8 Weeks out and Still Bruised! But Cellulite Has Diminished 90% - North Carolina

I'm linking my forum post/thread here: http://www...

I'm linking my forum post/thread here: http://www.realself.com/forum/cellulaze-bruising-and-pain

Overall, I am very happy with the results. But I am concerned a little with the bruising. There is a dark undertone and widespread bruising. The cellulite has diminished 90% and I am very happy with that. The pain is very slight, upon standing. No pain unless I get up from the laying down or sitting position, then it goes away after a couple of minutes. Feels tight underneath like there is some blood flow/circulation issue. Very minimal though and I am hoping that will resolve in time.


Hi Bruiser, congrats on being 8 weeks out. I am on my 1st day of recovery. Had side, back front and buttocks done. Pretty sore, still on pain meds. Out here in California. Your 8 weeks out 90% gone gives me hope. My doc was very clear I will start to see results in 4-6 weeks. I figure I've had cellulite my whole life (since age 12) so I can wait another several weeks before I decide how well this worked for me. Glad I found this forum.
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Bruiser1, thank you so much for posting your review! If I remember correctly, you are about a month after your procedure, right?

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Hi Megan,
It's actually been almost 2 months! My surgery was 4/12. :)



Hi lctx,
I have to agree with you this has been a frustrating journey. I feel like I wasn't prepared for the recovery, pain, swelling and drainage. I feel like I've been through HELL the last 6 weeks but everyday that passes I feel like I'm feeling like my old self again. I think the main issue with this surgery is you need patience, Which iI myself dont have. I've had so many surgeries...nose, breasts, lipo, and with all those you can see results almost immediately so to be told you won't see results for 3 months is very hard...almost impossible to comprehend right? But for some reason that's how this works. Unfortunatey we both decided to have this in the spring not realizing what was in store for us. I feel like the shading has gotten better and better as well...so I think we should both be patient and wait the 3 months before we freak out. It stinks cuz it's summer but if the results are good a fall/winter vacation is in order!
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Hi bruiser1...glad you are liking your results... I' m @ 6 weeks & I still see some deep bruising, shadows & veins that have come to the surface. Did anyone have an issue w/ broken
capillaries or veins showing through? My Dr. said it will vanish - just part of the
healing. Not liking what I see...will not be in shorts or bathing suit for a long time. I'm concerned that it isn't getting better. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
I definitely look worse now than before...
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Hi lctx,
I'm 6 weeks post op too. I'm not having any issues with veins or broken capillaries however, the shading is an issue. It's like the tissue underneath is not healing at the same rate. When I called they told me it's normal and when I am pain free they would give me sessions of smooth shapes for free to help with this issue. Also, I don't really see any results do you? They also told me this was normal and results will be seen in 3 months so I guess we just have to be patient.

June 23, 2012 It's been 10 weeks. Still seeing...

June 23, 2012
It's been 10 weeks. Still seeing bruising, however it is slowly going away. I still feel that nagging pull down when I stand up and start walking, but I've learned to ignore it. As you can see the cellulite is barely noticeable, which I LOVE. I go back to see my doctor on Monday, I will ask then when to expect the bruises to disappear, assuming that they WILL disappear and it is not hyperpigmentation, which would be BAD. I'm posting pictures, and have circled the obnoxious bruises. : ) Thanks everyone, for the support and well wishes.


Everyone, go to your local athletic gear shop & buy Kinesio or knockoff type, Draco or KT tape. It helps with pain & bruising. I even bought a roll at a medical supply place though a few bucks more. I posted a reply in this blog today but it appears earlier and I just want all of you to know that it helps so I'm hoping if this is the latest post then all will read in detail my earlier post. I also went to Dr. DiBernardo, almostfamousxo! Very pleased but too early to comment on results bc I'm only 2 weeks out. I have a 2 yr old pulling on me everyday & I would be lost without the tape for pain management & decrease in bruising. I can literally tell where the tape starts & ends when I remove. Can't think of a better way to convince all to use.
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Can you apply this on your own athlete? I saw a post earlier saying you shouldn't do it without a Dr.?
Hi Bruiser1 & almostfamous: I am getting really frustrated w/ the discoloration, broken capillaries & poor results @ 10 weeks. Have either of you had the smooth shapes procedure done? A couple od drs. are giving a few treatments to there patients that are not seeing improvements - curious if you've had it done to improve circulation, etc. My dr. doesn't offer it. I went back for a checkup @9 wks. He seems puzzled as to why I am still so bruised, lumpy, & overall have vey poor results. He actually tried to blame me, saying I am sensitive & allergic to things...I am going to another dr. To get a 2nd opinion - I hope this can be healed/repaired. I hate to look at my legs, I pray this is not permanent".
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Hi everyone! I'm posting a couple pictures - I'm...

