take pics n post :-)

Ok so the nurse thought i meant i was only...

ok so the nurse thought i meant i was only producing less than 30 cc a day in each drain and what i meant was it was less than 30 cc emptying them twice a day so actually its like 50 cc a day im producing...i looooveeeee my new bb..i just posted pics..i was sooo scared to see it bc i didnt know what to expect...i have to say so far i am sooooooo thrilled with my outcome..i dont have any stretchmarks on my stomach AT ALL...n none on my love handles anymore either!!! so far this has def been worth it ..i cant even imagine what its goin to look like when i actually am healed and not swollen anymore..wow..so this is what it feels like to have confidence...what an amazing feeling iv been missin out on!!!

K so i finally got up to go to the bathroom wihout...

k so i finally got up to go to the bathroom wihout that burning feeling in my bb...i think its bc when i changed the dressing on my bb i noticed the stitches were stuck to the cloth so im guess it was pulling those stitches everytime i moved or got up..still feel really week tho but as everyday passes it gets better and better...throughout all the pain i still would do it all over again..except i would of gotten a more comfortable recyliner!!! im going to get my bf to take pics of my lower back from the lipo bc i can feel how swollen my lower back is and he took a peak and said it was black..so as soon as i get the energy to get up again im goin to take more pics :)

Omg omg omg omg...dont cough or laugh...woooowwww....

omg omg omg omg...dont cough or laugh...woooowwww...it hurt soooo freakin bad!!! i laughed sooo hard at my daughter that i actually ended up crying bc it hurt soo bad to laugh :( wow...anywho..well the plan was for my daughter to stay with her daddy while i was healing but i cant go that long without my madi soo she ended up coming home like she was suppose to..but she is being such a sweetheart....taking care of me for once lol..and im eating it up..she ask do i need to hold her hand when i go to the bathroom so i can keep my balance...to not think about the pain think about how good my tummy looks...shes an angel...ever since i changed my dressin on my bb i havent had that pain so its sooo much easier going to the bathroom..still bent over but thats expected..the pain from my bb was soo bad that i actually had my bf give me a styrophone cup to pee in bc i couldnt stand up..yeah so i have def experience some bad in all this but the good outways the bad times so far..now im just hoping the rest is a breeze :)
Cute bb! Glad you figured out the burning sensation!
me too!! i was starting to freak out lol..just hope things stay smooth sailing from here on out
naw not at all...actually i cant even tell i got implants..they have not bothered me at all...i guess all my pain went to my belly instead...the only time my boobs ever bothered me was just soreness from lifting up my arms but nothing bad at all..im on my 3rd day which is suppose to be the worse day after surgery..and im still saying i would do it again...i had a c section as well, some ppl say its the same pain...i dont think it is..this to me is a lil more painful bc i did get lipo as well so im sore all around my tummy..but if i were you i would get it all done at once..just go ahead and get it out of the way..i promise its not a pain you cant take...you may not want it to hurt but its def tolerable...

Great!! started my period..you would think we...

great!! started my period..you would think we would skip this time of the month considering all the blood lost during surgery!! i woke up with my boobs sore so now i see why... bc my boobs usually swell when i start my periods..blah..my lipo sections are a lil more sore today...and so far my anxiety has been under control up until last night...keep feeling like im not breathing right and my heart isnt beating right...i hate it!! makes me just want to sleep so i cant think r look for these things....i dont even want to take my binder off to see my lipo spots bc im sooo scared of what they look like...lol...bc they hurt like hell now..more bc i can only lay in a recyliner which puts me laying right on my lipo and swollen back :( just wondering when i should start to feel like my old self again??
Why do you think you felt like you could not breathe last night, because of the binder? (I read one lady's post and she felt like that because of her binder.) I hope that you do not have any more feelings
of anxiety. I am wishing you an uneventful recovery. Healthy and happy healing.
i think its more my anxiety telling me im not breathing rite bc i find if i take my mind of it my anxiety goes back down...to be honest the binder isnt given me any issues like most ppl say it does..its actually comfortable for me..so i guess i got lucky with that...im about to take a bird bath so im goin to get my bf to take more pics :)

Errgggg..i just wrote a whole thingy and my stupid...

errgggg..i just wrote a whole thingy and my stupid computer just screwed up...so im goin to try again but not as detailed bc im already exhausted lol..today so far is ok..standing up straighter..finally had a bm..which i just let come naturally..never did take the MOM..but i dont feel much of a comfortable feeling like i have heard...feels about the same..my boobs are still a lil sore but nothing i cant handle...future tt'ers, toilet seat riser is a must..i couldnt even imagine on my PO days 1-3 trying to get up and down off a toilet...buuttt if you plan on being up there for awhile..like i have...bc i had trouble peeing for awhile or even the bm...then put something under ur feet...i turned my square laundry basket upside down and proped my feet up on it bc with the toilet riser your legs are kinda hanging there which puts a strain on your drain sites...then when your done just kick it out of your way and go about your way :) anywho today is PO day 5...cant wait to get these stubborn drains out..i go back friday, which is when im suppose to be getting them out...thank god..they didnt bother me at first but it would be nice to wear something besides big ol granny panties to try and stuff these things in plus my drain site is starting to get sore!! well im getting off for now...going to attempt to walk some more..i would say happy healing..but theres nothing happy about it...so good luck ladies :) IT IS WORTH IT!!

