3 Months Update

Hi Ladies, I wanted a tummy tuck since i can...

Hi Ladies, I wanted a tummy tuck since i can remember. I never had a flat tummy so i am ready to finally be on the flat side...I am 31with 2 kids a 10yr and a 2yr old. I am 5'2 and weight 135. With my first child i went up to 180 took me two years to go back down to 135. I thought i was done with having kids until i had my last one 2yrs ago. I have done every diet you can think of and i have maintained my weight ranging from 130 to 135. I do exercise however I feel like no matter how many times i workout my gut never seems to go down... I want to be able to comfortable without wearing a girdle. I am extremely nervous but i pray to God that everything will come out fine.


Thank you ladies!!!
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Good luck tomorrow, YuYa! I hope your surgery goes well.

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Good luck n happy healing!!

I am finally on the flat side!!! Had surgery this...

I am finally on the flat side!!! Had surgery this morning at 730 am. I am still at the hospital the pain is about a 2 at the moment. I have a machine on my legs to keep my blood circulating. I am staying over night hopefully everything continues to stay the way it is... I will update everyone later.


So glad to hear it went well!! You will LOVE the results. Tomorrow I am 4 months post op! Talk soon
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mau iI askd how did uou pay did u get a surgery loan cause iI ttyd to get one and iI got denies if u got a loan which compny u got it from

Hi! ok so today i am still in the wellness center...

Hi! ok so today i am still in the wellness center decided to stay one more night. I have a 2yr old she is so active that i am afraid that she would want to jump all over me... the pain today was a little higher maybe a 3 since i skip my meds and decided to do a Tylenol not sure what i was thinking... But now i am back to feeling ok.... i can't wait to see my tummy... hopefully tomorrow... happy healing ladies...please keep me in your prayers....

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I am home, i was able to take a shower and boy...

I am home, i was able to take a shower and boy does that feel good. Nothing has changed. Happy Healing ladies, and the best of luck to those who dates are coming up. I added a pic today after i took a shower.


wow you are so brave well done!
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Today is my 4th day that i had my tummy done. I...

Today is my 4th day that i had my tummy done. I have to say i expected a lot worst. One thing i will stress is please have someone to help you because you can not do this alone. Although you may feel like you can handle it don't get crazy lol just rest up and don't forget to walk around and drink lots of water.


Ur tummy is so nice! Congrats! Ur gonna look great in a 2 piece!
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@flybabymomma I used Dr Capella, he is a really great DR... did a lot of research on him...
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I took gummy bear vitamins lol from my kids. I also took B-12 and vitamin C
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Day #6 yesterday i woke up feeling great so of...

Day #6 yesterday i woke up feeling great so of course i started to so stuff around the house. I cooked a little and even picked up my room. BAD MOVE!!!! at night i felt very tight and i couldn't get comfortable. I think it was the worst i have felt so far and i learned my lesson. So that was day 5. As for day 6 it started off ok. I slept more last night. I walked around the house but this time I am not over doing it. Today will be a movie day for me....Happy Healing everyone!


Looking fabulous ;)
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Thanks NewMwPls! I never wore a 2 piece before. I'm excited that now it is a possibility
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1 week today! time is flying. Everyday it gets...

1 week today! time is flying. Everyday it gets better, I am able to walk straighter and i no longer take pain meds. Tomorrow i have my Dr appointment, i hope they take these drains out. If you ask me the drains are the worst. They don't hurt just very annoying.


Holy cow your results are amazing! Wow!
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Thanks Texasdreamer!
You really do look AWESOME! Congrats and please keep the pics coming!
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Drains are out! they didn't hurt, i am so glad i...

Drains are out! they didn't hurt, i am so glad i am done with them. Saw the PS today and he said everything looks great he said he removed about 3 to 4 pounds of skin and about 750cc of fat. He gave me the OK to drive so i am very excited about that. Happy Healing!!!


Ok thanks YuYa! I will have to look him up. I like how your belly button already looks natural and you just had surgery, looks really good!
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hello yuya,you look so good,GOD protect you
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OMG.....look at that tiny tummy! Your results are looking GREAT! I know that you must really be excited. Glad to hear that you are doing well. Keep us updated on how you are doing.
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Haven't really slept good, having back pains. I...

Haven't really slept good, having back pains. I think it is from sleeping on a recliner. My PS doesn't want me wearing any CG which i found strange since almost everyone on this site uses one as per their PS order. I trust my PS fully since he hasn't been wrong yet. All his patient agree he is great. I just need to understand every PSĀ is different. I uploaded a new pic from yesterday with no drains. Happy Healing everyone!


Yuya you are healing great and looking fantastic. I love your curve ;) I read that many PS dont do CG. I wish mine didnt. Lol Were you draining yellow or was it still red when he took them out? My dr wont take mine out until my 2 weeks PO.
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You look awesome!! Wow!
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You look great YuYa! Yes every PS does something different. I dealt with this also from a friend who was sure that her PS's way was the ONLY way. But I trusted my decision and I am doing just fine! Happy Healing Doll!
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Hi everyone! I took some pictures yesterday on my...

Hi everyone! I took some pictures yesterday on my 2weeks mark. I feel good minus the swelling and the fact that i am still walking hunched over. I finally went back to work today and by the end of the day i could barely stand straight. Anyway hope everyone is doing well. Happy Healing!


nice curves!!!
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Thank u Pocahontas12!! U have great curves.. Question can u recommend something I can take or use for swelling????
This is what I have heard. Drink a lot of water and put lemon juice in it. Stay away from salty food. And the more active you are the more swollen you will get.

Hi everyone! it has been 3months and it has flown...

Hi everyone! it has been 3months and it has flown by... Sorry i haven't posted an update but i have been on an emotional roller coaster. Nothing really hasn't changed, i still swell a lot. I notice i swell a lot more when i am more active. Every morning I wake up flat and then an hour later I'm swollen, which is depressing. I do have to say when it is flat i am very happy with my tummy, its unreal. My scar is nice and low and doesn't look bad at all. My only concern is my love handles :( when i swell you can see them a lot. I have maintained my weight but lately i am so hungry and i have been craving sweets which isn't normal for me. That's about it, hope everyone is doing well. Happy Healing!!


You look great! I think we are always so much more critical of ourselves than we are of others. That's why it's good to post pics on here so you can get others feedback. If I look like u in three months I'll be happy :)
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I have to agree with you, yes we are so much more harder on ourselves. Thank you for the encouraging words!
You look awesome!
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Hi Everyone! Just wanted to stop by and give a...

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to stop by and give a quick update. I am 18 weeks and i have been very emotional lately. My swelling isn't going down. I would think that at this point it would decrease but no. I have a 6 month update in Feb hopefully by then it gets better. My scar doesn't bother me at all. I have noticed that lately it is itching more then normal. I am using Bio-oil that seems to help. Happy Healing everyone!


Be patient... my swelling didn't go away til about 9 months after my surgery... u look amazing!
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U look great congrats!!!
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Wow You look soo good!! I have the same problem I am 2 months out and I wake up flat adm swell the same and yes it is very disapointing!! Well you look absolutley amazing!! I wouldnt worry about your sides it give you curves. Hour glass figure!!
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