Hi everyone! I'm posting a couple pictures - I'm at 12 1/2 weeks postop now. Bruises are diminishing...I think!? Today I went to a Chiropractic office today and had them apply the Kinesio tape, it was $30 for the tape and the application, not bad right? I will post again after a week after I've removed the tape to hopefully see good results. I'm hopeful! : )


Flathlete, thnx for the updates & everyone recommending the kinesio tape - trying it - sure can't hurt. I've used it before for sports injuries...question, what is light slim?
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Bruiser1, I'm glad you tried the tape. I followed your link to your forum & saw your 3 week picture. I used the tape from day 5 & tomorrow is week 3 for me, I literally have no obvious bruising & I look like your 8 week photo. Btw I heal horribly even caught a sinus infection within days off antibiotic so I'm back another antibiotic. I'm going to start using my LightStim every time I remove the tape for tenderness & knots but it is supposed to help with bruising too. I just bought 3 infrared body wraps for $99 which I can't use until I'm at 4 weeks per dr. I eat pineapple or drink juice daily. Years ago, I got rash& itch bc I did too much arnica so i cant over do it but i do the liquid drops twice daily The external application of arnica irritates my skin & makes it itch, in fact the only time I've itched since procedure on 6/29 was when I used arnica cream. Wishing you speedy results with tape!
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I'm curious to hear how things look when you get to take your tape off! $30 definitely isn't bad.

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I had the Kinesio tape applied to the sides of my...

I had the Kinesio tape applied to the sides of my legs about four days ago. Just wanted to update about how the tape feels on my skin. I haven't removed the tape yet so I can't post any pictures, however it has made my legs FEEL great. This tape has been awesome. I don't know what the results are yet as far as what the bruises look like because I haven't removed the tape but I FELT relief immediately.

It's subtle, but it MAKES A DIFFERENCE. The doctor said that I could wear it as long as I could keep it on. She recommended I put a small square of tape at the end of every "branch" of tape. (The tape is really long skinny strips of tape).

The tape is stretchy and sticky so when it's placed on the skin it contracts slightly and lifts the skin. It's very subtle but it has made a huge difference. I don't feel that lurch or tension anymore when I get up from a sitting or standing position. It feels like I have more circulation and I don't get the twinges of pain while I'm sitting. It feels slightly warmer too, it feels good... not sure how else to explain it.

I'm looking forward to posting pictures in a few days, I'm trying to keep the tape on as long as possible. It's very comfortable and there's no problem showering, it's sort of like a second skin. : )


Bruiser1, how are things going with the tape?

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It's a handheld LED light therapy devise. I just googled "LightStim bruising" and got all sorts of links. I bought the anti aging one last year as a groupon good for $150, it is supposed to help with pain & healing particularly bruising. I have had a lot of injuries to say the least. I just figure think of this as an injury & all those things that helped moderately improve cellulite or the appearance of cellulite (did you also try everything?) and anything i would use for an injury might speed recovery. Yesterday was first day I used LightStim but most spas have LED lights. I've heard smooth shapes is recommended but that uses lasers, massage & suction (never used myself), i would think anything along those lines might help but has mot been tested so noone is recommending. Your far enough along that i would think you could try most anything, like a sauna or hydro massage in warm shower. Not that you would do that with tape on (lol). I tried LightStim bc i took tape off yesterday & oil i used to remove keeps one from immediate reapplication! It did take a long time to hit both legs but it seemed to help hard knots. Dont know if it has helped healing but I should mention that i take hydrolyzed collagen daily for pain, know it's marketed for younger looking skin also.
It's pretty good rate I think!

I removed the tape a couple of days ago. I still...

I removed the tape a couple of days ago. I still have bruising; it has lessened some. The tape beats the hell out of wearing the compression garment, it's a 24/7 massage of sorts and I would do it again. However, wearing the compression garment again would probably give the same kind of relief as the tape does. The tape is just a lot less hot and uncomfortable.


