Hi I am34 yrs old..have three beautiful children....

Hi I am34 yrs old..have three beautiful children..but im left with the mommy pouch...I had my boobs done when i was 21 and was around 115lbs at the time...had my first daughter at 24...my tummy was ok..but had small pouch...8 yrs later had my second daughter and then my son 17 months later..i had big babies...all over 8lbs..so a couple weeks ago my right boob ruptured (blessing in disguise) so now im getting boobs redone and a tummy tuck...always said id get one but never was the right time! well now is the time...although i know its going to be painful im doing it! im super excited ...my tummy and boobs done match my body! i am 127 now although id like to be 124 my dr says wont matter if i lose 4 pounds! so im getting a boob lift and new impants and brand new tummy! i posted my before pics and will post my after pics asap! i hope im making the right decision but i guess it cant be any worse then it is right now!!! oh and by the way my surgery date is on my 11 yr olds birthday :(

I'm a week away from surgery and completely...

I'm a week away from surgery and completely got the blues yesterday ... Mostly Bc I won't be able to hold my 17 month old... He's a huge mommas boy and i feel so guilty , especially bc he won't understand why!! Ugh hopefully lots of kisses and hugs will do for a couple weeks! Anyone else have toddlers and can you tell me realistically how long it will be till I can hold them Again?

Ok I'm a teacher so it's bothering me that...

Ok I'm a teacher so it's bothering me that in my original post I meant to say "my boobs and tummy DON'T match the rest of my body " lol ok great glad that I cleared that up! Ugh

On another note I already can't sleep! Last night I sat there thinking and worrying ! Wish is was closer ... Gonna be a long week :)

At least it'll be a memorable birthday for your 11-year-old. That's one way to look at it, anyway. Please keep us posted on how everything goes! You're going to do great.

I was a mess the long week before my surgery, too! Constantly going back and forth between being excited, being scared of the recovery process and concern for why I spent so much money on myself. :(

In the end I'm so glad I did it. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner! :)

The recovery time isn't that bad either. I don't even remember what the drains feel like.

You are going to look so awesome, I can't wait to see your after pictures!
Whoops I meant 18 thousand lol not 180,000 lmao

Ok so I'm 5 days away !! Ugh can't wait Also...

Ok so I'm 5 days away !! Ugh can't wait Also going to add Some before pics ... My daughter (almost 11) said the pics I have up make my Tummy look better then it really is lol! Nothing like a kid telling you the hard core truth soooo I'll be putting up closer pics that are clearer so you can see how gross it really

Ok so i weighed myself and im down to 125...i want...

ok so i weighed myself and im down to 125...i want to be at least 123 ...hmmm wander if i can do it in less then a week..prob not...ugh ill keep trying ...oh and i added some more lovely before pics...so gross sorry in advance lol
I think it depends on what U wear to bed and are comfy in now, I like pajama pants and a big t shirt. So I just wore pants from old navy that have the big fold over, it ended up being the perfect place for a soft ice pack. I wore a zipper hoodie, big one . I did buy a soft robe thing but never put it on.I think whatever brings u comfort, now is what u need to wear/ will end up wearing anyway . I am 11 days po and when in public I wear leggings and big shirts Xoxo ooh ! Huge high waisted underwear comfy ones !
I went on amazon.com and found a great swim cover by Speedo - got it in both white and black- it's awesome- zips all the way up so no putting anything over your head. Also there are 2 zippers so when I needed to empty the drain I could just unzip a little from the bottom instead of unzipping the whole thing from the top. Mine took 2 days to arrive and cost under $15 ea. Good luck to you! I'm now 11 days pot-op and getting better every day!
I wore a wrap dress to the surgicenter. It was suggested by another realself blogger and it was great advice. The nurses said it was great as well. It was easy to put on after surgery and easy to open. Many women wear swim coverups because they easily go over your head. JCPenney had terrycloth zip-up coverups that I liked as well. I bought one for home. Make sure you take all your meds regularly. I used to set my cell phone so that if I fell asleep, I would wake up and take them. It kept the pain very controlled. You will need gas-x, one of the biggest complaints we all had was the gas:) Milk of Magnesia will help with the constipation-sorry but this advice helped me. I hope you have help at least for the first week or two. You will be very tired and limited during the first week and you will begin to feel better the second week but you will still not be back to yourself. I am just giving you a heads up because you have little ones.

Ok so I def know I'm making the right decision ......

Ok so I def know I'm making the right decision ... My
11 yr olds best friend asked I'f I was
Pregnant.... OUCH.. 3 days to go can't wait
But really really
Scared still
Hey there lady, I am SO excited for you! It's almost here. Don't worry you have all of us realself sisters to help you along the way. You will be so happy once you have done this. I wore (to surgery)black yoga pants size medium (normally I wear a small) and a long thin sweater that zipped in the front. Nothing that goes over your head (hoodies) If you have any other questions I'd be happy to help.
And as far as NOT being able to hold your toddler..I can relate. My 27 month old is a HUGE mama's boy too. It's ok, he comes and talks to me. We sit on the couch and watch cartoons...although he cannot sit with me without another adult nearby, just in case he goes jumpy. Hang in there it will be worth it!
I went to walmart and bought a nine dollar cotton dress.. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Faded-Glory-Women-s-Tiered-Smocked-Dress/15833982 and then I cut the straps off.. I got blk and brown, they are super comfty. and then its 9 bucks if something were to happen to it. :) your going to do great, Can not wait to see your post -op photos :)

Anyone else taking or take arnica montana? and did...

anyone else taking or take arnica montana? and did it seem to help you with bruising and stuff? ive never been one of those people that are into the homeopathic stuff but of course im taking it since my dr told me to!

My breast implant ruptured and figured why not do...

my breast implant ruptured and figured why not do it all at once!! i always knew one day id get tummy tuck and since i am going under to get boob fixed why not do tummy too!! thanks to my ever so generous Momma whos paying for most of it!!

Man I had no idea how anxious I would be! Today is...

Man I had no idea how anxious I would be! Today is killing me!I can only imagine how bad I'll be tomorrow!
My dreams were crazy too before surgery and the first week of recovery while jacked up on the meds. Good luck to you- you will look fantastic! I'm almost 2 weeks post-op now and thrilled with the results! You will be too!
I took arnica and I do think it helped with bruising but not the swelling. The only reason I think it helped is because I had alot of lipo done and my bruising was less than pictures I had seen and the bruising healed and faded pretty quickly. Hang in there, everyone gets nervous. As you have read from our blogs, we all got very anxious but most of us are very happy with the results. I found that reading other ladies blogs not only prepared me but calmed my nerves. Good luck...you have an army of realself support who will be thinking of you.
I took arnica, I guess there is no way to really know if I would be more bruised if I had not. The dreams are crazy, and mine are still crazy when I take pain meds. I'm sending calming thoughts your way !! Things are gonna be great! You deserve this ! Xoxo

Ugh now I feel like I shouldn't of done so much...

Ugh now I feel like I shouldn't of done so much research and I'm freaking out a bit!! Hope I'm not this nervous tomorrow ugh I just want to make sure I'm here for my kids! Meaning I wake up from anesthia ugh :(
Hello sweetie I am just thinking about you today and I pray all is well with you God speed keep us posted
I am praying for you and your surgeon. Good luck and take care(-:

I'm ok I made it! Will Write more Later . Thx...

I'm ok I made it! Will
Write more
Later . Thx for
The support !

Ok ladies I'm Alive And well everything went great...

Ok ladies I'm Alive And well everything went great until
It came time to pee !! I couldn't so had to get catheter FUN got home around 9 pm and pain was ok def had to take 2 percs every 4 hours and still am ! I have two drains and as of this morning one was 25 cc and other less then that! I have ps app tomorrow so hoping drains will
Come out but I'f they don't it's ok! My boobs look enorm!! Got 500 cc went up 25 so I may look like a stripper for acouple
Months lol ! Tummy looks flat thru bandages but hopin I get peak tomorrow! So all i'n all not so bad!!
Thinking of you today :)
Yay tara glad you are ok. Knew you would be cant wait to see the pics. take it easy rest well and know we are all thinking about you.
Hope your feeling well today!!

On way to ps office ! Hopefully I Can get...

On way to ps office ! Hopefully I
Can get some
Pics of tummy!

Well I overdid it !! My ps got very upset w me bc...

Well I overdid it !! My ps got very upset w me bc I have been walking way too much so I'm
On strict bedrest for the weekend! My tummy was so swollen he thought it was fluid but when he went i'n there there was none ... I'm i'n horrible pain and really am second guessing whether I should have done this ... I have been crying all morning ...
I'm sorry you are feeling down. I have no idea what you are going though as I haven't had my MM yet. Saying prayers for you and hoping you feel so much better soon.
Hope tomorrows better for you!!
Big hugs, I am at 2 wks and still a swollen mess, you will be fine, just listen to your ps and rest.. I felt so lazy and slept most of the first wk, and into the second.. Give your body time to heal. I do now how you feel.. Take care and remember it will get better:)

So I Followed my dr orders and stayed i'n bed and...

So I Followed my dr orders and stayed i'n bed and am
Feeling so much better today! Still havent pooped but just
Took another dose
Of MOM ! Anyone kmow how long it usually takes
I took MOM everyday after surgery as well as stool softeners and it still took me 4 days to sh*t. My PS eventually had me do an enema at around 1 and a half weeks po and that helped get things started but was not fun to do. My doc thinks I'm still trying to catch up from those days of being backed up as there is more swelling than should be. You'll get there when your body's ready. Hang in there! I was SO in your shoes during week 1 of recovery- doubts, tears, etc. It's hard to see the light when you feel awful. Week 2 will turn you around though and you'll be so happy!

PS- that MOM crap tastes like ASS, eh?! Good luck! :)
MOM usually takes 10-12 hrs. I have chronic constipation issues (I know, tmi!) and usually take it at night and it usually works several times the next morning. I don't take it if I am going to work the next day.

Hope you feel better soon!

Doing fantastic ! Barely draining Anythjng out!...

Doing fantastic ! Barely draining Anythjng out! Yay I
Go back to dr tomorrow to
Get staples and drains out! Can't wait! I'll
Take pics and post them tomorrow ! Even though it was horrible
Pain I don't regret doing it! Can't wait to see what I look like i'n clothes!!
I am glad you are feeling so much better.yay looking forward to seeing your pics.
What worked for me is eating a fiber one bar with tea for breakfast and taking Docusate Sodium (Colace) Stool softner 100mg every morning and evening until 3 days after stoping pain medication. This kept me "going" right after surgery, and I never had to strain at all. Hope this helps, can't wait to see you photos! :)
Glad your feeling better!! Have you tried drinking a cup of coffee, for some reason that helped me to go.

