Lower Bleph Finally Solved Lines/bags Under my Eyes - North Carolina, NC

I began noticing "lines" under my eyes when I was...

I began noticing "lines" under my eyes when I was twelve and since then had tried every creme, serum, and concealer I could find. I began wearing trendy glasses when I was 25 that did a great job of covering what were actually "bags". I would get very self conscious if people had to see me without my glasses but everyone thought I was cute with them so it worked out. I am now on the verge of getting engaged I just did not want to think about getting married wearing glasses or continuing to hide behind them.

So, after doing some saving...I finally had lower transconjunctival bleph (I'm only 32 so I didn't need anything else) done 4 days ago and I am at work today. I am bruised some and being that I don't want to go through the "I had cosmetic surgery" conversation, I just told people who asked that I had a small cyst that needed to be removed. No one blinked an eye.

The surgery itself was pretty easy and I only suffered about 20 minutes of pain later on that night but the drugs helped that quickly. I am so excited for the bruising to go away but I am already loving what the results look like.

I had a hard time finding info. about folks under 35 having it done so please feel free to ask me any questions.

My doctor was great! Good luck!

Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was very professional and very personable. He put me at ease and made everything comfortable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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He's in Asheville, NC {edited}. The doctor did take before shots but I had to move just a couple months after having it done and never got my afters done. I'm going to try to stop in at the end of September. I know how helpful pictures can be so I'll do my best to get them together.

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Cool. Thanks so much. I eagerly await the pics!
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Could you please tell me where in NC your doctor is located?
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Good, I'm happy for you, then! Also, it gives me hope that I, too, can benefit from the same procedure, even though my bags aren't huge. Would you be willing to post some before and afters of just your eye area taken from the front, and also, a profile shot? And could you please provide clinic information, too? Thanks!
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I'm still very happy I did it. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than if was? Yes, definitely. I had to keep telling myself to keep realistic expectations. I no longer dwell on looking tired all the time and am more comfortable in my own skin. I never told my boyfriend who was out of town for a couple months when I had it done that I did it. Once, he told me I looked "well-rested" afterwards and that was all I needed to hear:)Good luck with your own journey!
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Could you please share with me the name number and city of the doctor you used?
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I've been considering the same procedure for some time, for similar reasons, and am the same age. I would love it if you could refer me to some of the sources you found with the best information, and maybe share some wisdom on how you went about selecting your doctor. Also, were you able to find good information on candidacy for this operation? I've read some horror stories about blepharoplasties gone horribly wrong (leaving sunken depressions where the bags were before) because those people were inappropriate candidates but not warned about it; I don't know if that more commonly applies to transcutaneous blephs, but at any rate, I would like to have as much information under my belt as possible before I begin going to consultations. I'm so glad to hear you're so happy with your results! The price looks affordable, too. Any help you can give to help me find the same happy end will be much appreciated!
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I did have the transcutaneous bleph because I only needed lower and am not old enough to have sagging skin (well, mostly). I didn't get that hollowed out look and still have eye puffiness in the morning, slightly more so under my left eye, but the everyday person does so it doesn't really bother me. With the trans. bleph you're able to go back to work sooner, too. Believe me, I too read my share of horror stories and I didn't want to talk to any friends or family about it beforehand because I didn't want them to try and talk me out of it. I discovered my doctor because he's local and had great testimonials and education. He also did a free consultation so if I didn't like him, no loss to me. He was the one to let me know what would be best for me. You're not going to find candidacy information on the net...you'll have to just take the next big step to go see someone. I e-mailed my doctor to see how much the procedure was and didn't get the nerve to schedule a consultation until 8 months later. Once I scheduled the procedure, I just kept e-mailing him questions; "Is this the right thing? Maybe I should just do restylane? Will I really be able to go back to work so soon? etc." I had some serious jitters, because hey, it's my face. I didn't want to change it, I just didn't want to keep pretending I was tired when I wasn't. I did have a really hard time finding before and after shots of younger people so that was frustrating. It's also scary when you look on this board and only, what?, 57% of the people are happy with the results. You just have to think realistically about what you want. I was also afraid that once I got one procedure, I'd want to do something else. Which I may one day. Not anytime soon. As for your continued hunt for information...eh, if you've been searching already, you've probably found all you need to know (without actually going to see a doctor). This sight is as helpful as any. I, too, searched for the site that said "Hey, you should do this thing! Because you're so awesome, there will be complications or pain and the outcome will be fabululous! Oh, and here's your before and after; you, now and you, post-perfect surgery!" You are at the point where you are actively seeking information, so I think you should schedule a consult. Go after the free consults first:) I would be more than happy to answer whatever questions you have. Just let me know..it's a little scary, I understand. I'm only a week and four days out so feel free to keep checking in, too!
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I meant "no" complications in my little hypothtical scenario:)
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I had my lower eyes done many years ago when I was 32 or so and have never regretted it. I remember being back at work the next day and no pain whatsoever. And of course, my bags have been gone foreover, which has kept me looking young through the years (I actually got "carded" at 38 when buying wine at the grocery store). However, I think finding a cosmetic eye surgeon was easier in the "old" days when there were fewer of them. I went to one of the guys who pioneered the procedure and who my then optometrist told me he would send his own family to. There weren't a lot to choose from and he just stood out. I remember interviewing him and finding him not so warm and cuddly (not that he was rude or anything, just not warm and cuddly), but thinking, well, I'm not looking for a friend, but a good pair of hands. It all worked out. You might start by asking your optometrist or opthamologist for a recommendation.
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Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also 32 and have hated the little bags and darkness under my eyes since I was a little girl. Would you be open to sharing your before and afters? Thanks again!
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We haven't taken the afters, yet. He said there was still a little swelling when I went in last week and he wanted to wait a few more weeks. It's not that bad and they look better than they did before but I had a pretty decent amount of fat bulge and more bleeding than usual. The surgery didn't do the 100% magic I was secretly wanting but enough that I'm happy with. No amount of creams or serums could have done what surgery did. I am more than open to answering any questions. Just let me know!
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Yes, please share your doctor's name if you recommend him. I have super big eye bags (genetics) and it is really bothering me.. that's all i see when i look in the mirror. Would love to hear your advice and doctor's info. i am not from around here so it's hard for me to get recommendations. Thanks!!
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Thanks for all the information you've provided! It's good to talk to those who have been through this. I'm a few years away from doing anything (saving some money, first), so I'm taking this time to gather as much information as possible. Is it time to see the before and afters yet? I'm dying to find out how it all turned out. Are you still happy with your results, and if you had it to do over again, would you still, or would you not do it at all or do something differently?
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