FTT, MR & Lipo, done deal!- New Jersey

Hi, Thanks to all for sharing your wonderful...


Thanks to all for sharing your wonderful stories...

I'm 48 years young and have been wanting this for too long. I had two C-Sections gaining 50 - 70 pounds with each pregnancy and a hysterectomy which left me with hanging skin, ugh.

I can't live with the hanging skin and want it gone. I'm 5'5" and 149 pounds -about 20 pounds over my ideal weight. (my PS is ok with this)

I work out at the gym and plan to countinue as soon as possible after the surgery.

I plan on losing as much weight as I can before my surgery. I can't believe I found the courage to consult with a PS about a month ago and actually set the date!

I have the most supportive husband & family and look forward to this journey!

Thanks again!

Wow, my surgery is now less than a month...

Wow, my surgery is now less than a month away!
I'm getting so excited. Everyone seems to have their own unique experience when it comes to recovery.

Well, I'm at 20 days to go until surgery and...

Well, I'm at 20 days to go until surgery and counting...having weird crazy thoughts about why I'm doing this, and why am I spending so much time & money on myself. Let's just say I talk myself out of these moods real fast! I know how much I want this...I'm just on a roller coaster ride of emotion.

In one week from today my belly will be flat! I...

In one week from today my belly will be flat!
I can't wait for that day.

Night before surgery! Looking forward to it...now...

Night before surgery! Looking forward to it...now it's time to get'er done!

Thanks again to all of you for sharing your experiences!

Hello everyone, it's day one po and I'm doing well...

Hello everyone, it's day one po and I'm doing well. Surgery was long...about 6 hours. I developed congestion in my lungs partly due to a cold (I was having cold symptoms the night before surgery) and partly due to the surgery being long. I still opted to come home after surgery and I'm so glad I did. I'm walking around on my own, getting in and out of bed on my own and sitting in my kitchen now having a cup of tea. I'm sore from the lipo and the drains and coughing alot because of the congestion -really hurts my muscles to cough! I feel very tight and the drains are going to annoy me to no end. Other than those few issues,and being swollen, I'm doing OK really. Pain is manageable. I'm on percocet every 4 hours and I don't like the way it makes me feel at all, keeps me awake & I miss the morphine from the recovery room. I'm not sure I'll stay with the percocet today, might try Tylenol today. Now I'm sleepy...take care all & thank you so much for the prayers & well wishes! This was all worth it for me and I would do it again in a second. I can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror. I will post pics soon.

Well, it's Sept. 24, day 2 po and I'm telling ya,...

Well, it's Sept. 24, day 2 po and I'm telling ya, this aint easy but it's moving along. I stopped the percocet and went to Tylenol and I'm fine with pain. Feeling much, much better. I have a cold so it does make things interesting. I'm drinking alot, resting & walking every chance I get. Every time I get up to go to the bathroom I can't resist peeking in the mirror. It looks like I'm wrapped up in a big diaper, pretty funny actually but I'm liking what I see! Can't wait for the un vealing at my po visit on Tuesday. Will update soon. This is so exciting!
Healing thoughts and wishes to all po tummy tuckers out there!

It's 9/25/11, day 3 po, early morning and I'm...

It's 9/25/11, day 3 po, early morning and I'm doing very well. Sleeping through the night, had a BM day 2 po, walking around my house throughout the day....taking it easy. I get very tired, very fast. At this point, the drain's are the most bothersome and I can't wait until their gone but I can deal with it. The best part is looking in the mirror and not seeing hanging skin!

Hi, It's Day 4 po, Monday, Sept. 26th. Well,...

It's Day 4 po, Monday, Sept. 26th. Well, hang in there people, as the saying goes, "Time heals all wounds" ...It's all about time, being patient. It really does get better with each day. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night feeling very, very itchy. I could scratch some areas, but not all and I thought about the itch until I fell back to sleep. I do find myself thinking of all the things I can't do right now but when that gets me down I think about how I will feel in my clothes and I perk up. I notice swelling during the day in the lipo area and when I start to fret I realize this too shall pass! I'm being very careful about what I eat right now. I can't compromise the results in that way and I refuse to put weight on due to my lack of concern about it.
Until the next update - Be well!

Day 5, po...I can't believe I just typed that! I'm...

