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Breast reduction has been something I have always...

Breast reduction has been something I have always joked about with friends and family for as long as I can remember. Throughout middle school and high school I was always one of the biggest-chested girls in my grade. I was always told I was "lucky" by my friends who were not nearly as "well endowed," but really I thought THEY were the lucky ones. They could get swimsuits from Target and surf shops (I live at the beach) while I was stuck ordering online or squeezing into whatever I could find that looked semi youthful.

Now do not get me wrong, I have always been somewhat curvy and a bit heavier than most girls my age ( I'm 20, 5'6 and 175lbs) but my boobs have been something that have never really changed about my body type. I've been around the same size since I graduated high school 3 years ago (36/38 DD) but recently I have been fitted as an E? And online I looked into how bra fittings are measured and according to one chart I am a G?!?!?

I opened a ladies boutique this year with my mom and grandma and it is the saddest thing to go to market and buy clothing that is "in" for the shop, but it just doesn't fit!!! Even at stores like J.Crew I wear a large perfect shirt and it fits perfect everywhere except the chest gaps from where the buttons pull! I have numerous articles of clothing that have ripped behind the arm where my chest has pulled it so much! I'll post pictures of this madness!!!

Enough is enough!!!!!'

After the boutique opened in March, I started talking seriously with my mom about the possibility of getting a BR, and she has been 100% supportive since day 1. I have my first initial consultation in 1 week and I couldn't be more excited!!!! So glad I found this forum, I literally haven't quit reading everyone's stories since yesterday afternoon! You are all beautiful, strong, supportive women for sharing your stories and pictures! I hope to be the same!
Thank you!!!
Congratulations on your Journey!!!

Dreaming of the day I can properly wear my size without busting through the seams!!!

Pictures I promised!

Favorite dress from last fall- literally busting at the seams, but I promise it is my correct size!!!

I have that j crew blue/white shirt and mine gaps just like yours. Ugh!

Is it nonsense

Is it totally nonsense that I've been online shopping for bikini tops for the last hour or so? I've been in a on piece that last couple of years...partly due to the fact that I can't seem to get a flat tummy and partly because the amount of boobage I have is much too heavy to be supported by just a bow around my neck!

But really I am just dreaming of the day I can plop my beach chair in the sand and be able to wear a cute suit!! Maybe even a bandeaux!!! I have my consultation on the 20th, so we'll see what the PS has to say!! I'm hoping we can schedule my surgery, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up! One of the things I'm worried about is that he'll say I am not large enough for the surgery. I know that I am at a DD/E cup, but when I compare my goodies to others who have posted their before pictures I feel like I appear smaller!! Maybe after the consultation I will have the guts to share my before photos!

In the meantime I think I'll go back to my daydream on the long before anyone went to beach or on vacation post op?!
I was 32HH and have big breast most of my life. I was a b cup at the age of 10 years old. My grand mother and mum were big breasted. My breast grew even bigger from the age of forty onwards that it caused me to have degenerated disc problems in my lower back, neck and shoulders impingement in both shoulders. This is because I have deep groves from my bra straps which has been compressing down on my clavicle with the weight of my breast. Which will be operated on in a few months time. I was really cross because both my GP and my rheumatologist advice me not to have a mammoplasty reduction. So three years went by and my pains got worse. So I began my own research and found two medical papers on the benefits of mammoplasty reductions for women that have degenerated discs and arthritis in the shoulders. I made my mind up that I was going to have a breast reduction before I had my shoulder operation. In my research I found out the NHS could take up to two years as there is a long waiting list. I could not wait that long so I researched for it to be done privately and the surgeon I wanted to do the operation. I went to see Mr Javaid on the 28th April and he operated on me on the 23rd May 2014. I am now going into my 3rd week of posted operative. It is the most wonderful experience to have a small light breasts after 55years. Not only are they perfect but nipples are sensitive and I feel I can stand up straight and there is no heavy weight on my neck and shoulder. Mr Javaid has made me feel young again and has given me a new lease of life. So my message to any woman who once a breast reduction is to find a good surgeon who is empathic to you and is extremely excellent surgeon and go for it. Karin22
I know that shirt struggle all too well :(
In the UK you can buy bikinis made by bra manufacturers in larger sizes. It sounds like you are not sure of your size, lots of women wear the wrong size. I am DD after my surgery, was at least a G before. I have seen pics of women having this surgery who think they are a DD to start with and look just like my pre-op pics! Measure under your boobs, round your boobs and then again round your boobs leaning forward to get their true size.
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