11 weeks Post Op ! - Norfolk, VA

Well ladies, just as most have I've been coming to...

Well ladies, just as most have I've been coming to the RealSelf site for a while, but now i've finally decided to officially become apart of the community. Where to begin?... I guess the summer before my Sophomore year in high school was the beginning of it all. I was a large B/C most of middle school and my freshman year and then that summer puberty worked it's magic and turned my self-esteem upside down. I gained about 15-20 lbs and my chest became more, for lack of a better word, prominent. By the time I graduated in 2001 was 155-60 lbs in a D/DD. As time went on I got back down to about 145 but the girls stood strong and didn't budge a bit. More time passed my weight fluctuated a lot and by the time I was 23 I was in a DDD. A month after my 24th birthday I got married and a few months later I was pregnant. My boobs ballooned once again, and to top it all off my milk never came in. So there I was excited about being a new mommy but bummed about the body that I had been left with, 180 lbs and in a DDDD.

Fast forward to 2010 and 11 more lbs, I had some health issues (which btw caused the weight gain), and had to have surgery. By the end of my recovery I was determined to lose weight. I lost about 20 lbs and thats when the major back pain kicked in. It started out as a dull ache between my shoulder blades and one morning 2 months later I was in so much pain that I thought I was gonna wet the bed because I could barely move my upper body.

Fast forward some more, my PC sends me to a breast specialist and she agrees that a BR is necessary but because of insurance purposes I needed at least a year of documentation before my carrier would even allow submission of my claim. So for the past year I've visited my PC once a month to document the pain and discomfort that I experience on a daily bases. Having shared all of that, I'd now like to share my silver lining. Today after a very long and trying year , oh and more weight gain, I went in for my follow up with the specialist. My file should be submitted sometime early next week if it wasn't done today, and they are confident that it won't take the usual 4 wks to here from the insurance company because the amount of and type of documentation included in my file. Well, with hopes that I haven't you, I ask: Keep me in your prayers ladies, I'm almost there!

So i've been waiting ever so anxiously for call...

So i've been waiting ever so anxiously for call from the Dr.'s office and guess what?, they called Friday while I was in the shower @ 20 mins before close of business. So of course I foolishly called them back thinking that someone was really going to answer after missing office hours by a whopping 4 mins. Needless to say, it has been bugging me all weekend! My final thoughts: Come On Monday!

So,thanks to hurricane Sandy I get a rainy...

So,thanks to hurricane Sandy I get a rainy birthday and no news until Wednesday!

Wonderful news! I've been approved! My PS's office...

Wonderful news! I've been approved! My PS's office called today and all I have to do now is choose a date. My PS only does surgery on Monday's and Tuesday's, so they'll get back to me with the available dates and I'll be on my way. I am so far beyond excited! OMG! I can't believe that it's really almost over.

So, I got a call back on the 30th, which was a...

So, I got a call back on the 30th, which was a surprise. My BR is scheduled for the 26th of November. I have 2 pre ops, one on the 13th another on the 19th, and then on to the big day! I'm so excited. Gosh i'm going to be so busy the week before my surgery. Thanksgiving is on the 22nd, my anniversary is on the 24th and then surgery the following Monday. Well ladies, any advice or tips? All suggestions are welcomed. To me, in this instance, no word of advice could be too great or too small.

Oh, also I have to give a big shout out to my...

Oh, also I have to give a big shout out to my Hubby. He's gonna take two weeks off to help out after my surgery. I swear I think he's the bees knees!

Finally! My time has come ladies. I check in...

Finally! My time has come ladies. I check in tomorrow @ 8 and surgery is scheduled for 10:30. I was hoping that I would be able to come home after the surgery but my ps has requested an overnight stay for monitoring purposes. I guess its the norm for her. Either way i'm pretty excited, tonight is my last night with the girls and i'm anxious to see them go.

The previous post was actually typed on the 25th....

The previous post was actually typed on the 25th.

Here's my news for the 26th:Thanks for the support ladies. All is well aside from the occasional discomfort, which i can only describe as what feels like the most massive rug burn I've ever had! My surgery started half an hour early and only last about and hour and a half. And i must say i am already pleased with the results. My boobs haven't been this perky since I was about 12 yrs. old.

So I had a great itchy fit last night with earned...

So I had a great itchy fit last night with earned me an early trip to the Dr., I had to have some of my tape removed early because my skin was seriously irritated. The up side to it is that one of my anxieties was relieved. My incisions look pretty awesome. I thought that they were going to be super gross but I'm glad to admit that I was wrong.

I just got back in from an appointment with the PS...

I just got back in from an appointment with the PS and all is well. I go back in two weeks and hopefully by then I will have completely scabbed over, I still have a couple pink spots ( I'm praying against wound separation). Also I found out exactly how much was removed , 740 from the right and a whopping 960 from the left! The pain is totally bearable now and its seems that most of my tenderness is coming from the drain sites, go figure. (Btw it feels weird not having any tape on)

I am 11 days post op now. My one major complaint...

