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I want to get the Brazilian butt lift and tummy ...

I want to get the Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck THEN LATER a breast augmentation. I've been looking for doctors and I found that the affordable ones are outside of the USA. Dr. Robles & Yily work looks amazing

I need help please to decide where I can get my sexy back. I'm a mother of 2 (9&5) Current Pics
thanks I hope so. in still waiting for a price
Yily will hook you up! you alreadt have the frame.

my pics and wish pics

Should I lose weight before a bbl, tt, & breast augmentation.

I want a sexy body
Hi, I am scheduled for March 2014. I am 5'7 230lbs. I plan to lose the 30lbs. I don't want to be under 200lbs. I want just enough fat to transfer. Keep in mind your WEIGHTLOSS after the sx as well. I don't want to be 150-160 either. Ill be GREAT at 175lbs in my opinion. I have WIDE hips FLAT booty Smaller waist HANGING belly. So I fell yily is PERFECT for my body type from what I've seen. Good Luck with your journey.
when in March do u plan on going? sweet journey to u
Congrats on you getting your work don't I would love to see your results! I hope you don't mind but I would like to use some of your wish pics! Thanx Doll


If anyone is seriously planning on getting yilified lol around February or March hmu!! I really don't want to go alone and definitely want to save money :-). I'm in North Carolina, 26, 2 kids &&& READY TO GET MY SEXY BACK!!!

Has anyone had a tt, bbl, & ba with implants?

Has anyone had a tt, bbl, & ba with implants at the same time? I'm considering having those procedures done at once and would like to know how did recovery go, your results, and any complications if any. Thanks
Check out Krissylee21(vet) & Sugah (newbie) blogs.. One is about 6months po and the other is about 6 days post op so that should be interesting!!! Good Luck to the both of us because Im having a Mommy makeover too BBL,TT,& BL
They are both our mother's kids (YILY)...lol
kk thank u

I'm confused about doctors now. help me!!!!

So I'm stuck between Yily and NOW DR. ROBLES!!!

The thing I like about Dr.Robles is that her price includes the meds, rh, faja, transportation and 12 DAYS!!!! ALSO HER SECRETARIES BE ON POINT WITH TEXTING!!! The only thing is that they will not touch my breast if I get the tt and bbl :-( that sucks but then again I love their concern for health.

DR. Yily will do the BA, tt, & bbl but don't cover transportation, rh, or medication.

What do u ladies suggest????

Going with Baez!!!!

I've decided to go with Dr.Baez for my bbl, tummy tuck, and breast augmentation with implants. The first response back from her made me feel sooo comfortable. Guess what else!!! Her communication has been on point since then...that's hard to find lol. Not only that but her quote was all inclusive!

so what do u ladies think????
Unless I hear a horror story she will be my doctora :-)
sooo since I have a set sx date for MARCH 4 I'm looking for travel buddies :-) I will be leaving March 3 and plan on staying 7 days maybe longer (if u dont want to stay the length I'm stayiing that's fine we will still get the RH discount LOL)
Great choice love I'm sure Baez will give you the body & booty your looking for...Always best to go with your heart!!! Good Luck
thank u

supplements I'm taking

it's never too soon to start taking your supplements. it doesnt matter how much you pay for them they are going to work the same.

also stop taking fish oils 2 weeks before surgery they thin the blood. I don't take the fish oils every day just once in a while.

I take all my vitamins in the morning on an empty stomach with orange juice.
I'm looking to go those days also. I need a buddy too

Breast lift with implants

which doctor in DR has good breast lift with implants reviews. it seems like if you find a doctor that can master one procedure there not good with the other...

I'm actually leaning towards Dr. Baez I know her breast work is on point, her bbl are getting bigger, and her waist are getting smaller. I feel by March next year she will be on the top in DR.

How's Dr. Cabral breast work? His tt and bbl ate the


anyway my phone tripping. to finish what I was saying about Cabral his tt and bbl are the shit! Lol
I will be staying at recovery armonia for 8 days.
Hey i will also be getting yilified march 4.
would you like to buddy? what rh will you be staying at? Im considering Domingas recovery

BAEZ YILY Cabral or DURAN?!?!

BAEZ YILY Cabral or DURAN?!?! They all are good in their own special way.


Well had my pre op labs done hemoglobin is 12.5 I def want to get it higher...
Hello, Im trying to go in march too. Think imma end up going by myself tho :(
Hey im also looking for a buddy.Im departing march 3 and trying to stay for a week.
my date is march 4th with dr yily and plan to stay at dominga recovery house I am looking for a buddy I will be departing nc march 3

New date and doctor

March 6... Dr. Contreras
Did u have ur surgery?
hey keep me posted on what you end up doing because i can't decide between yily, duran or baez either lol
Keep us posted
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