Day 5, po...I can't believe I just typed that! I'm doing very well. I can move around allot easier, having regular BM's (I did start taking a stool softener two nights ago just to make it easy) I still have the itchy's...I just want to scratch! I don't think I said this before but I rented a hospital bed...so happy I did. Today I visit my PS and I can't wait to actually see my belly. I left the hospital last Thursday with a binder wrapped around what looks like diapers. My PS said not to do anything with it other to loosen it during the night if it makes me uncomfortable...well...I followed his direction and I didn't take it off to have a peek so, needless to say, I'm anxious to see what's going on under there! Before I sign off, let me just say this; This experience has been a total gift, a blessing, a dream come true for me. I feel like Cinderella. I can't wait to start trying clothes on and not have to worry about the hanging skin. I don't have to hide it anymore! Yay! Yippie! Yahoo! I'll admit, day one in the recovery room I asked myself; Why? Why did I do it to myself? I had the answer though, and I still wouldn't change anything and I would do this again in a heartbeat!
Thank you all for being there! Without having this place to go to every day for months would I have been so prepared? No, I wouldn't have been. Take care & happy healing!

Wow! Day 6 po...Feeling so much better...went to...

Wow! Day 6 po...Feeling so much better...went to my ps yesterday and he said I'm looking great. Still have my two drains though. Will see him again in two days and he said he doesn't know if he'll remove them at that time. This is ok with me. Just to give you an idea of the fluctuation in water weight: Day 1 po I weighed in at 10 lbs more than what I started out with before the surgery. Day 2 I got on the scale and lost those 10 lbs, today I'm 10 lbs lighter than my original weight and swollen. My ps told me he removed 8 lbs of skin/fat. Yahoo! I'm waiting for my drains to come out before I post pics. Yesterday, after changing gauze around the drain holes, the ps removed a layer of "diaper" under my binder and replaced it with a thinner layer of a diaper like body gauze that rests under my binder. When I saw my belly yesterday at his office, I was shocked & amazed at how flat it was. When I saw my belly button I thought of a new born baby's belly button and I started to laugh...Is this really me? well, until the next time, take care everyone and be well!

It's day 7 po! I feel really good and more like...

It's day 7 po! I feel really good and more like myself each day. Yesterday, at the end of the day, I did have some uncomfortable swelling (especially in the lower part of my belly) so I just went with the flow and took an Advil (ibuprofen has been cleared by my ps). I even had a little "Ken Doll" which made me chuckle. This morning the swelling was gone. When I was experiencing the swelling yesterday I noticed that I became a little sore, more so by the drain area's, in general. Aside from that, I have no problems.
I'm looking forward to not having my drains though, can't wait until they are gone. The liquid in them has now turned yellowish and they don't fill up as much. My ps told me not to milk them at home and to continue draining them 4 times a day. The ps also said not to wear a tight bra as it would hinder the needed blood flow to the lipo/surgical site and compromise the healing process. he would only lipo in the abdominal area during surgery. For me, this is a two part process as I go in for lipo of my hips and flanks after two months of healing from this.
I've decided that I will be shopping for some dresses to wear for work in anticipation of the "swelling". I'm a sales rep and I have some upcoming events where I will be showcasing company product and I don't want to have to deal with busting out of my trousers and the stress of it all. When I woke up this morning and made my usual trip to the mirror to check myself out I was, yet again, amazed that I was looking at me in the mirror. Well, I’ll sign off now. Be well everyone!

Day 8 po; This is how my story goes: I'm...

Day 8 po; This is how my story goes: I'm standing much taller now and last night I had the first really, really good night's sleep since the surgery. I think it's because I was able to flatten my body out a little bit more. It felt so good to be able to do that. Today I see my ps and yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping he takes out the drains, even if it's one drain. Having said that, I don't want to compromise this healing process so If he doesn't take anything out....oh well, que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be. The great thing about this whole process is I'm really keeping my food portions under control as I haven’t been able to eat more than a small portion at each meal since the surgery. THIS IS GREAT! Sort of like a built in diet plan. I have been making sure to drink tons, and tons of water. In the first couple of days after surgery I drank protein (meal replacement) shakes and I took my daily multi-vitamin . I take Emergen-C, dietary supplement, every other day as well. Now, I’m eating 3, small portioned, meals a day of healthy food along with two small, healthy snacks. Every day I make sure to include yogurt in either a meal or a snack and I also make sure to include a couple of dried prunes in the mix. So far I’m down 12 lbs. from my pre-surgery weight. Yippee! What a way to lose 12 lbs.! Enough for now….Take care & be well everyone!

Still day 8 po: I’m usually not one to deviate...

