I chose to get an upper lip lift because my upper lip is flat - Norfolk

I chose to get an upper lip lift because my upper...

I chose to get an upper lip lift because my upper lip is flat and when I add filler, I can get a duck-like appearance. I was awake for the procedure, but had been given valium and pain killers. I am nervous about the outcome because I still do not have tooth show! Also, my lip is looking flat again, and it's making me very nervous. I wanted to get a curved upper lip. It has been three days since the procedure (so I guess I'm on day 4). Any advice?

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Today is day 5, and I am feeling much better about...

Today is day 5, and I am feeling much better about everything. My nostrils are less flared, and my lips are more balanced. I still do not have tooth show, so I'm really hoping I end up getting some.


I got this procedure done 1 month ago, and I did see more tooth show now than I did 1 week after the procedure. Your healing timeline is really similar to mine, cause after day 5, that was when alot of the swelling went down for me. And from then on, it just got better and better each day. So wait at least 1 month and see how it goes. I think it's going to look great. This was the best decision I've ever made. Good Luck to you!

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Thanks for the advice! I really, really wanted that tooth show! :) How long did it take for you to start seeing your teeth?

Glad you are feeling more pleased with how it looks. You are right, it is looking even better & I already thought it looked great! :) Please keep us updated as you continue to heal.

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Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I had the lip...

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I had the lip lift! I am healing pretty well, but, as you can tell in the photos, you can still see something there. I added some new photos that weren't taken with a webcam. :) But yeah. I can't help but think I will not be getting tooth show. I just don't even really see how it's possible with my mouth. At any rate, I am still glad that I have more of a curved upper lip.


Haha wow thanks! :)
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Congrats on your surgery and thanks for sharing your results with us. I am glad that you are happy with your results. I find it interesting the the PS brought the scar out away from the nose, instead of closer to the nose crease. Was skin only removed?Have you been doing anything to help with the scar healing process? Your last post with your lipstick on have you looking "Super Model" hot!
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Hi, thanks!! Well, I had asked the surgeon whether or not he would have to cut the muscle. He said that he would. So, actually, I am not sure what all was removed during the process! I had been applying an ointment that I received at the office, and I was also taking arnica. After I had it done, I was icing the area nonstop! I was so puffy and distorted looking, I was willing to do anything to make it go away. The dr told me that I also needed to be applying sunscreen to the area now, so I use an SPF in my face lotion. At the moment, I am just using ointment and sunscreen.

Ok, I officially rated the procedure worth it! So,...

Ok, I officially rated the procedure worth it! So, you can see my teeth when my mouth is slightly open at an angle now, so there is improvement! They are not visible straight on, so that's somewhat disappointing, but I think my teeth may be the problem. I think I'm going to talk to a dentist about getting veneers to make my teeth a bit longer. I SO want normal tooth show. Anyway, I love the new shape of my lips, and I'm happy that I had the procedure.


Thank you! The filler can be helpful, but it can only do so much. Obviously, if you have a longer distance between your nose and top lip, filler won't solve that issue. Also, it's hard to get a big difference in the shape of your lips with filler. Sometimes it's difficult to not get the duck look when you have a thin upper lip. Don't get me wrong, I love filler and have been using it for years! It just wouldn't get me where I wanted by itself. I will send you the name of the doctor! :)
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I love the results that you got. I have very thin lips and my upper lip is super thin and flat (very similar to Jamie Lee Curtis). I just want normal lips. How did the filler help you with this? I am in Northern Virginia and was wondering if you can send me the name of the doc who did your lips. LOVE your results!!
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You look so amazing!!!! Just perfect!
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I am adding some photos from today. It has now...

I am adding some photos from today. It has now been a little over 5 weeks, so I think what I am seeing now is going to be pretty much the final result.


Hi Brirey, I hope you're still checking this page. I just had a lip lift earlier today (approx 6 hrs ago) also under local anesthesia. The doctor removed 3mm of skin but when he was done and I looked, I really couldn't tell that much of a difference from before. He told me the local anesthesia causes a ton of swelling plus the surgery itself, so as the swelling goes down, the upper lip will lift and appear fuller. Was this your experience as well? Did your lip get fuller & higher as the days progressed? If you could let me know, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Thank you
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Hi. Unfortunately i see no photos.... unlike some other posts. Am I missing something? please advise, thanks.
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You are not missing anything. Unfortunately the photos were removed from this review.

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