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I am 37 year old , mother of 11 and 2. I had...

I am 37 year old , mother of 11 and 2. I had complicated c section 2 years ago with terrible scar in the lower abdomen. I went to my ps for scar revision. He found out I have a small umbilical hernia and abdominal muscle also separated. He suggests I should have abdominoplasty done. Finally I got the date scheduled which is the friday before thanksgiving. Because I am full time working with my own business. Choosing this time I can take off one week to recover. I am 5'6" and 136 lb. I gained 60 lb during my 2nd pregnancy and still 20lb over my pre pregnancy weight. I ll stay in hospital over night. I requested perticular anesthesiologist, circulating nurse, general surgeon who will perform ther hernia portion and of course my ps who had great reputation in the area. I am very nervous. Especially which the experience of last. C section that I almost died during c section. But I determined I need to have it done. My friend told me I look perfect in size 4 dress , nothing need to be done. But I am the one look at myself in the mirror , I hate that scar. The small porch really doesn't borther me that much. If the hernia need to be fixed, I agree with ps,s recommendation. I'll keep update.

I went to general surgeon's office today and the...

I went to general surgeon's office today and the surgical consultation for hernia repair part. Due to my terrible experience in the past during section. He asked me to get medical clearance. He said if I can't get clearence, I better live with the scar. I bet nobody wants any complications intraop.
I totaly agree with you: It doesn't matter what size I am wearing. Its the little pouch and scar that I see myself everyday. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll keep updated.

I certainly understand your fear considering what you have been through in the past with surgery.  But this is a different procedure and you are healthy so try to stay calm.  Keep the happy positive thoughts coming:)  

You will feel so much better having the hernia fixed along with the muscle tightening.  I really don't think it matters what size you are currently wearing.  A pouch is a pouch and it never feels good having that poking out from under the clothes.  The pregnancies are never easy on our bodies so one must take action.

How nice that you were able to pick your surgical team!   November 18th will be here soon enough so please keep us updated.  



Due the surgery date coming up, I got an...

Due the surgery date coming up, I got an appointment with internal medical doctor for medical clearance yesterday. It went well and I got the clearance letter. Finally I am good to go. Very nervous. I am counting dates.... I am coming to this forum more often and read other people, experience and tell myself, it will be ok, not big deal. I guess it's type of self directed psychotherapy... I am going to Halloween party tonight. I will be snow whites evil stepmother. It will be fun.
BTW : you are going to have fantastic results look good now!
I had some trouble breathing but it didn't last long. I went back to work (took it easy) after 10 days...
Keep fingers crossed. You look amazing post surgery. I wish I have good result as well. Did u have trouble breathing after surgery when tummy got very tight? How long did u take to get ready for normal daily activity such as working ect?

I went to PS office and paid balance today.I got...

I went to PS office and paid balance today.I got some post op instructions. Sort of nervous. I started to block off the calender on my office schedule. I have 10 days time to recovery before back to work. I am worried if I can make it smooth and easy as it can be. I've read some people's post op experience. I hope I can recover well... 2 more weeks to go....
Do I look good now? I should have taken the picture in sitting position. Not good at all. Lol
That really make me feel better. 10 days in perfect for me....

Interesting enough,today I told one of my good...

Interesting enough,today I told one of my good friends that I am going to have tummy tuck. He,s like: why? I think you need to see psychiatrist, not plastic surgeon. U look normal. Then I explained to him how the scar revision end up changing decision to tt. He,s like: ps of course wants to cut u open.that's his specialty.

Anyway, it's hard for someone else to understand. No wonder most people keep quiet about their plastic surgeries. I have a coworker came in with swollen eyes after 2 weeks vocation. Apperently she had blepharoplasty. She will answer all questions: i never had anything done. Its natural. Lol How about ur guys experience? Do u tell people u had tt done? So 3 out of 3 people I told about my plan thought I am crazy even I told them I have hernia . My hb doesn't care.....
I totally agree with Marinemom and Kimmers. This is something that we must do for ourselves! My girlfriends think I’m crazy! One even told me that I’m out of my mind! My husband doesn’t think I need it, but supports my wishes. My 23 year old son is the only one who truly understands and has totally supported my decision from day one! Sure, I look thin in clothes, but my stomach is a wrinkly, flabby mess and I’m going to finally do something about it! So, who cares what people say? What matters is how you feel!
That's for the encouragement. I agree with you. One more week to go. I am ready. I met my ps today. He reassure me that everything will be fine. I feel a little better....
Absolutely agree! I did not ask anyone's advice, in fact, the few people I have told, I said it matter of factly. thankfully, they supported me. I do not believe most people understand how we get to this place and at 50, do not need to explain my decisions.

