27 Yr Old Mommy of 2.. In Research Mode - Norfolk, VA

Ok so to start I have been doing alot of research...

Ok so to start I have been doing alot of research thru various sites including this one and have found everyones reviews extremely helpful. I have been small chested all my life and only had big boobs while breastfeeding my children. Since the milk disappeared they now have turned into mushy sacs..for lack of a better term. I have even cried over them, which is sad I know but currently im only an A cup and I just really want to feel pretty and not so self conscious. I havent had the BA I want yet being that im way in research mode and am planning my finances. If anyone has any questions or ideas/suggestions for anything please let me know. I do know I want this sooo badly its just a matter of planning at this point.

still researching and wishing...

So still researching and wishing I could get my BA and totally feel better about myself. I have constantly battled with my self conscious ever since I can remember. I always get told im pretty but I personally don't feel that way. my boobs were little but perky prior to having kids and now 2 kids later and breastfeeding..they have withered. I hate wearing bathing suits cause they just dont look right to me, as well as being intimate...extremely nerve racking...

I think I made my decision to want this done last year, but its finding a way to do it and the time. Oh first some stats on me:
Im 5'0, 98lbs, and right now sized between an A cup and a B cup.(vs has me in a 32 b, push up).

I really want this change in my life and im hoping that soon ill be able to feel better about myself.

financing blues...

So called around to a couple of physicians and for consultations they charge a small fee which can be added to the amount for the surgery but u have to have the funds for the surgery...atleast part of it. Which I unfortunately don't have right now. So I wanted to ask...how all of you ladies that have succeeded in this managed to gather the funds for your dream? I am trying to think of different ways to get this started but opinions and suggestions would help.

Wish boobs!!!

So I know it may be early but I found wish boobs id like to have. Also I will post some pics of my current boobs. Im still researching different doctors and have been given estimates in price for around 5,000. So with that I will comence saving. I also figure ill get through this summer as I am and save money to have it done during the winter months when I want to hibernate anyways...lol

right now im feeling over anxious..I want this so badly but I have no choice but to wait right now. Im still reading over the reviews on here and I want to say congrats to those that have made their wish come true. Hoping to join all of you soon. Post more later.

still on the hunt...frustrating. ..

So I am still on the hunt for dr's that do a free consultation. I think I may have found some but I wanna see how good they are. Ive checked out their websites and they seem fine as well as being double board certified which im assuming is a good thing...as far as everything else though its still financing blues...ill see what I can do to earn the money, although it may take some time.
well the bright side of this is it gives me time to find the right dr for the job...lol.
also big congrats to all those women who have made their dreams come true!!!
And thank you for all the guidance so far. ..
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