QUESTION! I'm exActly one week post op and broke...

QUESTION! I'm exActly one week post op and broke out i'n horrible rash from where the tape was from
Boobies! I'm using cortisone cream and going to ps today where I'm
Pretty sure I'll get shot (I hope) but it's so itchy and it's driving me crazy ! Anyone else have this happen and I'f so any
Remedies? Oh I also took benadryl and it did nothing!
How is your issues today sweetie!
How has your recovery been as far as being a SAHM? I am a SAHM and I am so nervous about caring for my kids. My husband will be home w me and the kids for 3 days, then they will go to daycare for 3 days and I was planning on being home (during the day) alone til day 7, 8 and 9 when my husband will be home with me and the kids. Week 2 I was hoping just to have a helper here with me at home...but now I am worried maybe I should have my husband with us during week 2 and have a helper week 3? Help...
I had the same thing. Its a slight allergic reaction to the glue on the strips! They took them off and that was about it. I think they put a cortizone type cream but only near nipples not tt! good luck.
The itching does suck!

Question ! I'm 9 days post op and going to see ps...

Question ! I'm 9 days post op and going to see ps tues to get into binder stage 2 Thank god! But have to go to my daughters pep rally for cheerleading and am wandering if it would be ok to wear spanx? Would be there for about 30 min. What do you all Think? I don't wanna go w this bulky binder and embaress her ( ok me lol) my staples and drains have been out since monday . I'm still swollen but much better each day. Hmmm whatta think? Spanx or big ugly binder ???
Tara how are you !!!
can't wait to see your pictures!!! praying things just get better from here on out!!!

Hi all I'm 10 days post op and wanted to share...

Hi all I'm 10 days post op and wanted to share what happend w me ! The day after surgery I over did it by going up and
Down stairs too much so at my app w dr 2 days
Post op my ps had to give me local anasthetic and go i'n my
Belly button to release the pressure due to major swelling ! Well let me just say I had 3 kids and the pain was 100 times
Worse even w my
Tummy bein numb !so that set back my recovery by alot!! But thank god he did it or my BB would be completely
Off center! It still looks alittle weird but he says that's bc swelling so I will finally post some after pics today! Sorry for delay but I was In so much pain and so upset! I'm now doing great! Just hate the swelling at night especially!
It is going to be well worth it sweetie just a lot of patients! you got this!
I'm at ps office now ... Hoping to be put i'n stage 2 binder bc this one is loose and soooo annoying ... Belly starting to look better and I'm feeling better but been having this intense burning where incision is ! Happens once a day and lasts about 20 min...
Seems to subside when I lay down and take ibuprophen so hoping that stops and going to ask dr about it .. What can I say this whole
Process is long and it sucks ... Hope it's worth it
@ tara oh my I am sorry how are you feeling now hun!

Ok I'm 12 days post op and in stage 2 garment and...

Ok I'm 12 days post op and in stage 2 garment and it's like scuba gear! I can't breathe let alone eat! I take two bites and wanna puke bc I feel like food just sits there bc stupid garment so tight! Any ladies go thru this ? Kinda happy bc I'm losing weight but just want to make sure it's supposed to be this tight! I go back to ps tomorrow anyway but just want some
Advice and opinions on it! Thx ladies
You look wonderful!!!
Thank you ladies ! I will tAlk to my dr about the tightness tomorrow ! It has gotten looser since yesterday prob bc swelling has gone down and just wearing the garment! But so annoying ! Ugh will be worth it .... I keep telling myself !
you look awesome sweetie!

Ok went to ps today and he wants me to wear the...

Ok went to ps today and he wants me to wear the stage 1 binder ... The nurse put me i'n the scuba gear thing without ps permission and he was pissed! Said I could wear spanx when I'm out but wants me i'n origional bc will
Smooth out tummy and compress it the best ... Pisses me off alittle but I know he has my best interest at heart and wants me to get best results ! I go back i'n 2 weeks ... Happy
Haha ... You girls are the best !!!!
I agree with Artsygirl! Insert cat call here! haha :)
Artsygirl THANKYOU!! It was a very tight and supportive dress! Ugh I know I'f I sacrifice now it will all be worth it i'n the end ! Thanks to you all ... You have all been so much help and support I cant
Thank you enough

So I woke up this am and so much swelling has gone...

So I woke up this am and so much swelling has gone down! Guess thats why my ps told me to wear binder 1 as much as possible! Well he is a ps ... Prob knows more then I do! Lol so I'll post pics today when babies are napping !
Oh wow ! That's awesome ! It is so annoying to wear but it works wonders w the swelling!! I'm glad it helped you!!
After reading your post yesterday I too went back to my stage 1 binder yesterday- actually layered it over my stage 2 binder- felt like a stuffed sausage all day but I must say it worked for me too! My belly was flat as can be this morning! And according to my scale I'm 3 lbs lighter than yesterday which I guess is from the water retention associated w/ the swelling. Anyway, you look great in your new pics!! Congrats!

OK anyone else feel naked without their...

OK anyone else feel naked without their binder!!!???? Today im around 16 days post op and i went to target to go buy a "spanx" and i wore a spanx i had from after having babies ..it was a size Medium and way to big....by the time i got to target which is only like a 5 minute drive i wanted my binder back on!! felt like i was swelling by the second!! im back home and back in binder and feeling much needed relief!! but i cant see myself without this binder!! i am going out tomorrow and thats why i bought the new spanx...guess ill bring binder in the car in case i need it!! ugh so weird!! ya would think id hate this stupid bulky thing by now!!!
Love that bikini! Your swelling is just like mine, all closest to the incision! So annoying! Ready for that to go away and actually be able to wear my regular pants!
Cutest little bikini ever! Looking good, mama! :D
thanks! i actually got it at target last summer!! was cheap...and only wore it with tank ..but no more tank!! yippeee..btw you have amazing results!!!!

Ok so I wore a spanx type thing yesterday for...

Ok so I wore a spanx type thing yesterday for about an hour while I went to buy a smaller spanx ( target) and got
So swollen and
Actually felt like there was fluid i'n my belly! I looked at it and didnt see any fluid just very swollen ! Well
That scared the crap out of me so was i'n bed by 730 and feelin better today and no more fluid feeling! Just proves I still need
My binder stage 1!! Ugh
I love hitting up that target clearance rack at summers end :) Awe, and thank you for the compliment. Went to the gym for the first time on Friday, and will go back Monday...man after 3 weeks...I am definitely feeling out of shape! hahaha :D

I am using these silicone sticky strips for scars...

I am using these silicone sticky strips for scars that my
Ps gave me... Wear them 10 hours on then 10 off ... Anyone else use them? They dont bother me
But from my snake skin peeling all
Peeling skin gets stuck on it and I'm
Not sure I'f I should wipe them off ... Dpnt think they can get wet ..

Ok so no spanx seem tight enough! I am 5'4 and 125...

Ok so no spanx seem tight enough! I am 5'4 and 125 so I'm not like a stick! I bought small spanx type thing from target and hate it! My question is what have you ladies worn that seemed tight enough! And also maybe it's too early for me to switch to them??? I am day 19 and have seen lots of ladies i'n spanx even earlier! Ugh any help would be greatly appreciated! Also have stage 2 from ps but it's like scuba gear and digs into my stomach which makes me sooo nasueas !
Thanks for this info too. I ordered a spanx slim cognito and though it was tight enough for compression it was a pain the butt (pun intended) to get on and off. I need something quick b/c my binder is starting to unravel.
Hi taraf1717! I had the same problem with spanx- I am 5'8 and 125 lbs and it seemed that in order for the spanx to be tight enough in the belly they were too tight in the bust or rib cage to be effective, so I gave up the spanx. BUT I found another alternative that I LOVE! Actually found it at Macy's. It's another binder but it's marketed as a post c-section support garment. It goes on and off real easy, is super comfortable and gives me lots of support. It is also less cumbersome than the standard stage 1 binder and fits super-snug without digging into my sides. It's brand and name is: Loving Comfort Postpartum Support. Here is a website I found that has them for $18.50:
I got mine in small and as the velcro closure is adjustable, it fits great. Good luck! :)
Artsy! Your a lifesaver thank you!

I changed my profile pic to new tummy!! since i...

i changed my profile pic to new tummy!! since i dont have my jelly belly anymore! ...im doing great as of day 20 ..i would say im almost 100% except for the swelling at night and still not being able to lift my babies! i use my arms alot to kinda pull them and ive figured out a way of getting my 1 yr old in his crib to take naps! he uses a step stool to climb on my bed then i put crib directly next to bed and he literally climbs in and i kinda help him w alittle push on his but! its so funny but it works and he is such a good baby that he actually does it for me!! anyway back to the tummy ...ive been doing my normal activities expect ill take a 20 min break and sit down w feet up..im the type that literally doesnt sit down till 800 pm and then im asleep by 830...lol but i make myself rest througout the day and my body seems to be tolerating it! but by 700 pm im dead and i go upstairs lay down on my bed w my 3 yr old and we relax and both fall asleep ..its nice bc it gives my son (1yr old) time w his dad ..and i can rest!! anyway this has been and still is a journey but i can say its TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
dang. u look awesome!
I think they look great!
Yes I'm very happy w the
Size! I had 475 when I was 21 but since I needed
Lift to my
Dr said going alittle bigger would fill
Them out nicely! And boy was he right ! I love love love them!

Day 24 and i have a funny story for you ladies.....

day 24 and i have a funny story for you ladies...my fiance was wonderful during recovery but doesnt really ask to see my tummy or boobs..so yesterday i took binder off and he wouldnt look!!! lmao i asked him why he wont look at me and he just said whatever and kinda brushed me off then about an hour later saying " i care about your surgery i just loved you so much the way you were...and i liked your belly "chub" ..i thought that was really cute! i think he is just scared i might change or something and i totally wont!! on another note i wanted to talk about the emotional rollercoaster after my surgery.....

i have mild depression and anxiety to begin with but let me tell you ..the first 2 weeks i felt like i was going crazy and falling into a deep depression..i cried over every little thing anyone said to me!! it was kinda like i was when i was preggs....super sensitive and emotional....now that im 24 days post op i am still sensitive but not nearly as bad as i was...my mother even asked me if i was taking my meds..i only take celexa for the depression ! i was very moody to say the least..so anyone who is dealing with this ! your not alone!! its actually very common...tummy tuck is major surgery and very traumatic not only on our bodies but our minds! but i can say it does get better! so dont worry! anyway hope all my fellow ladies are doing great!! im going to wait a week to post new pics...im sure everyone is getting tired of seeing all the pics!! lol ...plus i look pretty much the same so hopefully in a week the tummy will be even better!!
Thanks so much girls!! Your all so sweet !
you look great!