Gotta question..so i finally got the nerve to take...

gotta question..so i finally got the nerve to take my binder off and stand up to look in the mirror...and not that im complaining one bit..bc im still happy with my results regardless of lil minor things...but i do want to know..my scar goes up high on my sides..like no underwear or bathing suit will cover that unless i hike my bathing suit up my butt..in the front the scar is low..its just the sides..but im still hunched over so when i can finally stand straight will by scar be lower? is it just the swelling thats making it seem so high?? thanx :)
I'm an activities director but do mostly planning and computer work. let us know when you walk. Or al again. I'm sorry about your back pain. It's all worth it though! I can't wait to wear a hot bikini!!!
haha thats exactly whats gettin me thru all this...i cant wait to finally wear a bikini..like as soon as i get to feeling better im goin out and buying a hot one lol...and as far as your job..im guessing u sit down alot?? if soo then i think 2 weeks would b well over enough time :) im sooo excited for you!!
how many days did it take before you could actually walk normal. Are you able to walk normal yet? I am planning on taking two weeks off of work and hope that is enough time.

PO day 6...k this is very important to you future...

PO day 6...k this is very important to you future tt'ers...very very very very very important...DONT LET THINGS COME NATURAL!! day before yesterday i had my first BM and thought heck yeah didnt even have to use MOM...then today i ended up on the toilet for 3 hourse..no joke...i even was praying to God to relieve me!! i thought i was goin to have to have surgery again just to remove the shit..literally..lol...on another note..my anxiety is sooo bad today and it sucks bc im actually physically feeling better..i really need to go to my doc to get put back on med for these anxiety issues..just hate meds...im standing straighter today..thank god...still get worn out tho when i stand for too long..oh and yesterday i took my daughter to one of my friends house so madi could play with her daughter since i havent been able to do much..but i got dressed..drove..stayed over her house for about 2 hours..and went home..exhausted..thought i was goin to pay for it today but so far im good besides the shitting issues...i go tomorrow for my doc appt. but im thinking shes only goin to take one drain out bc it isnt producing anything..the other drain wants to b stubborn..i swear the more they are in its like the more they get in the way...and it hurts soooo bad to tugg on them so i can only imagine how its goin to feel to get them out...still sleeping in the recyliner..think im goin to wait to see what happens at the doc appt tomorrow and decide then if i want to try and sleep in the bed..well thats it for now..im goin to try and take me a nap!!! and later ill post more pics :)

These drains suck..just so yall know!!!

these drains suck..just so yall know!!!

I have to admit..yes i got my stomach cut opened....

i have to admit..yes i got my stomach cut opened..fat sucked out...abs stitched up..balloons impanted in my chest....back pain from being hunched over..burning in my belly...yeeetttttt im SCARED to death to get these drains out!!! like as much as i want them gone..i get all light headed thinking about her pulling these things out....my left drain hurts sooo bad..like if i barely move the tube it kills me!! PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT THAT BAD...BUT ON THE OTHER HAND TELL ME LIKE IT IS SO I KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT!!! :(

I keep telling myself to remind myself of the tat...

i keep telling myself to remind myself of the tat i got like 2 days bf surgery.. "this too shall pass" well damn if that isnt the truth..one min i feel like a million bucks then something happens and i feel like crap again..but it will pass and i will b in a bikini this summer and i will have confidence over this..12,700 dollars of confidence to be exact lol..but im lucky bc alot of women up here have paid alot more and sum has had major sit backs, so i feel lucky..i hate that i complain sometimes bc in the end im sooo lucky to have had this experience bc never in a million years would i have ever thought this day would have came..it was always a dream to feel pretty again but now i can actually look down and see what a difference it is..hell i feel better about my bod now than i did bf i had my daughter...im scared as hell over the drains but it will pass..and even on PO day 7 now, i still would go back and do it again..even after all the burning, pain, pooping issues...which by the way made my butt hole swell..not hermoids but seriously swollen!! Bc my dumb self didnt listen to the ladies and didnt take the MOM and by time i did take it..it hurt like hell to poop bc my butt was so swollen and i was alrdy warn out from trying to poop before...yeah it sucked but anywho..i cant wait to feel normal for the simple fact of being able to play with madi again..i know its been a boring week for her but shes been awesome thru this..not only that my house is disquesting..dont get me wrong my bf tries but its nothing like a women to do the cleaning...also i got some things i wanted to write down about me and what iv been thru...yep..theres more screwed up things thats happend to me lol..but i rather wait tomorrow to get into all that..so until then..goodnight ladies
You look amazing.
thanx hun..feels so good to get all these compliments when you feel like shit!!

