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My Full Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss (Bypass) Surgery - North Carolina

After having weight loss surgery, and losing 40%...

After having weight loss surgery, and losing 40% of my body weight. I am moving to the next step to have a full tummy tuck. I would like to have a few other things done, but am doing the one that is the most important to me - first.

I have met with 4 Cosmetic Surgeons and decided on one yesterday. (The fourth one I met with : ) And the only one who charged me a consultation fee.

Every surgeon I met with helped educate me about what could be done. I also saw several approaches to the same procedure which was helpful. This gave me the confidence I needed to choose my surgeon.

This surgeon I chose was over 3K LESS than one of the other surgeons I met with, AND this surgeon will be doing more lipo. My compression garmet is included in the cost, and the quote includes one night in a hospital setting. I feel that I have hit the jackpot : )

Due to a cancellation with the surgeon, I will be able to have my surgery in 10 days!!!!! I am very excited. I have a great deal of confidence in the surgeon and the facility.

I have been writing a journal and will continue to do so. I will post it as soon as I can figure out the best place/way to post it. These forums are like a maze to me.

Will also post before photos soon.

Well, my TT surgery is in the morning. I am...

Well, my TT surgery is in the morning. I am excited! Will let you know how I get on, asap. Taking my valium and going to bed now.... Sweet dreams of flat tummies.....for all,

Well, I have been mostly out of it for 5 days. I...

Well, I have been mostly out of it for 5 days. I knew that medication affects me hard but not one else seemed to listen.

The night before surgery I only took 1/2 of the valium. Took the whole 10 mg one hour before surgery. I homesty don't rememer much. I got a warm blanket and very kind people around me...next thing I knew I was awake and my husband was there in recovery with me. They said I did fine. Moved me to my private room for the night. That afternoon they brought me some organge sherbert.Ate some of that. Afterwards the chief resident came in to check on me and said I looked pale and they checked my insision site.I have some internal bleeding going on and boy they move fast. They took me immediately back to surgery and opened me up to find the bleed. )The way they cut that compressioin garment off of me reminded me of "grays anatomony"+ the chief resident was pretty handsome)I was consicous and could tell how serious they were. My PS ran that OR like a drill sergent! She was great. The constantly explained what they were doing to me. There was some discomfort but no pain I could not tolerate. (BTW) they could not put me back to sleep because I have eaten).

So I think this may be a fear that some of us have but it worked out just fine.

Will write more later....sleepy....

8 days post op note: Drains were removed. Make...

8 days post op note:
Drains were removed. Make sure you have someone drive you so that you can take a 1/2 pain pill. One did not hurt at all when it was removed but the other one hurt alot (but it was quick).

2 weeks post op:
Well I am 2 weeks - 14 days PO today. I am measuring each week and have seen a 2.5" difference from last week. 2" from abdomen and .5 from waist. Haven't had any pain or nausea meds for almost a week. I feel good. PS allowed me to start walking this week and that feels good too. She said I could walk a mile at a time. (Prior to surgery I had run two half marathons in the past six weeks - so I am the type of person who likes to be active.) However, I am following my PS instructions exactly and do not want to un-do anything or hurt myself in anyway. It will be at least 4 more weeks before I am allowed to run even one step and that is ok - the price we pay for such surgery.

My incision is itching and still a little uncomfortable. It only really hurts a little when I try to get up incorrectly or some at night (used to sleeping on my side) It is not bad enough to even need tylenol. Still hurts to laugh, sneeze, cough, but much better than last week.

Had a great deal of help this week from family due to it being Christmas. I should have learned before now that others can do everything I do. All I need to do is ask. We had a great holiday with me doing a minimal amount of the work.

20 days PO, I am finding it strange how different...

20 days PO, I am finding it strange how different I feel as the days go by. My abdomen is actually more sore, internally, than it has been since surgery. It is almost like I can feel the work done under the skin when I have not felt any internal soreness until this time. Anyone else experience this?

Posting a new pic of a dress I wore to a gathering last night. Instead of wearing my "garment" I work a waist clincher and felt good about that level of support. My tummy is still swollen but I am feeling better about it.

3 weeks post op: Lost another half inch from my...