Hi lovely ladies..well im about 26 days post op...

hi lovely ladies..well im about 26 days post op and things are ok...i am allitle more swollen below my belly button which sucks but i have been doing alot more...friends and family are tired of helping me..and i kinda dont blame them..so ive been almost lifting my big boy who is about 25 pounds..i try to use my arms but im sure its straining my tummy in some way! but anyway other then that im great kinda just wish this was over already...meaning binder and swelling....although im completely attached to my binder and actually wear it in the car and take it off right before i have to go in wherever im going ! lol...my boobs are awesome and im thrilled with them..wish i could just fast forward 3 months and be done with it! anyway have to take my 3 yr old to school.have a happy day ladies...
My PS told me not to lift anything heavier than a milk jug for the first month. I guess all docs are different.
You look great! I have a question though... when I was one week post op my doc said I could lift 30 lbs (my baby is 20 lbs). Is that not right?? I don't feel like it's hurting anything at all..but after I read your update now I'm not so sure... Glad you are feeling better, you look awesome!!
so happy you are feeling better you lil hottie!!!

Here at ps office waiting ! As usual ... Love...

Here at ps office waiting ! As usual ... Love him
But he's always late ! Grrr anyway want to find out when I can wear regular bras, sleep without a bra, and although I love my
Binder want to know when I can go without ! Also
Considered w bb ... Still looks alittle odd .. Kinda like a slit but o
Know I'm
The most swollen there due to the release that he did 2 days post op. Ugh I've been waiting forever so annoying ... Will update later .. Btw I'm
Almost 1 month post op.. Will be on 17th woohoo
I hope your appt. went well you are looking so good so soon. Take it easy as long as you can so you don't backslide. It's all worth it and you'll be at the three month mark before you know it.
You look awesome & your healing sooo fast! I know it doesn't feel like it to you!! The swelling is awful I know!! Going threw that with you for past 2 days!! Hope your swelling does BYE BYE real fast!!!
oH I FORGOT YOU ARE IN JERESY! MY BF IS FROM STATEN ISLAND!. His mom is due to come back today from vacation! here it is only 7:30am. Almost a month post op wow. Time flies. You look so awesome either way. Let us know how you appt went!

Hi ladies...well my ps said everything is looking...

Hi ladies...well my ps said everything is looking fabulous....I can wear regular bras now! im so glad bc this ugly bra sticks out of of everything i wear!! and the nurse suggested i buy a "real " spanx...the one i got from target isnt cutting it...so ill be off to the store today to buy one ...ugh more money ....I asked how long i have to wear binder or spanx and they werent really clear..they said ehh a couple more weeks...so i guess ill listen to my body which says BINDER BINDER lol...I am alittle pissed at myself bc i gained 3 pounds ...i know it sound small but im small so ill be watching watch i eat now...ugh baby boy awake..gotta run xoxoxox

Please help me out with body shaper/spanx...i went...

Please help me out with body shaper/spanx...i went and tried the real spanx on and its def not even close to enough compression!!! so i didnt buy it...and it was 60 something dollars..any advice would be soooo grateful on what i should get...dont mind spending the money as long as its tight enough and i can wear it! im 5'4 and 126lbs....im thinking a size small in whatever i get but not sure ..want to be sure i get the right size if i order online..thanks ladies!
I like the Flexees brand. I get it at Kohl's. They have some more heavy duty ones that I feel are just a step below the binder. If I wear it during the day it keeps my swelling down a lot better than the Target ones. I can switch to the Target ones at night to be a little more comfortable in bed.
Try the spanx slim cognito in the panty girdle, not the one that comes all the way up under your boobs. I cut the top of mine off because I didn't want anything directly on top of my new BB. Around my incision was where I needed the compression the most. Order it off eBay they are cheaper there. And definitely get size small and don't put it in the dryer.
its super tight but does not feel tight, kwim... i love it... really its a great buy...

Wanted to thank everyone for all your advice on...

wanted to thank everyone for all your advice on garments....what a pain in the *ss this all is!! I am still very happy i did this but its still morning..ask my tonight at 900 when im a swollen ball ....lol .. no honestly no regrets...happy i did it and happy to have found such a support system on this forum! love you gals!! will take some pics and upload today! ]\
i cant find if it says anywhere.. did u do silicone or saline??

Im almost 5 weeks post op and have been able to...

Im almost 5 weeks post op and have been able to hold and carry my baby boy again!!! im so happy....hes 18 months and 25 pounds...i dont carry him for long but at least i know i can! my binder is so big ! i wear flexees but still feel more comfortable with the big old white binder! all in all still very happy with everything!
You are just a few days ahead of me. I will be 5 weeks on friday! You look so good :-) Doesn't it feel GREAT to have the body we deserve!!
Glad you are feeling good, you look great. Very happy to hear that you can carry your baby again. I miss it. My youngest girl is 21 mnths/20 lbs. Looking forward to being able to carry her!

Ok so i decided that this is the best alternative...

ok so i decided that this is the best alternative to the original binder that i LOVE so much!! you can get it at macys or any maternity store and its cheap!! 24 bucks....


I got a size small i am 5'4 and 126..ok 128 i lied...lol....so far so good...and its not as bulky as original binder...i wasted so much money on compression garments its totally ridiculous....and after all that i end up loving this one that is not even for tummy tucks....;)
I spoke too soon... Smaller binder ok for a bit but since I had muscle tightening all the way up (I'm guessing ) there isnt enough if any compression on upper abdomen area ... Poohy ! Back to ugly , dirty, old binder !
Actually I had the same problem- but this binder is still works- it's rather misleading but the velcro end can stick to any part of the binder, not just the velcro part on the other end. So pull it at the top as tight as you need to and just stick it to itself- you can pull it looser on the bottom if you need or just as tight as the top, but you can definitely pull it beyond the point where the velcro receiving end is. Does that make sense? Lemme know if you need clarifying! Hope this helps! :)
Artsy ! Yessss I
Give you all
The credit ! It took me until yesterday to find
It and buy it! Thank you soooooo much!

So i have this pouch thing next to my belly button...

so i have this pouch thing next to my belly button...its hard and numb and i just hope its just swelling...i know its not fluid..do you ladies think this is normal? i feel like it should be flat already..ughhhhh
Keep rubbing girls, touch that belly and massage out those scars you'll be amazed at how flat they will get. LOVE your belly when you touch and rub it think about how firm and flat it is and no more mushy giggly stuff!!! It get's better all the time LOVE YOURSELF!!!
I'm the same way. I think because it's still numb it just weirds me out to touch it.
I hated it at first, but as you continue to do it every day, you will get used to it!

Ok so im 41 days post op and i am back to my old...

ok so im 41 days post op and i am back to my old routing..picking up 18 month old...cleaning...everything back to normal but the stupid swelling..cant wait for that to stop! i am wearing a couple different binders, i wear the target version of spanx while out..then layer it with post maternity belt and go between that one and original binder that i love...although its seen better days!! i gained 4 pounds since surgery which is pissing me off...i have been eating pasta and sweets so its totally my fault..so im going to stop the carbs and the sugar ! silly to be unhappy with my weight after all this! I feel like i should stop wearing my big binder so much...what do you gals think? i get nauseaus when ive had it off for around 15 minutes...anyway besides everything im still damn happy bc my tummy is flat! woooo hoooo
Tara-made the same mistake went to movie and had popcorn!! Swell Hell for 2 days after!! I had to drink my weight in water to get it off!!
tara you look awesome and you and i both know you are going to loose those little pounds in no time!
If I eat anything w salt or if I put alittle extra salt
On my
Food then yes I see swelling in morning! It's normal ! I will never
Eat popcorn again!!!

Had my surgery aug 17 and most of the swell hell...

Had my surgery aug 17 and most of the swell hell is over...i still have swelling around belly button and left side of lower abdomen which is still numb also but at night i really dont see much of a difference and the bloating type of swelling seems to be over! wooo hoo...also im so impressed with my scar..it looks as if he GLUED me together not stitched ! i almost dont understand why its not raised at all..is he a magician!!! lol...anyway all and all im a happy girl...oh and theres 2 new pics and a close up of scar ;)
Looking good girl! Scar looks amazing!
Thank you so much :)
OMG Tara your scar looks amazing. Congrats!

Hey just wandering when i can put my belly ring...

hey just wandering when i can put my belly ring in? i obviously didnt get a new bb and still have the scar from where the ring was and now that tummy is nice and flat id like to put it back in!! its only been 10 years since i could wear it! thanks ladies oh and the massaging has helped so much with my little bulge next to bb! thanks for all your great tips!
I think you should be able to put it back in now. If you are still wearing compression I wouldn't recommend it though. I have mine pierced and I had a mini. I put mine back in after a week and the compression garment was pushing the ring into my tummy and leaving gross indentations so I took it back out until after I am done wearing the garment. You are looking so good! ps. bodycandy.com has tons of cute belly button rings at really good prices. I buy a bunch about 2 times a year from there.
Your scar is great. I haven't really seen mine yet I still have steristrips in place. I see some scabbing under it, but the scar is not as long as I expected it to be.
No had full but bc my bb was so high to begin w and was still
Pretty ok looking he left
Me w my
Original bb!

So im almost two months post op and feeling good.....

so im almost two months post op and feeling good...still wearing binder a lot but I do take it off for an hour here and there during day...stomach is good except for one small spot next to bb ..im hoping its swelling bc its still hard and numb. does that sound like swelling to you ladies??? i sure hope bc other side is perfectly flat...i posted some pics of me in my clothes...yes sweats bc thats pretty much all i wear! feels good to not look preggs in the tight shirts!! one thing that is bothering me is that i have this horrible fear that my boob implant will rupture again!! it ruptured after having them for almost 12 years!! and im so paranoid now! anyway baby is awake!@!! gtg
Just keep massaging that area on your tummy. I had a hard spot for a while to the side of my belly button and its gone now from all the massaging! Doc said it was the tissue inside swelled up from disrupting my insides from the surgery and to just massage it!
ugh thank you..i hope to god its just swelling ! so i got another under garment...its a tank from target..its awesome..the fake spanx type ....my binder is literally falling apart....has holes in it..almost time to burn it...