Still day 8 po: I’m usually not one to deviate from routine but I saw my ps today and……ONE DRAIN IS OUT!!! GONE, GOODBYE DRAIN !! SEE YA, WOULDN’T WANT TO BE YA…..Can’t say that I’ll miss it…
What more can I say on this? The other little darn drain will be out on Tuesday….oh JOY.
When the drain came it felt…..weird . Felt like he yanked it out. Didn’t like it but I made it through like a trooper. A necessary little evil that drain was. Life is good. In light of saying how good life is, let me just also say that I can’t fit into my jeans but hey, no problem. Life is still GOOD. I don’t have to keep adjust hanging skin in my underwear….life is GRAND!
Happy Friday!

Day 9 po: feeling great! Drove myself to target...

Day 9 po: feeling great! Drove myself to target last night....was having withdrawals. I didn't have any intentions to buy much (toothpaste) it was just the idea of getting out on my own again, didn’t stay there that long. My DH was dead set against it...but he knew I had set my mind on something and there wasn't going to be a meeting of the minds...he gave up. I also cooked a meal for the family yesterday and I have to say it all worked out very well. After it was all said and done, I spent the rest of the evening relaxing in a reclined position reading & downloading music on iTunes. At one point I had the urge to get up and dance but quickly pushed that thought out of my head. I have to admit that while I feel really good, I do know my limitations.
Take care everyone & be well.

Day 12 po; Feeling great... Taking it easy though...

Day 12 po; Feeling great... Taking it easy though in fear of hurting myself because I'm feeling really great. I see my ps today to get the last drain out. I was so looking forward to this but now I'm concerned because I'm still putting out about 30 cc's of fluid a day...where will that fluid go when he drain is out? I don't want this to turn into a be careful what you wish for kind of thing... Sending positive healing thoughts & wishes to all my fellow tummy tuckers who are on the mend. Take good care everyone.

Day 13 po: Feeling great. Went to my ps...

Day 13 po: Feeling great. Went to my ps yesterday and he decided not to take out my remaining drain…surprise, surprise. I was still draining too much fluid (50 cc’s) to have it removed. I’m ok with that. Now It will be removed on Friday. Be well everyone.

Day 16 po: Saw my ps yesterday and he finally took...

Day 16 po: Saw my ps yesterday and he finally took my last drain out! Happy, happy, joy, joy! He told me to take it easy on my abs...they need to heal from the MR. I have been following his orders to the T. I posted pics today. Have a happy healing weekend!

Day 18 po: Woke up this morning and made my usual...

Day 18 po: Woke up this morning and made my usual cup of coffee, sitting in my kitchen looking out the window and I see a beautiful butterfly... and I thought; Wow! I've emerged from my shell....like a Caterpillar. I want to say that I was a very happy Caterpillar. The happiest two days in my life were the days my sons were born. The transformation of caterpillar to butterfly is absolutely fascinating as with my transformation. I'm like a butterfly! I am a butterfly! A very happy, grateful, butterfly....with swelling that makes me a little uncomfortable at night. I slept on my side for 10 minutes last night and couldn't take it anymore, turned over onto my back. It didn't hurt to be on my side, just felt weird. Not ready yet. How can I have thought to do this? I'm a butterfly after all. Happy healing to all the beautiful butterflies here!

25 days po & feeling fabulous! I've been back to...

25 days po & feeling fabulous! I've been back to work in full force (sales rep) since 18 days po and not having a problem. The first couple of days I found myself getting tired very easily. I went to bed very early, and still do in fact. My scar is healing very nicely and I'm looking forward to when I'll be able to go to the gym again. I do swell, more so at the end of the day but not that bad. Most of my pre-op clothes are too small (not complaining) and I've bee shopping (with pleasure) for clothes that fit. Life is good.
Be well everyone!

Reached the 5 week mark two days ago....so I'm 37...

Reached the 5 week mark two days ago....so I'm 37 days po and feeling/doing great. I'm using mederma (as per ps) on my scar. I feel like I'm back to normal but still haven't been cleared for the gym yet. My ps said I can take leisurely walks but that's about it. I'm thinking this will change after my 6 week check up. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and I'll never forget this journey. Take care tummy tuckers!

38 days post op: I wanted to share my feelings...

38 days post op: I wanted to share my feelings about shopping for clothes...I can't even describe the fun I'm having. Am I dreaming? I catch myself smiling in the mirror while in the changing rooms, and oh boy I've been in many changing rooms over the last two weeks. Pure bliss. The problem is I can't stop buying new clothes, underwear, bra's, belts, etc... I'm happy even when I'm swelled up like a watermelon. I rented a hospital bed for this surgery and when the surgical supply company came to pick it up...I cried. I cried because I enjoyed this whole process, pain and all. It's been magical and I don't want to let the thrill go away, not yet;-)
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Your tummy is beautiful.  The swell hell will come to an end soon.  This was the most frustrating part during my recovery.  If you think you are having fun shopping now you just wait!  It gets better.