So i went to my ps today...took the right drain...

so i went to my ps today...took the right drain out..which to be honest im glad the left drain didnt come out today bc it is swollen and hurts to even touch it..she says its irritated bc when i move it moves around so she put a guaze around it and tape so now it doesnt move..thank god..but i go back monday to get it out and the remaining stitches out of my bb....so anywho..as far as it coming out, your right MaumeeMG..the worse part was them removing the stitches which hurt but the rest of it was a breeze..just a really weird feeling..so anywho..now im goin to take a nap bc my back is killing me from walking

Ok i have a ? why cant i take a shower til these...

ok i have a ? why cant i take a shower til these drains are out?? i see everybody else up here who can take showers yet my ps told me i couldnt til the last drain is out..i mean iv been bird bathing but theres nothing like a hot shower..my bf said dont worry iv went these long miles well wait to monday and hes right but damn a shower right now sounds ssoooooo good :(
You look HOT! about the shower, I couldnt take one till after my first week. So I took one last night number 1 its exhausting 2. the drains are hard to deal with in the shower. I pinned them to a hand towel and put it around my neck, but it was still hard and heavy after the towel got wet. 3 it is hard to stand there for long and have to wash your hair. I ended up putting a folding chair in there and I sat on it but the chair slipped when I reached for some shampoo and I almost ate shit and totally wrenched my side drain, hurt so bad! I think it would be ok for you to shower, but after I was like oh hell I'm gonna wait another week if its that much work LOL! I say go for it if you really want just be careful of the drains.
haha well now that you say all that..i think ill wait til monday to get my last drain out lol...u just scared the shit out of me even remotely attempting a shower lol...its all good..hell its been 8 days alrdy so whats 2 more days goin to hurt..if my bf can still stomach my none bathing ass then miles well make it the weekend the same..hell its not like im having sex anyway lol...thanx for the horror story misty lol..def will b stayin away from the shower til monday lol :)
Sorry didn't mean to scare ya but yeah it sucked. :)

PO day 8..woke up sore today..think i did too much...

PO day 8..woke up sore today..think i did too much yesterday...today is the first day my boobs are actually bothering me...just cramping in them really but its annoying...nothing at all something i cant take but i guess its just annoying bc im ready to feel better..i cant complain tho bc its a whoooolllleee lot better than the first 3 r 4 days after surgery...the main thing that bothers me now is my back..im not sure if its bc of the lipo or bc of the way i walk bc walking around is a pain and its like i cant get the a chair fast enough bf my back gives out...but it could be both...anywho..i look at it like another day down just keep doin what im doin and bc no time ill be back on my feet...o how wonderful that sounds..you never know how just walking normal can mean sooo much....r even the lil things such as cough...i havent had the desire to sneeze yet...knock on wood!! the main thing is i just want to cough soooo bad...i do lil coughs that produce nothing and does nothing for me but i guess it makes me feel a lil better to at least try and clear my throat...ok so my ? for today is...im on po day 8 is there any risk at this point that could happen..like blood clots still r anything ???

Ok guys so im venting right now..this has nothing...

ok guys so im venting right now..this has nothing but mayb a lil to do with what im goin thru...but anyway..just let me vent lol...bc i have no one else to talk to...sooo this great of guy boyfriend i have and make sound oooo so wonderful..k well im left at home since 6 this morn...so he could do a tournament and now is saying he wont be home til midnite...he has cheated on me 13 times and 3 of which were my friends...i had all this work done and goin thru all this pain yet when i pull my boobs out he doesnt even look..which makes me feel worse...he kept telling me he cleaned the house bc i was in a recyliner and couldnt move..so what a suprise it was when i get up and the house is a mess..like literally the whole bar is full of old food..the trash is overfilled with trash all over the floor...trash all over the room..madisons room looks like a tornadoe went thru it...last night everything i asked for him to do he would huff...a week bf my surgery he cheated on me with a 57 year old woman..im 38 he is 32...what the hell am i doing?? its like when he finally does sweet stuff for me i eat it up and think hes awesome bc i block out bad times..but today as i sit here in pain and btw i have no pain med since po day2 bc he stole them and took them...hes out playing baseball.....im sooooo depressed right now..it hurts to cry..its hurts to even look at myself...i cant leave the house..im jus sitting here....omg ima mess right now

I mean im 28

i mean im 28
One more thing all these people that tell you your beautiful and you look great and its sad your "bf" is doing this to you are very wrong in how they are delivering sympathy. ANYBODY can be cheated on, it has NOTHING to do with the way you look. People cheat because they can and they are allowed to. First time cheating shame on him, the rest of the cheating is shame on you. Don't worry about what he's doing, YOU NEED TO WORRY ABOUT YOU cause he apparently isn't especially if he stole your fucking meds!!!!!! Call the damn police on him and have him arrested!!!!! You are far to young to think your this worthless to SETTLE for some dude who does not care about your well being. Please atleast show Madison your better then this and women aren't suppose to be treated this way……..
Phoebe Phoebe Phoebe I totally agree w you, u better open ur eyes and ur ears Cyndi bcus ur heart seems to b misguiding you
Ok I want you to go back and read all the stuff you just posted about your "BF" and I want you to REALLY give some thought about what you told a bunch of strangers……………. I would rather be alone and lonely then to be with some guy and be miserable. He doesn't get credit for being nice to you (the rare times he is), HE ALWAYS SHOULD BE! YOU my dear have set the standards in this so- called "relationship"for what your willing to put up with, so you either be with him and deal with it and stop crying and complaining or let him go, cause he will always be this way with you, CAUSE YOUR ALLOWING IT and he knows he can. Love yourself FIRST, put YOU first and love doesn't hurt sweetheart, EVER!!!!