Ok so im around 7 weeks post op and i still have...

ok so im around 7 weeks post op and i still have small hard lump next to bb..ive been massaging it and it def gets smaller by morning its almost gone but i do hate it! you cant see it through clothes but damn it i didnt pay 18,000 just to look better in clothes i wanna wear a bikini next summer so im praying its swelling ..that spot was always the worst for me...even in the beginning when i had complications due to the MAJOR ass swelling..anyway went to my daughters cheerleading game and wore jeans for the first time and it felt awesome!!! not pouch hanging over....although im 5 pounds over what id like to be im still happy..my fiance swears he sees no difference but id like to be 125 and im 130...guess it could be worse...im still very happy and if my little bump isnt gone ill discuss it with my ps when i see him at end of november.... question though How long do we have to wear some kind of binder , shapewear??? i never got a straight answer from my ps....please let me know!! thanks you ladies are wonderful i look forward to reading updates everyday!
My doc also said to stop wearing the compression garment around 4-6 weeks post-op. He said by then the muscles have healed to the wall of the stomach. I stopped wearing spanx and compression tanks about a week or two after the binder as they really didn't seem to be doing much. I do notice swelling at end of day but tried putting my binder back on and didn't notice any difference so I ditched it with a clear conscience. I also thought my scar started healing better without a binder as my binder tended to rub on my incision. I have been doing crazy ambitious workouts with situps, crunches, weights and such and seem to be fine. I think so long as you ease your body into the lifting of the kids and such you'll be fine. You look awesome! I'm with you on the weight-loss program- need to shave 5 lbs- UGH. Good luck!
Artsy, how many weeks post op are you?

Ok so here i go ..warning i am pretty negative...

ok so here i go ..warning i am pretty negative right now...soooo there is a spot next to my bb that is hard and i have been massaging it but i dont see it gettting any smaller..its getting softer but not smaller therefore that side has slight muffin top and other side of belly nice and flat...please tell me im still swollen bc if this is how its going to stay im going to be pissed...i have known my ps since i was a little girl...so i wont hesitate to discuss this with him but i dont go back till nov 25 ! and i want to believe its just swelling..ill be 8 weeks the 17th....anyone go through this!?? since the spot is still hard im thinking its swelling..if you look at my pics at 2 weeks post op it wasnt there! granted my tummy is still SOOOO much better then before i wanted it to be as perfect as it could be and its just not up to what i think it should be! im wandering should i call my ps and go in to see him sooner? or just wait it out? ugh advice would be so appreciated im going to try and take a pic of the side im talking about with my new iphone ! it has the camera in front so i could take it myself...i think ..thanks ladies.

Btw sorry pics are upside down if you click on the...

btw sorry pics are upside down if you click on the arrow thing it will make it correct way !!
hehe no problem lady! you do look good and vent on gurl just get it all out! you do look great I know you have ups and down like that for first year!!! wha ta joy I dont care just take away the blob!
Thank you so much ladies! I will wait on talking to my
Ps about it till my
App in November ! You girls make me feel
So much better! I can't "complain" or vent to anyone really bc my fiancée answer is "nobody is prefect " and def can't vent to girlfriends bc the cattiness comes
Right out ! So you all are wonderfull and get it! Ugh
Ok I already feel better

Ok well all the massaging and waiting is finally...

ok well all the massaging and waiting is finally paying off..i woke up this am ...didnt look at tummy right away like i usually do...i had my coffee and then decided to take a look and wow! hard bump has gone down and my bb is almost completely normal again! still alittle bit of a slit at bottom but that part is still swollen . my ps was right ! i thought for sure i would need something done to bb...but dont think so... and i sware my tummy looks like it did pre babies! i look at it and pics of when i was 21 and almost the same..i think ill post a pic of before babies to show you gals the similarity/differences!!! so im happy today...who knows what tomorrow will bring!! lol

Last night i slept with no BINDER woo hoo..and...

Last night i slept with no BINDER woo hoo..and guess what woke up with a flat tummy...tried to go out today without it and im def not ready for that but at least i am now able to sleep without it! im really hoping the swelling goes away soon ...does anyone know when the swelling will go away?? 3 months ? 6 months? also when i wake up i have no dog ears but by end of the day i DO...wth! i hope its just swelling if not my ps better fix that!! and i still have the lump next to the bb..ugh i know i cant achieve perfection just hope it all smooths out eventually...other then that im still thrilled i did it..i wore jeans again and i love not having the bulge!! love love love it!
Glad to see things are improving for you. I'm sure your doctor will fix anything that needs to be done.
Im over this swelling too! Its better on the days im not working.
Oh lord! Seriously why do
We swell
For so damn long!!! Wander if it's the muscle
Tightening or the actually cutting and pulling
Of skin .
Either way it
Sucks and im going to lose it too! Very soon ...

Well im going without a binder and any spanx and...

well im going without a binder and any spanx and my body seems to be adjusting ..im still swelling throughout the day with or without it so i figure why not just toss it and be more comfortable . I am so very sick of spandex and spanx and stuff i could scream.... i called my ps yesterday to find out if it was ok that i not wear anything and didnt get a call back but from all the info on here i dont really need them to answer me anyway! this site and you ladies have been lifesavers through this entire journey before and after the surgery...thanks for all your opinions and advice!

Hello ladies well im 9 weeks post op and feeling...

hello ladies well im 9 weeks post op and feeling kinda pissed off..lol..i still have a bulge on the one side of my belly , right above the incision...i pray that its swelling but i dont think it is...ugh...i have appointment w ps in november but not sure i wanna wait till then ...i am not a patient person but i have been massaging the spot and its still there in the morning...i certainly didnt go through all this to have a bulge...im hoping its something he can fix in his office..he does have a operating room in there and i just hope he is willing to fix it....i believe he will as i have known his almost my entire life...just wish i knew..i think im going to call the dr office now and speak to a nurse.ill update you all

Well i called the office and good thing i called...

well i called the office and good thing i called bc i have app tomorrow at 11 and i had to idea..thought it was nov 25 but nope its oct 25..lol..so good think i called to complain! so ill see my dr tomorrow ask him about this ugly bulge...and i will let you all know what he says...

Hi ladies ! ok so i saw my ps yesterday ....first...

Hi ladies ! ok so i saw my ps yesterday ....first off the bulge is swelling...im going for edomology(spelling) ..its to smooth everything and bring swelling down..i have two free sessions..so that will help with the bulge..other then that...i talked to him about how the bb is still looking alittle of center and weird..well thats from the extreme swelling i had day after surgery when i overdid it and went up and down stairs. So long story short ..hes having me come back in 10 weeks when all swelling is gone and he is fixing it! its going to be done in the office ...he will just numb the belly up and make a small cut along original incision and put the skin where its supposed to be! his words were " i will not leave you not looking perfect" lol.this is why i love him to death...he also snipped off an ugly mole i had under my eye...it used to be small and pretty but got bigger throughout the years...he didnt charge me for anything..and also gave me new gel strips for scars..he is really generous...so i feel so much better knowing the off centerness ( another word i made up lol) will be fixed...sigh....
ok good that makes me feel better...i wasnt sure if waiting was the right thing to do but i guess it is! kinda sucks but i know it will be nothing like the initial surgery...i think its the muscle repair that was the worst ! oh well things happen..at least our dr are willing to fix what needs to be!! thanks so much you look awesome too..i was following your progress and wandering how you were doing!!
I was just wondering how many weeks out you are. I have to have my right nipple "lifted" just a bit due to my extreme swelling. PS said he wanted me "healed" before he did repair work.
You look amazing by the way!!

Well i had my surgery aug 17...so im almost 3...

well i had my surgery aug 17...so im almost 3 months post op and i im feeling kinda disappointed...dont get me wrong my tummy is ALOT better but i still have a bulge on one side above my incision...yes everyone keeps saying its probably swelling but i dont know...i had the endomology done once and go back again thurs so hoping that will actually help....and dr said he will fix it in jan if its still there but god i dont want to be cut again....im terrified bc of what happened two days post op when he had to go in and release my bb...that was the worst pain ive ever experienced...but im hoping it wont be close to as bad since my body will be healed from the muscle tightening....but then i will have to recover again and worry again about the scar, infection, blah blah...i do look alot better in clothes...and i am happy about that. I just figured since i started out with just skin that i wouldnt need revision but i do and i guess i just have to put my big girl panties on and deal with it...anyway i posted a new pic ...looks pretty much the same to me at least since about 8 weeks post op. hope im just having a "poor me" day.....

All my pics got deleted..hmmm not sure how! ill...

all my pics got deleted..hmmm not sure how! ill repost them...

Oh and i gained 5 pounds since surgery! im done...

oh and i gained 5 pounds since surgery! im done with the junk food!! today im starting my diet...silly to be unhappy with my weight after putting myself through all this!!! im officially putting down the cookies!
I already had him remove a mole under my eye lol ... But there is a bulge that will need to be fixed if it doesn't go away by jan . He said he'd take care of it if it's
Not gone.... But everything I go in I think over what I could get done!! Lol ... I want Botox but totally
Not worth it since it only last 2 months ! How are you feelin btw ???
Thanks well bb is still kinda lopsided ughjjjj so I will def need him to fix it!! Sucks but that's life I guess I could've have worse complications !!
you have a great attitude about it too! Maybe when they fix it you can get some free things tweaked or whatever. :D
did you leave the cookies alone??

Well the 17th I will be exactly 3 months post op....

Well the 17th I will be exactly 3 months post op. what can I say . I'm happy I did it but still not thrilled. I still have small bulge on one side above incision but dr says it could still be swelling . And if it's not he's cutting it off . Or whatever he decides to do as
Long as its fixed I'm
Down! I tried on a cute little satin shirt I used to wear before my last two babies and damn I looked hot!! My
11 yr old wouldn't let me wear it to her cheerleading banquet but probably better off bc the moms
All hate me already lol!! I look 100% better in clothes and I'd say 95 % better w out them. The bb still off center and still have some lumps and bumps. All in all I don't regret or and would do it again and looks like I will be having revision in January which is fine w me. I've always been difficult ! Doesn't surprise me that I'll need alittle fix up here and there! Also I want to lose 5 lbs . I'm 130 and just want to be 125 damn it! People think ok
Crazy , my husband says I look the same but damn it I don't! So I started playing just dance 3 on wii for 30 min a day ! Now if I could just put down the chocolates ! So far so good today! Anyway you ladies are awesome!!
Thanks !! I dont feel it but maybe one day I will :)
I'm my own worst enemy ! I decided Sunday to make homemade chocolates! Thinking Sunday would be last day to indulge! Well I made enough to feed
An army therefore I'm still Eating them! Ugh there almost gone so today I'm
Giving the rest to neighbors ( or eating them all myself) lol. I'm still stuck at 130 but I have been exercising which for me
Is shocking ! So hopefully I'll lose the damn 5 lbs . I eat so well Besides my
Chocolate addiction!

Ok so I normally don't exercise ... I could use...