I am 11 days post op now. My one major complaint is still sleeping on my back, its gotten really old and I'm having a tough time getting a good night of sleep. As far as pain goes I'm almost pain free. The two areas where my drains were still feel tender and thats the worst of it. Of course like everybody else I'm getting the shooting pains but thats to be expected. I'm not on any heavy pain meds, just ibuprofen when needed. Swelling is obviously still an issue but its not as annoying in the left breast as it is in the right. I suppose because I'm right handed is the reason for that. Although there is tightness that persists in some areas, they are definitely not as tight as they were. So I guess overall all I'm doing prettying great. My incisions seem to be healing at a great rate (Thank God!) I'm waiting a small section to completely scab over, but thankfully there are no wound separations.My lower back pain is completely gone! I don't hobble any from aggravated sciatica and I no longer have numb knot in between my shoulder blades. My right shoulder has ton back to being a little tense but I thing the majority of comes from not sleeping and me not being used to relaxing my shoulders. I often have to force myself to relax my shoulders because, Duh!, they aren't bound with tension knots any more. Well, that's for now. I hope that one day my story will help someone.

First, the good news,Tomorrow I will officially be...

First, the good news,Tomorrow I will officially be 2 weeks post op! I know that in my last post I seemed to be feeling pretty good but the past day or so has proven to be different. While I'm not feeling completely horrible, I'm not fantastic either. It seems to me that the more my boxiness drops and fills out, I feel pretty sore. I'm thinking maybe its because my procedure had to be done with what I believe is the most invasive technique. Despite the soreness I'm loving the out come. The girls are really starting to shape up and look good.That's it for now. Hopefully I'll be feeling better for the next update.

I forgot to mention that the swelling that was in...

I forgot to mention that the swelling that was in my stomach seems to be gone. If not completely, mostly. Now the rest is up to me. I can't wait to be given the okay for the gym. I need my sexy bod back! It's been gone for way too long.

I now know the cause of my recent set back. Aunt...

I now know the cause of my recent set back. Aunt Flo decided to showed up a little early, Which in turn meant earlier signs of her now present visit. I guess the good news is that my surgery hasn't set me back a month and that I should be a-ok for the holiday. With getting this out of the way now it makes me feel a little excited about how I should feel for the next few weeks. From here on out it should be smooth sailing all the way through to my sixth week. Hopefully by this time next week I'll feel more like myself. It never ceases to amaze me how I have to adjust to being taken so totally out of my element every month.

I am now over a week long freak out! I had been...

I am now over a week long freak out! I had been bleeding since the 5th., decided to give it time to work itself out (a week). It hadn't stopped so I expected to worst, "I Was headed towards an OPEN WOUND"! (Drama Music) DUN DUN DUN! Called the PS's office, they said "come in tomorrow so we can have a peek". I get there Yesterday in the a.m. and it had stopped on its on.Turns out it was just blood vessels healing themselves. So there I am embarrassed and out of another copay. My PS pretty much said stop looking you're worrying yourself. But it was kinda hard to not look when I had to bandage the the incision everyday. So I am now calm and feeling pretty good since my PS put me in check, LOL, and Aunt Flo decided to pack up and go! From here on out I'm accepting nothing other than smooth sailing! In the past day and half, I've cooked a little, cleaned a little, and even washed my hair all by myself! ( Look Ma I'm a big girl now! LOL!) It's simply AMAZING what an overactive imagination and do! I hope that all is well for everyone, and I'll up date after my next "scheduled" appointment which is this up coming Wednesday.

Everything went well with the PS's today. I've...

Everything went well with the PS's today. I've been cleared to start treating my scars and my next appt. isn't until June. There are a couple of areas along my vertical incisions that are slow strolling through the process but as soon as they've healed I'll be all healed as far as the incisions go. As for the zingers, tingling and swelling... who knows? That's it for now, Happy Holidays Ladies!

I got on the scale this morning and found that I...

I got on the scale this morning and found that I have lost 6.6 pounds since the BR! I'm doing my best to shed this beast of a belly before summer. I want to look like a new gal when I return to the PS 's in June. I also order some shea butter last night and plan to use it along with Scar Away silicone sheets. Prayerfully they're gonna get the job done!

Christmas was great! I wasn't super strict with my...

Christmas was great! I wasn't super strict with my eating habits but I definitely kept it toned downed. I'm gonna continue to do my best to shed some pounds even during times of celebration. Oh, and what I definitely consider great news: I can now sleep on my side without pain and excessive amount of pillows or more swelling occurring in one boob, so the past few nights have offered up some pretty comfy sleep. Also I've decided to go with a product other than scar away. Come to find out it's not at the local drug store as listed, so I'll be ordering it's replacement next week. I can't recall it's name right now but I will post it once it arrives.

At this point my biggest complaints are that this...