Well ladies...i did it...hes gone....i dont know y...

well ladies...i did it...hes gone....i dont know y i allowed myself to go thru this for so long..maybe low self esteem but its still no excuse..i read yalls comments and the brutal honesty hit me hard..its crazy bc you hear it from your family and friends yet it takes a website for of ladies to say wtf r u doing cynthia..even tho its something i shud have done along time ago..i feel its better late than never...im still young and with or without this new bod i deserved more..sadly im not even upset about it..i guess more for madison bc she loved him sooo much but in the end its better for her,...and anytime she wants to see him shes more than welcomed for the simple fact he is like a dad to her and just bc it didnt work out with me and him im not goin to have madi involved in all this....soooo thank you all for your comments it meant sooo much and felt so good to put my foot down...finally!! on a side note..i woke up today feeling pretty darn good..even almost standing straight..my right boob keeps gettin this aweful sharp pain in it if i move my arm a certain way but the doc ssaid this is normal...i took a bird bath today and took off my bra n binder off to wash it and looked at myself in the mirror..wow...what a difference..im sooo amazed at what docs can do these days..sadly i didnt take a pic but i promise to take one tommorrow...well im off to bed..thanks again for all your comments...means alot to hear ppl care even if its not their lives that are getting affected by it...love you ladies!!
I'm proud of you! When one door closes, others open. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve though, ask yourself, would I want my daughter to be in a relationship with a man like this?
thanx hun....doors are alrdy opening :)
Ok, why are you letting yourself be hurt? Your one hot piece of ass, you don't have to settle for being cheated on. I know you get comfortable and love the guy, but honey seriously you gotta love yourself first. I feel so sad for you. I have a lot of guy friend and many of them have cheated on their spouses or girl friends and they think it's ok like its not hurting anyone, WTF it's hurting everyone! I'm sure it's probably one of the hardest positions to be in for you but these guys deserve to have the rug pulled out from under them ugh I just wanna smack the shit out of these guys, they just don't get it and some never will. God I wish I could help you. Good luck!

Ok its 3 am and i cannot sleep at all..everytime i...

ok its 3 am and i cannot sleep at all..everytime i use my chest muscle i have a sharp very painful, hurts like hell, shocking pain in my right boob..what is this..i told the nurse and she said it was normal..but i got my implaints over the muscle..and i swear just barely using my right arm causes this sharp pain to go thru it to the point i feel like im goin to pass out...any ideas??

Im loving all the ladies on this site...and...

im loving all the ladies on this site...and forgive me if i sound bitchy...but im not liking the judgement im getting...if anyone else thinks the same...the ciggerettes on the table not mine they were my bf..im pretty sure i had the update of me quitting..and this website is for encouragement not judging...thank you :)

The way phoebee commented only made me mad...if...

the way phoebee commented only made me mad...if this is how its going to be where i cant talk about my feelings without being put down for it i much rather deal with family instead of "strangers" as she put it...its really making me not even want to get on anymore...thats my "honesty"
You look amazing!!! I hope I look as good as you do post op. Thank you for sharing your MM story and experience. It has helped so many, including me. I love how you are so real and honest. Your sense of humor is pretty awesome too. Congrats on your new body!
awww thanks hun..that means soooo much 2 me n def put a smile on my face :) you will look AMAZING and i swear you WILL NOT REGRET IT..im literally slobbering over myself when i look in the mirror..im not sure if its the pain med or im that amazed lol..good luck on your surgery sweetheart!! and keep up updated!!
I'm glad you got 'mad' at my comment, cause you finally did something about this "relationship" and instead of having a pity party, GET HAPPY and be glad you closed that chapter to such a destrutive life. I'm thrilled for you and only see thing's getting better. Good luck on this new beautiful road to an amazing life, you'll see its ALOT less bumpy then the one you were on:D

K so got my dain out yesterday...it pretty bad...