Ok so I normally don't exercise ... I could use every excuse in
The book ( busy w babies blah blah) its just not my
Thing but bc I've gained
5 lbs and haven't gotten it off w just
Diet I decided to try it! Well been doing just dance for past 4
Days and thought I swelled uP bc of Soy
Sauce I used to make healthy letucce
Wraps but that was 2 days ago and today I woke up like a balloon again! Sooooo I think it's the dancing!!! I'm
Going to take break today from it
And see how I am tomorrow . What are your thoughts ladies????
I have this app called my fitness
Pal... Have you heard of it? It's free and counts all calories for you! It even has thing where you can scan barcodes!
YES! I use it and LOOOOVE it.
Oh and I wanted to also add they have out a new seltzer water here by Polar Seltzer---CANDY CANE!!! OMG I tried it yesterday and declared I will never need to eat again--it is so good! Zero cals zero sodium..it is JUST seltzer water. LOVE IT!
MJ ! I'm
Down one pound already . I did eat soup that I made .... Butternut sqaush soup . Technically it's a liquid... No butter very low fat . And I'm doing the fast today . Im going to pick up some of that seltzer ! Thank you!!

3 months plus a couple days..doing great...that is...

3 months plus a couple days..doing great...that is since i stopped stuffing my face with cookies and crap!! i was up around 6 pounds since surgery and i sware i looked it! my tummy was swollen and just gross...so i started on a strict and i mean strick diet as of monday and ive lost 3 pounds....i only want to lose maybe another 3 but i sware my stomach looks completely different! you can see my abs...and its flat again....i guess from eating crap it made me swell up as well as gain some weight! well im back on track and feeling great...im eating an extremely low calorie diet...no carbs whatsoever..and plan on staying on this till i get to my goal weight which is 125...im 130. on the dot and was 133 on monday !! tomorrow will be a challenge to say the least but im not cooking which is a good thing ..i only really enjoy my thanksgiving cooking or my moms and im going to inlaws so shouldnt be to hard to watch what i eat!! anyway still glad i did it and will post pics tomorrow morning bc i am alittle bloated now from my morning coffee!!

Hi beautiful ladies....well it seems as though the...

hi beautiful ladies....well it seems as though the swelling has subsided by ALOT....and my issues with the belly button being off center seem to be fixing themselves...my ps said that i did heal alittle off center due to extreme swelling...( my fault bc of doing stairs one day post op) anyway he said he''d fix it in january but it looks like its almost centered now that swelling has come down alot...I THINK... unless im just getting used to it being off centered...lol so that is where i need some honest opinions...... id hate to get cut again if its not needed...what do you ladies think?? i posted new pics from this AM....there is still a small bulge that you cant really see in pics...and if thats not gone im def having him fix that but i feel like the bb will be alot more work...dont see how he cant move it without detaching my skin again...so anyway please let me know what you think! my fiance could care less...i havent even asked him about it bc i dont think he would even care....(ISSUES) hate men...anyway thanks so much!

Oh also wanted to add im now 128...i lost the 5...

oh also wanted to add im now 128...i lost the 5 pounds i gained..by strict and i mean STRICT dieting and doing wii dance everyday for about an hour or more depending how long my 3 yr old wants to dance with me!! lol so much fun bc i hate working out but i LOVE dancing..i would like to be 125 so i have room to cheat here and there bc i do love my CHOCOLATE....so i will continue this diet until i get down to that..by the way i did it by eating around 600 calories a day ( VERY HARD) but i used this app called my fitness pal..and it counts everything ...also drank tons of water..and i did eat on thanksgiving ..just didnt stuff myself...and after losing those 5 pounds i saw a huge difference in tummy ...i can actually see muscles in tummy now. oh and i didnt eat any carbs..expect kashi cereal in morning which is like eating bird food..lol but it did the job and filled me up ..ok wow im rambling ..too much coffee..sorry girls...
Your scar looks so much better then mine. Are you putting anything on it?
The ps gave me
Those Silicone sticky strip things . I'm
Supposed to wear them 12
Hours on 12
Off but I am soooo bad w it and usually put them
On every other day ! My
Scar looks red on one side where the bulge
Is ! Fun stuff lol
LOL so from what i'm reading, our scar is gets worse looking at the 3-6 month mark and then starts fading. Um ok.. can it fade NOW! LOL... how are you doing?!

Hi ladies ! i havent updated in a while so i...

hi ladies ! i havent updated in a while so i figured why not now! well im going to be 4 months post op on the 17th of this month... i have some good and bad things i have to say! so ill start with the bad...lol.... still swelling at night..not as bad but its very unpredictable...I find if i dont eat extremely WELL..and i mean not a dash of salt or a carb! that i will swell alot less..but if i eat normal ( nothing bad) just small amount of carbs...i swell! even if i eat multigrain crackers with some hummus the salt on cracker makes me bloat up! also swelling when i do swell my incision area below the side that has the bulge, hurts! also bb has improved alot but still off and really makes me mad bc ps said its from me walking up and down steps ( first day post op) which caused major swelling..in my opinion i think i just swelled bc of the actual surgery...i did go up and down steps a couple times but i literally was like a snail...well anyway either way my bb is off center! he says hell fix it ...well thats all good but i would love to know how he will fix it without detaching my skin completely and all???? i dont want to go through all that ! so i have a lot of questions for him...also the bulge...he says hell fix it too..that seems like its alittle easier to do..prob just cut along incision pull down alittle cut off alittle and stitch up...but the bb scares the CRAP out of me...ok so the swelling and bloating sucks..i would think after 4 months i could eat normal but nope i cant! im also 130 and would really like to be 123-125 but thats all my fault bc i do love my sweets! ok so for the good stuff...i look 100% better in clothes...my waist is smaller then its ever been in my entire life thanks to the lipo sculpting! also my new boobs are amazing!! and since working out my booty has plumpted up! acccording to my fiance...i think it looks bigger bc my waist is smaller...well either way loving it! so when im wearing my clothes youd never know i had the bulge or the bb issue...but i didnt pay 18,000 to just look good in clothes damn it! i wanna wear a bikini again...so i go back on jan 3 to see my ps..I have known my ps since i was around 5 yrs old...so he should fix my problems for no additional charge..bc i have no money left! lol....so i guess we will see what happens when i see him again! i will take some pics tomorrow morning..not much has changed i pretty much look the same...oh and i tried doing crunches and freaked me out!! im going to stay away from stomach exercises for awhile!

Sorry pics are upside down..lol..just click on the...

sorry pics are upside down..lol..just click on the arrow thingy and you can make them right side up..those were taken a month ago..i will take more pics of how it looks now but pretty much the same...sad to say.
You have GREAT results! Your curves are great. To me, and I'm no ps, your bulge looks like swelling. But like you told me if your not happy, your not happy. I agree the not knowing is the pain in the butt part. :) You do look great though.
Thanks for posting. It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about and then I realized your pictures were upside down. haha. I think you still look GREAT though! Mine is way worse. I look pregnant from about an inch above my belly button to breast bone by the end of the day. :(
Yes I will have my daughter take pic of it now! Ugh
I hope yours is just swelling too! This sucks ! The not knowing !

Ok So in a real effort to lose these 5 lbs...

Ok So in a real effort to lose these 5 lbs I
Started the lemonade diet aka master
Cleanse. I started this a.m.
And will do it until the weight is gone! No way I'll do it 10 days. Hoping I can stick to it! I'm an all or nothing type so thats why I'm
Trying it. The lemonade sucks only bc I put too much cayenne . I'll water it down a bit . Anyone do this diet? A lot people say
Oh I'm
Doing it to cleanse myself and be healthier . Well I'm doing it to lose weight and I won't lie about that ! Lol
Anyway any input would help. Thanks girls
drop ALL carbohydrates for a week (good luck if you have never done it before), increase drinking water and that should flush all water weight you hold....try that and see.
Also..belly button TO THE SPINE BABY! You still hold yourself in a sway back position.
Oh thank you soooo much! I sure hope it's swelling! If
Is I can totally wait for it to
Go away! Just that it's soft which leads
To believe its a pocket
Of FAT! Who knows ! Well hopefully my dr
Will ! Lol

Thought id update to say i am NOT doing the...

thought id update to say i am NOT doing the lemonade diet...i felt so sick by 5 pm..i was completely out of it and had a horrible headache..i was also so short with my two little ones..i felt so bad ! so i am just going to bite the bullet and keep up the low( almost NO) carb diet..it works for me but i lose control sometimes at night and eat cookies...lol..its horrible bc im so damn good all day and i exercise...i feel like i look fine at the weight im at but the scale bothers me and ive always been around 124 and now that im 131 i feel like i might just think i look ok bc im used to it..lol..i sound crazy i know...so anyway no starving for me ...just going to eat small portions and no carbs ( fun fun) ill keep you updated in a week to see if i lost the extra couple pounds.
You look great!!!! :)

Just some new pics i took this morning

just some new pics i took this morning
Thank you so much farz... I guess we are our worst critics! I appreciate you compliments alot! I've been feeling so blah!
You really look great. You have a really nice figure, too. I actually cannot see a bulge.

If you think you have a bulge, take a look at my picture. LOL. Your gonna be like shit, where the heck did my bulge go LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you ask the doctors here at Realself about the stairs/bb thing? He did get your scar nice and low too. I never heard of the lemonade diet but I'd love to lose five lbs. anytime. haha

HI ladies..happy new year to everyone! i posted...

HI ladies..happy new year to everyone! i posted some pics in clothes..i have to say in clothes im 100% happy..but still not so happy w tummy w out clothes on! ugh..so i go see my ps on tues to find out about fixing the bulge and possibly the bb issue..it being a bit off centered..im not sure what he plans on doing but i will find out soon enough..also update on my weight ive decided im not going to kill myself over 5 pounds.. i was always 124-126 and now im 130...i literally have to eat nothing to stay at 124 and thats with exercising so im saying screw it...my tummy is flat and maybe im just not meant to be 125 anymore...i am ok with being 130...at least right now..that may change closer to bikini season!! anyway ill update on tues after app!

Ok so I saw my ps today and he's going to fix bb...

