Vaser Lipo Up and Lower Abs, Flanks and Back - New Jersey, NJ

About me: female, 35 years old, 135 LB, 5'5 no...

About me: female, 35 years old, 135 LB, 5'5 no kids
It was so easy to loose weight before my 30's, I have been fighting to loose weight for years (fat around my waist). I had been thinking about doing this surgery for a long time and finally I took the decision and did it last Wednesday. Many people will think that I took the easy way out but they do not understand how much exercises, how many diets I tried, and how healthy I eat and I still have this fat all around my waist and sides. I probably spoke to 4 different plastic surgeons read all of the reviews I found out there, I got to what I thought it was best for me and finally I had my surgery.
A week before the surgery they gave me a package to read which have a lot of information about the surgery. I stared taking vitamins with vitamin C, I brought arnicare gel and pills (which were hard to find) these are suppose to help with swelling and bruises. two days before the surgery I went to my my PS for any concerns and also they took pictures.
Day of the surgery!
Oh boy!.... I had to be there two hours prior my surgery, I had to bring someone with me to take me back home. After they took all my information they brought me to the or my ps draw on me and he told me not too worry I would not feel anything thought out the surgery. (thank God because I was soooooo scare) . I only remember sitting on the table again after that I do not remember anything. After the surgery I was very drowsy and in a lot of pain. OMG what the he** I hate pain so maybe I am exaggerating. For me it was painful the nurse asked how much my pain was in a 1 to 10 I said 10. They gave me some morphine after surgery and they called my doctor to order more meds. He order percocet. After taking one of those pills I felt a lil better. I rested and sleep for an hour and had to use the bathroom. Ay Dios mio que dolor.... getting up was really something else and all the fluid that came out of my drainages was crazy, it looked like a crime scene fluid all over my legs.... disgusting. I felt a lil woozy. I felt better after I sat down. After another hour I felt better and I went home. The pain was there not too bad but very uncomfortable. I was able to eat a lil bit but not too much.
One day post Op
I woke up and I had a lot of pain trying to get off bed. I am good sitting down and walking around but the process of getting up, lying down and sitting is painful. The pain killers are keeping me numb, dizzy, nauseated and constipated. I hate feeling this way. I went to my ps because he had to take off the padding and put the garment on. I have 5 drainages and the one on the back is the one the leak the most . When the nurse took the padding off and the supported belt I looked at my stomach..... Wow it was so flat, a little smile came to my face. I have a lot of bruising on my sides and around my groin area. The rest of the day was awful dizzy, not too much pain killers are working.
Two days post Op
I woke up very swollen and the pain still there, I took the pain killers and pain subsided. I still can"t eat much because everything I eat comes out. I decided not to take percocet anymore besides I can't eat I can't have a bowel movement and its giving me a headache. I tried colace and it didn't help so I got me some prune juice and it help me better and I can hear my stomach doing noises. I rested all day, later for dinner I had some soup and it was good, I drank a lot of water and gatored to keep my self hydrated. Out of the 5 drainages I have, the one that is still leaking is the one on my back. Something funny about this is that it is in the center where my back ends, it looks like a pig tail...Lol... I have to keep changing the dressings because it is leaking a lot. I called my PS office and they said it was normal. I read more reviews to compare with others and yes some people have more fluid coming out than other. The color is pinkish. As for the pain still there but I took tylenol extra strength and it work, at least I am not nauseated any more. I think I rather have more pain than feel woozy.
Tree days post OP
Today I woke up and again pain when I move to the sides or when I get up. Yeah this procedure is painful, maybe is more painful for me because I decided to have all of the areas at once. I was not going through out this never again. Finally when I got up no pain only the process of hurts. I was able to have a bowel movement, no more constipation, fluid still coming out of my pig tail... LOL... I had a light breakfast took my antibiotics, and tylenol and is been okay. Lunch time, chicken soup again with a lot of fluids a couple of crackers. I only put picture before surgery not after because I am supposed to go back on monday to close my drainages, plus I still have a lot of padding so I can't tell the difference, but I feel very optimistic. I will post pictures monday after my appt.

Day 4 post op

Today I still wake up with pain but after I get up and move around it gets better.... I am very swollen I hope this is normal and I am still leaking a lot through out the back drainage..... I was able to go outside for a little and drove to the store..... My only concern is the leaking, I am going to see my plastic surgeon tomorrow so lets see what he says.

Two weeks post op!

Well let me start by saying that thank God I am not in so much pain anymore..... i only take tylenol after work or before I go for my massages, because they really hurt me especially the one on my abdomen. I am going to see my PS tomorrow, I want to show him my uneven abdomen, I know is normal to have some lumps still but I want to make sure everything is fine. I can see a big difference already so far so good.

Feeling happy

After 3 weeks, I am still a bit sore but I feel super happy with the results.... I have some nodes but they are braking little by little ... Yayyyy

7 weeks after

No more garments for me, I am not exercising due to my super busy schedule... I can notice that one side of my body is more define than the other but my Doctor told me that I have to wait till the final results in about 4 months... so far I am still happy.