3 weeks post op:
Lost another half inch from my waist this week but my hips seem to be the same. This week has brought some changes. On about day 17 PO, my abdomen started to feel very sore, on the inside. It felt as though the internal numbing wore off. I can also tell you that I have to take aleive to ride in the car and I cannot tolerate riding in our truck at all. It is like the movement makes me so uncomfortable. (They really should fix all these potholes and bumps in the roads.) Still wearing my compression garments about 23 hours a day. PS says wear them for six weeks. Still walking on treadmill 1 mile a day at 2.0 miles per hour, oK'd by PS. Feeling really good most of the time, no more naps but so tired at the end of the day. A great deal of the scabbing from my incision is coming off, nasty but exciting. My incision really doesn't hurt, at all, any longer. Tummy around belly button is still numb in an area about as large as my hand. Completely off all meds unless I am in the car ( I work from home office),then using aleive.

4 weeks post op, today. Today is "sex"...

4 weeks post op, today.
Today is "sex" day. I was allowed to start having sex today and that started at about 5 am. We joked about setting the alarm clock for 12:01. Absolutely, no discomfort. Not even a bit. And I have to say sex without that tummy between us, was very nice : )

Feeling 90% myself. Would say 100% but since I can't run or exercise yet, can't say that.

In the last week, I have stopped feeling any soreness, inside or out. I am comfortable riding in the car again, even with all the potholes. Most of my scabbing is gone, my tape has come off. My scar has stopped itching.

I have lost an inch total this week, 1/2 inch off my waist, 1/2 inch off my hips. For a total of nine inches lost since my TT.

My weight loss at this point is 8.4 pounds. I am 5 ft 2 and now weigh 122.6 (Dr said over 3 pounds of skin and fat were removed during surgery)

Tummy still not flat but better each week. Really like my belly button and the contour of my mons area.

5 week PO Saw my PS today. Relief! She is not...

5 week PO
Saw my PS today. Relief! She is not happy with my TT results. She poked around for quite awhile trying to figure out why I am not flatter. My muscles are nice and tight, doesn't appear to be fluid pooled anywhere. So at this point we wait 6 more weeks to see what she says my final result before we decide what to do next. It was a relief to me because I was not happy to the result and was unsure if my expectations were just too high.

She released me for normal activities beginning next week. This includes running, ab work, lifting. I am pretty excited about that. She only advised that I take it slow at first and listen to my body. She did advise me to wear my compression garment at first when I start to run/exercise.

My 7 week PO photo shows me in a bikini! First...

My 7 week PO photo shows me in a bikini! First time in my life I can wear one and I have already bought 3. We spend all summer at the community pool and I am going to be ready! I know tongues will "wag", but I don't care at all. I will be drinking most of the time anyway...so I really won't care for sure.

Last week I began to run again. First time out I ran/walked and couldn't run more than a mile. I have seen some improvement since and am trying to run for fun, rather than measuring my runs and striving so much. I was able to do 1.75 yesterday, big improvement over last week. I am having "swell hell" whenever I exercise, so I am back in my garment.
Saw my PS today and she is much happier with how I look than two weeks ago. I am too. I see some improvement. Going back in one month. She says the exercise is already improving my result. Yay!

9 weeks Post OP Everything going well. Swell...

9 weeks Post OP
Everything going well. Swell quite a bit after exercise, especially running. Takes over 24 hours to resolve at times. Will be glad when that is over.
Belly Button and Scar is fading nicely. There is a new small pucker in the middle of my scar but I trust it is just part of the process and will resolve.
Still not totally happy with my results but am happier than I have been.

Now 13 weeks post op. My PS appmt did not go well....

Now 13 weeks post op. My PS appmt did not go well. My PS had indicated that my final result would be seen at 12 weeks but now wants to wait until 6 months to see how I look. My tummy is not flat. She suggested ab work. I am trying not to be depressed. Even though I look a lot better, the promise of a flat tummy has not come true for me. 4 Plastic surgeons I consulted with all said I was the dream candidate. I talked myself into investing the money because I did think I was going to have an amazing result. There has to be a way to help all of us have realistic expectations. I really tried to educate myself and to talk with the Plastic surgeons about realistic expectations. I checked references, looked at befores and afters. Where did I go wrong? Will post photos in a day or so.