Its very complicated feeling that excitement and...

Its very complicated feeling that excitement and anxious at the same time. I think I am ready to go. I bought all the vitamins, protein powder and homopathic treatment medications and started to take following the instruction. Ps told me the surgery will schedule 5 to 6 hours. One hour for hernia repair by general surgeon, rest of the time is his surgical time. I told my friend who will be the anesthesiologist in the case: don't read magazines or play puzzle games during my surgery which I know that was her favorite activities in the or. I am very excited the day is coming.
How are you doing today? I'm sure you're just as excited and anxious as I am. Make sure you stock uo on protein bars, veggies, citrus fruits and lean meats. I've learned that these foods are an important part of the recovery process.
Yayyy for you it's almost your day!!!!
Wish you the best of luck on Friday. After surgery be sure to follow your PS instructions if you want to recovery quickly. It is so strange when you read everyones stories on how different each Dr is. Everything will be fine and before you know it you will look in the mirror and love what you see. No one can understand this process unless they have walked in our shoes. It is just like weight loss. Sometimes I think it is because they would really like to take the leap but can't. Best wishes and always do what is right for you.

Sorry ladies I have been quiet for the last a few...

sorry ladies I have been quiet for the last a few days. I am still in shock and adjusting all the changes. Thank you for you all encouragement. The most bizzar situation happened to me. I was fully prepared for the surgery which supposed to be tomorrow. Unfortunately, on monday, ps texted me that sorry he had to postpone the surgery because the general surgeon doesn't feel comfortable. I said omg, this is the only week I am available and I already taken the thanksgiving week off. I called him. He told me is on vocation one day after my surgery for a week. General surgeon doesn't feel comfortable if he is not around. I said I knew u on vocation when I scheduled the case. But that's the only available day I can do it. I don't care u r out later. He said the general surgeon is gonna call me. If I can persuade him. He can keep the original schedule.
Later of the day, the general surgeon called me. He,s like: this is pure elective case. How do u feel comfortable if he is not even around postoperative? Have u heard or seen flap infection, hematoma? The hernia is very small. I'll never repair it if I am you. If I am u, I would seriously reconsider ur decision for the surgery. U look good Mel. Even the scar is not bad. U don't need this...
I was in shock and still in shock..... Two surgeons and one of them chickened out. If I persist, The complications might happen. I am off tomorrow and next whole week. Its so last minute cancelations. Now my hb and my mum started to advise me: if. Dr...doesn't want to do the case if ps not around post op means it's not risk free surgery. Just forget it..
Now nobody around me support me about the surgery anymore and I started to get scared of it as well. Also it's so impossible to find another week to have it done. It sucks.....
I don't know what else to say. Good luck ladies the future tummy tuckers.
I'm so sorry! I know how disappointed u must be. But remember all things
Happen for a reason. God is in control.
Well Lucamel, just take a deep breath. Things happen for a reason. Only we can't see the whole picture, only pieces. One day, maybe not too far off, you will be able to look at this and go "Oh, now I see". I would just get the issues with money resolved. Give yourself some time to process it, and make a decision as to what to do when you have stepped back and are not so emotional about it all. We tend to make decisions when we are upset that we regret. Enjoy the holidays, have fun, eat and just smile@ It's all good and it will all work out I am sure!
I have to agree with marinemom. Right now is a time for enjoying the holidays. Each holiday we enjoy is one that will never return, so let's really appreciate it and have fun. Also, sometimes it's good to 'sit' on things before making the next decision. I find that when I hold off on making a decision that is really troubling, I often come back to it with an idea I hadn't had previously.
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