3 1/5 post surgery

4 months post op

Felling happy!!!

Six Months after

I finally had a chance to follow up with my surgeon last week, I showed him the pouch on my belly that I dislike, I will post pictures so you guys can see. Yes I am eating healthy but no I am not doing exercises. I have a pretty busy schedule at the moment. I will be doing 3 sessions of laser to see if that will help and if it doesn't then probably I will have to do a mini touch up.... Lets hope for the best!!
Dr. D

Dr. DiBernardo, Barry gave me a new body and so far I am loving it!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I'm considering this surgery but my concern is did you end up with any marks on your abs or lower back?
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Marks... The incisions yeahhh they are small and I don't like them.... You cant tell cause the are very low ... I'll see if I can take pictures of it so you can see.... Remember everyone heals different. My PS told me I can laser them to make them less noticeable
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Great... Thank you for your response and good luck... Btw you look amazing :)
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Thank you!!...
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I wanted to ask : is this the first time you have had lipo or have you ever done any areas before?
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This is the first time....
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Wow, it is really coming along nicely! You look great! Looks like your entire waist line is smaller. Hey, like I mentioned when we talked in an earlier post, I had lipo but I had the fat transferred to my breasts. Have you ever considered that? Does not look like you have any fat left to transfer though. You really look awesome.
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Hello Amelia girl... yes thank you ..... I do have some fat above my my belly button and on the left side.... this picture from the front is not really showing it but I will try to take more...... My waist is great even my back.... dresses fit a lot better. I have small breast and a small botty but is okay for now.... we will see later. I wanted a flat stomach and a smaller waist I am happy with that. ... Your body looks great also.... nice Tatas!!... lol
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What is the name of the cream? I'm excited about your results. Doing this soon
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Hello! this are the names of the creams, they are a bit expensive: body emulsion from ZO skin health by Dr Obagi and another one that you can mix with the emulsion is Oseential Radical night repair plus.
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Hi there, How are you feeling now about your abs? You look fantastic. I had a friend who had her abs lipoed also and has a little ridge. It looks like you may have that also where the abs do not lay perfectly smooth from the side? I am asking b/c I know I need to consider this as a lipo possibility if I do it. I had lipo done to the legs and they are not perfect. I am wondering if it is really even possible to get a perfect result with lipo. Overall, you look super and must be thrilled!
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Thank you!! I am not going to lie, it looks very smooth and I love it. Sometimes I pick up my shirt just because and want to look at my stomach to see if it looks uneven and yes I can see the one side is a little different than the other but nothing crazy. IT LOOKED WORSE BEFORE!! LMAO!! I would recommended to anybody with out a doubt. Vaser lipo is much better than other kinds of lipos. I meet a lot of girls who did the regular lipo and yes there is a big difference on the skin tone. I believe that having a good diet plan after surgery is a key. Exercising is great yes but after your body recuperates from the shock of an invasive surgery. In another 20 days I will be off for a month so my booty is going back to the gym to get even better.
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How is your recovery going? Do you still think you'll need a revision?
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Recovering is doing great!.. about the revision I don't see it as much difference as before, last time my doctor told me to wait so I am being patient. I keep controling my diet and now I dont have any pain. The funny thing is that I have a mild pain if I don't pull a pillow on my side when I sleep because of my curves. lol
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You look great! I am hoping to have the same results, your post and pics have given me great hope for a beautiful outcome!
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U look really good already
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Thank you!!!
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Fabulous review! I had dissolvable stitches put in and no drainage, so it's interesting to see the difference. I had a lot more swelling and continue to because of it. I'm having the same concern with the unevenness of my abdomen at the 4-5 week mark which is more noticeable with the reduction in swelling. What type of massage are you getting? I'm doing my own at the moment, beside the lymphatic drainage but that's not much of a massage just getting the general anesthetic and oxy's out of my system. Keep updating please! Love to hear/see more results as time goes on. You look great too!
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@aldogoddness Thank you!! I had drains for 5 days and ohhh boy I had so much fluid coming out those days.... It was very uncomfortable but it help. My scars are healing well but 2 of them are a lot more noticible than the others. I had 10 sessions of Lymphatic and ultrasound massages, right not I only massage while taking a shower. My doctor recommended a cream that it will help my skin hydrate and recuperate it was expensive but my skin is sooo smooth. I only took oxy's for tree days, tylenol was my only pain killer.
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Hello I also had the same procedure done at the same office on aug 16. I am now 13 days post op and love my silhouette but an freaking out about the lumps and ropes effect. Did this happen to you? For ur pic your skin looks smooth.
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Hello!.... I still have some bumps but they are dissolving little by little.... The massages help me a lot, I am suppose to go back in another week I will ask him then
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Sounds like we had it done around the same time! Hope you're healing is going well and you have good results!
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Hello speechmom! Yes I am healing good, I am only taking Tylenol for pain once a day, but is not really that bad anymore only the first 5 days were bad..... The garment is killing me, I am going to buy me another one because this one the surgeon gave me is very uncomfortable .... Hope you are doing better too! I just took some pictures I will post them later..... :)
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