Dr Lisa David, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Written right after surgery: Unsure about my outcome at this point. Thought I would look much thinner immediately, but they say it takes a while for the swelling to subside. Unsure if I received the full tummy tuck that we (my PS and I)discussed. Reasons? I never had skin so taunt that I had to walk bent over, not even the first day. I have loose skin and no pain at all in my midriff area. My scar seems high to me and it seems that my PS could have pulled the skin lower to do incision. BTW, I do like my PS, my bellybutton and my mons area - Just really disappointed thus far in lack of flatness and tightness. I am thinking if swelling goes down I won't be tight, if it doesn't I won't be flat and my midriff area does not appear to have changed at all except for location of previous scar- no tightness or change in contour.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You look amazing! In the pictures your stomach is flat, and looks perfect. I wouldn't go back for more surgery- you look great, and I hope I look as fabulous as you when I'm a few months out.
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Gracey, I agree with Linda that you look incredible. The 9 week pics show a beautiful tummy.
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Agreed...Gracey you look fabulous woman!   Miss you xxxooo
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Gracey, maybe I missed a post from you or something but for the life of me, I can't understand why your PS and you are unhappy with your results. I think you look great. I have a large rib cage so there is no way I can be completely flat, bones are just there. And I have a tiny pooch, depends on the time of day etc but I am satisfied. Are you being too hard on yourself possibly? I know there are day that I am. And it's also on those days that I have gotten so used to seeing myself this new way that I forget what I used to look like. Put your pictures side by side and tell me if you are unhappy with your results. I don't think you will be.
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Your belly button is beautiful! It looks very natural. My surgery is on Friday...I might have to use that glass bead trick too. I read something about it on tuckthattummy.com
Congrats..you look fab!! :)
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Does anyone know how TT recovery compared to csection recovery? Just wondering if they are similar or completely different? Thanks.
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Completely different! If you are talking about a full abdominoplasty as opposed to just skin repair, that is. There's much more pain with the TT but you get heavy pain meds to deal with it. You are not able to stand straight for a week or two- can't lift anything- drive, etc.
With a c-section you can carry your baby, walk upright, etc.
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Wow, you look great!
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Hi folks, what is a glass bead and how is it used?
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how wonderful.. too see the convos here.. i am getting my ftt and lipo in the flanks. i am soo excited. any pointer..??
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Gracey, I saw your post about the stories I don't think I had better try that.. you could end up on probation with your job...haha hope you will have lots of good entries.

are you planing on coming to Nashville? my little girls bday party is that Sat, but I might be able to make Sun, if not maybe we could get together around the Smokies ? how far from that are you? I'm about 2 1/2 hrs from Nashville..
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I think you look great maybe your going to get out of that revision we will cross our fingers!!
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Great Belly Button picture, Gracey!!! I really had so much fun meeting you last week and I can't wait to get together for a little shopping soon!!!!!
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Thanks Sunshine! Looking forward to seeing you again. Fun!
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DId you find that your belly button looked huge at the beginning? Does it get smaller as it heals? Tomorrow i'm 2 weeks post op.

Your looking fantastic by the way!!
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Hey Mystical! I don't recall it looking big but it definately is smaller now. The healing makes it look a lot better.
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We need to compare belly buttons!!! ;o)
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Kristi: Let's do it! When and where? Are you up to a trip to Hanes Mall and lunch yet?
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Hey Gracey!!
You look good you have really went down i love the suit...i'm going to have a revision on my flank area and my lt hip will be another 6 weeks before we know for sure when we're going to do it. I don't think it's going to be that bad!!
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Thanks Baby Blues and Kimmers! Got the suit in a beachware shop in Jacksonville, Florida last week. Kimmers, if you would like I can send you the manufacturer and style numbers etc.
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Yes please that would be wonderful!
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Gracey you look wonderful!!  I love the suit...my favorite color too!  Is that from Venus?
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Hot! Hot! Hot! You don't even have to wait for summer. Very sexy you look great
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Thank you Chris, China & Daffy!

I have my moments of thinking, "what am I doing wearing a bikini"? I am telling the voice in my head that says, "their ain't no fool like an old fool" to shut the hell up! This year I am going to wear only bikinis! Let the tongues wag and let everyone turn green with jealousy (because they don't have the confidence to wear one : )
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Gracey you wear that bikini and be proud!   You look great so strut your stuff!!
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