Ok so I saw my ps today and he's going to fix bb and the bulge! He isn't charging me anything but I may have to pay for an hour of OR which is 500 and def doable! We are trying to get insurance
To pay but if they don't I will ! Not too bad bc he is also adding some lipo to where the bulge is ! Free
Of charge! And he said its easy
To fix bb just has to make small cut and move it over
And stitch it where it
Should be! He said he wants me "centerfold" perfect! Gots
Love him! It will
Be done under local which is fine! I hope ! So anyway I'm
Very relieved that my
Convenes and issues will be fixed' this truly shows that my
Cares about his "work" bc he's not making a cent for t and
Adding some
Lipo! Yipeeee! So I'll prob update after the revision! Oh he also injected my booby scars with something to smooth out scars!
Thanks Jen! Me too! I was so worried I'd have a off centered bb forever! Just hope I'm not traumatized by being awake durin the procedure ! Ugh
Yay!! Glad you are able to get the revision.. :-)

I figured id explain what happend with my belly...

i figured id explain what happend with my belly button. ( didnt get new bb ..he kept my old one bc it was high to begin with) anyway basically what happens with that is they stitch your bb where it should be during tummy tuck..well due to my excessive swelling i must of popped the stick which pushed my bb a bit of center so during revision hell be stitching it where it should be...sounds easy..hope it is! that is why i stress to everyone to seriously take it super easy first week! like i mentioned before i went up and down steps 1 day post op way to many times..i wasnt in pain bc i still had the pain medicine in me from surgery! i had no idea that i would damage my results...so anyway please ladies who are just out of surgery or soon to be use my situation as an example of what not to do!! anyway it will be fixed so im happy ..yippeee . just hope i dont feel it since ill be under local...does anyone know if ill be sedated '???? i know hes going to numb my tummy but i cant see myself wide awake and not having a huge anxiety attack laying on the table!!! anyone who know knows anything about local please fill me in! thanks.
I bet you are i totally understand how you feel in my head im like she is banging but I am glad you worked it out for your revision sweetie that is what counts that you are going to be happy I hope not alot of pain for you though!. I am good though really excited ma!
How are you sweetie!
I'm just anxious to get this damn revision done! But I'm ok! How r you? Getting so close!!!!

Hello lovely ladies...just wanted to post some...

hello lovely ladies...just wanted to post some pics of my "problem" areas that will be getting fixed in feb...its hard to see in pics but there is a small bulge on upper abs...as well as my bulge above one side of incision and of course my wacked off center bb..ugh ..well at least its all getting fixed..but i am sooooo scared im going to pop the stitch again and its going to be off center again..so i will do my best ( very hard ) to sit still for a week...of course ill update after revision and tell you all how it goes!

Wanted to just say thank you to all the women on...

wanted to just say thank you to all the women on here! old and new ! i really feel like ive established connections and friendships on this wonderful site..i truly am grateful for everyone and will continue to do my best to offer my advice and do whatever i can to help my fellow tummy tuckers! and most of all be there as a support for my girls!! you gals have got me through this ...although i dont talk about my private issues i have to say being able to vent and just discuss whats going on in my life has been a lifesaver for me! so thank you ! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox sorry feeling alittle mushy today..lol must be the xanax (KIDDING) well not really...lol

Added pic of my silly 3 yr old...

added pic of my silly 3 yr old...
She's adorable! Too cute ;-) Wish I could grow a booty too lol!
That is really precious!!
Why thank you! She is so funny she makes me
Take pics of her tummy too! I should put one up! Too funny!

Ok now I'm Scared of revision bc he's doing lipo...

Ok now I'm
Scared of revision bc he's doing lipo on my
Bulge! All this talk of lipo has
To happen now!!!(lol) oh well ! Just
Thought its funny ! He said he did lipo of my waist during first surgery but I didn't bruise at all! What's that about ? I'm
Not usually a bruiser but I figured alittle ! Maybe he feels bad and he lied about initially doing lipo so now he's
Doing it
For free?? Lol ok wow I just went off
On a tangent lol! Any hoo have a great day ladies
He's doing it in hospital but we are trying to get room
Covered by insurance but If
It's not I'll have to pay 500 for an hour to use room. Not too bad and he's Not
Chargin me for anything he does .
Hey is he doing all this in house?I might be getting the same thing done at 3 mon post op. my bb is so flat. I wish he would of drew it in more and my right side wasn't pulled down all the way so he said he will do lipo but idk about it all. I just want it to be over with and will it hurt since I'm not being put out?????
Hi kk! I am getting revision first week of feb and he's not charging me and he's also throwing in some
Lipo so I'm satisfied with it! Although I want to say to him ummm how dare you blame me ! I have a feeling the swelling pushed it to the side or popped the stitch which def isnt my fault . Not sure if it's his fault either but either way he's fixing it and I do feel the same that he should take some responsibility but since he's not charging me and doing lipo I'm gonna bite my tongue! Thanks btw ! That's my little Ava !

Well my insurance isnt covering the hospital room...

well my insurance isnt covering the hospital room grrrrr....848 out of pocket...my mother is paying for most of it thank god but damn it! i cant believe after paying so much already i have to pay more...my dr is waiving his fee but i still have to pay for the damn room for an hour...he better do alittle more then a tiny bit of lipo for that much!! he better suck as much as he can out in that amount of time!!! lol...ugh my mother is less than thrilled to be shelling out more money for me but she is doing it thank god! i am her only child and she doesnt want me walking around with a off center wierd bb....so the revision is monday feb 6 ...it will be done under local. hope this is the last of everything having to do with my damn tummy!

Added a pic of my baby and I...pre tt...

added a pic of my baby and I...pre tt...
Lovely pics, looking good dear.
Hi taraf1717 - cute pic of you and the baby! Congrats on the new you!!
At this point I plan on asking my ps to suck as much out as possible bc I'm kinda pissed I have to pay more money! I'll def keep u updated !

Ok ladies so im determined to drop these pounds...

ok ladies so im determined to drop these pounds before my revision..so far so good..i was 135 monday and i was 133 this morning..i ate two apples, a salad with chicken, and lots and lots of water! oh and my coffee with real sugar..which I NEED to survive the day...i know its prob not so good to eat such a small amount of calories but its the only way my body sheds the pounds and remind you its my last 5! well actually around 7 now bc my ideal weight is 125 but ill be happy with anything under 130! oh and i also did about 20 min of cardio .... so anyway ill keep you all updated !
Your results look great.
Good luck, I am getting my revision Feb 7th:)

Quick questions ladies do you know if and how to...

quick questions ladies do you know if and how to send a private msg with a pic? wanna send my boobies to help one of our lady friends to help her figure out what size to get! thanks oh and im down to 131...yipppeee i just want to be in 120's and ill be soooo happy!
Good luck with your revision! right around the corner.
yeah it is soon thank god bc i cant wait ..i have no patience for this crap anymore! i just hope the healing is much faster and i know it iwll be but im so scared to mess up my bb again that ill be on bed rest first couple days for sure! im sure my house will be a mess and kids will be nuts bc their daddy is good but men just dont have the patience for babies as i do...but they will survive!
thanks unique....!

So my baby boy has surgery tomorrow to fix his...

So my baby boy has surgery tomorrow to fix his circumcision , and he has to be put under so I'm a nervous wreck ! He's 1.5 and the sweetest thing in the world! Other then that I'm scheduled for revision feb 6 hooray but past two days I've been feelin some pain on upper abs! I think the numbness is going away and I'm starting to feel again! And it's not really pain just sore like I did sit ups . I'm 5 months post op . Anyone else
Go thought this? Just strange feeling ! Anyway ladies please say a prayer for my little
Man for tomorrow . I felt like I had to share this with you ladies bc you have become a major support system for me
In my life!
What does your doc say is causing the bulge? I'm asking because I have the same thing on my right side and am scheduled for revision in a couple weeks.
Poor guy :-( Saying a prayer for him for sure.
I will add your son to our prayer chain.

My baby boy did great w his circumscicion revision...

My baby boy did great w his circumscicion revision today ! Thank you all for the prayers! Momma is next in line for "revision"! He woke up from
Anesthesia kicking and screaming but after alittle morphine he was fine and he woke up his sweet happy self.
Glad little man came through ok. Poor guy!
beautiful I am glad lil man is ok!!
Glad little bub made it through his procedure ok!!

Hi ladies ..well i got my packet from ps for...

hi ladies ..well i got my packet from ps for revision surgery...and they gave me a script for valium...thank god bc i know im going to be a lunatic the morning of since its being done under local...and it says scar revision, bb placement repair, and spot lipo....i hope this all turns out ok....sometimes i feel sad when i look at my tummy ..i know its so much better but i feel like it should look alot better then it does..i think im just in a crabby mood bc im sick...but anyway hopefully this does the trick! also i really hope i dont have to wear the damn binder for long this time...it says 4 weeks...i hope that isnt the case...well whatever it takes it takes and i have to follow his directions bc i didnt and thats why my bb is off center...kinda glad it happend though bc i dont know if hed be so eager to do the extra lipo on the bulge so i guess everything happens for a reason ...

Hi ladies well i got for my revision soon and the...

hi ladies well i got for my revision soon and the dr gave me script for valium to be taken right before surgery..as its being done under local..just wandering what the valium does and if it really does work??? i have severe anxiety attacks and take xanax daily. which youd never know bc im so high strung even with it! so just wandering how it makes you feel and if its going to be enough to keep my nerves somewhat under control..thanks!
Why are you not going under again? I must of missed that:) I am going under for 2.5 hrs during my revision
Ps says it should take no more then 30 min . Hes doing spot lipo , repositioning bb, and that's about it. Oh god I hope it's enough time ! Now I'm worried ! It's minor so that's why it can be done under local I'm guessing . ???
Thank so much maum !! I am kinda scared not goin under though. I really hope I don't feel anything .

Im seriously freaking out thinking about the fact...

im seriously freaking out thinking about the fact my dr is moving my bb while im awake....i am not really even afraid of the small amount of lipo just the bb part bc of what i went through 2 days post op ( he went into my incision and released bb in office) worst pain ive ever felt in my life,,i was whimpering not even crying it was hurrendous(spelling)....so ill be taking valium and a pain killer before and of course he says ill be numb but im still so freaking scared so im asking if anyone has had revision done awake and will i really be numb where i cant feel anything...i go feb 6.

Going in Monday for revision which is being done...

Going in Monday for revision which is being done under local and I'm sick to my stomach I'm so nervous! Wish me luck and pray that I come out w a centered , normal belly button. Wahhhh
I bet it will be super easy for you! I'm getting knocked out for mine and it will take 2 hours! Think of all the things you won't have to worry about: nausea, constipation, swelling from anesthesia. You'll be in and out in no time!
Beautiful u will be fine this is a walk in the park for u mama please keep us updated luv
Thank you girls soooo much! I was starting to get sad that i haven't heard from
Any of you. Then look you
Girls remembered me! Thank you so much! Will update when I get home! I'm scheduled for 245 !

I made it and it sucked ! Hurt like a bitch! The...

I made it and it sucked ! Hurt like a bitch! The needles was the worst and the lipo! Didn't even feel bb! And he said he was doing spot lipo but he did my entire stomach ! And my bb is centered and to
Top it
Off he cut my ugly bb ring
Off! He let me see tummy and no lumps or bumps anymore ! Completely flat! Will take pics as soon as I can! But it did hurt! My hands were clenched the entire time! More of anticipating pain but I didn't cry I just kept thinking about my final results! So I'll update later . Right now numb. And waiting to go home. No pain yet .