k so got my dain out yesterday...it pretty bad just bc it got moved so much that it got irritated..but good lord it felt so good to come out so no complaints for this girlie...my doc checked my boob for blood pockets but she said she didnt feel anything but def let her know if the pain gets worse..so far she thinks it mainly my muscle..which i can tell it is..bc im right handed so use my right arm more which is causing muscle spasm in my boobie...makes sense..and so far i can tell it gets better everyday..im basically standing pretty straight now...got all my stitches out..didnt hurt bc i couldnt feel it anyway...i took a pic which im about to upload and im soooo thrilled with the results...i can actually wear blue jean shorts and a tanktop without those love handles hanging all over the place...i have to admit my shit is not stinking at this moment and my head is sooo big it cant even fit out my door...lol..it feels sooo good to have confidence again and im only po day 12 so i can only imagine how amazing i will feel once im completly healed..i dont go back to see my ps for 3 weeks...also taking off the binder isnt as bad anymore..like the lightheadedness went away...ohhhhh my first shower..wow..how amazing...buuttt i got completly naked..and put a chair in there bc i heard alot of ppl get weak which is so very true..sat down then had to call my friend to come with a bra bc my boobs were to heavy and hurt so im sitting there with water pouring all down me holding my boobs bc i couldnt let them go and i couldnt use my hands for anything..it was a site to see..but yeah i def gotta get use to the heavyness of these boobies...the muscles hurt for them to hang without support...so needless to say this girlie isnt having sex with anybody lol..unless they can deal with me holding my boobs the whole time..better yet they prob, wouldnt mind doing it lol..but i might need to find me a good man first bf i even think about sex....which is very hard to do..isnt that sum shit..finally get a bod that im proud of and cant even show it off..o well..i guess ill just stick to checking myself out in the mirror lol...k ladies..uploading some pics..might not be the best ones bc for one i had to take them myself..and im no photographer and i woke up with a rats nest in my hair..or so it looked..i swore something was goin to come flying out of it this morn....so disregard the upper half of me :)

Did any of you ladies feel like your boobs were...

did any of you ladies feel like your boobs were goin to fall off when you take your sports bra off?? like i have to hold them up bc its sooo uncomfortable..and does this go away after i get use to finally have boobs???
I think everyone has heavyness on their chest in the begining being that there is sudden added weight, but the pain and weighted feeling totally subsides and eventually just goes away.However, I just had my breast redone after having my implants over the muscle and it really put added stress to my skin and over time my boobs sagged really bad and I was always looking for a tight bra to keep them close. My stretch marks didn't look better after my first boob job, just flat:( So I had to go back as of this past March 13th, one week ago yesterday, to have implant exchange under the muscle and a serious lift. My boobs before looked JUST like yours do in the 8th pic down but I've never had any children, they just naturally sagged and had stretch marks, lucky me, ugh:( I think your boobs look good fyi:)
i def cant complain bc they look way better than they did..but yeah i was afraid of the sagging later on..bc i originally wanted under the muscle but my ps said it would help with the stretchmarks..dont get me wrong they look way better than they did bc it filled them in more..so for now im extremely happy...so with them being over the muscle like you had, does that mean later on, like most women, i will end up going under the muscle later on anyway? And do they feel like this all the time, being sooo heavy and feel like my muscles are being pulled with im braless..or does this go away then come back later as well?? thanx :)
ooo and another ?...since i got the over the muscle..which i was told was less healing time..how long will it take for the swellen to go down and is the final result of how they are goin to look or will i know for sure what the im goin to look like when the swellen goes does down and have they alrdy dropped?? the nurse said since i got over it usually takes 2 weeks to see the final result which tomorrow is my 2 week mark :)

PO day 13..i feel really weak today...so i have no...

PO day 13..i feel really weak today...so i have no energy whats so ever..i did take another shower which felt good to do..still wearing a bra in the shower...im goin to take a pic of my belly :) and possibly my boobs, like a whole bod pic but i might have to hold up my boobs so b prepared lol
Hi, I had my tt 5 wks ago. I read your story and wow you've been thru alot. Your a tough cookie. And congrats on getting rid fo the bf. You def deserve way better. I think you look awesome. And please keep in mind that not eveyone passes judgemnent. We are here to support one another. I vented last week because I was having an emotional break down and I spoke of it and I got lectured by a fellow tt'er. wtf!!! Anyways not all of us feel the need to put anyone down or make them feel they cant express them selfs. Again you look awesome. Happy healing.
You look great!!
thanx kim!!!!

Thanx for all your compliments..i feel amazing...

thanx for all your compliments..i feel amazing today..well sorta...but i still cant complain...i much rather go thru the weekness than the po days 1-4 lol...today makes 2 weeks...time flies..thats for sure..oh and i wanted to say this..on my last pics of my belly..it kinda look like i got stretchmarks still...not the case at all...i put my drain under my binder..and the swellen caused an imprint lol...and its been a week and i still have that imprint..goes to see how swellen is serious lol...but i have soooo happy i have not even a lil one on my tummy anymore..i think theres like a half one right at my scar but i dont care at all bc you cant even hardly see it..of course i was the one to notice it bc i stare at myself like all the time now lol...and the love handles are completly gone..not to mention the stretchmarks on my lovehandles went all the way up to my ribs and they are gone now...like 3 lil tiny ones ended up on my back bc once you get rid of those love handles it just goes to your back..the skin i mean...and out of like, no joke, 2,000 r so stretchmarks i have like 4 lil ones left...ones you cant even see...and it no longer looks like im 3 months pregnant from the side lol...i remember when i would b in the car and when i had my seatbelt on i would look down and take the seat bealt to go over my tummy bc it would just buldge out...no more!!! :) i feel like i can actually do my hair and get pretty today so thats my goal in hand..sooo of course ill take more pics..duh lol..im obsessed!!!
Do you have sensation in your breasts? I heard sometimes it takes a while for that to come back. How are you feeling? Are u able to do your normal daily things yet or not yet?
does you tt incision feel numb?
Does your skin feel numb on your tt incision?