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I loved your diary. I had breast reduction one year ago and now am having tummy tuck in 2 weeks. I had no problem with reduction. I also had 2 c-sections. Is this surgery similar? Thx for your posts!!! I find myself a little nervous as well. Can't wait to get rid of pouch!!!!
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Thanks Jen, I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym! Can't wait...
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Looking Amazing! :-) Keep enjoying the clothes shopping!
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Hi Bellabelly I am going in Nov 2 and I am 45 and close to your weight-Im hoping my results are as good as yours! What was your actual surgery day weight if you dont mind?
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Hi DianeLynne, good luck and thank you for the compliment. My weight on surgery day was 155lbs. I'm now 140lbs and still planning to lose more weight. I'm taking it very slow. It's been so easy to lose weight since the surgery.
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Oh wow, i just nearly cried when i read your recent update. It's so lovely to hear someone with such positive comments. I really hope others read your story and be inspired by it. it's definitely one of the best things i've done for myself in my life too and although I've had my moans and groans along the way i would 100% recommend this surgery to anyone.
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Anmarie, you were one of the people on this site who inspired me to go forward with the surgery! You look wonderful & thanks for your kind words.
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Thank you Scared mum...this surgery was truly positive for me and life changing. I'm so excited for you and ANYONE who can feel the excitement from this transition.
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Your journey is so positive and you are so patient. I will try and adopt your attitude when I have my TT. Thanks so much. Your results are truly spectacular.
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Thank you JoBibbi & Bella....you look awesome! The funny thing is I never really minded being swollen...it was so much better than what I was... I wish I did this years ago. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy your new belly Bella, you must be so happy.
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Your swelling has definitely gone down! Look at those upper abs ;-) You look fabulous!
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You look really good, congrats!
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Glad to hear you are dong well...
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Your tummy looks fantastic. You must be thrilled with the results.
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Looking good! Your tummy is beautiful!
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Hi Buttercup,
Sorry it took so long for me to answer. I'm 25 days po now and feeling much more like my old self. I can stand completely straight now and I'm sleeping on my side! Yay!
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Hey BellaBelly! I just thought I would check in to see how things are going. It's 3 weeks post op for both of us. I tried sleep on my side last night too. It did feel weird. I think because I dont' know if I should be doing that or not. I am a very technical person. I have to know specifically what I should and should not be doing. So...I'm kind of lost these days. My scar is looking very good, but I have 2 spots that really don't want to heal I guess. Still can't stand straight up. I figure it will come in time. So, how about you?
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Hi Simplyme,
OMG, of course it's normal to be scared! In fact, it's normal to have a roller coaster ride of emotions with this surgery. Bella83 said it right; the more you know and are prepared for, the better you will be. I tried to think positive, especially the day of surgery, and focus on the (positive) outcome. This community is awesome. I learned so much from what I read here months before I even made the decision to schedule a consultation...I was prepared for anything. You're going to be just fine.
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I'm still a couple of months away from scheduling my TT, but I feel kinda scared...is it normal to panic at the prospect?
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Simplyme66, yes, I think that it's very normal to be scared and even panic at the prospect. Well that's at least how it was for me. I started looking in to having a tummy tuck a year ago. When I first started researching, I would literally get anxiety (almost to the point of an attack lol) by just thinking of going through surgery. The more I researched and read stories on here, the less anxiety I had. I go for surgery in 9 days. I am still very nervous when I think about what I'm about to put myself through, but I feel educated and as ready as I'll ever be. Just start researching the actual procedure, read about what the recovery is like, and visit at least 3 different surgeons. The more you do that, I think the less anxiety you will feel about the whole thing. I know it has helped me tremendously. One thing you should try to avoid is the "Not worth its" on here. They scared the hell out of me lol. Good luck!
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Hi Simplyme, I agree with the other ladies, I remember just "entertaining" the idea of the procedure, that's how I found this site, as I perused through the pics of it here an on youtube, i was scared to death b/c of what all it involves, but then, as I saw that just about everyone loves the results and makes it to the other side (my biggest fear), I decided to go for it. Once you make up your mind, you will still question yourself, that is normal. The pain is bearable, it's the easy part I think. For me, limiting my activities due to being physically tired has been the biggest challenge. Keep reading, you'll be fine. :)
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Doesn't it feel sooo good to wear cute underwear and have a nice tummy to go with it? Lookin good momma!!
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You look beautiful!!

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Just read your TT journey and found it so helpful. You look amazing. You must be so happy with your results.
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