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I've always been a bit on the heavier side, but...

I've always been a bit on the heavier side, but about 5 years ago I lost about 25 kg (went from 80 to 55). Now, my weight is 65 kg, and I'm fine with that, but I still want to improve my silhouette. I've done a lot of research and have decided to do the procedure abroad as I live in one of the most expensive countries in the world. My surgery is Friday next week and I'm soo nervous! I don't have anyone to accompany me which makes me even more nervous. I'm having the proceure done in Nordesthetics in Kaunas, which is in Lithuania. I'm having lipo of my upper - and lower abdomen, flanks, inner thighs and upper arms.
you look beautiful! and you seem really strong for being willing to go alone. have you read up about procedures done by this doctor out there? also, have you read about fat redistribution after lipo? just make sure you are totally informed about everything since you're having a lot done and doing it abroad.
thanks!! I've gotta admit that i'm reeeeally nervous! the reason i'm going alone is simply because no one is available to travel with me. i've done a lot of research, or at least tried to! i feel that most of my fat normally end up on my upper body, so if i gain weight/fat then hopefully it will be on my butt! :)

I've arrived in Lithuania, which is where I'm have...

I've arrived in Lithuania, which is where I'm have the procedure done on Friday. I'm so nervous! A lady from the agency was supposed to meet me at the airport, but never showed up as there had been a misunderstanding. She arranged for a taxi to pick me up, which led to more confusion as I couldnt find the car she sent me for me. Her English wasnt the best so I hardly understood a word she said. When the taxi man finally arrived and driven me to the hotel, he wanted me to pay him even though I had been told NOT to pay him. Again; lots of misunderstandings and phone calls back and forth. As if I wasnt stressed enough before! Luckilly there is a woman at the agency who speaks my native language and has helped me alot. Just wish she was the one i had to deal with instead of this other person who keeps giving me the wrong info!

Sorry for the misspellings here and there, a bit...

sorry for the misspellings here and there, a bit stressed!
You already have a great shape! Your results are going to be great I'm Sure, goodluck to you ! :)

Today is the day! Had my consultation yesterday...

Today is the day! Had my consultation yesterday and my blood tests. It went alright. Now I'm waiting for the anastesia doctor to come and talk to me. Just been marked by the surgeon and have put on my hospital clothes! My surgery is in 45 minutes. Can feel my nerves kicking in!
hope ur surgery went well! I bet you look amazing already! How was the procedure itself? Im going in on Thursday. Happy Healing! Please post pics!

Hi! Now I'm settled in my hotel and feel much...

Hi! Now I'm settled in my hotel and feel much better than I did after the surgery yesterday! I had full/general anesthesia and I felt like a wreck when I woke up. I remember waking up on the surgery table and having lots of spit in my mouth like I couldnt breathe! However, it didnt take long before they took care of it. Next they put on the compression garment and it hurt like hell! then they moved me from the surgery table to my bed which also hurt like hell! I felt really dizzy, nauseous and hot! My sweat was dripping and I generally felt like crap. The surgeron later came in to tell me how much fat he removed but I was pretty much on a different planet so I don't remember what he said. The nurses and staff were really great and came in to check on me all the time to give me painkillers and antibiotics. They also gave me a bell so that I could ring them if I needed them, haha :) everytime I tried to move my body it hurt alot. kind of a burning feeling. think I used like 30 min. just to get out the bed to go to the toilet and another 30 min. getting up from the toilet, lol. the rest of the night went alright, even though I had a lot of pain everytime I moved. the next morning, a Physical Therapist came to my room to give me a lympatic massage. again; hurt like hell even though she was really gentle! later on, the doctor came to change my bandages and take a look at the stitches. everything looked fine, but it was a bit scary to see that one of the bandages was covered in blood! an hour or so after that, i was discharged from the clinic and taken to my hotel. surprisingly, it doesnt hurt too much now and I also went for a quick walk to the grocery store to buy a chocolate bar and a diet coke :) what hurts the most is getting up and down! when i left the clinic, they gave me a bag with information, pain killers, new bandages etc. so that I could change myself. going back to see the doctor on Monday! Can't really see any results, but I'm very swollen so I hadnt really expected to see anything yet. the biggest difference was that my chin looked really swollen and that I look like a 90-year old when I'm walking, lol.
How ae you doing? I cannot imagine doing all that alone! Hope you are healing well.
Hello pepsimax! First let me say congrats on going through with it, especially going our there on your own. An also, thank you for your review. Because of your review, I am looking to go to this very same surgery in Lithuania. Just wanted to see how you were doing now and what your overall views on the experience were now that its been a couple of weeks? Been checking your review page daily for updates :-) hope you are well and happy