Hey ladies...well lets see im pretty good so far....

hey ladies...well lets see im pretty good so far..not laying completly flat and hunched over when i dont wear my binder but for the most part im standing straight..i get swollen really bad but the binder helps hide it..my boob still gets the sharp pain but everyday it gets better...i finally went to the tanning bed but realized i need something under my head more bc it feels like im stretchin to much and about to rip my stomach apart...nice huh..but for the most part feeling pretty good besides being weak...im about to take more pics...o yes more pics...didnt see that one coming did you? :)
Thank you for the kind words about my photo and not saying that I look like a cow! A stretched out one. lol. How is your recovery going? Ok I hope. Healthy and happy healing.
Doing great hun..n yes I still stick to how amazing u alrdy look n how much more amazing ur going to look :-) I'm doing great...finally start in to fill like my old self

PO day 25 n I must say I'm feeling like my old...

PO day 25 n I must say I'm feeling like my old self again..standing straight..I do get wore out very easily but can't complain I feel soooo much better...I'm am tho, worried about my icision scars on my sides..my skin is all bubbly n I heard this flattens out but I dont c how it cud..I'll take pics n wud love ur I put, also what does a scar revision consist off? Is it surgery again r sum king of laser treatment???
You look amazing hun! I always look forward to your new pictures and updates. As far as the scarring goes it looks like it is still in the healing phase. Most time scars heal unevenly at first then will get more even as time goes along. As far as how high the scar is it should go down some. But nothing significant. So you can't expect it to move down inches. More like maybe 1-2 inches. I am glad you are feeling better and walking straight.
haha well i def put alot of pics up for ya to see lol..yeah i can def tell a difference already..i have always had a problem with being patient lol..but everyday gets better and i cant believe it when i look at my before pics to now..such a difference and its freakin awesome to see...
What an amazing journey. You have been through so much yet here you stand an amazing, beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing so much. As I get closer to my TT date the more anxiety I am having. It helps to know that eventually, things get better.

PO day 26..wow how you can feel so weak one day...

PO day 26..wow how you can feel so weak one day and then the next you feel awesome..well today is my awesome day..cleaned the house..took a shower..did my hair and makeup..all and all feeling pretty good...so i re-read my updates bc i wanted to read my journey thus far and i wanted to add some things...funny part is, i cant remember the things i wanted to add...this has nothing to do with meds bc i havent been on them..its just my memory loss lol..i do want to say im taking showers without a bra now and i actually feel more comfortable with goin braless now..like im getting use to these huge things now lol...another thing was that i wanted to discuss my tt...k when i went to my consultation and i wrote this before i had my surgery was that i was getting a regular tt..hipbone to hipbone..well from my pics you can see that wasnt the case...when i went in for my consutation i actually asked to have a full tt bc i wanted those stretchmarks gone off my lovehandles but my ps said that i wouldnt benifit from a full tt that she would just remove the fat and that would make a huge difference..so i went with it and expeccted that nothing was goin to turn out perfect but just be happy bc it would b better than it was before..so i was actually amazed when i took my binder off for the first time to see that she actually did do a full tt...so im guessing when she did the lipo on my lovehandles i must of had more extra skin than she thought i would have and went ahead with the full tt..which im glad she did...and im not goin to dwell like i have been on how high the scar is..it can b fixed like yall have told me and also i rather have this lil scar instead of all them stretchmarks...anywho...i never mentioned that im sleepin in my bed now like normal...even on my sides now..been doin that for almost a week now...coughing doesnt hurt anymore..and i refuse to let myself sneeze..since surgery i havent and i dont plan on it happening anytime soon just incase..lets see....i do get wore out from walking too much but its not too bad...i would like to say im about 96 % back to normal...its so funny bc when you have surgery you start picking out other things you want done...so yes, i believe plastic surgery could b addictive..exspecially if your rich...like now i want lipo on my arms lol..but ill just work those off in the gym..dang it..guess i gotta go the tuff route instead of the easy one and just gettin it sucked out..i seen online a girl got a tattoo over her tt scar and im sooooo doin it once im able to and healed enough and when the ps says i can...just gives me another reason to get another tat :) also i got back on my xanax..it helps when i think im dying...yes..thoughts like this go in my head all the time..exspecially since i had surgery and i know its all in my mind so im trying to deal with it mentally instead of medicine but in extreme cases the meds do help...all my surgical tape is off..that came off on its on i would say about a week and a half ago...my belly still feels extremely tight..which is fine just weird feeling...im driving..cleaning..going places...im mean all the normal things just taking it easy when i do do things...my back still gives me problems but as far as just how im feeling im feel great...i have said and continue to say it is all sooooo very worth it...well i think i wrote my essay and ill try and take pics later today to show the progress..i am still very swollen but maybe i can take pics early so im not as bad swollen so you can get an idea of what im looking like :) o and i ordered me a victoria secret bathing suit which should b coming thru the mail next monday sooo you know ill b taking pics of that!!!!
Glad to hear that you have slept on your side already. I am a side sleeper and my back kills me if I roll over onto my back during the night, so that gives me hope that I will be sleeping in my normal position within a short month or so! healthy and happy healing.
lol actually at first i was soooo scared to sleep on my sides even tho i think i would of been ok...but the only problem is i am really sore after laying on my sides for about 2 hours..hell im sore layin on my back for 2 hours...def get stiff if ya lay in any position at this point but it helps when you take some sleeping meds so that way you just wake up in the morn sore instead of being sore all night lol...but im just happy to sleep in a bed again lol

