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It's been almost 2 years that I have been delaing...

It's been almost 2 years that I have been delaing with looking like I'm 6 or more months pregnant. I am finally getting my tummy tuck which is long overdue. I have wanted a TT for more than a year now, but I had to battle with my insurnace company (which I still loss) to help pay for something. I have a 8cm diastasis and I'm at risk for a hernia. I have felt so helpless and so unattractive because of my protruding and distended belly. I hope that my story inspires someone or is helpful to those in my situation.

I am hitting a hard place, I was scheduled for my...

I am hitting a hard place, I was scheduled for my TT, MR, and Lipo here in Kansas, but now I have to wait and get it done in NC (homestate) bc my husband will be out of country. I was hoping to get this done here and get it over with, now I have to find the right surgeon and go through the process all over again. Does anyone know of any good PSs in NC?

I have made changes and will now be getting my TT...

I have made changes and will now be getting my TT in NC. My plastic surgeon wishes to work with a general surgeon to perform hernia/muscle repair to lower MY overall costs of the total procedure. I am super excited about the cost difference and the much needed at home support I will have back home with my family. Now I have to lose at least 15 piunds before then. Any tips?
Misty3351, OMG!!! I hate the looks I get if I'm at a restaurant and I order wine or something bc people think I'm pregnant. I have to tell someone at least once a week that I am not pregnant, but after confused looks and long stories of why I look like I am I just started tellin them tht I'm due at such and such time..LOL. My last baby was 10lbs and I gained lots of weight with both kids because of gest. diabtetes, PIH, and HELLP syndrome. I am so happy to be getting rid of this stress I call my stomach.
You too!?! I had to stop drinking in public. For me the worst was trying to pretend like I had a great sense of humor about it when others would ask when I am due (weekly) so they wouldn't feel bad. Most people really don't appreciate what pregnancy can really do to our bodies. If this much damage had resulted from an accident or a fire, insurance would pay the entire bill. Because it is from pregnancy, we have to live with it. I am glad you are doing this and getting at least part of it covered!
My non-pregnant self was getting stopped in the halls where I work and being asked if I was having a boy or girl. After 4 pregnancies where my belly looked uncannily like your 8 month photo (10 lb babies and polyhydramnios) I was also ready to do whatever is necessary. I have no wisdom for weight loss but I can say that the final result is a miracle... hang in there! Looking forward to seeing your after photos...

I talked with my PS today and she does not want to...

I talked with my PS today and she does not want to do lipo bc of the risk of damaging soft tissue which is frin with me bc lipo does cost more and it just gives me more motivation to workout HARD and lose weight!!! I hope everyone is doing fine and those who have had surgery are recovering just fine.
After all you went through with your pregnancies, aside from giving birth you deserve this! You look great in your last picture with the shape wear, my friends couldn't believe what I was hiding under my clothes! Your gonna look great because you already have a nice shape.
Do you have a date for TT yet? Love your pictures.
I do not have a set date yet but it will be in the first week of May. I'm so scared!!!

So, it's been a minute since i have been able to...

So, it's been a minute since i have been able to get on here. Anyhow. I have been trying to exercise more and arder so that i can get down a couple of pounds before I have the surgery. I have some love handles and a back roll i would like to get rid of. I noticed on some before and after pics that some of people's back fat and love handles disappeared, does this only happen with lipo? I am not overweight or have a lot of fat, but it would be a plus if the Tummy Tuck would eliminate some of the rolls, LOL.
First of all, congratulations on your decision to get a tummy tuck. Recovery is not a piece of cake, but remember what you looked like before, and picture yourself in that pretty bikini you always wanted to wear. And keep visiting this website for moral support. After my tummy tuck 25 days ago, I still have "back fat". I'm 5'" and 120 lbs. It seems worse since I've had no exercise after my surgery. And the binder accentuates it. My worst body part is now my best. Lol. Try cutting back on the sugar and carbs, Drink plenty of water, and plenty of walking.

Hi All!!! This post is for those who have...

Hi All!!! This post is for those who have completed surgey, but others feel free to inform me as well. I would like to know what products relating to recovery did everyone find very useful and efficient in healing. I am trying to get a head start on everything used based on different experiences that way I can refer to what I may need. THANKS!!!

Hi All!!! I have not posted in a while, but I have...

Hi All!!! I have not posted in a while, but I have been lurking around all of your posts. I had appointments with both my plastic surgeon and my general surgeon about the surgey. They will both coordinate the repair of the hernia I have and the muscle plication and removal of excessive skin and fat. I am looking at an out of pocket expense around $4000, but I'm ok with that bc I have it saved up. But anyhow, I'm looking at my surgery being the 1st week of June which I hate bc i really wanna get it done before then. I hope that everyone is happy with their results and recovering just fine.
i have emailed your doctor. i hope she replies soon. love your results
wow, your transformation is amazing. i look exactly like you did before your TT. i am looking for a good surgeon in NC and i might just as well make an appointment with yours. great results.
What a great bargain! I'm sure it will be well worth it. So excited for you!

It's finally over!!!

I am on post opp day 1 and I will admit that this has been very hard and painful. I am very swollen and sore and can't quite see my results yet. I was told by my doctor that there was am issue with getting my scar as low as she wanted it... we shall see
Yay! Happy healing and take care. Looking forward to updates when you feel up to it!
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