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After being over weight my whole life, I was on WW...

After being over weight my whole life, I was on WW for a year and got down to my goal weight. I stayed there for a full year trying to work on my biggest problem area, my stomach. I did tons of cardio mixed with tons of strengh training, did a 5k every month, trained for and completed a half marathon and trained for and completed two triathlons. My stomach did not change at all in this time. My weight and inches were at a standstill. What else could I do?

I went with my boyfriend one day to his tattoo removal appointment. While I was in the waiting room I saw the information on Laser Lipo and I was intrigued. I set up a consult right away. Doctor C told me my weight was a result of my genes and would be difficult to get rid of. We talked for a while about my options and what the results might be. And after getting a less than stellar feeling from a second opinion, I decided Dr. C would be the one.

I made the appointment, picked up my paperwork with the instructions and required blood tests and waited for what seemed like forever. I was a bit nervous after my pre-op appointment, but ready to "get it over with".

My boyfriend dropped me off early Thursday morning. When I walked in, I was greeted by my nurse and we got started. I signed some forms, got fitted for my garment, and had some pictures taken.

Then, I gave the nurse my movie I had brought and hopped onto the table. After getting numbed up I didn't feel much. Dr. C made sure I was comfortable, and If I felt any discomfort, he would add more numbing solution.

A few hours later, I was all wrapped up and ready for my parents to bring me home.

I felt great. And admittedly, I did way too much the first few hours. I was told to get up for 20-30 mins at a time, but I just wouldn't say laying down. I kept moving around. By the time the numbness wore off I was in some pain. Sleeping was interesting because I can't sleep on my back and there was NO WAY I was sleeping on my stomach. I ended up on a recliner for the weekend and slept pretty good.

I'm still recovering and seeing improvement every day. I'm very swollen still so even though it's been over a week, I'm still wearing my garment 24 hours a day.

I can't wait for my second follow up in a few weeks!

I just had slimlipo done with dr. Chasin :-) Had it done almost 2 weeks ago, can't really see the results, but hoping for the best. So far him and his staff were nothing but amazing!!!
Give it time. Like 5487anon said below, there is not usually enough fat removed to go down a full size. It's more about having fewer bulges and a flatter tummy so you look better and fell slimmer than you did before.
Hi, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Did you go down in dress size at all.
Mitchell Chasin, MD

Dr. C answered all of my questions and then some. He explained everything in a way that made me very comfortable. He was very upfront and honest with me. I had a second opinion at another practice, and although the cost was slightly lower, I had to go with Dr. C. The piece of mind I got from him and his practice was well worth the extra money.

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