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After being over weight my whole life, I was on WW...

After being over weight my whole life, I was on WW for a year and got down to my goal weight. I stayed there for a full year trying to work on my biggest problem area, my stomach. I did tons of cardio mixed with tons of strengh training, did a 5k every month, trained for and completed a half marathon and trained for and completed two triathlons. My stomach did not change at all in this time. My weight and inches were at a standstill. What else could I do?

I went with my boyfriend one day to his tattoo removal appointment. While I was in the waiting room I saw the information on Laser Lipo and I was intrigued. I set up a consult right away. Doctor C told me my weight was a result of my genes and would be difficult to get rid of. We talked for a while about my options and what the results might be. And after getting a less than stellar feeling from a second opinion, I decided Dr. C would be the one.

I made the appointment, picked up my paperwork with the instructions and required blood tests and waited for what seemed like forever. I was a bit nervous after my pre-op appointment, but ready to "get it over with".

My boyfriend dropped me off early Thursday morning. When I walked in, I was greeted by my nurse and we got started. I signed some forms, got fitted for my garment, and had some pictures taken.

Then, I gave the nurse my movie I had brought and hopped onto the table. After getting numbed up I didn't feel much. Dr. C made sure I was comfortable, and If I felt any discomfort, he would add more numbing solution.

A few hours later, I was all wrapped up and ready for my parents to bring me home.

I felt great. And admittedly, I did way too much the first few hours. I was told to get up for 20-30 mins at a time, but I just wouldn't say laying down. I kept moving around. By the time the numbness wore off I was in some pain. Sleeping was interesting because I can't sleep on my back and there was NO WAY I was sleeping on my stomach. I ended up on a recliner for the weekend and slept pretty good.

I'm still recovering and seeing improvement every day. I'm very swollen still so even though it's been over a week, I'm still wearing my garment 24 hours a day.

I can't wait for my second follow up in a few weeks!

Mitchell Chasin, MD

Dr. C answered all of my questions and then some. He explained everything in a way that made me very comfortable. He was very upfront and honest with me. I had a second opinion at another practice, and although the cost was slightly lower, I had to go with Dr. C. The piece of mind I got from him and his practice was well worth the extra money.

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I just had slimlipo done with dr. Chasin :-) Had it done almost 2 weeks ago, can't really see the results, but hoping for the best. So far him and his staff were nothing but amazing!!!
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Give it time. Like 5487anon said below, there is not usually enough fat removed to go down a full size. It's more about having fewer bulges and a flatter tummy so you look better and fell slimmer than you did before.
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Hi, thanks for sharing your experience with us. Did you go down in dress size at all.
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I wouldn't say I actually went down a size, but I was much more comfortable in the size I was wearing. I'm not really sure how I was wearing it before! I still have issues with my body image though. Sometimes I look at myself and think nothing has changed and I look exactly the same and then I look at the before pictures and realize how far I've come. I'll post some 1 year pics soon.
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WOW! Your before and 11-day after pictures show quite a difference!
Do you know how much fat they end up removing ?
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Welcome to the RealSelf Slim Lipo community and thanks for sharing your story. Your after photo looks great. Did the doctor tell you when swelling would be completely gone?

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The final result (with all swelling gone and skin tightened) won't be seen for 6-9 months, but he said week two (coming up in a few days) will be a significant change, and by my next follow up at the 1 month mark I'll be unrecognizable! :)
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