At this point my biggest complaints are that this tenderness is beyond annoying and and that I still feel some twinges in the muscles that I had issues with pre BR. Since I'll be at my six week point this up coming Monday, I'm hoping that integrating a light workout routine will help to ease that. I'm anxious to get my weight loss journey on a roll but I know that I have crawl before I can walk.

Just to update: I'm doing well! I get a twinge of...

Just to update: I'm doing well! I get a twinge of very mild pain here and there, but for the most part all is well. The only time it seems to be extremely annoying is while I'm trying to sleep. I think its due to sleeping in these bras. Other than that I'm Fantastic!

Since all of the bills haven't rolled in I decided...

Since all of the bills haven't rolled in I decided to check the insurance company's website:

*Total Amount *Covered by Ins. *My Responsibility

Carman Claire M Md
$3,797.00 $,3,797.00 $0.00

Sentara Hospitals
$14,659.91 $13,929.42 $730.49

Pathology Science...
$364.00 $229.72 $134.28

Schnarrs Robert H Md
$2,700.00 $2,396.77 $303.23

Atlantic Anesthes...
$1,768.00 $936.00 $832.00

My Total out of pocket cost: $2,000
Norfolk Plastic Surgeon

Dr.'s. Robert Schnarrs & Claire Carman My PC Referred me to one of my surgeons Dr. Carman, breast specialist ,and Dr. Carman pairs with Dr. Schnarrs of the Hague Center for Cosmetics. I believe that the both of them are excellent doctors. I'm grateful to my PC for referring to Dr. Carman, otherwise I may not be so excited about my results. I would encourage anyone in the hamptonroads area to contact either of their facilities for their needs.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Happy Holidays!

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congratulations.im glad everyrhing is going great!!! xoxo
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Glad they're dropping into real-boob shape! And yay to the stomach swelling being gone! My stomach was like that, too. I think it was because I was so dehydrated before surgery that when they pushed all those fluids my body retained them like crazy. How long did your surgeon say you had to wait before getting back to working out?
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The normal wait time is around 6 weeks I think, but it feels like a lifetime. My lovely girls caused so much pain I haven't been able to workout in over a year. I literally had to take meds everyday just to get through the day! Its been a long time coming and I'm getting anxious!
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Congrats!!! So happy for you!!!
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Thanks so much for the well wishes. I'm so anxious to be 3weeks post op, mainly due to the sleepiness. I can barely sit down and within what feels like a few seconds, I start nodding. Other than that my post op days are going well. Lol, and I just nodded. That's my cue to call it quits. I'll try to get an update in later. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you checking in on me.
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I will be thinking about you tomorrow! It's all going to be fine, I'm heading into week 3 and everyday is better. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as your able! Sending hug!
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As far as preparations, I've been cleaning like a mad women, for some reason I feel the need to have my house really clean, I guess because I won't be able to do much for a while. I purchased some button up shirts to wear for after surgery. I'm going to shop for food on tues. surgery is Wednesday, I have prepared a few things I like to eat and put them in the freezer. I have some healthy snacks, nuts seeds, and will get what I need for smoothies, I think I'll be able to make those on my own or hubby can do it. I have everything I will need within reach. I was also given a successful surgery CD by my doctor, it's guided imagery by Belleruth Naparstek. It's helped reduce my anxiety. I hope that helps, if I can think of anything else I'll let you know.
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So i guess I'm pretty much thinking the same thing as you. I love hoodies so I bought about six zip fronts a couple of months ago. I've also been looking into button up sleep shirts. I too have been stressing about keeping it clean and tidy. I love my hubby and he does his best, but i'm pretty particular when it comes to cleaning. Shame on me but, if its not done the way I think it should be I can be a bit snippy. Thanks for the idea on the snacks, freezing food had cross my mind but healthy snacks hadn't registered. Oh, the cd is a great idea too. I have a meditation cd filled with wonderful POPS music so i'll give it a whirl at bed time. I haven't been sleeping well since i found out about my approval. I think that i'm too excited. Thanks for the feedback, and please do share anything else that you can think of.
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Congrats on your nov. 26th date! Sounds like a long time coming. Its nice to hear you have a wonderful supportive husband. Mine is gettin close, the 7th on Nov. Feeling a bit nervous, but also excited.
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Wow the 7th, that is so awesome. Try not to let your nerves get the best of you. When mine start to kick in i just remind myself that i've wanted this since I was about 15 yrs. old. What have you done thus far to prepare if anything at all?
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Welcome, Rejo! Have you had a response from your insurance company yet? Good luck!
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Iowa71: Sadly, no. But I am super optimistic! As soon as I get word you guy's will too.
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Welcome!!!   I am so happy you decided to join us.  I am looking forward to following you on your journey.  I have a good feeling everything will come through for you.  

I will keep you in the prayers!!

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Thanks for the warm welcome Kimmers. I look forward to sharing my journey with the community, It has helped me so much through out the past year, I can only hope that my story will do the same for someone else.
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All of your contributions will definitely help others:)  Keep them coming!

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