Ok so i freaked out @ 1 am this morn and went to...

ok so i freaked out @ 1 am this morn and went to the ER..i did, i did...sooo i got out the shower..looking at my incision scar..seen something lil and white sticking out...scratched it...and out came a long, thick, plastic hook looking thing..sticking out of me..my first thought...OOOO LAWD THE DOCTOR LEFT SOMETHING INSIDE ME!! so i freak out, wake my daughter up, drop her off at her daddys on the way so she wouldnt have to wait in the waiting room all night with me...come to find out it was just a structcher...totally didnt spell that right...but long story short it was normal..they are just the things that help keep the incision closed and are suppose to disolve but that one didnt and it pocked right out of my skin...man did i freak...but i have to admit..i was kinda like..o shit im about to get all my money back on this if she left something in me lol...anywho..the doc cut if off since it wasnt disolved and we couldnt just pull it out bc it was tuggin on my insides when he pulled it..so needless to say its already scabbed over...yep..thats my night..thats my anxiety and thats my freak tummy tuck story for today..other than that..I AM AMAZED AT MY BEFORE PICS TO MY PO DAY 28 PICS!!! exspecially of my back..like where the hell did all those love handles go...i freakin love it..no more tucking in my lovehandles in my jeans anymore for this gal...my boobs are still heavy but im gettin use to them as days go..iv never been big in the chest area...i dont know how some of these ladies have huge ones their whole life...so that def takes some getting use to for me..the swellen still gets pretty bad but it doesnt bother me too bad..the weather is cold again so its not like im wearing a bikini anytime soon..the weather was 93 2 days ago and tonight they are calling for frost..gotta love north carolina...well im off too bed..thanx again for all the comments..it feels soooo great to get the compliments bc its not like im letting any man see me so yall are the only ones im getting it from...well unless im goin by those mirrors..lol..than im like..dammmmnnn girl...lol..so yeah def feels good :)
I'm on my way to my 7 am surgery!!! Wish me luck ladies and pray for me please!!
Cindi, I wear in between a 34-36 C and at the top of the bra is empty. Thats another reason I can't wait for my new boobies! lol
WOW your back view is almost more amazing than your boobies, LOL!! You are looking good sweetie I hope you are enjoying your new body and feeling sexy and confident with yourself!!!

So post of week 5..today makes exactly a month and...

so post of week 5..today makes exactly a month and one week...wow how time has gone by...im feeling almost back to myself..this def is a long recovery...im getting really bad ab pains..but i think alot has to do with me falling up my stairs yesterday...im clumpsy..im just glad i waited to fall now instead of right when i got out of surgery..anywho..everything is going pretty good..decided to start dieting today to get some extra pounds off...my boobs still get a sharp pain in them but nothing i cant handle...i swell really horrible bad...it sucks but i keep my binder on so it doesnt look too bad...anywho..ill try and get some pics up tonite :)
Cyndi you look great. If you can email me I have something I would like to talk you about privately, I have some questions to ask you about the surgery. I would really appreciate it. I going in on the 27th of April. You said you ere a DD right? I just hope I can manage the pain.
hey hun..is there anyway you can inbox me on here..i deleted my email account..which i could go make up one real quick...its private on here as well if you go to message..ill email you on here so you can just hit respond..go to your name on the top right..then hit inbox :)

PO 1 month n a week..feeling pretty darn good!!...