almost 3 weeks

I didn't really feel like I had much response here to what I had previously posted, so I kind of forgot to update! It's been over 2 weeks since my surgery and the healing process has so far been alright. It still hurts a bit when I move, but I'm pretty much living life like I did before the surgery. I'm still quite swollen and I have a lot of bruising but I guess that's normal. As far as the result goes, I honestly can't see that much difference. I know the final result wont be visable before 3 months post-op (after what I've read here), but it's kind of depressing not seeing much difference! Also, the doc was supposed to remove fat from upper belly, but it doesn't appear that he's removed anything on the top of my belly (like right below by breasts). If I'm not happy with the results, I can come back within a year free of charge for a touch-up. Overall, I'm very happy with the clinic and staff and would not hesitate having more procedures done there! The only thing that was kind of a negative was that the agency arranging the whole thing (the agency had nothing do to with the surgery and clinic, other than helping with the paperworks and transport to/from the airport,hotel etc), didn't seem too organized. However, the clinic was very good and clean!
Hi! :) Thanks for your comment! I'm doing alright :)
Hi and thanks for your comment! After reading your comment, I decided to write an update! :) Please send me a message if there's anything you would like to know (I remember I had a hard time finding any info about the clinic before my surgery)!
Thank you very much for your reply! I'll definitely be going around August /September time, well.. Depending on whether you start seeing results by then :-) that's good that they offer free touch ups up to a year later. I assume that wouldn't include airfares / accommodation the second time around? Have they made you wear a garter or anything, and if so, how long do you gave to have it on for? Hope you start seeing the results soon, would love to see some after photos when you're ready! Thanks again, you've really made me feel a lot more confident about the whole thing!


2 weeks post-op. Can't really see that much difference on my arms, but I can see that my belly is a bit smaller and that my thighs are slimmer. Still hoping to achieve that gap between my thighs!
How are you now?
sorry for the late reply! I'm doing pretty good! I'm pleased with the result, even though I've gained some weight. I think he could have removed a bit more from my upper arms, but overall I'm happy with the outcome. The clinic was very clean and up-to-date and the staff was very polite, although their English wasn't the best.
Hi! Can you see any results yet? Planning on going there myself, but can't find to much info about them. I hope you are happy with the procedure.

6 months..

It's been over 6 months since I had my lipo. At first I wasn't really sure if I could see much of a difference, but as the weeks passed and the swelling subsided, I could clearly see that I had a better contour and the difference was big. However, I do have some irregularities. Especially on one of my inner thighs and just above my belly button. Went to see a different plastic surgeon in my native country, who was not too impressed with the work previously done abroad. He recommended me a tummy tuck, which would cost about 12 000 $! ALOT of money! :/


I've contacted the clinic in regards to the irregularities I'm having and they would be more than happy to fix them, yey! All I have to do is pay the plane tickets and hotel, which shouldn't be too expensive. Hopefully I'll do it before Christmas.
Hi, after reading your comments I just would like to ask about the hospital and how you found the whole experience? I live in the uk and I am traveling to Lithuania in August to have a tummy tuck and I am really nervous about going :( could you tell me if I need to be at all worried? If any body who reads this wants to follow my journey please let me know. :)
Hi i am looking to go out to Lithuania in February for liposuction on my flanks. Could you help me by telling me about your experience with the surgeons and hospital?? Thanks you Sarah
what stage one compression garment did you use
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