Pics kinda suck but i tried ! lol im laying down...

pics kinda suck but i tried ! lol im laying down in them and pain is kickin in now
ohhhhhh sounds nice. Glad your happy with your new, new tummy. Post some pics!!!
Yay! So happy everything went well. Can't wait to see pics ;-)
Glad everything is ok.

Last two pics are night i Got home after revision!

Last two pics are night i
Got home after revision!

Ok now that I have some time I'll tell ya all what...

Ok now that I have some time I'll tell ya all what happend! They gave
Me Valium which did nothing ! Then ps proceeded to I inject Tummy w local which Hurt like a biatch! The needles were soooo long! Once he started he made "tunnels " using his hand which didn't hurt a bit! Then came the lipo machine and excuse my language but holy shit did it hurt! Every time he would go up towards my boobs I felt it and when he went towards sides ! It wasn't fun! I didn't even feel bb repair just alot of pressure . It was tough and I wouldn't recommend anyone get lipo done under local. I was really tough and didn't cry .. He kept asking if I needed a break and I said noo just do it! And my tummy looks perfect ! So it was worth it but it sucked ! And I'm so glad it's over! I am bruised and pain is nothing compared to tummy tuck. Just really sore! I go for post op tomorrow and will take more pics then .
Tara gurl u look great sweetie my little queen
Wishing you an uneventful recovery!

Went for follow up and everything looks awesome! I...

Went for follow up and everything looks awesome! I have foam in binder do hard to take on and off so can't take any new pics yet :( but tummy looks fantastic! I'm beyond thrilled . Just took mom bc constipation kicking in .pain is totally manageable w pain killers . On pain scale the tt was a 10 this is like a 3 ! Piece of cake!
Congrats. Glad you had your revision and are happy with the results. I know that is a relief for you!
I am so happy for you Tara, you look great! I am so happy your revision was worth it. I hope I feel that way after mine! : )
Glad to hear that it is finally looking the way you want it to! Healthy healing.

So Im 4 days post op revision and I feel awesome !...

So Im 4 days post op revision and I feel awesome ! Almost too good! Only problem is I haven't pooped! I have taken MOM , smooth move tea and miralax and nothing! It rumbles here and there but nothing yet ! I hope it comes soon bc Im starting to feel bloated . I am bruised alittle but nothing bad and my bb is looking lovely! I'll take pics in a bit and post but I'm swollen so not looking too fabulous as of it! I'm so happy I did revision even though it hurt like a bitch!

I also wanted to add the i finally found out how...

i also wanted to add the i finally found out how many cc i have in my boobs...i have 530 ( not sure why the extra 30) and they are high profile under the muscle..also wanted to add the once again im having allergic reaction to damn tape..so i washed is off but its still red and i have a rash...ugh so im taking benadryl and trying not to scratch...
Well as long as my jersey gurl is happy i am too u look amaze n

Ok so i feel so great..cant believe it...im still...

ok so i feel so great..cant believe it...im still milking it with the hubby though( lol) its nice to relax since i do EVERYTHING around here..besides this annoying rash everything is great....i took a shower and feel so much better...using cortizone cream and helps alittle with the itching....also i added pic of scar and front view of tummy first night home...im not taking any new pics bc i look like a swollen balloon. cant wait to see how its going to look in acouple weeks...even though the procedure was pretty torturous im still happy i did it! hope all you ladies are good!
Lipo hurt like hell while he was doing it bc It
Was done under local but just alittle sore after . I don't think I have a high tolerance for pain but I swear it was like a walk in the park compared to tt. If your hesitating bc of pain ! Then don't ! Totally not a big deal . But being awake sucked ! I had my hands
Clenched the entire time bc every time
He went alittle further the where I was numb I felt it and it sucked ! I
Didn't cry and when he asked if I wanted to take a break I said no way just do it!!!
I plan on being awake during lipo, should I have it done. For one, it's cheaper, but most importantly, there is less risk involved than with general anesthesia. Sounds like it sucked though :-( But atleast it's done and you are going to look like one hot mama!!!!
You're gonna look great!! Look at flat and tiny you look laying down! I have to know, how bad does the lipo hurt? I'm still tossing around the idea of getting my fat flanks lipo'd lol. Trying diet and exercise first of course ;-)

Ugh so i had a feeling with all this resting i...

ugh so i had a feeling with all this resting i have been doing id gain some weight but when i got on the scale i almost fainted! i went from 133 to 138! wtf is that....i have been eating so well!! i hope its just swelling//??? is that possible? i didnt go under so i know its not from iv fluids..i mean really who gets lipo and gains weight .grrrr so im now doing my no carbs and im hoping to lose the extra weight..and not to mention i wanted to be in the 120's .id be happy even at 129...so once again im on a diet...a strict one..im drinking my protein atkins shakes and going to up my protein and no more carbs...on a better note my tummy is looking pretty darn good..all the lumps and bulges are gone! and i want to post pics but this ugly rash is just hideous and im embarresed so once it clears up a bit ill add pics...its already clearing up bc dr gave me the predisone. pills..steriod stuff and it works wonders...i cant take you how happy i am that i did the revision! so anyone hesitating ..dont do it...but if your doing it under local expect some pain...it sucked bigtime.. but still would do it again in heartbeat..and my bb is looking fantastic nice and centered and cute! i promise ill post pics when the rash subsides...
I just saw your baby in your pic ahhh so adorable and you look great
Thanks that is what I was hoping! Fluid ! I'm going to uptake my water intake too. :)
The way it was described to me is that when something is surgically removed from the body (in my case, fat)that part of the body will immediately fill up with fluid to protect it. I'm sure your weight gain is fluid. Take care of yourself and continue eating good healthy foods. Even though you didn't go under, you are still recovering. : )

Good luck Tara! Can't wait to see more pics!

So i thought id update that im sooooo sick of this...

so i thought id update that im sooooo sick of this binder thing and its only been a week since revision...i really dont see myself wearing this another 4 weeks..im going to call of office and find out if i can switch to spanx...god lknows i have enough from first surgery...its funny bc i was addicted to binder after tt now i hate it..lol
I hope your dr lets you switch to spanx.

So I'm really confused about this weight gain! I...

So I'm really confused about this weight gain! I have been super good past week and I lose weight fast so please tell me why my scale is saying 137 when I was 133 before revision??? It was
Done under local so no IV therefore
No fluids! Could it be swelling / water weight still?? I had it done feb 6! I dont feel or look any bigger but the scale sure does say different ! On a side note tummy looks great will take pics once I get my pain in the but baby boy down for nap! Ugh I can't believe I'm 137! I ate half a pita w grilled chicken yesterday and a yogurt ! Just doesn't make sense ! I can usually lose 5 pounds in 3 days! Any ideas ?

Added a pic..didnt add front view bc the rash...

added a pic..didnt add front view bc the rash still looks nasty even though its healing ...but no lumps or bulges and where my lump was the scar was red and thick and thats completely gone! i guess from the pulling of the fat where it was bulging it made scar red ..so im so happy that is gone too! yay

Ok i said f it and added front view..try and look...

ok i said f it and added front view..try and look beyond the skin discoloration..its happend when i had tt bc im highly allergic to tape and it completely cleared up so im not worried...look my bb is centered and normal!! i figured why should i be embarressed with you ladies after all the stuff weve seen w eachother!! let me all know what you think!
Thank you ladies ! It just sucks bc I'm so damn careful w what I eat ! Ok swelling swelling swellin lol going to add pics now
I agree! I had my revision yesterday and Im 5 lbs up too....and im draining 30 ccs every 4 hours! Holy swollen! Be patient, it will go down.
It's def the swelling!!! Think of how long it took for the swelling to go down after lipo with the tt. It will be around for a while but will be worth it! :-)

HI ladies thought id update..had my two week...

HI ladies thought id update..had my two week follow up and got stitches out and got the ok to just wear spanx...i asked nurse about the weight gain and she said it was swellling so you ladies were right! other then that it was uneventful! i see my ps on march 7 ..bb looks good everything looks great just hope it stays looking great...i found once swelling went down after my first surgery i began to see lumps and bulges but ps says he sucked out every lump and bulge during revision and before i got revision when i bent over my tummy sagged alittle now it doesnt at all so thats really thrilling!! anyway ill update more pics soon
You look Fantastic!!
Jersey queen hun come on u just had lipo thts alot of swellin sweetie ease up a little mama
You look great even with all the bruising Tara! Once that bruising is gone, you are gonna look fabulous!

Ok ladies im 2.5 weeks post op revision and sooo...

ok ladies im 2.5 weeks post op revision and sooo happy...i dont even feel like i had anything done ! my bb is centered and great except this small little piece of skin that im sure my ps can fix with a stitch..kinda stick out but its like the size of a rice grain...tummy is flat im thrilled ..i say to anyone who is thinking they need revision GO FOR IT....i am so damn happy i could scream...now i KNOW i can wear a bikini..after the tt i was still iffy anyway added pics..happy healing to my lovely friends!

Ohhhh and the 5 pounds are gone...thank god but i...

ohhhh and the 5 pounds are gone...thank god but i still need to lose another 5 ...just want to be in 120's even if its 129 ill be happy.
You look amazing!
So glad you are happy Tara!! You look awesome!!

Just wanted to update after revision. Ps says I...

Just wanted to update after revision. Ps says I still have to wear some type of garment and I hate it! W tt I loved my binder now I really don't feel like I need it with just the lipo but I'm being a good girl and wearing the fake spanx tank top which smooches my boobs and rides up my back ! You should see me out ! Constantly pulling down the damn tank. Also tummy is sooo flat but my bb has this little like crease of extra skin ! I it wasn't there it would be perfect ... So I goes see my ps Tuesday and I'm hoping he can just stitch it or Somethjng ! I feel bad asking bc he did the extra lipo for nothing but it's weird looking and I'm wearing a damn bikini this summer so I will def ask honk to fix it. I'll post a pic of it. Other then that I'm beyond happy with tummy! It's so flat and I don't know why but my scar is almost non existent since the revision! I think the bulge above the incision was making it red from pulling! I'll post pics of scar too. Just as soon as I get a minute to myself ! These kids are driving me nuts today !

I added the pics of the weird belly button thing i...

i added the pics of the weird belly button thing i was talking about...i can say that my tummy is totally flat..im even sticking my tummy out in the last pic and its still flat..so on a positive note im thrilled with that..just not sure about the bb and hoping it can be fixed easily in his office..i see him tues.