PO 1 month n a week..feeling pretty darn good!! Sleeping all night on my sides...never been a tummy sleeper so I haven't tried it...I have no pain r discomfort what so ever..coughing is as normal without pain now...wearing my regular clothes...incision looks awesome...that's my update :-) I'll put up my bikini pics as soon as I get one :-)
Hey cyndi, had my surgery Friday. I got a question. I know I'm swollen up top right now bc the implant hadn't settled yet, but someone told me that I was going to lose a lot of volume once they are finished settling ect. I know the top portion is going to shrimk a little bc that is where the swelling is the most, but I'm wondering if I'm going to lose a lot of volume from the bottom of my breast. Love the way they look Down there as for as size :) posted some pics if u.want to go see
Hey hun..u look AMAZING...first, I'm got my implants over the muscle so if u got them under it might not apply to u as far as my results..but then again even after my over the muscle implants I did loose volume on top BC of course the swellen went down but my boobs still look very full..now as far as I have seen with under the muscles pics they do drop which takes 3 months to fully drop..but even then they look full...I have researched like crazy lol n let me just say ALL implants look amazing unless the doc messed up r didn't fill them enough..ur boobs look almost exactly like mine bf surgery...n. by the look of ur pics u will b thrilled with the final results...Congrats hun u look sooooooooo good!!!!!
O and as far as ur question about the size at the bottom..my top is the same size as my bottom..so u shud b good :-)

Well its been a month n almost 2 weeks..not much...

Well its been a month n almost 2 weeks..not much has changed..I still get a lil sore if I do too much without my binder on but so I'm good to go :-) I'm posting my month pics..well month n 2 weeks pics :-)

O n I Ben wanting to say this but keep forgetting....

O n I Ben wanting to say this but keep forgetting..I told sandy up here the same...granny panties suck!! They pulled at my drains so i got me sum men boxer briefs..n yeah I highly recommend these...they r tight which holds ur trains in place n u can walk aroung n them :-) hope this helps like it did me n sandy :-)
You look fantastic! I do have a question for you... I noticed that your scar wraps around to the side/back, I was wondering did your PS consider this and Extended Tummy Tuck? I am only asking because I would like to have mine wrap aroun like that as well to fix my love handle area, but my surgeon thinks that is an ETT and wants to charge more. I have been doing a lot of research and it seems like a lot of women have the incision wrap around and their surgeon didn't call it an ETT. Just want to get some feedback about it so I can bring it up to my PS. Thanks! Keep the post-op pics coming. You look awesome!
actually my ps said she only wanted a reg. tt. with me...but when i woke up it was a extended tt..she didnt charge any more than a reg tt.. but i went in for a regular one..after they do the lipo on your love handles..theres alot of extra skin afterwards..so she had to an ett..and even now she has to get rid of some of the extra skin...so i highly recommend a ett for love handles....if you do have love handles witth strectchmarks and you want to get rid of them then i highly recommend a ett...just my thought :)
sorry for all the typos...but with alot of ps's they DONT charge more with an extended tummy tuck....

Hey every 1...hope u all have been doing great...

Hey every 1...hope u all have been doing great with ur healing...its been awhile since IV been on..moved from my house to an awesome apartment..any who..IV been doing alot of picking up heavy things n none stop on the go so IV been swelling pretty bad from it..im almost 2 months now in just today I have been having very bad sharp pains n my right boob..I think its prob. From lifting so much..o n I'm pretty sure my PS is going to have to do sum more work on me...where she sucked out my love handles there is sum extra skin that overlaps my pants in the back..I'll try in get sum pics up asap..maybe even tonight..hope everyone has been doing great!!!
Your girls look fantastic! I hope mine turn out the same.
Than hun!! U will look great!!!

Guess who has do ears :( I go back may 29th to...

Guess who has do ears :( I go back may 29th to have my check up so I'll let u ladies know how it goes :) taking pics n will post asap tonight..happy healing ladies
You look great! I'm so ready to be further down the healing road.

A year n a half later..n a new baby :)

Hey ladies...wow it's been too long...so let me start off by sayin I GOT PREGNANT...yes pregnant just 4 months after my surgeries...mason Bryan turnage was born April 23 weighing 8 lbs 12 oz. big baby!! He is now 2 1/2 months now and a year n a half after my surgeries...the pregnancy in itself was not bad at all...I made sure to load lotion on my belly lol n I'm proud to say I'm still happy with my belly... I only got a few extra stretch marks but that's it...still love my results...I have mason asleep on my chest right now but I'll have pics up by tonite...

My sis

O n I forgot to tell y'all...my sister who is in the army had a tt this past June :) I am sooooooo happy for her n she deserves to feel great about herself..just checked out her pics n she looks amazing!!!

Pics after havin my oil boy

Wondering if my breast are bottoming out or if she didn't fill them up enough bc I don't have the fullness at top like I did right after surgery...might need to ask the docs up here...anywho here r the pics n must I remind u, this is only 2 months after having my baby

I mean, after having my little boy

Hate auto correct!!!
my sis is hot! i cant believe u just had a almost 9 lbs baby and still look awesome. :)
Aww thank tabby...love u sooooo much!! Can't wait to c u..I miss u sooooo bad!!
Wow! Still looks great!
Dr. Laura Gunn

couldnt have picked a better doctor..she is an amazing person and you dont feel like a patient with her..its more like family..couldnt of imagined getting work done by anyone else..thats for sure

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