I had the same experience you did. Very very mild improvement, with significant discoloration/pain/numbness still (and I'm 14 weeks post-procedure). The mottled dark skin now guarantees I will not reveal my legs in public, which -- of course -- is the one goal most folks have who consider Cellulaze. Live and learn.
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Thanks all...feeling better that I'm not the only one :)
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I had my procedure on May 3 and just met with my doctor yesterday to see my 3 month results. I, like many of the women here, continue to have discoloration in all of the treated areas. I am 53 years old and have fair skin. My doctor tells me that fair-skinned women likely show the discoloration longer than others. He is trying to find out from other doctors if they have found a solution to the problem. If he gives me anything helpful, I'll definitely post it here.

To all of the women who are considering doing this procedure, please don't until the discoloration issue is resolved. I'm very physically fit but I have had cellulite since high school. I've put myself through a lot of emotional abuse hating the way my legs and butt looked and I've tried every procedure and diet out there to try and change the appearance of my legs. I was so excited and grateful when I learned about cellulaze that I was willing to pay the crazy costs and to try it, even though it was new to the US. The results, however, definitely are not worth the pain, the costs, the discomfort that lasted for over a month, or the discoloration on my legs. I haven't had on a pair of shorts all summer, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to. There has been a very mild improvement in the appearance of my cellulite, and my doctor tells me I have to give it another 3 months to see if my skin thickens (helping to reduce the appearnce of the cellulite). But, that mild improvement definitely isn't worth the side effects of the procedure.

If you have $6500 to $9000 burning a hole in your pocket that you just have to spend on your legs, hire a psychologist/psychiatrist to help you get past your self-loathing (I wish I had done that) or hire a personal trainer to help you build muscle in your legs -- I think the chances of improving the appearnce of your cellulite through a trainer is just as likely as the cellulaze procedure. And, you don't have all of the downside we've experienced.

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It's been almost 5 months and I can honestly say...

It's been almost 5 months and I can honestly say that it's been worth it. The bruising is practically gone, just a little discoloration but it is going away. Compared to the cellulite I had in it's place 5 months ago, I would say it's definitely worth it. I am posting some BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the BACKS of my legs and my butt. I was a little apprehensive to post a big ugly butt picture, but that's not "me" anymore! The AFTER picture is what my butt and legs look like today! Yay!!! So, ...it DOES get better... it just takes some time.

I found out some additional information on the extended-life bruising that we've been experiencing. The "bruising" is actually called Hemosiderin Staining. From what I understand, Hemosiderin often forms after bleeding during surgery. When blood leaves a ruptured blood vessel, the red blood cell dies, and the hemoglobin of the cell is released into the extracellular space. White blood cells called macrophages engulf the hemoglobin to degrade it, producing hemosiderin. Hemosiderin staining, also called hemosiderosis, is a brown or rusty discoloration of the skin resulting from a buildup of hemosiderin in the fluid of the body.

I think since Cellulaze is so new, we are all finding out things about it as it happens to us. Thankfully, forums like this one exist so we can share information with each other and offer support. Had we known that all this bruising has a name, and that it can be a normal side effect of surgery sometimes, I would have been less anxious about my experience. I can say now, very definitely that I feel very positive about my experience and am happy the way things are turning out. I hope this is helpful...: ) I'll keep you posted.

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P.S. Hemosiderin Staining is, more simply put, a...

P.S. Hemosiderin Staining is, more simply put, a molecular byproduct of blood cells breaking down and can "stain" nearby tissues. It may linger after bruising, especially in a person with lighter skin, but it is not permanent.


It took 27 months for my discoloration to go away. They don't tell you the truth about this procedure. They need to sell the service to pay for their expensive equipment. I just had the broken capillaries removed...which cost me an additional $400. The Dr that did the cellulaze offered to do this, but I wouldn't let him touch me again.
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Oh, is it that bad cellulaze ituu?? i have cellulite in the thigh section and I want to do laser cellulaze.saya of INDONESIA.tolong tell me, what is the best doctor and I asked for advice from kalian.thank
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Bruiser1, its been over a year since you posted an update. I would love it if you would post one and let us know if the Hemosiderin Staining completely went away, or if you can still see it.

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