Ok so i love the tummy is perfect and flat and i...

ok so i love the tummy is perfect and flat and i love the belly button now that its centered but theres a weird crease of skin i guess on upper part of bb ..i added a close up of it..i go see ps tues and i think it needs to be stitched or something ! its so minimal but its bugging the hell out of me and my fiance doesnt seem to help ..he said it looks like a nipple!! i wanted to punch him in the face!! lol be honest girls tell me what i should do, say , blah blah
I agree! Hey, what type of workouts are you doing that you lose 2 lbs a day? Or do you just mean 2 lbs of water retention? I ate Chinese food last night and am up 5.5 lbs and can't stop peeing : ) There is no way I could lose 2 lbs of fat in a day!!! : )
You look great Tara!!
I just eat no carbs ... Protein veggies and some fruit but not much and small portions! No snacking or cheating of any kind! And I don't really workout lol. Oh Chinese food is the worst w salt! Your just retaining salt! That's not real weight . Not sure how I lose so fast . My mom thinks its insane! I don't starve just eat very little ! :( .but I haven't been able to maintain so even though I lose it what's the point If I just gain it back. It's frustrating !
Good luck to you! I know you stay at home like I do so if you ever want some simple workouts to do at home with your kids I'd be happy to e-mail you some!

Ok ladies so I sAw my ps and he thinks the crease...

Ok ladies so I sAw my ps and he thinks the crease is swelling and gAve me some injection . I see him in a month and if it's still odd looking hell fix it then in the office . Also gave me a script for where I had allergic reaction to tape. Skin is darker so he gave me a cream to lighten it up a bit. So all in all I'm very happy! He said he wants me playboy material for memorial day weekend! Oh he also gave me more injections to smooth areola scars which was fine but I really don't care about those scars much ! Not like I'm going topless anytime soon! Lol
I am SO happy for you. YOU have a GREAT ps~ trust me not all PS are like yours~ I would die to have mine be like yours even if he was a little bit like yours I would be happy. It's great when they take pride in there work and they want their patients to actually be happy! You look FANTASTIC!
Thank you so much! Hereiam.... I do have a special bond w him and have known him
Since I was 6 yrs old! I had a bad fall at school and my mom wanted a ps to do stitches on my face bc I was achild model and that's how we found him! He honestly is a good person and def an amazing dr!! I thankgod that I chose him to do this! I wouldnt of let any other dr touch me! But thank you so much ! Its been a long journey !
My jersey queen u look great i cant wait til i can excersise and as soon as i get a job i want to save for boonies

Ladies so i added a pic of the massager my ps told...

ladies so i added a pic of the massager my ps told me to use! it helps with the lumps and the bulges to go away..it def works ..my mom had lipo and had a hard lump and it was gone after using this for about a week..she actually mailed me one from florida to nj bc she knew i wouldnt buy it myself..its about 80 bucks at bed bath and beyond.... its very similar to the lymphatic massages that they do in ps office that are very expensive!! so i started using it today...my tummy is very hard where he did lipo but thank fully this time no lumps or bumps but im using it to bring blood flow back to area...i was cleared to use it at 4 weeks post op ! just thought it may help some of you ladies !

Ok ladies so i was 126 day of tummy tuck which was...

ok ladies so i was 126 day of tummy tuck which was aug 17th....i maintained that weight give or take a couple pounds ...i then went in for revision on feb 6...well i gained like ten pounds since then and i have been dieting and walking and i usually lose weight extremely fast when im dieting ..well i didnt think of it but my shrink (yES I SEE ONE LOL) prescribed me a sleep med (seroquel) around same time of surgery...so i finally looked up side effects and DUH..number one is weight gain..so safe to say i called dr today and asked him for something else....i will not take that one more time!! i dont care if i dont sleep!! lol so hoping after i stop that medication (today)..i lose these 7 pounds..id be happy at 128 but my scale said 137 this morning and for me that is big!! and guess what it went right to my love handles!! at least not my tummy but wtf i had all this surgery to end up with love handles..hell no! ill let you gals know if i lose it since stopping medication...i sware ive been almost in starvation mode! like a salad and piece of chicken ! so cross your fingers for me that stopping the meds work!
My jersey queen muah
What do you use that massager for?
It helps smooth out any lumps or bulges ....gets blood flow back to tummy.... It's like lymphatic massages (got 2 which were included) but they are expensive ... Helps w swelling too! I got revision and more lipo and tummy was soo hard after (still is ) so I use it. As much as possible ! Def helps

Well im a month and a half post op revision and...

well im a month and a half post op revision and very happy!! i have been dieting hard core last week and stopped taking those sleeping pills that made me gain weight..i will find out tomorrow morning how much i lost...just want to be under 130...i can see my love handles have gone down since last week which mean i def lost something!! also been using skin bleaching cream for my tummy and its def lightening up..very strange that i had such a wierd reaction to tape but its ok it will go away bc it happend to my boobs and its completely gone...so i added 2 pics..oh and bb looking way better ..tiny little crease now which he will just stitch if necessary when i see him in april..
Your tummy is so flat. woot woot!!
Thank you unique ! Took long enough to get flat ! Lol

I weighed myself and im down to 133....so 4 more...

i weighed myself and im down to 133....so 4 more pounds and im at my goal weight..but i have to admit this diet sucks....no break or carbs..just veggies and protein...so i was 137 a week ago..im ok with it...i usually lose more faster but its coming off so im going to keep up my diet and hope by sunday or monday i lose at least another 3...we will see!
Well if it makes u feel any better...i work my ass off and have a hell of a time sticking to the 140-143 lbs mark. and that's working out 5 days a week doing 1 hr of cardio and weights with that! It's being diciplined with food that kills it.
i wish i had your strong will mind-set!
I know what you mean! Sundays I will eat what I want ... Usually pasta and some
Chocolate but haven't done that and wont till that scale says 129. I haven't had the will power till now. Not sure why .. Maybe bc summers coming! Some
People look great at 140! I have always been super petite so I'm used to bein tiny but I got enorm w my pregnancies! I gained 60 lbs .... Horrible! Anyway you look great in your pics ! And recovery is a long process but you will be so happy you did it! I promise !
Tara your scareing me! You seem like your deciplined eater when it comes to food so i'm doomed! i exercise just so i can eat!
So how much weight did u find u put on since your surgery? Are you able to work out now? Well one things for sure...your stomach can't get any flatter! looks Awesome!..u have my "dream" stomach!
Just got my drains out today and saw my belly button, and i think it looks weird! i'll post some pics soon!

Im almost 2 months post of revision...and i have...

im almost 2 months post of revision...and i have to say im happy!! my bb crease thing is almost gone...bb is finally looking normal...tummy is nice and flat..ive been using the massager twice a day when i remember and also using the bleaching cream since my wierd skin got dark from allergic reaction to damn tape...i have noticed that sometimes right after i eat my stomach sticks out a bit on the top..i guess thats my actual stomach but goes down after a while....on another hand still trying to get under 130 and im STUCK at 134...pisses me off till no end but whatever...also i feel like i have love handles..not terrible but i see them..i know i can work them off but its annoying...only see them if im wearing super tight jeans...and since all my jeans are a size 26 bc i bought them all when i was around 125lbs...i may have to just buy a new pair...overall im happy ..i posted new pics...happy healing ladies
Gina- you are so funny, I say I am Italian now that I married Italian, LOL I love Italy!!! Well it is hard to get used to splenda, and I know splenda is bad, I use the liquid, no fillers like in the powder called Ezsweetz, I order it on line, but ideally no sugar or artificial is best, LOL We went and did shopping all day so I walked pretty far I am feeling it, but it felt good to move, I gotta get the swelling in these hips down they are freaking huge!!! No more PB eggs for me, LOL
I'll try anything! I'll order it or see if Maybe a store carries it! Dont worry swelling will go down! But you gotta live your life and get out there and enjoy!
So glad It went well Gina!!!' you will get your boobies! Can't wait to see some new pics though! But you put them up when your comfortable doing so ! Love my Gina! Xoxoxo

Well guess what I stopped the meds that I thought...

Well guess what I stopped the meds that I thought made me gain weight and the scale won't budge ! After taking advice from many ladies on here and from others I Beleive I have to bite the bullet do some cardio to shock my system! So today I'm starting ! Moving the elliptical from porch back to living room and going to do 30 min everyday ad see what happens I was 136 this am (ouch) and I will weigh in on Friday (going to kill me to Wait that long but I don't want to discourage myself if I don't lose any first two days .... And I'll continue to diet . Wish me
Luck and thx for everyone's help and advice and listening to my whining !
Good for you. I know the hardest part about working out is getting started. I am sure once you are in the routine of things it will go fine. Good luck with achieving your weight loss goal.

Ok so i am still in the process of working out and...

ok so i am still in the process of working out and dieting i did the eliptical for 30 min yesterday and thought id die...lol...gotta get easier..i hope ,...anyhoo..i added a couple new pics...my boobs are falling out of my bra...have to get new bras for sure...im def a double d not a d anymore..the girl at VS measured me and said 34 D but no f***n way..but nipples are constantly popping out..so annoying..anyway happy healing!
Tara, thanks for the comment. I am getting silicone memory gel. Is your first BA surgery that was the 400cc's) were they saline? And is that them in the pic of you holding the baby?
Yes they were before and they were saline too ! I had the Tear drop shape ones ... Don't know if they still make them ... My new ones are round but they look the same to me
U look great...congrats!!!

Ok guess what ladies I have been doing eliptical...

Ok guess what ladies I have been doing eliptical for past week and a half almost everyday and finally lost some weight! Im down 3 pounds ... And this morning when. I was getting dressed I saw ab
Wow girl, what a journey. I have to have a revision too so I am so curious as to what people with them went through. How are you doing these days?
Just read your post completely. First I must say, we are the same weight 125 and height 5'4. I have gained 10 pounds from my usual weight that I maintain 119 :). I used to be the 135 range prior to my life changing event, watching the movie Food Inc and reading Skinny Bitch book (lets just say life has been forever changed since for the better). Talk about a miracle! Did I miss a part on where you had lipo? If so where did you have it? Did it hurt? Did you use arnica montana? Did you do the pain pump? By the way your absolutely gorgeous! I am super self critical and get so upset at even a 2 pound gain. Honestly, some people just don't understand. 10lbs on our size is like 2 dress sizes of a difference. Most people think 10 lbs is nothing, but let me tell you I agree more than anyone with you- even 2 lbs you can tell a huge difference on our bodies :-). You look great!
Congratulations on losing weight! Good for you! You look great!
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Updated on 15 Aug 2011:I have know my dr since i was 6 years old...I cut my head pretty bad and was a child model so my mother made sure a plastic surgeon stitched me up...anyway 28 years later he has done multiple procedures on many family members and he also did my first boob job!! I truly think of him as family and he treats me the same...He is an artist and that is extremely important when it comes to being a plastic surgeon! he is the best of the best and cannot explain how amazing he really is!

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