26yrs Old, 3 Kids Getting a BBL on March 6, 2014! Lipo of Abdomen, Flanks and Lower Back Roll! - Nogales, AZ

I am so nervous I have been waiting for along time...

I am so nervous I have been waiting for along time and searching for a good doctor in Arizona, didn't want to fly out anywhere so I wouldn't have to sit on my butt! But I think I found a great doctor in Nogales, Arizona. I was referred to him by my aunts friend so I'm just praying for the best outcome!
Thank you! I am so nervous but praying for the best!!!! I have not been able to stay off this site it is really a blessing!!!! @cakebythepound
Congrats and good luck

Discussed a TT

We also discussed a TT but not at the same time of the BBL but in my near future! I know I definitely need it specially after the last birth I had to have an Emergency C-Section!
@callee thank you and I appreciate this site because it's ppl like you that make my journey a little more at ease!!! I can't sleep or eat cause I been thinking about it!
Good Luck!!! Thursday will be here before you know it and all of us on RS will be plying for you!:):)

Wish pics

Is this realistic for a woman of my size!!!!
Thank you!!!!
Good luck!! Looking forward to updates!

Counting down the days 3/6/14

This is life changing, not only physically but emotionally as well! I've paid in full now and booked my hotel so it's too late to turn back!!!!
Good Luck:) When you can type again let us now you made it :)
Tomorrow is our day good luck hun!!!!!!
I kno girl I'm too nervous right now, good luck as well!!! I wish u the best! Can't wait to see pics!

In the lobby!!!!!

I'm shaking and real scared, am I doing the right thing????
Hope all went well love!!
Hi sweety I hope all went well for you and welcome to the bbl land.....congratulations. ....

I hate my results

My butt rounded out but from the side this ish look flat!!! My back looks good, no more rolls. I'm in pain but on my way back home! And this laying on my stomach thing is so annoying. Went for my follow up and he explained that this is not my final results but I should see a huge difference around 3 months. Ladies is the fluffing true or not cuz I feel like I wasted my money?????
Give yourself some time, it's true you don't see you're final results until 4-6 months. Happy healing!
Thanks boo I'll try to keep that in mind!
No I don't like my results, how was yours???

1 more thing

He did my hips for free ($1500) he said it would look so much better just taking a little off and I agree!!!
Did you find out how many cc 's he took out? Now looking at your picture again you can tell you are Smaller:)
He told me how much was took out (4 liters) but did not discuss how much was put in!
Don't panic!It seems like everyone is very different as to results! Some get vivid results that day and others it takes a month or so to start seeing the changes. I don't doubt for a minute that in 1 month that you will be saying...Love This:) Just go back and read some of the stories and you will see a lot of people take awhile. Unfortunately since I seem to be the old gal in the group, I know my old skin is going to take awhile!All I have to say is Don't ever get old:):)

Day 3

Still in some pain and stiff and sore! I'm taking my meds on time and I'm cool I have my man finally massaging my body but of course it didn't last too long because he got aroused lol! The asst called today and she reassured me that this is not my results and I'll be happy within a month ( hoping)!

Day 4

It's been real crazy I realized my ain't no man! He has been running in and out the house since I've been home I've had my BFF over doing his part :-( he told me last night when he came in from the club that this was my choice and he ain't gotta stop his program to tend to me!!!! Wow!!! Ladies do u kno how that made me feel and he paid for it?????? But I can't even cry anymore, I hope like hell my body turns out nice as hell cuz he is gonna be mad and tables will turn! I was able to get in the shower all by myself today, so my pain is at a minimum right now! Them showers feel like heaven! I'm gonna stay a few weeks at my moms so I can have more help specially with the kids!!!


I realized my man ain't no man!

This post day 4

Pics compared to pre-op

It's been 2 weeks

It's been 2 weeks and I'm happy and getting happier each day!!! My man finally realized how much I needed him and now he has been here all day every rubbing me down! He has been waiting on me hand and foot and I must say I like no I love it. My butt still has a lil flat look to it at the bottom but I'm going to starting wrapping my legs cuz I don't think I can handle more surgery!

My doctor

Did a home visit on 3/16 and he now wants to do free lipo on my back legs! I told him probably not cuz I can't go thru this pain no more! I told him I don't discredit him on the lipo but I wish my ass just had more shape to it! Here is more pics, I've been juicing for lunch and breakfast and eating a healthy dinner! I've been walking 15min a day to try and help with the swelling!!

I played dress up

And I must say I look good lol!
Please post an update along with pics
I've just read your review and I wonder how you look now. Would you post new pics?
You look good! How do you look now? Your doctor made a home visit? Is that right? Wow..
Dr. Marco Saucedo

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